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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-10-29

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00:01<Chutt>is there anything else i said i'd do tonight?
00:06<Chutt>4 separate commits, just for that library name change
00:07<Chutt>oh, yeah
00:08<Chutt>now i know why the mp3 files take forever to categorize when they're nfs mounted =)
00:08<Chutt>it's calculating the length
00:08<Chutt>i had forgotten i did that
00:12<mdz>Chutt: hmm...I was thinking as the soname
00:12<mdz>Chutt: a separate version doesn't seem to make sense with release-style versioning
00:14<Chutt>i need to give qmake a version, though
00:15<Tuscany>hey chutt, do you use mythweb?
00:15<Chutt>it's probably broken at the moment
00:15<Chutt>and probably has been broken for awhile
00:15<Tuscany>i noticed for some reason when I use it always breaks at channel 21 for me. I found a fix for it though
00:16<Chutt>can you make a patch and email it to me?
00:16<Tuscany>it appears it breaks on an empty $proginfo var
00:16<Chutt>i'm just about to head off to bed
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07:13<blinx>hmm.. either something is wrong with my box or the last cvs tarball is broken
07:21<blinx>oh damn.. I should know more c/cpp
07:21<blinx>seems to be some datatype problem
07:21* blinxis just talking to himself - never mind :)
07:22<blinx>if anyone was actually alive to mind ofcouse. :)
07:54<blinx>ohoho.. actually compiled
07:55<blinx>in NuppleVideoRecorder.cpp line 999, I had to replace: memcpy(seekbuf + offset, i sizeof(struct
07:55<blinx> seektable_entry));
07:56<blinx>with memcpy(seekbuf + offset, (const void *)&(*i) sizeof(struct seektable_entry));
07:56<blinx>should anyone be interrested.
07:56<blinx>wonder if it works too
08:48<Chutt>forgot about that little gcc 3.2 feature
08:53<blinx>You're welcome :)
08:55<Chutt>there, fixed in CVS
08:55<blinx>great :)
09:06<blinx>had to reinstall my machine after I totally messed up glibc.. trying to get mythtv going again..
09:08<blinx>(and pretending to actually do some work at the same time)
09:33<vektor>Chutt: i fixed some of the deinterlacer filters from dscaler. greedy and greedy2frame look good now :)
09:33<vektor>greedy bounces more than twoframe but looks surprisingly good for how cheap it is
09:33<Chutt>did you fix em last night?
09:34<vektor>and i got an email back from the dscaler author
09:34<Chutt>already saw em then :p
09:34<vektor>you rock
09:35<Chutt>stuff looks much improved
09:39<vektor>ugh, time to learn the sourceforge file release system :(
09:39<vektor>i'm not looking forward to this
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09:46<Chutt>vektor, i'm not a huge fan of two development trees
09:46<vektor>well i don't mean trees i just mean..
09:46<vektor>yeah you're right.
09:46<vektor>ok, none of that. :)
09:46<vektor>dude! Nortel is still kickin ass!
09:47* vektorrecently bought some nortel stock
09:47* vektornotes that some is defined as 'way too little'.
09:50<vektor>do you know what the difference is between a package and a release?
09:50<Chutt>no idea
09:50<vektor>oh you don't use their file release system
09:51<vektor>nevermind then :)
09:51<Chutt>or their crappy mailing lists =)
09:51<vektor>yeah not like anyone subscribed to mine :)
09:52<Chutt>175 people on my -dev list, 19 on my -commits list =)
09:53<vektor>lucky bastard :)
09:53<vektor>I just did something stupid.
09:54<blinx>ahh.. already filling database again..
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11:12<Universe>hey vektor... ya there?
11:14<Universe>what version of libpng do I need for tvtime?
11:17<vektor>is there a problem with my check?
11:17<Universe>when using your, I get checking for png_read_png in -lpng... no configure: error: libpng needed
11:17<vektor>btw i posted a tarball:
11:17<vektor>do you have libpng?
11:17<Universe>I downloaded for CVS today
11:17<vektor>do you have libpng?
11:17<Universe>* media-libs/libpng
11:17<Universe> Latest version available: 1.2.4
11:17<Universe> Latest version installed: 1.2.5
11:17<Universe> Homepage:
11:17<Universe> Description: libpng
11:17<Universe>I can update it...
11:17<vektor>I use 1.2.1 so you should be fine...
11:18<vektor>Where is it installed?
11:18<Universe>see if that fixes my issue
11:18<vektor>Where is it installed?
11:18<Universe>not sure
11:18<vektor>ok um
11:18<vektor>do 'locate'
11:18<vektor>and see where it is
11:18<vektor>i'm curious
11:19<vektor>since i just look for it in the standard search path
11:19<Universe>blah... how to a generated a locate database?
11:19<vektor>i don't like try and see if it's anywhere special
11:19<vektor>run 'updatedb'
11:19<vektor>just do 'ls /usr/lib/libpng*'
11:19<vektor>or 'ls /usr/local/lib/libpng*'
11:19<vektor>and see where the .so is
11:19<vektor>like would it be anywhere else?
11:19<vektor>'ls /lib/libpng*' ?
11:19<vektor>all of those should be in the standard search path
11:20<vektor>well except maybe /usr/local
11:20<Universe>its in /usr/lib/
11:21<vektor>is there a png.h file in /usr/include ?
11:22<vektor>do nm /usr/lib/ | grep png_read_png
11:22<vektor>is my code obsolete?
11:22<Universe>00018b30 T png_read_png
11:23<vektor>ok what the _fuck_.
11:23<vektor>ok dude
11:23<vektor>get the tarball and try that out instead
11:23<vektor>maybe autoconf fucked up on you
11:25<Universe>same problem...
11:25<Universe>from the tarball
11:26<vektor>ok there should be like a config.log file
11:26<vektor>can you please send that to me?
11:27<Universe>one sec
11:27<mdz_>vektor: current libpng uses -lpng12
11:28<mdz_>vektor: though if he has /usr/lib/ that should be fine
11:28<vektor>mdz: what should i be doing in my then? -lpng12 or -lpng ?
11:28<vektor>Universe: doesn't work
11:28<mdz_>vektor: you should be using pkg-config
11:28<mdz_>PKG_CHECK_MODULES(blah blah)
11:29<vektor>mdz: I've never used pkg-config. i've never even heard of it
11:29<mdz_>vektor: you know all those little -config scripts that various packages use?
11:29<mdz_>vektor: it's a generic version of that
11:30<mdz_>vektor: and it has autoconf macros
11:30<vektor>mdz: do my users need to have it installed?
11:30<vektor>or is it like something i ship with my configure script?
11:30<mdz_>vektor: the users have pkg-config installed, the configure script ships the macros to talk to it
11:31<vektor>ah shit
11:31<vektor>Universe: it's failing because your png lib isn't linked to zlib.
