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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-10-21

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01:24<OrangeSun>hey guys!
01:24<OrangeSun>quick q.. is it possible to start mythtv up free-vo style?
01:24<OrangeSun>so it doesn't ask for a tv tuner card or nothin'?
01:25<OrangeSun>also, how do i get things going on the satellite receiver front? how do I make it so that channel up executes a linux command?
01:26<skitzo>theres a global cmd in the config file right now
01:26<skitzo>(you have to poke through src to find it - its also mentioned in the list)O
01:26<skitzo>it's not very robust at the moment
01:26<OrangeSun>skitzo: for what?
01:27<OrangeSun>for my satellite issue?
01:27<OrangeSun>I'm flipping through the mailing list right now..
01:27<skitzo>yeh, hangon
01:27<skitzo>ill paste you the mail he sent me
01:27<skitzo>give me a few mins
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05:24<blinx>darn timezones :)
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10:43<seth>anyone have any experience w/ tvout on a savage4 in leenux?
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17:58<skitzo>saw your posts today; i love you.
18:03<mdz_>I meant to bring up that stuff a while ago, before Chutt went on vacation. I have been swamped
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18:10<Tuscany>any using mythtv with an ir transmitter for controling their calbe/sat box?
18:10<mdz_>Tuscany: not yet, but I'd like to be
18:11<mdz_>Tuscany: I need the hardware first
18:11<Tuscany>i'm having the most difficult time looking for a solution that'll work with lirc.
18:12<Tuscany>there are plenty of home made projects. unfortunately lirc does not support many of the premade comercial products (such as uirt2, redrat2, or the actisys)
18:12<skitzo>Tuscany: you trying to do cable or sat?
18:12<skitzo>apparently im the only one on the planet w/ dtv =P
18:13<Tuscany>i have a digital cable box I can't get rid of.
18:13<skitzo>throw it out the window
18:13<Tuscany>i wish i could...unforunately I have no choice but cable. I live in a condo unit facing north. no option for sat.
18:14<skitzo>anyway, wish i could help
18:14<skitzo>i was going to do the IR thing but i found a better solution
18:14<skitzo>(but its only for dtv boxes)
18:17<skitzo>wish i could help.
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20:21<Soopaman>chut is gone...
20:21<Soopaman>anyone know if mythtv has sound normalization yet?
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