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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-11-05

00:01<zytta>I am sure
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00:21<Chutt>there, that's fixed in cvs as well
00:21<Chutt>that was probably ant's problem =)
00:55<TardisX>Is the mysql optimizations that Erik Arendse posted about a few days ago in CVS?
00:56<Chutt>and something that worked almost as well was in CVS several days before that
00:56<TardisX>aah OK :-)
00:56<TardisX>I'll have to install the new version and give it a go
00:59<Chutt>doh, i forgot to ask nyquiljer to modify the arrow .pngs a little
01:11<zytta>I need to get scantv to work.
01:11<Chutt>still haven't?
01:11<zytta>I can't get my tv-card to work, well it probably works, just can't search anything in
01:12<zytta>I haven't touched it since I talked ot you last.
01:12<zytta>been busy with school, girl and such heh.
01:13<Chutt>i see :p
01:14<zytta>my phonebill is going to be huge.
01:15<Chutt>calling far away again?
01:15<zytta>but video conferencing works ;)
01:15<zytta>like, it's cheaper
01:18<Chutt>i bet
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01:29<Chutt>was it just empty before?
01:30-!-zytta has changed the topic to: -- The Cheaper, High-Quality Alternative
01:30<Chutt>i think 'cheaper' is debatable =)
01:31<Chutt>the amount of computer parts required to do this stuff puts it right up around the price of a hardware unit
01:32<brtb>Yeah, but if you already have the parts.... might as well use them =]
01:33<Chutt>brtb, the upgrade fixed the crash on playback?
01:35<brtb>that and the font fix
01:36<TardisX>isn't it some insane time of day for you chutt?
01:36<Chutt>1:36 am
01:36<Chutt>about to head off to bed
01:36<TardisX>OK not tooo insane
01:36<TardisX>whereabouts are you?
01:36<Chutt>know where cleveland, ohio is?
01:37<TardisX>no :-(
01:37<TardisX>left right or middle?
01:37<Chutt>top, rightish
01:37<Chutt>west of new york, easy of chicago
01:38<TardisX>OK... vaguely familiar, from my flight simming :-)
01:38<Chutt>anyway, near there
01:38<zytta>night chutt.
01:38<zytta>I'm off to school.
01:38<TardisX>I should visit the US sometime.
01:39<TardisX>I hear all the bad press, but I'm sure there is some good stuff too :-)
01:39<zytta>Norway sucks.
01:39<zytta>19.4 Farenheit her
01:39<Chutt>zytta, have fun =)
01:40<zytta>I will.
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02:26<nyquiljer>Chutt: i had tragic need for reinstalling, and thought my home directory was on a drive i formatted, so i lost all the mythtv osd stuff :(
02:27<nyquiljer>er, thought it wasnt on the drive i formatted
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03:29<blinx>Good morning
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11:28<Soopaman>hey chut
11:28<Soopaman>how are things?
11:34<Soopaman>you're at work?
11:41<mdz_>morning, folks
11:45<Soopaman>Chutt, are you really comfortable with how linux works?
11:45<Chutt>like how?
11:46<Soopaman>'cause i wanted to know if there was a way to automatically detect, format, and mount multiple hardrives on the fly
11:47<mdz_>Soopaman: in that case, the question is are _you_ really comfortable with how linux works :-)
11:48<Soopaman>mdz, i am comfortable breaking and sacrificing things in the name of science
11:49<Soopaman>but i was curious if it would be an init script
11:49<Soopaman>or something else
11:50<Chutt>you could probably do that in an init script that ran late in the boot
11:53<mdz_>Soopaman: what is your goal in doing this? what would you like to do with these disks that you want to automatically detect, format and mount?
11:56<Soopaman>they are to act as video/music storage space
11:56<Soopaman>because the main hd with the app and etc on it is a cf card
12:36<mdz_>sounds like you want a volume manager
12:37<mdz_>would the disks be added only while the system is powered off, or hotplugged (USB, e.g.)
12:38<Soopaman>more than likely off
12:39<Soopaman>'cause usb/hotplugged devices probably wouldn't have enough throughput
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13:01<mdz_>a simple init script would do the job, then
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14:29<billytwowilly>hey, anyone around?
14:30<vektor>kinda :)
14:30<billytwowilly>that's what I thought...
14:30<billytwowilly>when are people usually around on here?
14:31<vektor>All the time.
14:31<billytwowilly>I don't have time now, but I would like to know when A good time to come back to get some help setting up mythtv would be.
14:31<vektor>It's just quiet, then someone says something, and then it just starts up.
14:31<vektor>Depends if people happen to be around or not.
14:31<vektor>You just have to get lucky :)
14:31<billytwowilly>ahh, ok, well I'll be back in an hour or two and try to get lucky then;)
14:31<vektor>I think evenings EST is a good bet.
14:31<vektor>ah ok :)
14:31<vektor>youmight have good changes then :)
14:32<billytwowilly>cool, cool. I'll have to try and set up mythtv once more before I come for help. It's been so long since I tried that I can't even remember what my problem was;)
14:32<TinWork>just ask the question and you will get someone to respond sooner or later
14:33<billytwowilly>yar, but I want to optimize my chances for sooner;)
14:33<TinWork>there is no telling with this group of people...