11:31<vektor>so i'm not sure what to do in my configure script for that.
11:31<vektor>mdz: interesting..
11:31<Chutt>why not just link against z?
11:31<Chutt>it won't hurt anything
11:32<vektor>Chutt: i don't mind doing that, i'm just not sure how to do that in autoconfspeak.
11:32<mdz_>Chutt: that's wrong
11:32<Chutt>just make it mandatory to link against it
11:32<mdz_>Chutt: stuff linking with libpng should not care what libraries libpng needs
11:32<Chutt>stick it in your or whatever
11:32<Chutt>libraries linking against other libraries can be considered wrong, too
11:32<vektor>no this is in the ./configure script
11:33<vektor>their test app to test if you have libpng installed doesn't link to zlib.
11:33<mdz_>shared libraries can and should link against libraries that they require
11:33<vektor>Universe: Thanks _tons_ for finding this, btw.
11:33<Universe>just got my system back up and running
11:34<vektor>mdz: Where do i get .pc files?
11:34<mdz_>vektor: they are installed as part of the development bits of the library
11:35<mdz_>vektor: ls /usr/lib/pkgconfig
11:35<vektor>ok, i have none for libpng :(
11:35<mdz_>hmm, the current version has one
11:35<Universe>I do
11:35<vektor>Universe: well great :)
11:36<vektor>it doesn't matter though, i should try and figure out how to do this in a configure script anyway
11:40<vektor>i'm going to school
11:40<vektor>i'll fix this when i get there :)
11:40<Universe>heh... later vektor
11:40<vektor>Universe: in themean time, please email me your libpng.pc :)
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12:12<vektor>oh the dude goes away
12:16<mdz_>Chutt: looks like I'm going to need to sponsor the guy who's packaging xmltv
12:16<mdz_>Chutt: somehow I knew I woudln't get off so easy
12:16<Chutt>so that's why it's not in yet?
12:17<mdz_>Chutt: that, and the guy was out of the country or something
12:18<Chutt>yeah, saw that in his email
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13:23<Universe>so... fix it yet vektor?
13:24<vektor>i wrote some new slogans into the taglines file
13:24<vektor>this is getting hilarious
13:24<vektor>checked in...
13:24<vektor>Universe: ok, re: your problem.
13:24<vektor>have a moment i can send you a new version?
13:28<vektor>ok justasec
13:28<vektor>3 more seconds :)
13:29<vektor>ok ready?
13:29<vektor>ok there
13:30<vektor>Universe: get from cvs
13:31<vektor>here's my favorite tvtime tagline:
13:31<vektor>tvtime: linux: $0, libpng: $0, libsdl: $0, tvtime: priceless
13:32<Universe>checking for png_read_png in -lpng... no
13:32<Universe>configure: error: libpng needed
13:33<vektor>ok dude
13:33<vektor>please send me the config.log
13:33<vektor>i bet it needs -lm too
13:35<vektor>yep needs -lm
13:35<vektor>ok justasec
13:37<vektor>ah damnit
13:37<vektor>jeez this is awkward
13:43<vektor>ok 3 more seconds
13:45<vektor>Universe: Ok, please try now.
13:51<Universe>configure: creating ./config.status
13:51<Universe>config.status: creating Makefile
13:51<Universe>config.status: error: cannot find input file:
13:51<Universe>it says yes for -lpng now..
13:51<vektor>you're running from cvs?
13:51<vektor>did you run ?
13:51<vektor>do you have a recent automake?
13:51* vektorshould build a new tarball... :(
13:52<vektor>i can build you a tarball if you like... :/
13:52<vektor>dealing with the auto* stuff from cvs sucks.
13:54<Universe>I did download form cvs
13:54<vektor>i bet you don't have the right automake
13:54<vektor>that's what it sounds like anyway
13:54<vektor>accept my dcc
13:54<vektor>and try that tarball
13:55<Universe>and I have automake ver 1.6.1-r6
13:55<vektor>well then re-run
13:55<vektor>something is borked
13:55<vektor>or let me send you that tarball
13:56* vektorwaits in suspense
13:57<Universe>I ran autogen and got same error
13:58<vektor>yeah well automake isn't doing its thing then.
13:58<Universe>at work.. sorry for the delay responses
13:58<vektor>why not nuke the checkout and re-checkout tvtime
14:01<Universe>i did
14:01* vektorgoes to try then
14:01<Universe>rm -rf the folder and re check it out
14:02<vektor>works great
14:02<mdz_>make distcheck
14:02<vektor>mdz: i do that
14:03<vektor>works wonderfully here.
14:03<mdz_>then send Universe the result :-)
14:03<vektor>i did
14:03<vektor>and he doesn't accept the dcc :)
14:03<vektor>he's stuck on this 'i want from cvs' mentality or something
14:03<Universe>again, vektor sorry
14:03<Universe>on a call
14:04<vektor>it's ok
14:04<Universe>DCC it here.
14:04<vektor>i am
14:04<vektor>accept it
14:04<vektor>#5 SEND \xFF universe Wait N/A tvtime-0.9.3-prerelease.tar.gz
14:05<vektor>it's now there too
14:06<vektor>make distcheck is a thing of beauty
14:07<Universe>that worked
14:08<Universe>I bet this guy onthe phone thinks I am retarded
14:08<Universe>losing track of what I am suppose to be doing with him..
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14:12<Universe>wb Chutt
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14:12<Chutt>didn't mean that to happen
14:17<mdz_>Chutt: apparently, you are a lot like god
14:17<Chutt>catching up on the email?
14:21<Chutt>no one ever adds /usr/local/lib to their path
14:22<mdz_>I am dreading what is going to happen when I release the debs
14:22<mdz_>there will be a ton of people who have installed in /usr/local trying the debs and breaking everything
14:23<Chutt>do you want to put the debian/ dir in the cvs tree, or are you one of those developers that like to keep it separate?
14:23<mdz_>depends on whether you want to have a separate branch for it
14:24<mdz_>I don't mind it being in the same repository as long as it's on its own branch
14:24<Chutt>i tag/branch every release
14:24<mdz_>unless, of course, the repository is frequently unreachable or slow
14:24<Chutt>same box my webserver runs on
14:30<mdz_>usually it is a pain to keep the debian dir in the same place because they don't release at the same time
14:31<mdz_>that's especially bad if the debian directory is included in the tarball, which is always a bad idea in my opinion
14:31<Chutt>either way, really
14:31<Chutt>i don't mind
14:38<mdz_>stupid xmltv bombed out last night
14:38<mdz_>hopefully it had today's data
14:39<mdz_>mysql> select * from program where starttime > 200210290000 and starttime < 200210300000;
14:39<mdz_>should that work?
