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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-11-13

00:01<mdz_>that will probably not help, and make a mess
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00:54<mdz_>Chutt: looks like I'm going to want to split libmyth into its own package in order to do mythmusic and mythweb
00:54<mdz_>Chutt: does /usr/lib/mythtv/filters logically belong with libmyth or with mythtv?
00:55<mdz_>if it goes with libmyth, it should be versioned, i.e. /usr/lib/mythtv-0.7
01:08<Chutt>with mythtv
01:08<Chutt>sorry, was playing a game =)
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03:16<Chutt>can people update to current cvs and check out the reworked record type selection screen?
03:16<Chutt>i'd like to know how well that works for others...
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14:22<SkinneR>anyone awake ? :)
14:26<SkinneR>can someone help me with Mythtv install ? I'm almost there I think
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16:07<zytta>I posted on the list.
16:07<zytta>I suck.
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17:12<Universe>exciting room today
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18:14-!-Topic for #mythtv is -- The Cheap(est), High-Quality Alternative
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19:40<paperclip>so.. can i easily export stuff to (s)vcd ?
19:40<mdz_>paperclip: ask Antw
19:40<Namapoos>in the works
19:41<paperclip>anyone put this on a mini-ITX system?
19:42<paperclip>or have a web browser working?
19:45<Namapoos>not yet
19:45<Namapoos>outside of me
19:45<paperclip>Namapoos: you have one?
19:45<Namapoos>but i don't have a true minitx
19:45<Namapoos>and no capture device on that machine
19:45<Namapoos>my gctp
19:46<paperclip>miniitx has tv out..
19:46<paperclip>there might even be xv support..
19:46<Namapoos>my gctp has vga out...
19:46<paperclip>touch screen tv would be nice..
19:46<Namapoos>not really
19:47<Namapoos>it would be like having one of those old school tv's
19:47<paperclip>you could zoom in =)
19:47<Namapoos>where you have to get up to change the channel
19:47<paperclip>push on something.. zoom
19:47<Namapoos>you could do the same with a remote
19:47<paperclip>yeah.. well.. it's got better uses..
19:47<Namapoos>with one of the mouse things in ut
19:48<paperclip>the apex/daewoo dvd players have a nice zoom
19:48<Namapoos>never tried
19:50<paperclip>well.. apparently the next gen mini-itx will have the nforce chipset..
19:50<paperclip>dunno if that's good or bad.. nvidia and all..
19:51<paperclip>anyway.. the case i have for mine is big enough for a laptop dvd/cdrw and a 3.5" drive..
19:51<paperclip>it'd be a sweet set top box..
19:53<Namapoos>i think my case will have to be custom
19:53<Namapoos>and i heard of those nforce2 minitix's
19:53<Namapoos>i am just concerned about the video card options
19:53<paperclip>look at
19:54<paperclip>what do you mean videocard options?
19:54<Namapoos>that new case is sweet
19:54<Namapoos>ie i want a 9700
19:54<paperclip>there are some sick projects there..
19:54<Namapoos>in my next machine
19:54<Namapoos>yeah, i was checking it out earlier this week, thinking of modding my gctp
19:54<paperclip>i want an all in wonder..
19:55<Namapoos>to make it look like one of those imac lamps
20:05* paperclipsees that it's beer:thirty
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20:30<mdz_>Chutt: wow, somebody on the mailing list upgraded from MythTV 6 to MythTV 7
20:30<mdz_>Chutt: have you been hiding these new releases from the rest of us?
20:30<paperclip>i just saw that mythtv 7 was on the website..
20:30<paperclip>first time i looked even..
20:33<mdz_>paperclip: no, you didn't...
20:33<mdz_>there is no mythtv 7
20:35<Universe>yeah... its 0.7
20:35<Universe>its was released like last weekend or the weekend before that
20:35<paperclip>nov 9th
20:36<mdz_>0.7 != 7
20:36<Universe>so it was a joke
20:36<paperclip>minor technicality..
20:37<Universe>he was joking... as in someone on the mailing list got version 7 when versoin 1 hasn't even been released
20:37<paperclip>i get it..
20:37<Universe>ok... just wanted to make sure :-P
20:37<paperclip>er.. i should say.. i understand that it was supposed to be funny.. =)
20:38<paperclip>anyway.. i just discovered this project today.. looks pretty nice..
20:38<paperclip>i'd been looking at freevo.. but this looks even more featureful
20:39<paperclip>and maybe even more extensible..
20:39<Universe>freevo, as far as I know, doesn't even have a 'live tv' feature yet
20:39<paperclip>i don't think so..