14:33<billytwowilly>heh, ok. well I'll be back in an hour or three. ciao.
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14:34<billytwowilly>I'll just start babbling about the amazing growth I discovered on my toe until someone breaks down and helps me;)
14:34* billytwowillyis away: I'm busy
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15:55<Chutt>mdz, thanks for that email reply to the list
15:55<mdz_>no problem
15:55<mdz_>too many people on the mythtv list run debian
15:55<mdz_>it messes up my scoring
15:56<mdz_>I sort messages based on some keyword heuristics
15:56<mdz_>so that, for example, when someone reports a Debian bug and mentions one of the packages that I maintain, I read it
15:57<mdz_>I tend to watch for Debian on the mailing lists for packages that I maintain debs for, so that I catch people who are reporting problems with them
15:57<Universe__>good idea
15:58<mdz_>I've been thinking of packaging it up so that other people could use it, but I'm ashamed of the mess of procmail and m4 that is involved
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15:58<mdz_>(that's right, I said m4)
15:59<mdz_>I wish procmail supported sgrep style regexes
16:00<mdz_>then it could get really nasty
16:02<Chutt>all i have left to do for the edit ui is an indicator if you're at a marked to be deleted frame
16:04<Chutt>then i can make it actually use the stuff for playback =)
16:05<mdz_>what's the idea behind the indicator if you're at a to-be-deleted frame?
16:05<mdz_>shouldn't that be clear from the position indicator being in the red area/
16:05<billytwowilly>would you recommend a newbie try and install mythtv from cvs or fromt the latest release? even though it's gotta be a bit outdated by now..
16:06<Chutt>mdz, yeah, but this'll make it even clearer
16:06<Chutt>my policy is that CVS is for people willing to debug things themselves, at the very least
16:07<mdz_>billytwowilly: I'd say stick with the release unless you are comfortable debugging
16:07<mdz_>what Chutt said
16:07<billytwowilly>ahh, ok, so since I'm not comfortable debugging I'll use the release, am I right that it's a bit outdated though?
16:07<Chutt>it's not that outdated.
16:08<billytwowilly>ok, hey, so who on here is the actual guy that started developing mythtv?
16:08<billytwowilly>nifty. have you taken a look at freevo? that's the other pvr software I'm following.
16:08<Chutt>calling it a 'pvr' is being extremely nice
16:09<billytwowilly>well I couldn't get either program to work...
16:09<billytwowilly>I'll probably be back on here in half an hour (after I try and install mythtv again) asking questions.
16:09<Chutt>good luck getting answers
16:10<billytwowilly>yah, that's the feeling I've been getting about both projects..
16:10<Chutt>most likely, any problems you'll have will be related to xmltv
16:11<mdz_>...unless you're running Debian and can install the packages :-)
16:11<Chutt>there is that, yes
16:11<mdz_>speaking of which, I need to get back to that guy
16:11<billytwowilly>I run mandrake 9.
16:11<Chutt>mdz, so if i put out 0.7 this weekend, can i get .debs of it all?
16:11<mdz_>he said he rolled in the last set of fixes I requested
16:11<mdz_>Chutt: depends on how early in the weekend :-P
16:11<Chutt>billytwowilly, what's your email address?
16:12<Chutt>billytwowilly, someone just emailed me a pretty much step-by-step on getting it running on mandrake 9
16:12<billytwowilly>Chutt: sweet.
16:12<billytwowilly>Chutt: you should post it on your website.
16:12<mdz_>the mysql magic will likely take some time to get right
16:12<Chutt>it'll be in the distribution eventually
16:13<billytwowilly>it'll probably take the same amount of time as emailing it to me and it'll help more people.
16:13<Chutt>but i'll just forward it to you for now, k?
16:13<Chutt>well, i need to go through and look it over and stuff before i publish it
16:13<billytwowilly>and thank you.
16:13<mdz_>if 0.7 is coming up, I will have some motivation to work on that part
16:13<Chutt>it is
16:13<Chutt>probably this weekend
16:14<Chutt>ok, that readme is forwarded to you
16:28<mdz_>the trouble is that there is currently no standard way to add new templates to a package at build time
16:28<mdz_>and that is something I had planned to work out with joeyh
16:29<Chutt>can i at least say 'debian packages are forthcoming' when i put the release out?
16:32<billytwowilly>Chutt: so far that walkthrough is working great.
16:32<billytwowilly>Chutt: gives great step by step.
16:32<billytwowilly>it's too detailed even for me;)
16:34<billytwowilly>so far there's only one thing i'd change and that's just because when he tells you to switch to your home directory he puts his home directory instead of /home/yourhomedirectory he put /home/rjudjodaklj or something...
16:43<billytwowilly>still going good.. at the installing xmltv part.