14:39<Chutt>i think
14:39<mdz_>Empty set (2.17 sec)
14:40<mdz_>ah, that wasn't right
14:40<mdz_>looks like they're there
14:40<Chutt>err, wait
14:41<mdz_>ah, I forgot seconds
14:41<mdz_>what a silly syntax anyway
14:41<mdz_>that should have been an error
14:41<Chutt>well, i think it's a valid timestamp
14:41<mdz_>how so?
14:42<mdz_>hmm, year 20?
14:42<Chutt>it's a valid 2 character year
14:42<mdz_>there is no hour 29 though :-)
14:42<mdz_>it's crap I say
14:44<mdz_>I was thinking about the mythfilldatabase cron job
14:44<mdz_>I don't think that I want xmltv to run as root
14:44<Chutt>it should work as any user, i think
14:44<mdz_>but other than that there's no reason to create a user
14:44<mdz_>well, I was planning on shipping a crontab so it would Just Work
14:45<Chutt>i _could_ make the frontend run it periodically
14:45<mdz_>are there people who don't leave the frontend running continuously?
14:45<Chutt>but i kinda don't want to do that
14:45<mdz_>I think cron is the right way to do it
14:46<mdz_>it's just a question of who to run it as
14:46<Chutt>like the guy who was bitching yesterday about it not being exit-able
14:46<mdz_>root is unsettling because xmltv is scary
14:46<mdz_>and nobody is not suitable because it needs access to the db
14:46<Chutt>it's perl, it does "stuff"
14:46<Chutt>why can't nobody run it?
14:46<Chutt>it does need access to some of the config files
14:46<mdz_>it needs the password to the database...seems wrong
14:47<Chutt>which i usually stash in the users homedir :/
14:47<Chutt>mythtv has its own user/password, reads it from a text file
14:47<Chutt>for the db access
14:47<mdz_>are you saying the db should be considered world-writable?
14:48<mdz_>those of us whose databases reside on a separate system would not appreciate that :-)
14:48<Chutt>well, writeable to anyone with the password, etc
14:48<mdz_>right, and if the password is readable by nobody, then that is everyone
14:48<Chutt>but, like, the web interface can write to it, and that's running as another user
14:49<Chutt>i dunno
14:51<mdz_>bugzilla guards the password
14:51<mdz_>request-tracker does not
14:52<mdz_>the trouble is that whatever user would actually be running mythtv would need to have access as well
14:52<mdz_>do you recommend that people use a separate uid, or leave it up to them?
14:53<Chutt>a separate uid for what?
14:53<mdz_>I think I would create a mythtv user who ran the cron jobs and such, and who was also set up to be able to run mythtv
14:53<Chutt>running everything?
14:53<Chutt>that'd _probably_ be the best thing to do
14:53<mdz_>and folks could add other users to the group if they want to run it as someone else
14:53<Chutt>but i just run everthing as root
14:53<mdz_>I think that would be a good balance between plug-and-play and flexibility
14:53* mdz_groans
14:54<Chutt>the box is completely firewalled
14:54<Chutt>and all i do with it is mythtv
14:54<mdz_>so is mine, of course
14:54<Chutt>and some work stuff
14:54<mdz_>but when xmltv downloads program info and passes it as an argument to some shell program...:-)
14:54<Chutt>that doesn't happen anymore, though
14:54<mdz_>xmltv may as well be a black box
14:54<Chutt>xmltv downloads to a file, the filldatabase program parses it
14:54<mdz_>because I'm scared to look at it
14:55<Chutt>lots of ugly perl
14:55<mdz_>xmltv doesn't just download a file, though, it parses HTML
14:55<mdz_>from who knows where
14:57<mdz_> == who knows where
14:57<Chutt>same company that provides data to tivo and the like
14:58<mdz_>is it? did not know that
14:58<mdz_>at any rate, there's no authentication so it could be talking to anyone, and I don't necessarily trust zap2it anyway because I know nothing about them
14:59<Chutt>probably the best thing for you to do
14:59<Chutt>would be to create a user for running all that
15:00<Chutt>and provide a little install-user script or whatnot
15:00<Chutt>to setup for a different user account to run things
15:01<mdz_>the install-user script would probably be "adduser <blah> mythtv"
15:02<Chutt>well, i meant maybe copy some settings to the user account
15:02<Chutt>since the user that runs the filldatabase stuff is going to have access to the channel icons
15:02<Chutt>and no-one else
15:02<Chutt>since they get stashed in ~/.mythtv/icons/
15:03<mdz_>it would be nice if those went somewhere else
15:03<Chutt>i had em in the share dir before, but people complained about that
15:03<mdz_>share is read-only
15:03<mdz_>I would complain too :-)
15:03<Chutt>not if you're root =)
15:04<Chutt>but anyway
15:04<mdz_>touch: creating `/usr/share/foo': Read-only file system
15:04<mdz_>even as root :-)
15:05<Chutt>well, that's why i moved things to the user's homedir
15:11<mdz_>by the way
15:11<mdz_>about that running as root...
15:11<mdz_>does mythfilldatabase open its temp file securely?
15:11<mdz_>or does xmltv open it...
15:11<mdz_>ah, xmltv does
15:12<Universe>hmm... talking to yourself mdz?
15:12<mdz_>and tv_grab_na does NOT open it securely
15:12<mdz_>Universe: talking to Chutt and to the world
15:14<mdz_>that needs to be fixed
15:15<Chutt>feel free
15:16<mdz_>that will be my first bug report against xmltv when it is uploaded :-)
15:16<mdz_>should be easy, just use File::Temp or such
15:16<mdz_>though one could argue that it is mythfilldatabase's fault
15:17<mdz_>because tv_grab apparently doesn't expect to output to /tmp
15:21<Chutt>could make it write to a temp file in the user's homedir
15:21<Chutt>but that's really what tmp/'s for
15:26<mdz_>if it securely created the file before calling tv_grab_* it owuld be fine
15:26<mdz_>or if it created a subdirectory in /tmp
15:47<Universe> down?
15:48<Chutt>i restarted the webserver
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17:35<Universe>Chutt... ya there?
17:36<Universe>what is the command to add the metadata.sql file to the existing database.
17:36<Chutt>mysql < metadata.sql
17:36<Universe>oh... that easy..
17:36* Universeslaps myself
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17:45<blinx>ahh.. almost bed time..
17:50<vektor>Damnit, it really seems like read()-based capture is broken in this bttv driver.
17:55<Chutt>which driver?
17:55<vektor>and the comment in the code actually makes me think it _is_ busted:
17:56<vektor>wish i knew that earlier
17:56<vektor>fucking crazy.
17:56<vektor>ah well, just have to wait for someone with an ATI card to fix tvtime.
