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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-11-07

00:01<fcake>and now mythtv locks once i go into watch tv and try changing channels
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09:34<blinx>gah.. no way I can get the QT sql stuff going again.. :/
09:41<mdz_>blinx: why not?
09:49<blinx>I dunno.. qt is compiled with mysql support - the plugin (a shared lib) exists.
09:49<blinx>still I get an error about plugin not loaded when I try to start myth
10:38<mdz_>Chutt: under what circumstances will myth start recording if it starts up and a scheduled recording should have already begun?
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10:38<mdz_>Chutt: I seem to recall seeing it do that before, but I really want it to start recording and it isn't now
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11:20<Chutt>mdz, it should start anytime in the timeblock for the recording
11:25<Chutt>i think, at least
12:00<mdz_>that did not seem to happen this time
12:00<mdz_>apparently, mythfrontend gets pissed when the NFS server crashes, and it either crashes or exits
12:00<mdz_>I have not been able to observe exactly what happens, because the NFS server is also my desktop PC
12:00<mdz_>whose UPS has had some problems lately
12:01<mdz_>the NFS server is also the MySQL server
12:01<mdz_>so it is likely upset about one of those things