16:46<mdz_>"John" did not answer my question at all
16:46<Chutt>of course he didn't
16:47<mdz_>there was only one thing in my email with a question mark after it
16:47<mdz_>and there was definitely a question mark there
16:47<billytwowilly>ok.. slight problem.. compiling myth tv I got this error:make[1]: *** [sub-postprocess] Error 2
16:47<billytwowilly>make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/chris/downloads/mythtv-0.6/filters'
16:47<billytwowilly>make: *** [sub-filters] Error 2
16:47<mdz_>perhaps he untarred pieces of the XFree86 binary distribution over the X 4.1.0 from woody
16:48<Chutt>edit filters/
16:48<Chutt>remove the 'postprocess' from the end of the line there
16:48<billytwowilly>ok. so then there's a slight prob with the file you sent, or is that just unique to me?
16:48<Chutt>not unique to you, but only happens to a couple people
16:49<mdz_>"I moved the drive to another machine, took all the same steps that I won't describe, and it still happened"
16:49<billytwowilly>Chutt: any idea why, or is jut one of those funny quirks you get trying to make a program to run on multiple distributions?
16:50<Chutt>it's a gcc/cpu type issue
16:50<billytwowilly>oh ok.. specific to athlons?
16:50<Chutt>not exactly sure
16:50<billytwowilly>because that's what I'm running if it helps you out.
16:51<billytwowilly>you want system specs?
16:51<Chutt>naw, that's allright
16:51<Chutt>just not compiling that part of it is fine, really
16:51<billytwowilly>ok. if there's anything you can walk me through that will help you fix the prob though, just email me.
16:56<billytwowilly>uhh. where in the mythtv readme am I supposed to pick up from after that file you sent me?
16:57<Chutt>i dunno
16:57<Chutt>i didn't read it
16:57<Chutt>just skimmed it over when i got it a couple hours ago
16:57<billytwowilly>at the end it tells you to pick up in the readme...
16:58<mdz_>start at the beginning
16:58<mdz_>and when you get to a step that you haven't already done, go
16:58<Chutt>probably after it tells you to do a 'make install' in the real readme
16:58<Chutt>and skip the stuff that you've already done
16:59<billytwowilly>ok, I think i've got it. thanks.
17:45<billytwowilly>hmm. ok. I've got a couple more questions..
17:46<billytwowilly>Chutt: you around man?
17:48<billytwowilly>ok, I just got mythtv to work, but the sound is messed up. when I pause the tv the sound doesn't pause and when I shut down mythtv the sound doesn't go off.
17:48<billytwowilly>I have to run xawtv to get the sound to shut off.
17:49<universe>you dont have your mixer setup correctly
17:49<universe>you want to mute line in and set it to be the recording device
17:49<billytwowilly>ok. I should also tell you that I have the tv tuner card hooked right into the sound card.
17:50<billytwowilly>I didn't run a line from line out to line in on the sound card when I installed it.
17:50<universe>there is still a line in settings for that input billytwowilly...
17:50<universe>in the mixer
17:50<billytwowilly>ok.. where is the mixer? in mythtv?
17:50<universe>in linux
17:50<universe>kmix if you are running kde
17:51<billytwowilly>can I mess with it with kmix?
17:51<universe>you can
17:51<billytwowilly>ok. if I open it up can you tell me what to do? or is there an app you prefer to use?
17:55<billytwowilly>ok.. if i open up kmix, select muted and record source I get no sound.. if I unselect muted I have the same problem as before.
17:57<universe>you want to set mute on your line in from your tuner card
17:57<universe>and set it to record...
17:58<universe>there will be another volume option for volume on the playback
17:58<universe>I forget what its called
17:58<mdz_>probably PCM
17:59<billytwowilly>all I've got is a little button in the corner that looks like a speaker...
17:59<billytwowilly>when I put on the kmix applet I get a whole bunch of slide bars...
18:00<billytwowilly>i'm guessing each slide bar is for a different audio source right???
18:00<billytwowilly>which one would be PCM?
18:01<mdz_>the one labeled 'PCM'
18:01<mdz_>most likely
18:01<billytwowilly>heh.. no labels...
18:01<mdz_>if there are no labels, how can you tell them apart?
18:01<billytwowilly>I can't...
18:02<billytwowilly>I'm looking off the kmix applet in kde... is there a way to get more verbose kmix?
18:02<billytwowilly>can I start it as an independent app?
18:02<billytwowilly>nm. I figured it out.. restore from the kmix speaker in kicker.
18:03<billytwowilly>ok. I found PCM
18:05<billytwowilly>so I set it to mute and then record?
18:05<universe>PCM is your playback volume
18:05<universe>you unmute it and turn it up
18:05<universe>you mute line in and set it to record
18:08<billytwowilly>ok... I don't have a line in but here's what I do have: line, microphone, cd, line1, phone in, video
18:08<universe>ok... which one controls the volume for xawtv?
18:09<universe>you want to mute that one and set it to record
18:10<billytwowilly>I think I figured it out.. the CD one when it is muted and set to record and igain is turned up the syncing problem goes away
18:10<billytwowilly>thanks for the help.
18:10<billytwowilly>sweet, it appears to work.