18:02<Chutt>of course
18:02<Chutt>no-one will actually _do_ that :)
18:02<vektor>exactly :(
18:05<blinx>vektor, btw.. you have a link for tvtime again? didn't compile when I last tried
18:06<vektor>ah cool, did you try the tgz or from CVS?
18:06<Universe>if I knew what I was doing vektor, I would fix it for ATI cards ...
18:06<blinx>can't reemmber and I reinstalled since..
18:06<vektor>There's a tarball posted but it's a weee bit stale.
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18:06<vektor>I'll dcc you a prerelease.
18:06<vektor>The link is by the way.
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18:08<vektor>thoughts and bugreports appreciated :)
18:09<Universe>vektor.. you are going to kill me
18:09<vektor>Universe: sup?
18:09<Universe>one sec
18:09<blinx>darn.. I should not have compiled bttv in the kernel
18:10<blinx>have to reboot to increase buffers..
18:10<vektor>that sucks
18:10<blinx>I get a picture though
18:11<blinx>how about mythtv btw.. does it use more buffers?
18:11<vektor>you should get more than a picture
18:11<vektor>just you can't use some of the more complicated filters
18:11<blinx>well.. sound and OSD too
18:12<vektor>hit 't' to toggle through the vailable deinterlacing filters.
18:12<blinx>havn't tried anything fancy :)
18:12<vektor>There's a key command listing on the website
18:13<blinx>oh.. starting with -c made the picture look much better
18:13<vektor>you can toggle that on/off at runtime using 'c'.
18:14<vektor>since you have a bttv card, that will enable 'bt8x8 correction' which corrects for some brokenness of the card.
18:15<blinx>yes - picture looks clearer, though it looks a bit like deinterlacing wasn't perfect..
18:15<blinx>wait.. I'll reboot with buffers for bttv
18:17<Universe>ok.. sorry about that vektor..
18:17<Universe> the error i was getting before 'No usable pnglib library found'
18:17<vektor>Universe: Ok...
18:18<vektor>What about that?
18:18<vektor>I thought we had it all fixed..
18:18<blinx>if I could figure out how..
18:18<vektor>blinx: sucky that you built it into the kernel.. don't know how to do module parameters like that
18:19<vektor>blinx: maybe you can change it with sysctl ?
18:19<vektor>guess that's wishful thinking :)
18:19<vektor>maybe i should put back in support for keeping our own history buffers
18:19<vektor>but it would majorly slow stuff down
18:20<vektor>and newer versions of the bttv driver default to gbuffers=4
18:21<Universe>damn work
18:21<Universe>ok.. let me try this again
18:21<Universe>I tried to compile php just a few mins ago..
18:21<Universe>got the same error
18:22<Universe>I just recompiled the pnglib and it fixed it
18:24<blinx>vektor, so is 4 a resonable value? or will I get better performance with more?
18:24<vektor>it's not about performance
18:25<vektor>it's about history buffers
18:25<vektor>like, there will be no performance impact of doing more buffers
18:25<vektor>i'm not delaying the output
18:25<blinx>ok.. but 4 is generally enough?
18:25<vektor>for what?
18:25<vektor>for my app i don't use more than 4 ever
18:25<blinx>for uhm.. whatever I might wanna use :)
18:25<vektor>since i need 3 history buffers, and the driver is capturing into the fourth buffer.
18:25<vektor>i have no idea what other apps do but for them 2 is probably sufficient
18:25<vektor>unless you don't care about delaying the input
18:26<vektor>at which point 8 might be nice
18:26<vektor>if you want to record and never miss a frame maybe something that high might help in rare cases, but 4 should be plenty
18:27-!-oztiks [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
18:31<blinx>ok works now
18:31<blinx>my picture is still quite worse than on the tv..
18:32<blinx>maybe some fine tuning thingy
18:32<blinx>or crap card
18:32<vektor>what do you mean by worse?
18:32<vektor>this part is actually really interesting
18:32<vektor>i've spent quite a long time trying to get my PC to match the quality of my TV.
18:32<blinx>I see more noice, but perhaps it just because of the difference between monitor and tv?
18:32<vektor>it's bloody hard.
18:32-!-Tuscany [] has quit []
18:32-!-Namapoos [] has quit []
18:32-!-Chutt [] has quit []
18:32-!-Universe [] has quit []
18:32-!-mdz [] has quit []
18:33<vektor>for one, if your card has an on-board tuner, those are horrifically noisy (apparently). i have not had a chance to see how bad they really are yet though.
18:33<vektor>so yeah, that's one issue.
18:33<vektor>secondly, are you dropping any frames or anything like that?
18:33<vektor>hit 'd' while tvtime is running and print me out the stats you get back here
18:34<blinx>ftvtime: aquire 5, build top 8577 blit top 2347 built bot 8585 free input 63 wait bot 18090 blit bot 2346
18:34<vektor>ok i have a bug
18:34<blinx>that is with the greedy 2 frame
18:34<vektor>yeah you're dropping frames
18:34<vektor>i have a bug
18:34<vektor>you're PAL, right?
18:34<vektor>this is awesome
18:34<vektor>i'm so glad a PAL user finally tried this out
18:34<blinx>pal - europe-west
18:34<vektor>are you running as root?
18:35<vektor>ok justasec
18:35<vektor>do you have a /dev/rtc device?
18:35<blinx>want me to try as root so it can use it?
18:35<vektor>i'd like you to try as root
18:35<vektor>and hit 'd' again after it's running a bit
18:36<vektor>and print me out the stats here
18:36-!-Tuscany [~username@] has joined #mythtv
18:36-!-Namapoos [] has joined #mythtv
18:36-!-Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
18:36-!-Universe [] has joined #mythtv
18:36-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv
18:37<vektor>it's kinda getting to me now how much opn goes up and down.
18:37<blinx>tvtime: aquire 8634, build top 8504 blit top 2587 built bot 8552 free input 67 wait bot 9101 blit bot 2557
18:38<Chutt>just now?
18:38<vektor>blinx: ok then now you're not dropping frames
18:38<vektor>blinx: that's awesome. you have a nice fast box.
18:38<blinx>nifty :)
18:39<vektor>10ms scheduling sucks
18:39<blinx>it's an athlon 1400 btw.
18:39<vektor>that's the main reason it wasn't working when run as a user
18:39<vektor>blinx: ok, do some more comparing, how does it compare to your real TV?
18:40<blinx>vektor, any preferred filter I should check?
18:40<vektor>one thing i've found is that I cannot get the reds to look anywhere as nice as my TV. I blame my monitor for that. the red channel is clearly too weak :(
18:40<vektor>blinx: sure, try 'greedy2frame' or 'twoframe'.
