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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-10-24

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00:50<Echo465>good %greetingtime%, all.
00:53<Echo465>so, anyone want to give their opinion on the best distro to run mythtv from?
01:15<Soopaman>what the author wrote it on
01:26<Echo465>i thought that might be a good idea, but debian is not very noob friendly.
01:28<Echo465>not compared to say, mandrake.
01:31<Soopaman>debian is ass easy
01:31<Soopaman>if you have an internet connection
01:33<Echo465>i do, but i also have a complete set of CD's. (downloaded and burnt the ISO's.
01:33<Echo465>and I agree, that installing a complete system with a couple of floppies and a cable modem is muy cool, but...
01:34<Echo465>the install prog isn't very friendly, and once it is installed, you get dumped at a login prompt.
01:35<Soopaman>if you chose not to install x
01:36<Soopaman>then you are dumped to root
01:36<Soopaman>if you go debian, i will walk you throughit
01:36<Echo465>well, perhaps I did something wrong then.
01:36<Echo465>I honestly don't care what distro, as long as it works.
01:37<Echo465>If you're willing to walk me through it, i am your eager student.
01:37<Echo465>k, shall we start by booting the install CD?
01:38<Echo465>ok, rebooting. I am using the NON-US cd, btw.
01:38<Echo465>ok, we're at the welcome screen, F1 for help, enter to boot.
01:39<Soopaman>most of the stuff should be self explanatory
01:39<Echo465>ok, .. english.. blah...
01:39<Echo465>keyboard config...
01:40<Echo465>ok, now it's asking me about the disk config. it says that i have a swap partition already, and it needs initialized.
01:40<Soopaman>init it then
01:41<Echo465>ok.. skipping bad block scans...
01:41<Echo465>initializing a linux partition...
01:41<Echo465>ok, mounting /dev/hda1...
01:42<Echo465>ok, now install kernel and driver modules....
01:42<Echo465>it's asking me if I want to use the CD as the primary install medium. That is correct, correct?
01:42<Soopaman>yeah, or use internet
01:43<Soopaman>if you have cable/high speed
01:44<Echo465>ok, do i need to configure any modules?
01:44<Echo465>block, net, fs, cdrom, or misc?
01:45<Soopaman>i duno, do you?
01:45<Echo465><-- noob to this. haven't used debian.
01:46<Soopaman>oh sorry
01:46<Echo465>no prob
01:46<Soopaman>do you have a network card?
01:46<Echo465>yeah, onboard.
01:47<Soopaman>ok, go into net
01:47<Soopaman>amd see if anything is seleted?
01:48<Echo465>no, nothing is selected
01:49<Soopaman>skip it rite now
01:49<Soopaman>just go to exit
01:49<Echo465>back at the modules menu
01:50<Soopaman>exit out of that also
01:51<Echo465>ok, back to the main menu.. configure host name...
01:51<Echo465>ok, install the base system is next
01:52<Echo465>ok, it's installing the base system...
01:53<Echo465>dum de dum... please wait.. la la la....
01:54<Echo465>ok, make system bootable would be good...
01:54<Echo465>.. and then eject the cd and reboot.
01:56<Echo465>ok, setting time....
01:56<Echo465>setting up passwords... md5 or not?
01:57<Soopaman>your call
01:57<Soopaman>real explanation
01:57<Soopaman>err read the explanation
01:58<Echo465>ok.. i'll keep the default, which is 'no'...
01:58<Echo465>shadow passwords, default is 'yes', which i'll keep..
01:58<Echo465>root pw...
01:58<Echo465>create a normal user account? or should i run myth from root?
02:00<Soopaman>create a user just in case
02:01<Echo465>got a user.
02:01<Echo465>any need for the PCMCIA packages? No PCMCIA on here..
02:01<Soopaman>then no
02:01<Soopaman>you should use some common sense with some of these questions
02:01<Echo465>ok, figured, but just checking.
