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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-11-14

00:09<mdz_>Chutt: so do you think I should go ahead and publish the mythweb .deb, even though search doesn't seem to work?
00:09<Chutt>it'd be just as good as the 0.7 tarball, right?
00:09<mdz_>yeah, I didn't modify any code
00:10<mdz_>actually, I'd be interested to see if it works better on your unstable system
00:10<mdz_>if you have a chance to try it
00:10<mdz_>I guess it's possible that it doesn't work with the php4-mysql in woody for some odd reason
00:11<Chutt>nope, doesn't work for me either
00:11<Chutt>it's an easy patch
00:12<Chutt>line 160 in search.php
00:12<Chutt>the 'channum' needs to be 'chanid'
00:12<Chutt>then it works
00:12<mdz_>I'll go ahead and patch that, then
00:13<Chutt>i just committed a fix to cvs
00:13<Chutt>that one-liner
00:13<mdz_>that must have been broken since 0.6 or so, no?
00:14<mdz_>isn't that when that changed?
00:14<mdz_>I might have noticed the query failing in my mysql log, except that I had to turn it off because mythtv was eating gratuitous amounts of disk space with its 1-second polling :-P
00:19<mdz_>nice, works now
00:19<mdz_>ok, I've uploaded all that stuff to my repository
00:20<mdz_>Chutt: feel free to announce the mythmusic and mythweb debs whenever you like
00:20<mdz_>Chutt: the new URL is
00:23<mdz_>and my compliments to you and thor on mythweb; it looks nice
00:23<mdz_>I'm going to bed
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09:29<mdz>Chutt: how many downloads of 0.7 were there at last count?
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11:36<Chutt>mdz, 700 or so
11:37<mdz>Chutt: 80 deb downloads so far
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12:50<Chutt>heh, someone linked to me from
12:51<Chutt>wondered why the lights on my switch were goin all wacky
12:58<paperclip>have you been slashdotted (yet)
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13:02<Chutt>not from an actual story
13:02<Chutt>naw, not really
13:02<paperclip>why, you deserve a good slashdotting =)
13:02<mdz>Chutt: if you need some bandwidth in a hurry, I have a potential mirror with plenty to spare
13:03<Chutt>it's fine for now
13:03<Chutt>no-one's downloading anything
13:03<mdz>Chutt: you have only the screenshots on sf, or the releases too?
13:03<Chutt>just the screenshots
13:03<Chutt>which is the vast majority of the traffic
13:04<paperclip>just out of curiosity.. do you know of anyone who's using mythtv with the dishnetwork?
13:05<paperclip>i'd like to figure out which reciever is the "best"
13:06<paperclip>also.. i read most of the website.. but i didn't see where the tv listings are coming from..
13:07<Chutt>in the us they come from
13:07<paperclip>that's what i'm using now..
13:07<vektor>Are there any hacks to use DVB cards with the dishnetwork?
13:07<vektor>Do you know?
13:08<Chutt>not that i know of
13:08<paperclip>vektor: that'd be the ultimate =)
13:08<vektor>Are there any dish receivers that can output SDI then maybe?
13:08<Chutt>doubt it
13:08<vektor>I heard there were some hacks for DVB cards to be able to do dishnetwork. I haven't looked into it in depth though.
13:09<paperclip>i think getting a DVB card that does card auth would be the trick..
13:09<paperclip>at least in the US
13:10<paperclip>honestly the most i was hoping for.. was a receiver with a serial port for changing the channels..
13:13<mdz>I have somewhat more fantastic hope
13:13<mdz>I'd rather just be able to capture the whole stream at once, rather than one channel at a time :-P
13:13<paperclip>that'd be great..
13:14<paperclip>where are you going to get the dvb card?
13:23<paperclip>great page for north americans =>
13:54<mdz>yay, xmltv just got accepted in unstable
13:58<paperclip>hmm.. not in gentoo (yet)
14:34<Universe>hmm... so is someone actually working on a mplayer interface with myth?
14:34<paperclip>what would the interface do?
14:34<paperclip>play other stuff?
14:35<Universe>hmm... play other video files on your hd..
14:35<mdz>Universe: what sort of interface? just a button which runs mplayer?
14:35<paperclip>i think he means full control..
14:35<paperclip>ff rew
14:36<Universe>mdz... basically, with mythtv running aviplay and mplayer doesn't work, I have found.
14:36<Universe>even if it isn't recording anything...