20:40<Soopaman>and the biggest thing that freevo doesn't have, is chutt's magnetic personality ;)
20:40<paperclip>which is why i'm myth looks so cool..
20:40* paperclipis away: phone call..
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21:18<mdz_>Chutt: please don't tell me that mythmusic requires libvorbis from unstable
21:18* paperclipis back (gone 00:38:08)
21:21<mdz_>Chutt: aarrgghh
21:27<Chutt>isn't 1.0 in testing?
21:28<mdz_>yeah, it's in testing, but not woody
21:29<mdz_>1.0rc3 is in woody, though...I'm surprised the API changed between rc3 and 1.0 final
21:29<mdz_>I guess I'm only going to support mythmusic post-woody, then
21:29<mdz_>I'm not going to backport flac, ogg and vorbis
21:29<mdz_>woody users will have mythtv at least
21:30<mdz_>that only required building xmltv for woody, which isn't in unstable yet anyway
21:30<Chutt>and they can always upgrade
21:30<mdz_>there are enough non-mythtv-related questions on the mailing list already...we don't need "help me fix my broken unstable system"
21:31<Chutt>i got bit by an unstable bug today =)
21:32<Chutt>libstdc++ name typo, or whatnot
21:32<mdz_>yep, bit me too
21:34<mdz_>I have a mythmusic package which builds on unstable, but my STB runs testing and other stuff woody
21:34<mdz_>so I can't use it yet
21:38<mdz_>yay, it works on testing
21:39<mdz_>and works with the woody mythtv package
21:43<mdz_>deb sarge mythtv
21:44<mdz_>has mythmusic now
21:51<mdz_>Chutt: do you think it makes more sense to ask the user where the music is, or set things up to point to a directory owned by mythmusic, and have the user symlink in their music?
21:52<mdz_>I see problems with both approaches
21:52<mdz_>I guess I'll just ask
21:53<Chutt>that'd be the easiest way
21:53<Chutt>also ask which cd device to use, etc
21:53<mdz_>people will have to work out any permissions issues on their own, though
21:53<mdz_>asking for the CD device seems unnecessary; /dev/cdrom is a more than reasonable default
21:55<mdz_>is TemporarySpace where CD audio data is spooled while it's encoded?
21:55<mdz_>if so, /tmp may not be such a good choice
21:55<mdz_>I don't know about most folks, but I run tmpfs just about everywhere now
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22:06<Chutt>want to default that to /var/tmp/ or something?
22:06<mdz_>/var/tmp sounds good
22:07<mdz_>I'm not going to patch it, though. you can change the default in a future release if you want
22:07<Chutt>sorry if i'm being sporadic, i'm watching the docs on the new LoTR dvd
22:07<mdz_>no problem
22:08<mdz_>it's not holding me up or anything; i'm just bringing up things that I run into as I go
22:10<vektor>Chutt: i heard the new LoTR DVD kicks total fucking ass
22:10<vektor>Chutt: are these rumors true?
22:10<mdz_>mythmusic 0.7-2 up at the same place, now with debconf asking for the music directory
22:11<mdz_>on to mythweb
22:11<Chutt>vektor, haven't watched the movie at all yet =)
22:12<Chutt>vektor, just going through the first extras disc
22:12<vektor>i'm going to buy it soon
22:12<Chutt>$30 at amazon, including shipping
22:12<Chutt>well, usd
22:12<vektor>blah i have better sources
22:12<Chutt>mdz, i'll put a note on the website if you want =)
22:13<mdz_>I need to update my README.html first
22:13<Chutt>ok, just say when
22:18<mdz_>do mythmusic and mythweb read the mythtv settings.txt to find the database?
22:19<mdz_>I assume they must
22:19<mdz_>I guess that means that nobody runs them on a separate machine from mythtv itself
22:19<mdz_>so they're both going to depend on mythtv for now, because they need the database setup and such
22:19<mdz_>maybe one day they can be split up
22:21<paperclip>mdz_: look for that in v7.0
22:22<mdz_>I hate packaging web applications
22:24<paperclip>web applications?
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22:25<mdz_>things like mythweb
22:26<mdz_>there is not much infrastructure in Debian for it; everything is ad hoc with this kind of application
22:26<paperclip>i'm not familiar with it..
22:27<paperclip>ah.. it's the web interface..
22:27<paperclip>what httpd do you use? boa?
22:32<paperclip>hmm.. how much memory is required
22:32<Soopaman>hey mdz
22:32<mdz_>Soopaman: hi
22:32<Soopaman>you guys throw pics up for mythweb yet?
