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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-10-22

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18:40<orangey>hey guys!
18:41<orangey>i dumped my old sound card..
18:41<orangey>and now all seems well.. but i don't know how to turn the inputs on : )
18:43<orangey>ok, kinda got it..
18:44<orangey>hmmm. well, I can hear my line in, now.. but it won't rewind, etc.. so that can't be right..
18:44<skitzo> hmm
18:45<orangey>how do you have yours set?
18:45<skitzo>i dont, im not running it yet =)
18:46<orangey>you're kidding!
18:48<skitzo>havent gathered [bought] all the HW yet.. still getting opinions from people
18:49<orangey>hmmm. well, what's this capture mixer thing it talks about?
18:51<orangey>ok.. gonna get alsa mixer and see..
18:52<skitzo>good luck =)
19:09<orangey>all working!
19:09<orangey>alright.. time for some hard earned TV.. see you guys soon!
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21:17<OrangeSun>hey guys!!
21:18<OrangeSun>woohoo! I'm so excited!! One quick question: is it possible for me to stream my video to another computer?
21:18<nyquiljer>I've thought about trying to run mythtv on another display
21:19<nyquiljer>but havent actually tried it
21:19<OrangeSun>another display?
21:19<OrangeSun>also, how do I call the program guide up when I'm watching TV?
21:20<Universe>press m
21:22<OrangeSun>oooh. nice..
21:22<OrangeSun>so, any idea about the streaming?
21:22<OrangeSun>is it possible to just samba share the file or something?
21:22<OrangeSun>the .nuv?
21:23<Universe>you have to have something that could play the .nuv file
21:24<Universe>not sure if anyone has gotten that working
21:24<Universe>it would be nice to have a converter to convert the .nuv file to another format..
21:25<nyquiljer>yes it would, and I've heard several people say how easy it would be, but no one has actualy done it :)
21:25<Universe>I dont know enough or I would do it myself
21:28<OrangeSun>well, I know nothing.. but it's worth a shot..
21:28<OrangeSun>the only thing is that I have yet to see a successful free streaming utility for linux!
21:28<nyquiljer>realplayer? :)
21:29<Universe>Im not too worried about streaming... just converting it to another format would be great
21:43<nyquiljer>anyone use debian?
21:44<Universe>nope... gentoo here
21:53<OrangeSun>hmmm. can videolan stream a "developing" file?
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22:08<skitzo>id think, but no idea
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