14:36<mdz>Universe: really? I'm pretty sure I've done it
14:36<Universe>or playing back
14:36<mdz>if it is playing back, I imagine it wouldn't work
14:36<Universe>I will have to try it again when i get home
14:36<mdz>unless you have multiple Xv devices
14:37<Universe>when I tried it... myth was only running
14:37<Universe>nothing was recording or playing back
14:37<mdz>and what happened?
14:37<Universe>it gave me a segment error
14:38<Universe>after I closed mythfrontend.. it worked fine
14:39<Universe>I will test again when I get home
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14:50<mdz>mplayer crashed, or mythfrontend crashed?
14:50<Chutt>heh, odd
14:51<Chutt>they shouldn't interfere with each other
14:51<mdz>Chutt: I'm pretty sure it worked for me when I tried it
14:51<mdz>I have a button on my remote mapped to start mplayer playing a DVD
14:51<Chutt>works for me right now
14:52<Universe>something is just messing up on my computer if it doesn't work...
14:52<Chutt>you won't be able to play two things at once, of course
14:52<Chutt>since xv is single access
14:52<Universe>I should be able record and watch something on mplayer, right?
14:53<Chutt>has anyone updated to current cvs in the past few days?
14:54<Universe>I think I did this week sometime
14:54<Chutt>i'm curious what people think of the new record type selection dialog
14:56<mdz>I probably won't be able to update tonight
14:56<mdz>maybe tomorrow
14:56<Chutt>i took out the ok/cancel buttons
14:57<Chutt>and all the check buttons
14:57<mdz>now you just select which type of recording and say ok?
14:57<Chutt>now just just select what type and hit the space/enter key
14:57<mdz>that sounds like an improvement
14:57<Chutt>and it's much more visible what the current selection is on screen
14:57<Chutt>depending on what qt theme you're using, of course
14:57<mdz>I think I can say without seeing it that I prefer the new approach :-)
14:58<Chutt>i'm thinking of modifying the other dialog boxes to match
14:58<Chutt>get rid of the buttons, etc
14:58<mdz>now if I could make space and enter do the same thing in the EPG, I could get rid of my awkward spacebar mapping
14:58<Universe>I will have to update... that update came out right after I downloaded from cvs
14:59<Chutt>mdz, ok
14:59<Chutt>does having 'm' bound to it still work?
15:00<Chutt>since 'm' and 'enter' are the only bindings to exit out of the guide and change channels while watching tv
15:01<Chutt>anyway, enter and space'll do the same thing in the epg after my next commit
15:03<mdz>wth does tv_grab_na print all of its status output to stderr?
15:03<mdz>what does 'm' do?
15:03<Chutt>because it's silly
15:03<Chutt>opens the guidegrid while you're watching tv
15:04<mdz>I have bindings for enter, space, arrows and escape currently
15:04<Chutt>but you don't use live-tv very often, so i doubt you use it =)
15:04<mdz>and now that I have mythweb set up, probably even less
15:05<Chutt>ffmpeg just got a huffyuv encoder
15:05<mdz>oh, nice
15:05<mdz>I looked around and about 50 people had suggested it or talked about implementing it, but nobody did
15:06<Chutt>'course, it only supports yuv422p, though
15:06<mdz>what do I get from the wintv? yuv420?
15:06<Chutt>that's what mythtv captures currently, yeah
15:07<mdz>but the card supports yuv422p as well?
15:07<Chutt>it should
15:07<mdz>or does it need to be converted?
15:08<Chutt>but mythtv doesn't handle it
15:08<Chutt>lots of stuff is hardcoded for 420p
15:08<vektor>I have a huffyuv-like codec.
15:08<Chutt>yes, you do :p
15:08<vektor>And it can be used easily in mythtv :)
15:08<vektor>If someone wanted to do the support.
15:09<Chutt>yeah, but this is something i wouldn't have to work at
15:09<vektor>well mine wouldn't be _that_ much work :)
15:09<Chutt>aside from fixing the internal picture representation
15:10<Chutt>which is something i need to do to support the hardware mjpeg stuff anyway
15:10<paperclip>that would be nice.. =)
15:15<mdz>ffmpeg huffyuv would be very nice for transcoding
15:15<mdz>does it have a decoder as well?
15:15<Chutt>looks to be
15:15<Chutt>it just went into their cvs tree like a half hour ago
15:16<mdz>maybe it's time for me to pick up some gigE hardware ;-)
15:16<Chutt>gige's cheap now
15:16<paperclip>hmm.. matrox is a bit spendy..