18:11<universe>appears? heh
18:11<billytwowilly>still a bit of popping when I fast forward/ rewind, but i'm guessing that's normal no?
18:12<universe>I dont have that
18:13<billytwowilly>well it's more of a bit of dead space in the recording rather than popping.
18:13<billytwowilly>bit of dead space, bit of audio, then bit of dead space than normal. all over about a second..
18:13<mdz_>and then after a few seconds it smooths out?
18:14<billytwowilly>one or two seconds and it's fine.
18:14<mdz_>that is more or less normal
18:14<universe>you have to consider, you are running through frames at a fast rate
18:14<mdz_>it may be avoidable
18:14<universe>and it plays that bit of audio
18:14<universe>the frame it does play
18:14<billytwowilly>heh, it's fine;) thanks guys.
18:15<billytwowilly>yah, the frames it does play get audio
18:17<billytwowilly>so can mythtv play videos and mp3s you have on your computer as well?
18:19<billytwowilly>wait. mp3 is handled by mythmusic... heh.. sorry.
18:19<billytwowilly>dumb question.
18:22<billytwowilly>how do I exit out of mythtvfrontend? it isn't in the faq or the readme...
18:22<TardisX>you don't :-)
18:22<TardisX>or, find the xterm you ran it from, hit CTRL+C
18:23<universe>mythtvfrontend is made to never end... because its suppose to be a system by itself, running it all the time
18:23<TechJosh>alt + f4
18:23<billytwowilly>thanks TechJosh
18:24<Soopaman>billytwowilly, you are racking up your tech help costs
18:24<Soopaman>i would read the faq before you keep asking silly questions
18:24<billytwowilly>Soopaman: bill me;)
18:24<universe>aye... I just need to know where to send the bill
18:24<TechJosh>one of the VERY few things i know about it...
18:24<billytwowilly>uhh.. 123 fake st.
18:24<billytwowilly>yah.. that's it;)
18:25<billytwowilly>in faketown, Fakecountry;)
18:33<universe>You are in Canada?
18:33<billytwowilly>no... I'm in Fakecountry;)
18:33<vektor>canada roxorz!
18:33<billytwowilly>yah.. Canada.
18:33<billytwowilly>I know;)
18:33<vektor>billytwowilly: where in canada?
18:33<billytwowilly>I live here;)
18:33<universe>Near Calgary?
18:33<vektor>oh, faketown?
18:33<billytwowilly>vektor: If I tell you are you gonna send me a bill??;)
18:33<vektor>hell yea!
18:34<billytwowilly>Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
18:34<billytwowilly>cowtown is south of us about three hours.
18:34<universe>well... I know you use Shaw Cablesystems
18:35<billytwowilly>Yah, they suck.. although I hear the cable guys in the states suck more.
18:35<vektor>dish network kicks my ass
18:35<vektor>give me some of that cartoon network lovin
18:35<vektor>teletoon sucks my behind
18:35<TechJosh>COX cable rocks...
18:36<TechJosh>good service, good rates
18:36<Soopaman>pure poop
18:36<TechJosh>dont get on you for having a router...
18:37<billytwowilly>heh. My guys limit your monthly bandwidth allowance..
18:37<billytwowilly>pisses me off.
18:38<universe>I will just messing around... trying to freak you out...
18:38<universe>trace you down and send a bill to ya
18:38<billytwowilly>heh. go right ahead;) I'll sue you for pain and suffering;) And if I sue you in the states I'll probably win;)
18:39<universe>sue me for pulling up public information?
18:39<billytwowilly>nope, for sending me a bill;)
18:39<TechJosh>no, sue you for guessing a hyperlink
18:40<billytwowilly>yah;) that too;) cough cough;)
18:40<universe>for billing you for technical support?
18:41<billytwowilly>yah;) we dont' have a contract, so seeing a bill I didn't agree to would cause pain and suffering;) and any judge in the US would agree;)
18:41<billytwowilly>silly american legal system...
18:41<billytwowilly>it's true;)
18:41<billytwowilly>that's why it's funny;)
18:42<universe>you think a canadian will last in the US court system?
18:42<billytwowilly>with an american lawyer;)
18:42<billytwowilly>they go cheap these days;) with a case like this he'd probably work for a portion of the winnings;)
18:52<billytwowilly>hmm. speaking of free tech support...
18:52<billytwowilly>one last question. mythmusic won't install for me.
18:52<billytwowilly>should I post the error here?
18:52<billytwowilly>or do people get annoyed with that?
18:53<Chutt>just paste it
18:53<billytwowilly>cc1plus: warning: as it has already been specified as a non-system directory
18:53<billytwowilly>In file included from cddecoder.cpp:11:
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.h:6:21: cdaudio.h: No such file or directory
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.h:8:28: cdda_interface.h: No such file or directory
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.h:9:27: cdda_paranoia.h: No such file or directory
18:53<billytwowilly>In file included from cddecoder.cpp:11:
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.h:54: syntax error before `*' token
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.h:55: syntax error before `*' token
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp: In constructor `CdDecoder::CdDecoder(const QString&, DecoderFactory*, QIODevice*, Output*)':
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:44: `device' undeclared (first use this function)
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:44: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.)