18:41<blinx>ok - looks much the same with reguards to noice now
18:41<blinx>however the tv signal is much brighter
18:41<vektor>well, that's the other difference
18:42<blinx>also compared to the output on the tv from my tvout
18:42<vektor>my CRT is nowhere near as bright on my TV.
18:42<vektor>what do you mean 'from your tvout'?
18:42<blinx>vektor, signal from antenna = bright, signal from tvtime (watched on TV) = darker
18:42<vektor>blinx: ah ok.
18:43<vektor>hold down 'F8'
18:43<blinx>my monitor is an LCD btw.
18:43<vektor>and turn the colour setting up near the top
18:43<vektor>tell me if you think that looks better
18:44<blinx>a bit maybe - not much
18:44<blinx>the difference is especially noticable on the subtitles
18:44<blinx>the letters are normally white on dark background
18:44<blinx>with tvtime they are more greyish
18:44<blinx>like I had run a darken filter over them..
18:45<vektor>try without -c :)
18:45<vektor>see if that makes a difference
18:45<vektor>or hit 'c'
18:45<vektor>i should say
18:45<blinx>a bit
18:46<-- Tuscany(~username@ has left #mythtv
18:46<blinx>becomes a little brighter
18:46<vektor>but not what you expected
18:46<vektor>are you sure it isn't that your LCD is just dimmer?
18:46<vektor>or is it that you think thse should be full white and they aren't?
18:46<blinx>vektor, ye - I'm checking on the tv too (running in twinview)
18:46<vektor>what do you mean by checking on the tv?
18:46<vektor>like you're using the tv output of your video card?
18:47<vektor>that's weird
18:47<vektor>so, it's darker on the tv than it should be if you viewed it straight?
18:47<vektor>is that what you mean?
18:47<blinx>exactly :)
18:47<vektor>how about playing with F3/F4 and F5/F6 ??
18:47<vektor>(brightness and contrast) ?
18:50<blinx>hmm.. no - can't get it to match
18:50<vektor>yeah i've had like the same problem
18:50<blinx>the picture directly on the tv is much brigher and looks.. uhm.. more living
18:51<vektor>what do you think it is?
18:51<vektor>think it's the tuner/card ?
18:51<blinx>I'd assume that yes.
18:51<vektor>i want to try with an external tuner
18:51<vektor>pretty badly, actually
18:51<vektor>do you have like a VCR maybe or something?
18:51<vektor>actually fuck, i do :)
18:51<blinx>it's no limited to tvtime - same thing with mythtv and zapping xawtv etc..
18:51<vektor>i should try it.. unfortunately it only has composite out
18:51<vektor>i know
18:52<blinx>yes I have a vcr
18:52<vektor>we should try it :)
18:52<vektor>except the composite output will probably be just as bad
18:52* vektorgoes to set it up anyway
18:52<blinx>what do you have in mind?
18:53-!-witten__ [] has joined #mythtv
18:54<vektor>just take the composite output from the vcr and plug it into your card
18:54<blinx>ah.. no can do right now.. opposite ends of the room..
18:55<blinx>wonder if my vcr even has composite out
18:56<blinx>only has RF and a scart connection.
18:56<vektor>i'm trying it now
18:56<vektor>don't know if it's different :)
18:56<blinx>though that still doesn't eliminate the card I'd guess.. just the tuner.
18:57<vektor>hmm looks about the same
18:57<vektor>i trust the card though
18:57<vektor>does your card have S-Video input?
18:57<vektor>see it's the comb filter that's likely crappy :)
18:57<vektor>check this puppy out too: :)
18:57<blinx>doesn't bother me that much though, it's more annoying that the tvout picture has a little bit of black bars around it
18:57<blinx>yep, it has s-video in
18:58<blinx>hehe.. monster card
18:58<blinx>btw. I expect my tvcard is quite crappy - it's a cheap Pinnacle PCTV Rave
18:58<vektor>do you have an nvidia card?
18:59<vektor>for tv output?
18:59<blinx>gf4 mx 440
18:59<vektor>yeah that sucks, their drivers don't output to the overscan
18:59<vektor>so you get a black border
18:59<vektor>tvtime needs overscan settings too though
18:59<vektor>not a big deal though
19:00<blinx>the picture sure looks funky in ntsc mode
19:00<blinx>lots of green :)
19:01<vektor>my VCR starts to beat out the bttv tuner on high channels
19:01<Universe>green is a good color... hmm yeah..
19:01<blinx>uhm.. just started tvtime with -n NTSC :)
19:01<vektor>witten__: yeah, TVs only show you the middle part of the image
19:01<vektor>the rest is in the overscan area
19:01<witten__>vektor: oh
19:01<vektor>like the area outside the border of the visible area
19:02<vektor>there's something called the 'safe title area'
19:02<vektor>which is where it's safe to put graphics that you know people will see on all TVs
19:02<vektor>it's surprisingly small
19:02<vektor>some TVs are really really bad that way
19:02<vektor>like it's amazing how 'high up' the scrolling text at the bottom of CNN is on a full 486-scanline NTSC display :)
19:02<vektor>it's like at least 10-20 scanlines up... ;-)
19:03<blinx>btw.. is TTV much used in the US?
19:03<vektor>whereas on my TV it's much less
19:03<blinx>the TextTV thingy..
19:03<vektor>blinx: what's TTV?
19:03<vektor>no it's not used much at all
19:03<blinx>ok.. all channels have it here, used for tv listings, news, weather etc.
19:04<vektor>code support into tvtime!
19:04<blinx>not so much for subtitles, as must movies and such already come with that from the tv station.
19:04<blinx>vektor, must be quite easy, I know zapping can do it
19:05<vektor>blinx: well i guess i'll just rip their code then
19:06<witten__>vektor: where would I add fine-tuning support?
19:06<blinx>online version :)
19:06<vektor>witten__: oh, sorry :(
19:06<blinx>looks exactly like that
19:06<vektor>witten__: it's easy
19:06<witten__>does tvtime have a config file or just commandline options?
19:07<vektor>witten__: it has a config file. see docs/default.tvtimerc for an example.
19:07<blinx>if you write 303 out in the left menu, you can see what is on danish tv2 right now :)
19:07<vektor>and i'm working so that all the commandline options are runtime changable.
19:07<blinx>"Strengt fortroligt" which is the danish title for X-Files.
19:08<vektor>blinx: hey, btw, if you think of any more cool taglines for the taglines.h file, let m eknow
19:08<vektor>witten__: want me to add in the fine tuning support now?
19:08<blinx>vektor, taglines.h?
19:08<blinx>ah there :)
19:09<vektor>blinx: yeah, every time you run tvtime, i have a new window title :)
19:09<witten__>vektor: if you want
19:09<witten__>I'll be happy to test it when I get home
19:09<blinx>vektor, just notices :)
19:09<vektor>witten__: yeah i'm doing it now. do you just want the static always fine tuned option?