15:17<paperclip>you guys have any hardware suggestions?
15:17<Chutt>i like my matrox drive
15:17<Chutt>but i hear the seagates are quieter
15:18<paperclip>the barracuda VI is suppoesed to be the quiet drive
15:18<paperclip>you only use one drive?
15:18<Chutt>for now, yeah
15:19<Chutt>i'll probably add another one sometime
15:19<Chutt>since the 80 gig i have is a little tight for both music and tv
15:20<paperclip>i guess that's already doable..
15:20<Chutt>well, if you raid 0 em or whatnot
15:20<vektor>Your matrox drive or your maxtor drive?
15:20<Chutt>er, sorry =)
15:20<paperclip>ahh.. striping
15:21<vektor>I like stripping.
15:21<Chutt>talking in here, talking to my boss in another channel, gets confusing =)
15:21<paperclip>that's probably almost twice as fast anyway
15:25<mdz>not with IDE disks it's not
15:27* mdz2>&1's tv_grab_na once and for all
15:27<Chutt>only thing is you lose the error messages
15:27<Chutt>but if you're cronning it, you really don't want them anyway
15:28<mdz>Chutt: well, my plan was to capture error messages and then send mail only if there were errors
15:28<mdz>Chutt: otherwise just write to the log file
15:28<mdz>Chutt: but now I find that there is no way to distinguish between errors and every other message
15:28<mdz>and if anybody suggests pattern matching I'll slap 'em
15:30<mdz>maybe I should fix tv_grab_na
15:30* mdzopens tv_grab_na in an editor
15:30<mdz>maybe not
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15:49<paperclip>mdz: why wouldn't striping be almost twice as fast with ide?
15:50<mdz>paperclip: because IDE disks do not parallelize well
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16:20<echo>mdz: hey.. vektor from #livid tells me you have TV-out working on a Radeon card.
16:26<mdz>echo: yes
16:41<vektor>woop, i did not lie!
17:00<paperclip>apparently these guys will ship dvb cards to the usa
17:01<paperclip>also.. looks like a new inexpensive ($130) is being released tommorrow
17:01<Chutt>still won't get you an activated card, though.
17:01<paperclip>there is actually a lot of FTA stuff
17:02<paperclip>and some of the stuff on the dishnetwork isn't encrypted at all.
17:02<paperclip>mostly music..
17:02<paperclip>anyway.. i'm off to fight back the growth in my lawn
17:27<Namapoos>i am gonna start a rampage soon enough
17:32<vektor>to fight your lawn growth?
17:34<Namapoos>against parking officers
17:34<Namapoos>i am having a hard time staying calm over here...
17:34* Namapoosis festering with rage
17:37* paperclipslides Namapoos a chill pill \xD8
17:37* Namapoossmashes it in rage
17:56<Chutt>i can't get video outta the huffyuv codec
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18:13<Nelo>Newbie question, will this work with directv?
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19:02<eivind>hello, horrible people.
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21:18<msweir>I am a newbie. What hardware do I wanty to start with?
21:18<msweir>Use Hauppauge WinTV?
21:18<msweir>What Motehrboard?
21:19<msweir>What CPU?
21:19<msweir>This will be a dedicated machine.
21:20<msweir>I would like to have a standalone box - no keyboard, CRT, mouse - but with a ORINOCO wireless link
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21:54<kleetus>anyone chatting?
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21:55<m0tion>hey, do you need a TV tuner in your system to execute MythTV?
21:55<kleetus>actually..myth looks one
21:55<kleetus>which binary though?
21:55<m0tion>i'm using the .deb's
21:56<kleetus>mythfrontend does...
21:56<kleetus>so the answer is yes
21:56<m0tion>well, i wanted to check it out before i go spending money on a TV tuner and that business, but I can't seem to get it to run
21:56<m0tion>complains about /dev/DSP not being available, and some other stuff
21:56<kleetus>right...that it would
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21:57<m0tion>whats actually involved in getting a remote control to work with it? is there a FAQ on this?
21:57<kleetus>m0tion: you would need to edit the see it work w/out the tv-tuner and sound card
21:58<kleetus>remote control FAQ is best summed up at
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21:58<m0tion>oh, i see, website seems to be down right now, any recommendations on where to shop for a generic remote?
22:00<paperclip>don't some tv cards come with them?