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:45: `paranoia' undeclared (first use this function)
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp: In member function `virtual bool CdDecoder::initialize()':
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:130: `cdda_identify' undeclared (first use this function)
18:53<Chutt>guess i should've just said 'paste the beginning'.
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:134: `cdda_open' undeclared (first use this function)
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:136: `cdda_close' undeclared (first use this function)
18:53<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:140: `CDDA_MESSAGE_FORGETIT' undeclared (first use this function)
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:140: `cdda_verbose_set' undeclared (first use this function)
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:141: `cdda_track_firstsector' undeclared (first use this function)
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:142: `cdda_track_lastsector' undeclared (first use this function)
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:150: `paranoia_init' undeclared (first use this function)
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:151: `PARANOIA_MODE_OVERLAP' undeclared (first use this function)
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:151: `paranoia_modeset' undeclared (first use this function)
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:152: `paranoia_seek' undeclared (first use this function)
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:156: `CD_FRAMESAMPLES' undeclared (first use this function)
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp: In member function `void CdDecoder::deinit()':
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:173: `paranoia_free' undeclared (first use this function)
18:54-!-ChanServ gives channel operator status to Chutt
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp: In member function `virtual void CdDecoder::run()':
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:228: `paranoia_read' undeclared (first use this function)
18:54<billytwowilly>cddecoder.cpp:231: `CD_FRAMESIZE_
18:54<-- Chutthas kicked universe from #mythtv (Chutt)
18:54-!-universe [] has joined #mythtv
18:54<billytwowilly>heh, sorry, that's why I asked, it's big;)
18:54<billytwowilly>from that I assume it thinks I don't have cdparanoia right? but I do...
18:54<Chutt>universe, sorry, i'm not sure how that happened
18:54<billytwowilly>and it's the same version quoted in the readme.
18:55<Chutt>obviously, you don't.
18:55<billytwowilly>it's in kpackage
18:55<Chutt>the -dev package too?
18:55<Chutt>doubt it
18:56<billytwowilly>ahh. the readme doesn't say anything about the dev package.
18:56<billytwowilly>one second.
18:56<Chutt>it's kindof assumed
18:56<Chutt>and the error messages there are pretty obvious
18:56<billytwowilly>heh my favorite quote "assumption is the mother of all fuck ups";)
18:56<universe>you dont want me in here..
18:57<Chutt>no, i clicked on him, but it kicked you
18:57<Chutt>so, i dunno
18:57<Chutt>sorry =)
18:57<universe>its ok
18:57<universe>I will let it slide this time
19:00<billytwowilly>hmm. is the cdparanoia devel stuff called something else?
19:01<Chutt>i wouldn't know
19:09<billytwowilly>hmm. ok, I downloaded cdparanoia from the website in the readme and installed it and mythmusic still doesn't work.
19:10<Chutt>you did something wrong, then.
19:11<billytwowilly>it relatively simple.. ./configure make make install...
19:11<billytwowilly>I'm not entirely sure how I could have messed it up...
19:12<billytwowilly>I went there and got the complete package source and compiled and installed it.
19:12<billytwowilly>what am I missing??
19:12<billytwowilly>do I have to do something with the binary?
19:13<Chutt>it's using a library
19:13<Chutt>why would you have to do something to the binary?
19:14<billytwowilly>there's a binary on that page as well.
19:14<billytwowilly>second choice.
19:14<billytwowilly>I'm wondering if I have to do something with that.
19:14<Chutt>why would you think that would fix things?
19:15<billytwowilly>I dunno. I'm just guessing a reason as to why it isn't working after I installed all the prerequs.
19:15<Chutt>if it says it can't find a header file
19:15<Chutt>the most likely reason is
19:15<Chutt>it can't find the header file.
19:16<billytwowilly>yah, and I'm trying to get the header file. you said that it was because I didn't have cdparanoia installed, so I installed it.
19:17<billytwowilly>it still doesn't work so I'm trying to figure out how to fix it.
19:18<Chutt>trying to figure something out doesn't involve asking questions on an irc channel
19:19<billytwowilly>Yes it does. If you don't ask questions of people with more experience than you then you are a fool.
19:19<Chutt>no, it doesn't.
19:19<Chutt>this isn't your personal tech support channel
19:19<billytwowilly>I never said it was.
19:19<Chutt>you're acting like it is, though
19:20<billytwowilly>no I'm not. If I thought it was my personal tech support channle I'd be making demands, not asking questions.
19:30<Soopaman>damn stupid piece of pooop
19:30<Soopaman>i think i may have a falling out with debian
19:34<Soopaman>one second my build environment works
19:34<Soopaman>the next it doesn't
19:34<Soopaman>WHERE IS THE PARITY?
19:36-!-Tuscany0 [] has quit ["Trillian ("]
19:36-!-sefudier [] has joined #mythtv
19:39-!-theqman [] has joined #mythtv
19:42<billytwowilly>one more quick question. how do I add the mythmusic info to my mysql database? mysql -u root < metadata.sql ?