02:02<Echo465>do I need to set up PPP? or will that not work because of the network card thing earlier?
02:02<Soopaman>read explanation
02:03<Echo465>ok. Well.. I guess I should configure it then, since the PC is on a LAN..
02:04<Echo465>hmm. maybe not, it sounds like this is for dialup.
02:05<Echo465>ok, now we're into 'apt' configuration, telling it to use the cd...
02:05<Echo465>ok, now it's having me feed in all the cd's one at a time. just a min..
02:14<Echo465>ok, it now knows about all the cd's. do i want the security updates from, or do i need to skip that for now because of the lan thing?
02:15<Soopaman>read and answer
02:16<Soopaman>decide foryourself
02:16<Soopaman>then choose
02:16<Echo465>look, it's a fairly simple question: knowing that the LAN probably doesn't work right now, should I configure it to try to get network updates, or will that screw something up later?
02:17<Soopaman>if the network isn't uip
02:17<Soopaman>then it won't get the packages
02:19<Echo465>do i want to run tasksel to choose software?
02:19<Echo465>ok. what all do I need. Dedicated box just for MythTV.
02:20<Soopaman>then read the requirements on the website
02:22<Echo465>none of the other requirements on the website are on this list, but I assume that we'll need a compiler, right?
02:26<Soopaman>i don't think so
02:26<Soopaman>you will need to apt-get install make later
02:26<Echo465>ok, so the only thing we need from this menu is X?
02:26<Soopaman>but if you have the hd space, then install the app dev suite
02:26<Soopaman>pretty much
02:27<Echo465>well, space shouldn't be a problem for now, so I'll go ahead adn grab C/C++.
02:28<Echo465>ok, now it says that I can run dselect to select individual packages. Do i need to do that, or just continue on?
02:29<Soopaman>dslect is confusing
02:29<Echo465>ok,. . .continuing...
02:31<Echo465>ok.. under 'Configuring Binutils', it says Kernel link failure info...
02:32<Echo465>You may experience problems linking older (and some newer) kernels with this version of binutils.
02:32<Soopaman>unless it errors, don't worry about it
02:32<Echo465>ok.. onward..
02:32<Echo465>configuring less...
02:33<Echo465>configuring locales...
02:35<Echo465>do i want to manage x server wrapper configuration with debconf, or do it manually?
02:37<Echo465>let's use debconf for now...
02:37<Echo465>same with xfree86...
02:38<Echo465>ok, here's one. video card driver for the X server. ATI rage 128 chipset video card uses an the 'ati' driver I assume...
02:39<Echo465>using kernel framebuffer device interface, .. sure, why not..
02:40<Echo465>keyboard stuff...
02:41<Echo465>ok, question.. using a usb mouse, the menu mentions the possibility, but doesn't say what to select. there's not an obvious choice such as /dev/usb or anything. any idea?
02:41<Echo465>/dev/input/mice maybe?
02:44<Echo465>well, we'll try it and see...
02:45<Echo465>monitor configuration....
02:47<Echo465>ok.. it's installing stuff now....
02:49<Echo465>ok.. mail system set for local delivery only...
02:50<Echo465>ok, now i'm at the login prompt.
02:50<Echo465>logged in as root.
02:51<Echo465>now what?
02:52<Echo465>(in text mode, not in X)
02:56<Echo465>still there?
02:57<Echo465>afk a min, eating.
02:57<Soopaman>sorry, trying to fix my damn laptop
03:00<Echo465>what's wrong w/ your laptop?
03:01<Echo465>how do i get into X?
03:01<Soopaman>try startx
03:02<Echo465>ok, it tried, but came back...
03:02<Echo465>Screens found, but none have a usable configuration
03:03<Soopaman>so it crapped out/
03:04<Soopaman>try xfconfig
03:04<Soopaman>err x86config
03:05<Echo465>command not found, for both of em.
03:05<Soopaman>shit can't remember the command
03:06<Echo465>got it.