22:00<m0tion>oh, is that right?
22:01<paperclip>i do believe so..
22:01<m0tion>hmm, do i need an IR header on my motherboard to use a remote? Or do I need to make sure the TV tuner has support for a remote?
22:01<paperclip>i think some use an ir dongle on a serial port
22:01<\dmz\>is there a known working hardware list?
22:02<kleetus>well there are just config files for remotes
22:02<paperclip>\dmz\: i've only seen real specifics about hw on the mailing list..
22:02<kleetus>most remotes will work
22:02<paperclip>like don't use radeon aiw
22:02<_shad>When I try to start it, it goes and blanks the screen for a second, then exits with an illegal operation
22:02<\dmz\>'s the best video out?
22:03<kleetus>only a couple weird remote will not work because of the strange frequencies they use
22:03<paperclip>let me see if i can find the post
22:03<\dmz\>as in, best quality picture
22:05<kleetus>i was thinking a packagin a special distro just for mythtv and putting it into an iso..
22:05<paperclip>kleetus: what would you do about all the variations in hardware?
22:06<kleetus>linux modules..if you think about it...we are just dealing with different sound cards and v4l devices
22:07<kleetus>i could script it for a setup feature
22:07<paperclip>have you ever looked at knoppix
22:07<kleetus>no what is it?
22:07<\dmz\>will the video out on a g450 work?
22:07<paperclip>it's extremely good at autoconfiguring everyting..
22:07<paperclip>it's a bootable iso distro
22:07<\dmz\>i have one and the cable and have never used it
22:07<paperclip>quite nice..
22:08<paperclip>knoppix is also debian based..
22:09<paperclip>i'm trying to figure out what a decent mythtv box would be.. and the price..
22:09<kleetus>anyway..packaging everything up would give people an easy backup in case of hdd failure
22:09<paperclip>anyone have any ideas?
22:09<paperclip>there are debs
22:10<kleetus>paperclip: a decent box would be like an athlon 1900+ SiS735 MB and 256MB of ram
22:11<kleetus>which can all be bought from for fairly cheap
22:12<paperclip>what's special about that mobo?
22:14<paperclip>aslo.. aren't most athlon cooler/psu units loud?
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22:29<paperclip>hmm.. athlon 2100+ $90 sis735 ~$60 256mb $70 Hauppauge wintv-radio (oem) $40 lowprofile black case $70 video card $? Seagate ST380020A 80.0GB $95 that's about $425 am i missing anything?
22:30<paperclip>dvd/cdrw drive =)
22:32<paperclip>that's an extra ~$75
22:39<m0tion>i don't suppose there is any hope of getting the Component adapter for an ATI card to work so you could output video in HDTV resolutions is there?
22:41* paperclipwouldn't know
22:43<_shad>you all you mythtv to start the first time? :)
22:43<m0tion>huh? =)
22:44<_shad>I'm getting an illegal operation
22:45<_shad>but from the mailing list all I see is to recompile with different optimizations and stuff
22:45<_shad>but I have a celeron, so I don't need to change the pentiumpro, do I?
22:45<m0tion>i dunno, i used the deb's
22:45<_shad>Me too
22:45<_shad>same stuff
22:46<_shad>did you recompile the kernel at all?
22:46<m0tion>well, i can't get it to run, but i think it's because my sound card isn't set up and i don't have a tv tuner =)
22:46<m0tion>i don't think you should have to recompile the kernel
22:46<_shad>I borrowed a tv tuner from work
22:46<_shad>no go.
22:47<m0tion>your place of employment has tv tuners?
22:47<_shad>I work for a computer store
22:48<m0tion>oh, yea, come to think of it i used to work at one and we had old tv tuner cards there too =)
22:48<m0tion>computer rennasiance (i never even learned how to spell the name =), it sucked though
22:49<_shad>check out my monitor
22:50<m0tion>isn't it a tv?
22:51<m0tion>what the hell kind of monitor is that then?
22:51<_shad>trade show monitor
22:52<m0tion>does it have VGA input?
22:52<_shad>that's it
22:53<_shad>only problem is it seems the red doesn't show bright all the time
22:53<_shad>gonna figure out why
22:59<Chutt>if you get an illegal operation after it's printed out some stuff, your cpu doesn't do mmx
22:59<Chutt>err, mmx2
22:59<Chutt>need to turn off deinterlacing
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22:59<_shad>gonna try that now
23:00<Kuwanger>Does anyone here know of a means of initializing an ati aiw 128 card without involving X?