22:32<mdz_>paperclip: required for what? apache?
22:32<mdz_>I have not even used mythweb yet
22:32<mdz_>but the packages are almost ready
22:32<paperclip>a full featured mythtv box..
22:32<Soopaman>you the package man?
22:32<Soopaman>paperclip, all builtinto my stb environment :)
22:33<Soopaman>trying to learn more on this linux acpid thing
22:33<mdz_>paperclip: as much as you can afford to give it
22:33<mdz_>paperclip: the more RAM you have for disk buffers, the happier you will be with mythtv
22:33<mdz_>I have 512M in mine
22:33<Soopaman>or atleast the hex i need to push so that my machine suspends properly
22:33<paperclip>i'll be giving it a go..
22:34<paperclip>what's a good pci capture card?
22:34<mdz_>Soopaman: does it work when you twiddle /proc/acpi/sleep?
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22:37<mdz_>ah, mythweb has its own config file. hmm.
22:38<mdz_>I guess I can swipe the values from the mythtv config and autogenerate it
22:38<Soopaman>mdz, yeah, i can get it to suspend properly
22:39<Soopaman>but sending 3 (or is it 4) deep freexzes the machine, but it won't wake up
22:39<Soopaman>my biggest concern is changing the led
22:39<Soopaman>so i know what state it is in
22:40<whatsit>could someone tell me the source line for the deb packages?
22:41<mdz_>Soopaman: yeah, that happens to me, too
22:41<mdz_>Soopaman: (most of the modes don't work and just hang)
22:41<mdz_>but I have it to the point where I can hit the power button and it shuts down cleanly and turns itself off
22:41<mdz_>which is all I really want for mythtv
22:42<whatsit>never mind... I found 'em
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23:00<whatsit> subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 6
23:00<whatsit>when I try to apt-get install mythtv
23:00<whatsit>E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
23:00<whatsit>what's up with all that?
23:02<Soopaman>mdz, yeah, it suspends and turns off it's display/backlight, and revers
23:02<Soopaman>but i want to change the color of the led
23:03<Soopaman>and possibly get that 3/4 state working
23:03<Soopaman>what version of the daemon do you use?
23:06<whatsit>can I manually create the mythtv user?
23:07<mdz_>1.0.1-3 (from Debian)
23:07<mdz_>whatsit: you can if you want, but why do you want to? it creates it for you
23:07<mdz_>whatsit: those errors don't tell me anything; I need the part that comes before that which shows the error
23:07<whatsit>I'm having trouble with the deb package... it won't run the script that creates the user
23:08<mdz_>Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/search.php on line 240
23:08<mdz_>Chutt: is mythweb supposed to work? ;-)
23:10<whatsit>usermod: user mythtv does not exist
23:11<mdz_>whatsit: give me everything from "Setting up mythtv..." onward
23:11<mdz_>any mythweb users out there?
23:12<mdz_>whatsit: cut and paste it
23:12<whatsit>trying... gpm is acting up
23:13<mdz_>whatsit: you don't have X?
23:13<mdz_>if not, it's going to be tough to run mythtv...
23:14<whatsit>mdz_: yeah, I have X, but i'm not using it right now
23:14<whatsit>Setting up mythtv (0.7-5) ...
23:15<whatsit>usermod: user mythtv does not exist
23:15<mdz_>that's very strange
23:15<mdz_>because the command immediately before that one creates the mythtv user
23:15<whatsit>dpkg: error processing mythtv (--configure):
23:15<brtb>not running apt as root for some strange reason?
23:15<mdz_>oh, never mind
23:15<mdz_>it's a bug
23:16<brtb>oh... nm
23:16<mdz_>whatsit: run dpkg --purge mythtv
23:16<mdz_>whatsit: and then reinstall it
23:16<mdz_>you had one of the older versions, right?
23:17<whatsit>nope... this is my first install
23:18<whatsit>got the same error after purge and reinstall
23:18<whatsit>what command does the script issue to create the user?
23:18<whatsit>maybe it's a utility I don't have installed
23:18<mdz_>whatsit: hold on, I see the problem and am fixing the package
23:21<mdz_>I'm surprised that nobody complained about this before
23:21<whatsit>well... leave it up to me to gripe first :)
23:22<mdz_>building the fixed package now
23:23<Chutt>mdz, and, yeah, mythweb works mostly
23:24<Chutt>it'll mess up wrt channel-based anytime recordings
23:24<Chutt>but other than that, everything works
23:25<whatsit>while I'm waiting for mdz_'s deb, does anyone have some good hdparm tips for at ata100 setup?