19:43<Chutt>same way you added the data when you install mythtv
19:43<billytwowilly>which was mysql -u root <mc.sql
19:43<billytwowilly>sorry mysql -u root < mc.sql
19:43<billytwowilly>so I just do that command again?
19:43<Soopaman>Chutt, how viable do you think it is to create a single screened app (ie the video overlay is the only thing used
19:43<Chutt>so it'd follow that 'mysql -u root < metadata.sql' would be the proper command to insert metadata.sql
19:44<Chutt>soopaman, it'd need a lot of random widgets, if you wanted to do anything complex
19:45<billytwowilly>is that 0-5-to-0-6.sql the musicdb thing referred to in the readme?
19:45<Chutt>err, no.
19:45<billytwowilly>wait, that's for upgrading isn't it?
19:45<billytwowilly>so metadadata.sql is the only thing I have to add?
19:46<billytwowilly>ok, thank you.
19:52<billytwowilly>Chutt: sorry for bothering you one last time (I know you think I"m a pain in the butt) but have you put any thought into doing a mythmovie module that can play dvds and movies on the hard drive?
19:55<universe>billytwowilly... this has been dicussed before and he doesn't have a need for it... so he will not be developing it (I think thats what he said)... But I do know others have shown an interest in creating that... So it might be in the works.
19:55<Chutt>some people keep saying they're going to do it
19:56<Chutt>and yeah, i really don't need such a feature
19:56<universe>I like my answer :-P
19:57-!-Tuscany [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:58-!-Tuscany [] has joined #mythtv
19:59<Soopaman>Chutt, what dpo you mean by a bunch of random widgets?
20:04-!-Namapoos [] has joined #mythtv
20:04-!-Soopaman [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:10<billytwowilly>universe: interesting. it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult, all you'd have to do is use mplayer right?? I think lots of the code is already done in freevo.
20:11<universe>but mythtv isn't freevo
20:11<universe>its coded differently
20:11<universe>and mythtv actually has tivo like features
20:11<universe>freevo doesn't yet
20:12<Chutt>billytwowilly, it'd be extremely easy to do, yes
20:13<universe>"IF" you know what you are doing
20:13<Chutt>well, that's a given =)
20:13<billytwowilly>universe: but you don't use any of that tivo stuff for watching movies... you'd basically have to borrow some code from mythmusic to catalogue all the movies on the hard drive, then write some to get mplayer to play whatever you select full screen wouldn't you?
20:13<Chutt>billytwowilly, yup, that's essentially it
20:14<universe>it would work... I just don't know how to do it
20:14<Chutt>maybe some disc detection for like vcd/dvd/etc
20:14<billytwowilly>and this is C++ right?
20:14<Chutt>but all in all, easy stuff
20:14<universe>C and C++
20:14<universe>and QT..
20:14<billytwowilly>can you embed python in C++?
20:15<Chutt>well, probably, but i wouldn't be accepting anything like that
20:15<billytwowilly>heh. darn, cuz if you could you could make an extremely half arsed one without writing too much code, just copying from freevo and mythmusic;)
20:15<Chutt>doing a directory search is like 20 lines of code
20:15<Chutt>putting up a full-screen list of the results isn't much more
20:16<vektor>Chutt: can you do me a favour?
20:16<Chutt>vektor, sure
20:16<vektor>Chutt: cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status and tell me what it says
20:16<vektor>trying to debug a nasty nasty problem with geforce2's.
20:16<Chutt>well, which field do you want?
20:16<billytwowilly>Chutt: how much would it cost for me to get you to do it?
20:16<Chutt>i'm using nvidia's agp driver, and have fast writes and sba turned on
20:16<vektor>Fast writes
20:17<Chutt>and have it set at 4x
20:17<vektor>a bunch of my users have fast writes disabled
20:17<vektor>and i don't know why
20:17<vektor>is it some option you need to turn on?
20:17<Chutt>you have to manually enable it
20:17<Chutt>same with sba
20:17<Chutt>it's in the driver docs
20:17<vektor>wow, thanks.
20:17<Chutt>parameter when you insmod the NVdriver
20:17<vektor>holy crap.
20:18<Chutt>NVreg_EnableAGPFW=1 NVreg_EnableAGPSBA=1
20:19<Chutt>would do it.
20:51<-- TechJoshhas quit ()
21:10-!-theqman [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
21:18<brtb>umm.... don't think so
21:18<brtb>wrong window, ooops
21:38<universe>hey Chutt...
21:47-!-Namapoos [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:50<yebyen>Chutt: hmmmmm
21:51<brtb>hmm.... anybody want to take a guess which is the worst bottleneck in my fancy video system: pentium-3 667, ata33 30gb hard drive, onboard intel i810 video
21:54<yebyen>for mythtv?
21:54<universe>on a mythtv system?
21:54<yebyen>definately the p3
21:54<universe>I was going to say... you need to update that processor...
21:54<universe>if you want anything excep 352x240 rez.