19:09<vektor>witten__: i'll try to do both.
19:09<witten__>vektor: doesn't matter to me
19:09<witten__>I only fine-tune once and then leave it when I find the best reception
19:10<witten__>it's nice if it's interactive though
19:10<blinx>I should get to bed soon.. 5 hours till I have to get up and I can't spell anymore..
19:11<blinx>just one last smoke..
19:14* witten__tries to run tvtime over remote X
19:14<witten__>this ain't gonna be pretty
19:14<blinx>"top breeders recommend it" - isn't there some american saying about 9 out of 10 dentists or such?
19:14<blinx>mythtv sure doesnt run over my remote X.. perhaps cos of xv?
19:15<witten__>yah, probably :)
19:15<vektor>tvtime won't work over remote.
19:15<vektor>it should complain about no hardware overlays being present.
19:15<blinx>but, then what should I do at work, if not watch tv remotely?
19:15<witten__>it didn't complain
19:15<blinx>surely not actually work?
19:16<Universe>ssh into your box and compile random stuff like me
19:17<blinx>that I already do :)
19:17<vektor>witten__: what did it do?
19:17* vektorg'dams, if it didn't complain!!!
19:17<witten__>vektor: black display
19:17<vektor>witten__: you're not serious, are you?? :(
19:17<vektor>oh man...
19:17<vektor>that would suck ass if that check doesn't work..
19:17<witten__>it complained about other stuff, like lack of gbuffers :) .. if that makes you feel any better
19:19<vektor>it did?
19:19<vektor>do you have an ATI card?
19:20<vektor>i know why it's blank then
19:20<Chutt>mythtv'll be able to do live tv remotely soon 'nuff
19:20<vektor>if it complains about the lack of gbuffers then it tries to do read and then it will fail
19:20<witten__>matrox on the remote machine with the tv card. nvidia on the local machine
19:20<vektor>since for some reason the bttv driver is busted in read mode
19:20<witten__>chutt: it can't do live tv yet?
19:20<vektor>witten__: you have a bttv capture card, don't you
19:20<vektor>witten__: why would it complain about gbuffers?
19:20<Chutt>please read
19:20<Chutt>what i said
19:21<vektor>witten__: do you have something already using the capture card on the remote machine already?
19:21<witten__>vektor: bttv, yes
19:21<Universe>I wish someone would just make a video format converter Chutt..
19:21<witten__>vektor: nope. it told me to add gbuffers=4
19:21<blinx>I wish someone would make a cheap and documented mpeg encoder card
19:22<blinx>so all that stuff could be offloaded from the cpu.
19:22<Universe>that would be nice too
19:25<blinx>vektor: where in the debug line do you see if frames are dropped?
19:25<vektor>witten__: oh, then that's different
19:25<vektor>witten__: sorry
19:25<vektor>blinx: well if you run -s it should tell you when you drop frames, but what i saw there was that it took more than 20ms to process one of the fields, therefore, you must miss an input frame. we only have 20ms to process and display each field.
19:26<blinx>tried compiling it with -march=athlon-tbird now
19:26<vektor>Chutt: live tv remotely would be cool.
19:26<blinx>you need a benchmark mode, I can play with :)
19:27<witten__>are there any mythtv debs yet?
19:29<blinx>time to I have to get up and go to work: 4.5h
19:33<witten__>blinx: dood, sleep is important!
19:36<blinx>right :)
19:36<blinx>luckely I can get a bit of sleep in the train to work..
19:37<blinx>if I'm lucky and there are no noisy annoying kids on it this morning
19:37-!-karjala [] has joined #mythtv
19:37<karjala>Hi all.
19:37<karjala>May I pose a short question?
19:37<blinx>2 hours in a train with screaming kids.. that is what is gonna turn me into a mad killer someday.. :)
19:37<blinx>and 2 hours back again with drunken germans ofcouse..
19:39<blinx>karjala: ask away
19:39<karjala>What kind of processor will I need to do real-time MPEG-2 compression on a TV stream?
19:40* blinxhave no idea..
19:41<blinx>nite all :)
19:42<witten__>karjala: it really depends on many factors
19:43<karjala>witten__: I'm thinking of what TV card to buy... A cheap WinTV Go? or one with embedded hardware for MPEG-2 compression?
19:44<vektor>karjala: Do you want to use it under Linux?
19:44<karjala>witten__: What factors?
19:44<karjala>vektor: I want to use MythTV, in fact.
19:44-!-Tuscany [] has joined #mythtv
19:44<vektor>There is no Linux driver for the WinTV PVR cards with hardware MPEG-2 encoding, although there is (I think) a hardware MPEG-2 encoder chip out there that does have some Linux drivers...
19:44<vektor>I don't know if MythTV supports hardware encoder cards at all yet. In fact, I don't think it does.
19:45<vektor>If you want Linux application support your choices are very limited, of course.
19:45<karjala>vektor: how fast a processor does mythTV want?
19:45<vektor>I'm not one to ask. Depends on your quality requirements though would be the short answer...
19:46<karjala>vektor: I see. full picture full frame rate, is what I need.
19:47<karjala>vektor: I'll have to check around then.
19:47<witten__>karjala: factors are the program you use, whether you use overlay mode or not, whether you've got lots of other crap running, your version of X, your kernel, whether your video card supports hardware scaling, etc
19:48<karjala>witten__: I see.
19:48<vektor>karjala: Since video streams are interlaced and MythTV currently always deinterlaces input, 'full picture size' isn't 'really' possible....
19:48<vektor>But we're starting to get too technical there.
19:48<witten__>karjala: I think your best bet is to find someone with the hardware you're thinking of getting and using the same software, and see if they have adequate performance
19:49<witten__>vektor: do you code on mythtv too
19:49<vektor>karjala: I think if you buy a WinTV Go card and use a 1Ghz or higher machine you will be quite happy.
19:49<karjala>witten__: Yes
19:49<vektor>witten__: I'm a wannabe.
19:49<karjala>vektor: I will do that.
19:49<vektor>karjala: But don't blame me if you hate it :)
19:50<witten__>vektor: you should like integrate tvtime with it :)
19:50<Tuscany>karjala, with the defualt mpeg4 setting and audio settings on an ahtlon 1800 xp I hitting about 80% utilization while watching live tv (at 640x480). obviously an mpeg hardware encoder would be of benefit here
19:50<vektor>ah good point.
19:50<vektor>myth might work alot better with 2.0ghz or at least 1.5
19:50<vektor>since you want to watch and record at the same time
19:51<Tuscany>i'm trying to incoporate myhthtv into my htpc but running a ~ 2GHZ system for that is a bit "noisy". ideally i'd like to use my piii-700 system which is a lot quieter
19:51<karjala>vektor: you mean "watch & record" the same channel, correct? I wouldn't be able to watch one and record another, will I?
