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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-10-25

01:08<OrangeSun>hey guys!
01:08<OrangeSun>how's it going?
01:08<OrangeSun>only 1 more day until isaac comes back!!
01:08<Soopaman>then work resumes?
01:10<OrangeSun>I'm really anxious to see what he thinks about the 125 channel problem..
01:11<Soopaman>that isn't a problem
01:11<OrangeSun>all my system really lacks now is my IR transmitters, and I'm set!!
01:11<OrangeSun>Soopaman: how is it resolved?
01:11<Soopaman>it's a NTSC tuner limit
01:11<Soopaman>ask him to make virtual channels
01:11<OrangeSun>have you followed the list?
01:12<OrangeSun>I kinda made virtual channels.. put them in a "new" frequencies.c that supposedly doesn't break everything else..
01:13<Soopaman>i'll explain my work around when everyone is back
01:13<Soopaman>and wheni have a bit more time
01:57<OrangeSun>cool : )
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02:17<psilon>Hey is anyone around?
02:17<Echo465>i am, but i'm dumb.
02:18<psilon>lol...I'm pretty sure anyone can answer this q but I can't seem to figure it out
02:18<psilon>I'm using redhat 7.3 and everytime I start mythtv i get can't open audio
02:18<psilon>or /dev/audio
02:18<Echo465>ummmm... i think you should reboot. yeah.
02:19<Echo465>*shrug*, i warned ya.
02:20<psilon>i'm sure I'll get it just thought someone might have some insight
02:20<psilon>stupid problem that's holding me back
02:21<Echo465>yeah, me too. busy tracking down dependancies now...
02:22<psilon>the xmltv ones?
02:23<Echo465>how'd ya guess.
02:24<psilon>how are you getting them...not downloading them individually I hope!
02:24<Echo465>hunting for XML::Writer now. be vewwy vewwy quiet.
02:24<psilon>oh wow...your doing things the hard way
02:24<psilon>try this
02:24<psilon>perl -MCPAN -e shell
02:24<Echo465>yeah, pretty much. make. why not? oh. google.
02:25<psilon>when it asks you for config
02:25<Echo465>what's that do?
02:25<psilon>say no
02:25<psilon>try it you'll love me for it
02:25<psilon>what os you on?
02:25<psilon>distrib i should say
02:25<Echo465>mandrake 9
02:25<psilon>ok definetly do that
02:25<psilon>wayyyyyy easier
02:25<psilon>once you get to a cpan> prompt let me know
02:26<Echo465>this isn't one of those 'fun with the newbie' things involving rm -R, is it?
02:26<psilon>this is how you should install perl modules
02:27<psilon>you can look it up if you really want to
02:27<psilon>it'll be on
02:27<psilon>or even
02:27<Echo465>ok.. Are you ready for manual configuration
02:27<Echo465>cpan is running like crap right now.
02:27<Echo465>ok, cpan>
02:27<psilon>install XML::Writer
02:28<psilon>type it in
02:28<Echo465>you're kidding me.
02:28<psilon>even finds dependencies for the once that are programmed right
02:28<Echo465>well i'll be damned.
02:28<psilon>downloads compiles and installs
02:28<psilon>easy huh
02:28<Echo465>that would have been handy to know a few tries ago.
02:29<psilon>you can even do an install xmltv I think from there
02:29<Echo465>i swear, i'm gonna do a writeup after i get this figured out.
02:29<psilon>I installed mine from source though...xmltv that is
02:29<psilon>rest from cpan
02:29<Echo465>yeah, i already did xmltv
02:30<psilon>rest should be easy then since they will all install from there
02:30<Echo465>wait, no, i was thinking of LAME
02:30<psilon>yeah you can't do xmltv without dependencies
02:30<Echo465>MySQL, Freetype, and QT i could get from the distribution.
02:30<Echo465>XMLTV and LAME want to argue with me.
02:31<Echo465>I tried to do this on Debian at first.. X wouldn't cooperate with me though.