21:54<yebyen>i run 320x240
21:54<yebyen>on my 700mhz athlon
21:55<universe>I run 352x240 on a 700 pent.
21:55<yebyen>i haven't tried 362
21:55<yebyen>err 352
21:56<yebyen>spose it's worth a shot
21:56<yebyen>i can *almost* do 480x480
21:56<universe>I get too many delays
21:56<universe>in 480x480
21:56<brtb>yeah, that's my tv system
21:56-!-tss [] has joined #mythtv
21:57<-- universehas quit ()
21:57<brtb>it almost seems like the HD is what's stopping it though, when it starts thrashing on 480x480 that's when it starts skipping
22:06<brtb>i should load the HD and tuner into my athlon 1800 and see how it works, lol
22:35<mdz>Chutt: I just noticed something interesting
22:35<mdz>Chutt: you know that weird colour artifact that we've seen?
22:35<Chutt>gone now?
22:36<mdz>Chutt: no, better
22:36<mdz>Chutt: I just saw it in mplayer
22:36<Chutt>yeah, it's in libavcodec
22:36<mdz>ah, I didn't know whether you knew if it was on the recording side or not
22:36<Chutt>were you playing back one of mythtv's files?
22:36<Chutt>it's in the recording side
22:36<mdz>I've also found that the sound doesn't sync properly in mplayer...grr
22:37<Chutt>hey, if you get a chance, could you update to current cvs?
22:37<mdz>I'm guessing it's because it's ignoring the sync packets
22:37<Chutt>just so i know that it works for someone else besides me?
22:37<brtb>updated since last night?
22:37<TardisX>can you just play the nuv files in mplayer?
22:38<Chutt>tardisx, no, he modified the .nuv loader in mplayer to do the mythtv files
22:38<brtb>yeah i was meaning to ask that too, how you could take the nuvs and use them elsewhere
22:39<Chutt>it's very simple to modify anything that already understands .nuv and can also play back divx files to read mythtv's files
22:41<mdz>building it now
22:41<mdz>I'm starting to wonder how well mplayer understood .nuv in the first place
22:41<Chutt>just remember to do a make clean =)
22:41<Chutt>it didn't very well
22:41<mdz>I may have to do some nvrec captures to nuv format and compare
22:41<mdz>because there are things broken that I do not think I broke
22:41<Chutt>it doesn't attempt to resync things at all
22:42<TardisX>is make clean != make distclean
22:42<Chutt>the only thing make distclean does is wipe out all the generated makefiles
22:42<Chutt>well, in addition to what make clean does
22:45<brtb>mandrake installer howto? hmm... i'd make one for slackware but that would probably include the section about "recompile qt 9 times until you finally get it to enable the mysql drivers"
22:53<mdz>Chutt: more or less works
22:53<Chutt>more or less?
22:53<mdz>Chutt: managed to crash it by trying to set a bookmark
22:53<Chutt>livetv works?
22:54<Chutt>with the osd and everything?
22:54<mdz>livetv works, I need to move the font to test osd
22:54<mdz>oh, I just need to change the name
22:55<mdz>hmm, no OSD
22:55<mdz>then segfault when I tried to change channels
22:55<Chutt>that's what just got reported to the list :(
22:56<mdz>building with debugging now...I thought I had the first time but built the wrong tree
22:59<mdz>the debugging build isn't breaking
22:59<mdz>and the OSD shows up :-P
22:59<Chutt>work fine when you change channels, too?
23:00<mdz>ooh, the new "I want to record something and you are watching TV" dialog is nice looking
23:00<mdz>literally the same tree; switched to debug, cleaned and rebuilt
23:00<mdz>the debug build runs like crap of course
23:00<Chutt>can you rebuild without debugging maybe?
23:01<Chutt>and see if that still fixes it?
23:01<mdz>yeah, trying it
23:01<mdz>I don't think I broke the build though :-P
23:02<mdz>drat, I'll have to kill mythfilldatabase
23:05<mdz>I can't seem to break it after rebuilding again without debugging
23:05<mdz>though I notice that the OSD does not come up immediately when I watch live TV
23:05<mdz>doesn't show up utnil I change channels
23:05<mdz>is that normal?
23:05<Chutt>even if you hit i?
23:05<mdz>I don't have an i
23:06<Chutt>it doesn't show up initially
23:06<Chutt>unless you hit 'i'
23:06<mdz>ok, then that was normal before
23:06<mdz>I couldn't see it because I couldn't change channels
23:06<Chutt>hit 'e' when you're playing back a recording
23:06<Chutt>btw =)
23:07<mdz>my 'e' is mapped to space bar
23:07<Chutt>that turns on edit mode
23:07<Chutt>which pretty much works completely now
23:07<Chutt>aside from re-encoding
23:07<brtb>hrm... wish i could use this ati all-in-wonder card for this but it's just designed weird, no real v4l support
23:07<mdz>I'll may one
23:08<mdz>heh, editing mode is a little touchy
23:08<Chutt>of course, valgrind refuses to run in livetv mode
23:08<mdz>looks very nice though
23:08<Chutt>what'd it do?