23:25<whatsit>I'm trying to get as much disk performance as possible
23:26<mdz_>Chutt: did you write mythweb, or someone else?
23:26<Chutt>thor did
23:26<mdz_>Chutt: it brings up the channel guide OK, but the search blows up
23:26<mdz_>so obviously it can talk to the database
23:26<mdz_>but something else is wrong
23:26<mdz_>whatsit: apt-get update and try again
23:26<whatsit>mdz_: ok
23:27<Chutt>search might not work
23:27<mdz_>Chutt: I pasted the error I got a little bit ago
23:27<mdz_>Chutt: I'm not much for PHP, but it looks like the query is not returning a result set
23:28<mdz_>it does a query, and calls mysql_num_rows on the result it gets back
23:29<whatsit>mdz_: okay... that seemed to solve the user problem, but now when I run su --shell=/bin/bash - mythtv mythtv-setup
23:29<brtb>hdparm -c1 -d1 -u1 -m8 -Xudma4 /dev/hda
23:29<whatsit>I get the error "cannot open db"
23:30<brtb>but be careful
23:30<mdz_>whatsit: did you get any errors during installation this time?
23:30<mdz_>it doesn't correctly abort installation on all errors yet
23:30<whatsit>mdz_: nope
23:31<mdz_>whatsit: did you use the default username and password?
23:31<whatsit>brtb: thanks
23:31<mdz_>whatsit: does your mysql server work?
23:31<whatsit>mdz_: yeah, the server works
23:32<mdz_>whatsit: try mysql -u<user> -p<password> -h <hostname> <dbname> and see if that works
23:33<whatsit>unknown database 'mythtv'
23:33<whatsit>i'll try mysql
23:33<whatsit>using database mysql works
23:33<mdz_>are you _sure_ there were no errors?
23:34<mdz_>nothing like this:
23:34<mdz_>DBD::mysql::db do failed: Access denied for user
23:34<whatsit>nope... nothing like that
23:34<mdz_>are you sure you specified the mysql root password correctly?
23:34<mdz_>did you call the database 'mythtv'? the default is 'mythconverg'
23:34<mdz_>try that
23:34<whatsit>I got some strange "Time stamp is in the future" warning, but that's it
23:34<mdz_>your clock is probably wrong
23:35<whatsit>okay mythconverg worked
23:35<mdz_>so what's in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt?
23:35<mdz_>mythtv, or mythconverg?
23:35<whatsit>mythconverg worked
23:36<mdz_>but what is in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt?
23:36<whatsit>mythconverg is the database name
23:36<whatsit>localhost is the host
23:37<mdz_>so you have this line: str DBName=mythconverg
23:37<mdz_>the password is empty?
23:38<mdz_>did you use an empty password when you connected with mysql -u... -p... ?
23:38<whatsit>I used -uroot -ptherootmysqlpass
23:38<mdz_>I've never tried it with a blank password
23:38<whatsit>sorry dude... I don't mean to frustrate you
23:38<mdz_>do mysql -umythtv -h localhost mythconverg
23:39<mdz_>I meant to use the same username and password that you set up for mythtv
23:39<mdz_>so does that work?
23:39<whatsit>access denied
23:40<mdz_>I've never tried it with a blank password
23:40<whatsit>when was mythtv's database password suppose to be set?
23:40<mdz_>so let's try it with a password
23:40<mdz_>it asks at install least, it does if your priority allows it
23:40<mdz_>did it ask you a question "What password should MythTV use to access its database?"
23:40<whatsit>the setup script only asked for the administrator account info
23:40<whatsit>no it didn't
23:41<mdz_>ok, do this:
23:41<mdz_>dpkg-reconfigure -plow mythtv
23:41<mdz_>it will ask you all of the questions
23:41<mdz_>enter a password for the mythtv user when it asks for one
23:42<mdz_>if it doesn't work with a blank password for some reason, I may have to generate one
23:43<whatsit>I didn't use a blank password now that it asked me for one.
23:43<whatsit>mythtv-setup seems to be working now
23:43<mdz_>so the problem is that it doesn't like a blank password for whatever reason
23:43<mdz_>that should be easy enough to fix
23:44<whatsit>no, thank you
23:44<whatsit>thanks for your patients
23:44<whatsit>or something like that :)
23:45<mdz_>I will fix that in my next version
23:48<whatsit>mdz_: again, thanks for all your help... if there is anything I can do for you I'd be happy to
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