02:31<psilon>didn't have any issues with my lame
02:31<psilon>i'm on redhat 7.3 though
02:31<psilon>just my stupid sound card giving me grief
02:31<psilon>funny thing is that it all works
02:31<psilon>sound and microphone work fine
02:32<Echo465>I didn't have any real issues, just that I had to go get it and figure out how to install it.
02:32<Echo465>hehe. I have no idea. The reboot thing was my best suggestion.
02:33<psilon>yeah it's gotta be something easy
02:33<psilon>I've quite a bit of linux knowledge but I took the lazy route and thought I'd ask
02:34<Echo465>hmmmmm.. isn't resolving for me.
02:35<psilon>so they are not installing
02:35<Echo465>wonder if the dns rootserver attacks are still going on.
02:36<psilon>resolves for me
02:36<Echo465>ah.. here we go.. it resolved, but .. wow.. 15000ms pings?
02:36<psilon>mine was 181ms
02:37<Echo465>hmm.. my win2k box says 'request timed out'...
02:37<psilon>they will resolve to different hosts based on location though
02:39<Echo465>changed the ping timeout on the w2k box, it's giving ~2000ms pings. is doing the same though, so it must be something on the network near me.
02:39<psilon>sounds like it
02:40<Echo465>back in a few, i'm gonna bounce my cable modem.
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02:48<Echo465>am i here?
02:49<Echo465>sigh.. windows box is ping a mirror of, and getting 90ms pings.
02:49<Echo465>mandrake box is ping a different dyndns of, and getting multi-k ms pings, all out of sequence.
02:50<psilon>you can reconfigure mandrake cpan to use different mirror
02:50<Echo465>please tell me how
02:50<Echo465> (sure, just type 'rm -R...')
02:51<psilon>heh hold on I'm not sure myself
02:52<psilon>o conf init
02:52<psilon>at the cpan> prompt
02:52<psilon>say yes this time :-)
02:53<Echo465>hmm.. it's not asking me this time.
02:53<Echo465>it's taking me straight to the cpan> prompt
02:53<psilon>right after you get to the cpan> prompt
02:53<psilon>type in "o conf init"
02:54<Echo465>there we go.
02:54<psilon>it's pretty straight forward
02:54<psilon>for anything you don't know just accept the default setting
02:54<Echo465>k.. checking it out.
02:54<Echo465>defaults are good.
02:55<psilon>I'm going to change the sound card I have in my machine
02:55<psilon>stupid vibra 16 card
02:55<psilon>could be the problem
02:55<psilon>back in a bit
02:55<Echo465>maybe add an additional, instead of replacing it/?
02:56<psilon>easier this way for not
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03:09<psilon>nope didn't help
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11:11<OrangeSun>hey guys!
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13:34<vektor>Namapoos: Had a chance to try tvtime?
13:36<Namapoos>sorry not yet
13:36<vektor>it's been autoconf'ed.
13:36<Namapoos>almost have this laptop properly set up
13:37<vektor>like, i use autoconf now
13:37<vektor>but it doesn't check for freetype2 and libpng yet, both of which you need :(
13:37<vektor>will soon though
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14:00<Universe>vektor... I haven't had a chance either... Having problems getting my WinTV card working right now... I should have it working tonight
14:01<vektor>Universe: Awesome.
14:02<mdz_>the verb is 'autoconfiscated' :-)
14:08<vektor>oh, sorry.
14:08<vektor>anyone here good at web pages?
14:21<Namapoos>i'm alrite
14:21<vektor>ok, i need help, bigtime :(
14:21<Namapoos>but if you mean "make me a good webpage" i have no time :/
14:25<vektor>well, erm, this is what i have so far:
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17:43<OrangeSu1>vektor: do you have any graphics experience?
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18:21<Namapoos>who won the baseball game ?
18:22<Namapoos>vektor, umm that website is awful :P
18:22<Namapoos>if i can put aside an hour this weekend, i'll slap one together for you
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20:11<vektor>Namapoos: hah that would kick
20:12<vektor>OrangeSu1: I have alot of graphics experience?
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21:33<vektor>Universe: re.
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23:39<Echo->anyone awake?