23:08<mdz>well, I started skipping around, then adjusted the seek amount
23:09<mdz>then skipped around a bit more, then the clock started running as if it were playing
23:09<mdz>but it only displayed a still frame
23:09<mdz>and didn't respond for many second
23:09<Chutt>yeah, i've had it do that
23:09<Chutt>it'd be worse for you, since you're running remotely
23:09<mdz>yeah, seems to get a bit unresponsive when I skip around a lot
23:10<mdz>but always comes back
23:11<Chutt>anyway, any editing you setup is saved
23:11<Chutt>and used on playback
23:11<Chutt>it just does an automatic seek past any 'deleted' part for now
23:12<Chutt>it all seems to work, at least for me =)
23:14<TardisX>I'll try it out tonight :-)
23:15<Chutt>ah well
23:15<Chutt>thanks for testing current cvs for me
23:15<TardisX>It should only take a few minutes for me to get rid of the ads from the Voyager, then my SO can watch it and see if it works :-)
23:15<TardisX>Unless she already watched it today...
23:15<Chutt>yeah, it only took a couple minutes to de-ad last night's csi
23:16<mdz> spells "dead"
23:17<Chutt>i suppose i'll write an email to the list detailing how to use the edit stuff
23:18<Chutt>then take screenshots of it all and post it =)
23:21<mdz>it's looking good
23:22<mdz>just made some selections and stuff, I really like the way the UI came out
23:22<mdz>the only rough spot so far is that odd delay
23:22<billytwowilly>one more question from the annoying one;) are there any plans to record shows to a format easily viewed in other progs like xine?
23:23<Chutt>billytwowilly, no
23:23<mdz>any particular reason why rtjpeg is still the default?
23:24<billytwowilly>doh... well is there an easy way to convert them after they've been recorded?
23:24<Chutt>figured it's more likely that it'll run on joe random user's box
23:24<Chutt>seeing the number of people emailing in trying to run things on a k6-2
23:25<brtb>k6-2? haha
23:26<vektor>yeah, let's laugh at those less fortunate
23:27<brtb>sorry, just thinking how video encoding would work on my k6
23:27<vektor>Chutt: how do you get so many users offering to give you money?
23:27<vektor>Chutt: i want that too, what's your secret?
23:27-!-davehunn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:27<Chutt>so many?
23:28<vektor>yeah i've noticed like at least three people in this channel ask 'how much would it cost for you to do blah'...
23:28<billytwowilly>heh, I asked you earlier how much it would cost me to get you to write a mythmovie module and you ignored me;)
23:28<vektor>or maybe i'm exaggerating :)
23:29<Chutt>i dunno
23:29<Chutt>billytwowilly, this is something i do in my spare time, which i have little enough as it is
23:29<Chutt>so, not going to add features i can't use =)
23:30<billytwowilly>now I'm interested in your particular situation, why couldn't you use a dvd player/ movie player??
23:31<Chutt>i've got a standalone dvd player
23:31<billytwowilly>that plays divx files?
23:31<Chutt>why would i need to play divx files on a settop box?
23:32<billytwowilly>so that you can play your massive collection of farscape episodes, music videos, black adder episodes, red dwarf episodes, etc;)
23:36<billytwowilly>oh yah, and so you can play all those backups of your dvds you made and turned into divx files on a cd.
23:36<Chutt>why would you recompress something that's already heavily compressed?
23:36<brtb>billy - convert divx to mpeg2 480x480, burn to CD, play in DVD player. problem solved.
23:37<Chutt>it'd take about an hour's worth of work for someone who knew the tiniest bit of c++ and qt to make a movie frontend
23:37<billytwowilly>you can't fit a whole movie on one cd at 480x480...
23:37<Chutt>well, maybe two
23:37<billytwowilly>I just asked my buddy in comp sci;) he said it'd take him two hours to figure out what's going on then another hour to do it.
23:38<Chutt>it's nothing difficult
23:38<Chutt>like, if you wanted to get fancy and hit up imdb for coverart and stuff
23:38<billytwowilly>I'm just making conversation at this point. Sorry if I came off as trying to pressure you into writing it yourself.
23:38<Chutt>that'd take a little longer
23:49-!-nyquiljer [jer@] has joined #mythtv
23:49<Chutt>nyquiljer, hey
23:49<nyquiljer>debian unstable is really not a good idea
23:50<nyquiljer>luckily i was finished with that osd, or id be alot more upset
23:50<Chutt>i'm just about ready to commit it into cvs
23:50<nyquiljer>well, i'm assuming you grabbed it?
23:50<Chutt>i did make a couple changes, though
23:50<Chutt>some text offsets
23:50<Chutt>drew a white outline around those two arrow .pngs
23:51<Chutt>and removed a little barely visible line connecting the channel callsign box to the title box =)
23:51<Chutt>but that's all
23:51<Chutt>it looks great =)
23:57<nyquiljer>can i see?
23:58<Chutt>yeah, give me a few minutes
23:58<Chutt>trying to track down a small bug in the edit interface