19:51<vektor>karjala: not without two cards.
19:52<vektor>a single bttv chip can only read from one of its four sources at once.
19:52<karjala>vektor: Not that I need it, but I've heard that with a certain ATI card you can watch 19 channels at the same time.
19:52<karjala>vektor: aha
19:52<karjala>vektor: And WinTV is bttv, right?
19:52<vektor>karjala: Yes it is.
20:00-!-TardisX [] has joined #mythtv
20:01<vektor>witten__: fine tuning support is done, just checking it in now.
20:01<witten__>awesome, thanks!
20:01<vektor>Do you need a tarball?
20:06<witten__>well, it compiles :)
20:08<witten__>woot :)
20:08<vektor>use , and . to fine tune in realtime
20:08<vektor>also read the new default.tvtimerc for how to set static fine tuning.
20:08<witten__>kickass.. I appreciate you adding it
20:08<witten__>I just read it
20:08<vektor>it was easy
20:08<vektor>i hope it works ok
20:09<witten__>, and . do 1/16 mhz increments?
20:40<karjala>'night people
20:41<-- karjalahas quit ()
20:47-!-Tuscany [] has quit ["Trillian ("]
20:57-!-TechJosh [] has joined #mythtv
21:23<Universe>just got the webpage working... very nice Chutt...
21:41-!-witten__ [] has quit ["ircII EPIC4-1.1.2 -- Are we there yet?"]
21:48<-- Universehas quit ()
21:56<vektor>this kicks
21:56<vektor>i now have tvtime on my tv output
21:56<vektor>aw baby yea!
21:56<TechJosh>hows it look?
21:56<vektor>it's field synced
21:56<vektor>and the OSD looks coooool
21:56<vektor>need to support all the keys now so i can change channels and shit :)
21:56<vektor>all i have now is a quit key
21:57<vektor>if anyone here has a G400 and wants to try this out ... ;-)
21:57<TechJosh>i got a g450
21:57<TechJosh>but it isnt hooked up to a tv
21:57<vektor>you have a G450 with TV output?
21:58<vektor>the G450 is actually alot different than the G400.
21:58<vektor>but there has been some work recently to get it to work.
21:58<vektor>hopefully it will all be merged soon ... :)
21:59<TechJosh>its not that important for me... i dont have mine hooked up to a tv
21:59<vektor>i'm mostly curious about like phosphors and stuff
22:00<vektor>find the optimal settings for my bttv vs my overlay etc
22:00<vektor>this is going to kick ass!
22:01<Chutt>vektor, know how well the g200tv's tv out works?
22:05-!-Antw73 [] has joined #mythtv
22:05<Antw73>Morning folks
22:06<vektor>Chutt: I have no clue actually.
22:08<Antw73>Anyone else getting loss of audio sync and brief slowmo in video while it catches up in the CVS version?
22:09<Antw73>While playing a recorded program, only after using the ff and rw buttons =)
22:09<Chutt>i'm not, no
22:09<Antw73>worked a treat in 0.6 version
22:10<Chutt>try turning on exact seeks in settings.txt
22:10<Chutt>see if that helps
22:11<Antw73>k k, let me see
22:11<Chutt>should default to the old seek behavior that way
22:11<Chutt>any console messages?
22:12<Antw73>no messages at all, can't see that option in the settings file, is it new?
22:13<Chutt>yeah, it's new as of yesterday
22:13<Chutt>the old behavior was exact seeks
22:13<Chutt>as of last night, it does just nearest keyframe seeking
22:13<Chutt>so i assume you're using a cvs checkout from before that?
22:14<Antw73>ok, well I took a new CVS about 8 hours ago, is the new option documented to how it should look in the settings file?
22:14<Chutt>it's 'ExactSeeking'
22:14<Chutt>in settings.txt
22:14<Antw73>k lets try that one then
22:15<Chutt>just make it a 1 instead of a 0
22:15<Chutt>and see if that helps any
22:16<Antw73>nope, same thing =(
22:17<Antw73>only after using the ff and rw buttons does this happen
22:17<Chutt>is this a recording made before or after your last cvs update?
22:17<Antw73>recording was made about 7 hours ago
22:17<vektor>ok this is fascinating.
22:17<Antw73>after updating
22:17<Chutt>do you have any older recordings?
22:18<vektor>Chutt: i found out some very interesting things about the bttv
22:18<vektor>tell you in a bit
22:18<Chutt>just wondering if they do the same thing, is all
22:18<Antw73>nope, sorry, I usually clear em out when I update
22:19<Antw73>suppose I could back down to 0.6 and see if its something freaking with my machine now
22:19<Chutt>it might be the update i did last night
22:19<Antw73>was looking to replace my MAME front with Mythgame was most of my upgrade reason =)
22:21<Antw73>makes switching easier since I wouldn't have to kill mythfrontend so brutally
22:22<Antw73>pretty much the only reason I still have a keyboard on the box now =)
22:23<Antw73>everything else is either IR or arcade controls
22:24<Antw73>Ok, just testing pausing and ff/rw in live TV, thats not a problem, just recordings =)
22:25<mdz>evening, folks
22:25<mdz>Chutt: how's the seektable stuff going?
22:25<Chutt>mdz, well, there may be a slight problem with it =)
22:25<Chutt>if you read your scroll back a little
22:26<Antw73>oops =) is that me =)
22:26<mdz>I'm currently back down to 0.6 for package testing
22:26<Chutt>other than that, i'd say its working well
22:26<mdz>sync problems?
22:26<Chutt>for a short(?) period after a seek
22:26<mdz>only with nearest-keyframe?
22:27<Antw73>I get unsynced about every 15 seconds after a seek, seems to be with both options
22:28<Chutt>when was the last time before that you cvs updated?
22:28<Chutt>or was it just 0.6?
22:29<Chutt>antw73, can you modify line 363 of libs/libNuppelVideo/NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp
22:29<Chutt>to: if (1 || frameheader.frametype != 'Q')
22:29<Chutt>then recompile, etc
22:29<Antw73>sure, one minute
22:29<Chutt>that should disable the seektable completely
22:34<Antw73>damn, same thing
22:34<Chutt>mind making some more changes?
22:34<Antw73>not at all
22:35<Antw73>software is for free, glad to help if I can
22:35<Chutt>you did say there's no messages printed to stdout, right?
22:35<Antw73>let me check that again
22:36<Antw73>ok, now its saying 'delaying to next trigger: ' and a number
22:36<Chutt>it'd be something like 'Delaying to next trigger: 1232131231'
22:36<Chutt>ah, excellent
22:36<Chutt>what's the number?