03:12<Echo465>ok, i reconfigured it, and it still crapped out.. looking through the log..
03:14<Echo465>well.. nothing that means anything to me.
03:15<Soopaman>you pretty much keep reconfiguring until you find something that works
03:15<Soopaman>that's what i did at times
03:17<Echo465>well crap. same error, configured the card with 1 meg, in 256 color mode, vga monitor.
03:19<Soopaman>what does the line say, where it errors?
03:19<Echo465>(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.
03:19<Echo465>Fatal Server error: no screens found
03:30<Echo465>argh. need sleep.
03:30<Echo465>i'll go ask google some more tomorrow. I'm heading to bed.
03:31<Echo465>thanks for your assistance.
03:32<Soopaman>catch me tommorow
03:32<Soopaman>i need sleep too
03:41* Echo465is away: I'm busy
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03:46<orangey>hey guys!
03:46<orangey>anyone up?
03:46<orangey>just wondering about where the "channel limit" is hard coded in myth!
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08:40<blinx>hey universe
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09:11<Universe>anyone alive in here?
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12:11<OrangeSun>hey guys!
12:11<OrangeSun>how's we all doing?
12:11<OrangeSun><otherSun> Oh, I'm great Orangey.. How are you?
12:12<OrangeSun>Oh, I'm good other.. How's the wife and kids?
12:12<OrangeSun><otherSun> Oh, good.. They send their best regards..
12:12<OrangeSun>yeah? Tell them I said hi..
12:13<OrangeSun><otherSun> I will.. You really must come join us for supper sometime.. Dorris makes absolutely the best rhubarb pie. It's *to DIE for*
12:13<OrangeSun>oh, I'm there!
12:13* OrangeSunis so lonely.
12:17<Universe>well... time to head to work... I will be back when I get there.
12:17<-- Universehas quit ()
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13:03<OrangeSun>do you follow the mailing list?
13:03<OrangeSun>I'm wondering about that "128 channel" problem..
13:03<OrangeSun>what is that command that has to go into the settings.txt to tell it that I have a satellite receiver?
13:06<Universe>I dont know...
13:06<Universe>I just starting following the project about a week or 2 ago
13:06<vektor>Universe: Interested in beta testing an app I'm working on?
13:06<Universe>and the system I got working was on my computer
13:07<Universe>using a cable connection with only basic cable.
13:07<Universe>vektor: I am at work now but sure...
13:07<Universe>vektor: What is it?
13:08<vektor>Universe: I'm working on a V4L-based TV app for high-quality TV watching on progressive output.
13:08<vektor>Universe: It's basically a DScaler port to Linux
13:09<Universe>vektor: sure..
13:11<vektor>Universe: You can grab it from CVS. I'm sort of working on the documentation a bit better now, but the README isn't so bad.
13:11<vektor>Universe: I'd appreciate any bugs you can put into the sourceforge bug tracker, regardless of how trivial they might be.
13:11<vektor>I really want to get this usable quickly so I can post about it to relevant mailing lists.
13:11<vektor>I think it's fair to say that we already blow every linux TV viewing app out of the water.
13:14<Universe>will do
13:16<Universe>vektor... Do you know what it might mean if mythtv is giving me a error VIDOCGMBUF:: Bad address
13:20<Universe>I am attempting to get my voodoo 3500 working for mythtv
13:30<Namapoos>vektor, so you are finally doing the dscaler linux ;)
13:31<Namapoos>and not just every linux app, but every multimedia app
13:31<Namapoos>regardless of the system
13:47<OrangeSun>nm: any idea about the channel changing thingi?
13:48<OrangeSun>basically, I'm trying to get it so that I can change channels in the > 125 range (i.e., from my satellite)..
13:48<OrangeSun>I've heard this is possible.. and isaac talks about it in some emails to the list, but I don't know what to modify!
14:30<Namapoos>OrangeSun, you are trying to do directv stuff rt?