22:36<Chutt>well, anything that makes it print that out is going to be excessive
22:36<Antw73>looks random between about 110000 and 180000
22:37<Antw73>and later up to about 9000000
22:37<Chutt>that's what's doin it
22:37<Chutt>so, let's see if we can find out why
22:37<Antw73>drops back down to about 300k after that tho
22:39<Chutt>basically, it's just printing out that it's delaying for a long time for some reason
22:39<Antw73>ok, lets see if we can't nail it down
22:40<Chutt>after line 1216
22:40<Chutt>same file
22:40<Chutt>can you stick:
22:40<Chutt>cout << avsync_delay << " " << timecodes[rpos] << " " << laudiotime << " " << nexttrigger.tv_sec << " " << nexttrigger.tv_usec << endl;
22:41<Chutt>that's just right after the if (laudiotime != 0)'s closing }
22:41<Antw73>heh, guerilla logging, love it =)
22:42<Chutt>it's going to be noisy
22:42<Antw73>ok, building it up again
22:42<Chutt>i'll just want to see some of the numbers from around where it prints out the delaying to next trigger:
22:44<TechJosh>quick question: whats the command to set an environment variable in linux? im trying to set the QTDIR
22:44<Chutt>export QTDIR=blah
22:44<Chutt>if you're using bash
22:44-!-Universe [] has joined #mythtv
22:44<Antw73>ok, got you some numbers:
22:45<Antw73>delay: 7913608
22:46<Antw73>88000 166673 166585 1035949485 543201
22:46<Antw73>one example, pity its logging to console on the other system =)
22:47<Antw73>rest look about the same
22:47<Antw73>slightly varying first and last numbers
22:48<Chutt>keep that there
22:48<Chutt>so it's 88 milliseconds off for some reason
22:49<Antw73>ok, other values there are as high as 4 seconds and low as neg 10ms then
22:50<Antw73>Aside from the channels and tv zone, I'm using default settings and rtjpeg btw
22:51<Chutt>is there any way you could log that to a file and send it to me?
22:52<Antw73>sure, address?
22:55<Antw73>ok, its off to you
22:59<Chutt>more source mods?
23:00<Chutt>3 things:
23:00<Chutt>after line 1591
23:00<Chutt>cout << "Fast forwarding\n";
23:00<Chutt>after line 1479
23:00<Chutt>cout << "
23:00<Chutt>cout << "Rewinding\n";
23:01<Chutt>line 741, before the pthread_mutex_unlock() in GetAudiotime
23:01<Chutt>actually, before the two ret += lines
23:01<Chutt>err, doesn't matter
23:02<Chutt>cout << "getaudiotime: " << audiotime << " " << now.tv_sec << " " << audiotime_updated.tv_sec << " " << now.tv_usec << " " << audiotime_updated.tv_usec << endl;
23:03<Antw73>anything else?
23:03<Chutt>not this time
23:03<Antw73>building then
23:03<Chutt>maybe more later :/
23:03<-- Universehas quit ()
23:05<Antw73>ok, want that log?
23:05<Chutt>same place, please
23:05<Antw73>on the way
23:05<Antw73>did you get the last one?
23:08<Antw73>ok, that off, bit long it overflowed the scrollback, if thats not enough I'll raise it and make a new log. It has at least one FF in it, I only did a coulple of them to get the problem to show up
23:10<Chutt>there's a fast forward near the beginning that looks like it hit it
23:11<Antw73>you want a log from the beginning?
23:11<Chutt>the beginning of what you sent me
23:11<Chutt>it's all good
23:11<Chutt>i thin
23:12-!-Universe [] has joined #mythtv
23:12<Antw73>I can't send the start of that run, since it overflowed the scroll buffer, if you want the start I'll just make a new run
23:16<Antw73>hrm? thats nearly as bad as uh oh
23:19<Chutt>i'm not sure what your line number is exactly anymore =)
23:19<Chutt>but around line 1194
23:19<Chutt>where it does nexttrigger.tv_usec += <blah>
23:19<Antw73>thats ok, I've been improvising anyways =)
23:20<Chutt>there's a comment right before that line
23:20<Antw73>yup, got that line
23:20<Chutt>right before that
23:20<Chutt>gettimeofday(&nexttrigger, NULL);
23:20<Antw73>really? =)
23:20<Chutt>see if that helps any
23:20<Antw73>ok, done, building
23:23<Antw73>nope =( but now the offset is mostly negative, want the log?
23:25<Antw73>ok, on the way
23:25<-- Universehas quit ()
23:27<Chutt>allright, got it
23:28<Antw73>you do? most excellent =)
23:29<TechJosh>i'm trying to make mythtv and I'm getting the error "QMAKESPEC has not been set", how can I set it?
23:30<Chutt>try setting it to linux-g++
23:30<Chutt>same as you set the other environment variable
23:31<TechJosh>so simple yet so stuupid of me
23:31<Chutt>it's something that should've been set by your distribution, iirc
23:34<Chutt>line 779
23:34<Chutt>err, a little after that
23:34<Chutt>after the gettimeofday()
23:35<Chutt>cout << "set time: " << audiotime << " " << audbuf_timecode << " " << totalbuffer << " " << soundcard_buffer << " " << effdsp << " " << audiotime_updated.tv_sec << " " << audiotime_updated.tv_usec << endl;
23:35<Chutt>lather, rinse, repeat
23:35<Chutt>if you don't mind =)
23:35<Antw73>no worries, building
23:40<Antw73>log on the way
23:41<Chutt>does it resync faster with that gettimeofday() in there?
23:42<Antw73>not sure, not a lot if it does, soon looses sync again anyways
23:43<Antw73>ugh, soon 6am =)
23:43<Antw73>been messing with this since about 10pm =)
23:43<Chutt>that's no fun
23:44<Antw73>ahhh, the joys of PVR =)
23:44<Antw73>its no prob, spent longer than that debugging other people problems, refreshing to have one of my own =)
23:46<Antw73>I even moved the store area to a stripe of 6 10kRPM scsi disks earlier to see if it was my disk that was slow =(
23:46<Antw73>I think I am gonna keep it like that though, seems to use a bit less CPU with those disks =)
23:48<Chutt>can you stick a cout at the end of ClearAfterSeek, near line 1715?
23:49<Chutt>just anything, really
23:49<Chutt>before those 3 unlock lines
23:49<Antw73>sure, right before the mutex releases ok?
23:50<Antw73>: building
23:50<Chutt>well, wait a sec
23:50<Chutt>i'm going to want one other change =)
23:50<Antw73>k k, =)
23:56<Antw73>not good?
23:58<Chutt>i dunno
23:58<Chutt>this is weird.
23:58<Antw73>yup, we can agree there =)