23:01<_shad>assembler magic? ;]
23:01<Chutt>why would you not want to run x?
23:01<Kuwanger>gatos is a project name and a program
23:02<Chutt>and don't say overhead, because that's crap
23:02<Kuwanger>The project involves a driver that supports intialization through X by default.
23:02<Kuwanger>gatos the program uses X
23:02<Kuwanger>Chutt: Because I don't use the card as a primary video card.
23:03<Chutt>err, and so?
23:03<Kuwanger>Chutt: Using the ati card plus the primary card is unstable even after disabling all extensions. I could possibly running two X's using a secondary configuration file and leave it basically dead, but I'm not so sure that'd be stable.
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23:05<_shad>Kuwanger: isn't there a 'headless' xserver?
23:06<_shad>I forget the name
23:06<_shad>gimme a min
23:06<Kuwanger>If it was headless, that really wouldn't help to intialize the video card.
23:07<_shad>it was a xserver without a display
23:08<_shad>if you run the xserver to init it, does it still stay initialized after you exit?
23:08<Kuwanger>I can not include a monitor if I don't want a real display.
23:08<Kuwanger>I've never tried, actually.
23:08<Kuwanger>The whole loading it = system crash sort of was a bit of a deterent..
23:08<Chutt>you're just wanting to use it as a tuner card?
23:09<Chutt>or what?
23:09<Chutt>probably be easier to just pick up some cheap tuner-only card somewhere
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23:27<Kuwanger>Further analysis would seem to prove my conjecture about stability..
23:28<Kuwanger>Yea, heh..
23:29<_shad>I can't change the channel
23:30<Chutt>most likely, you didn't answer the questions in setup properly.
23:31<_shad>like which one?
23:31<_shad>I went through all the channels I wanted and stuff
23:31<Chutt>the last set of questions
23:32<_shad>the filldatabase stuff?
23:32<Chutt>where it sets up which channel sources are attached to which inputs on the video card.
23:33<paperclip>hm.. p4's seem to use less power..
23:33<_shad>I don't remember seeing that
23:33<_shad>I installed from the .deb
23:34* Kuwangerfrowns a bit.
23:35<Chutt>then something probably went wrong when you setup the database
23:35<paperclip>hmm.. p4's are twice the price..
23:35<_shad>I found it
23:36<paperclip>change channels ( )yes (x)no
23:38<paperclip>( ) maybe
23:40<_shad>what's weird is if I set it to canada-cable, all the channels are screwed, and us-cable works
23:41<Chutt>you should use us-cable unless it doesn't work :p
23:42* paperclipvexes over hardware somemore
23:42<Kuwanger>Well, where's a good/cheap tv card? :)
23:43* Kuwangeroffers to trade his aiw 128 card for a good tv pci card. :)
23:44<_shad>do you just set a cronjob once a week to update the epg?
23:45<paperclip> search for wintv $39 w/fm tuner
23:45<Chutt>the deb did that for you
23:47<paperclip>so.. what's a good card for TV out..
23:48<_shad>Chutt: sweet
23:49<_shad>so a p3 has mmx2?
23:50<paperclip>i think that's p4 and better..
23:50<Chutt>it's in the p3.
23:51<_shad>I may have a reason to get rid of showshifter and windows now :)
23:52<paperclip>i'm wondering how much power it takes to leave the box on all the time..
23:52<paperclip>must be quite a bit..
23:53<_shad>my dad isn't too happy about the power bill
23:53<Chutt>it takes quite a bit of juice to turn a machine on and off all the time.
23:53<_shad>I actually have 2 puters on
23:53<paperclip>i'm the dad around here =)
23:53<_shad>paperclip: hehe
23:53<Chutt>which can easily be more than leaving it on, depending
23:53-!-Arelius [~JHawo@] has joined #mythtv
23:53<_shad>there is a lot of hard drive crunching when mythtv is running
23:54<paperclip>i've been playing with some via c3 stuff for a project..
23:54<paperclip>it's nice..
23:54<_shad>can I stop it from buffering?
23:54<paperclip>but would need hardware encode/decode
23:54<Chutt>shad, why would you do that?
23:54<Arelius>hows it goinh?
23:56<_shad>Chutt: the hard drive is noisy as hell :)
23:56<Chutt>so buy a quieter one.
23:56<_shad>no money
23:56* paperclipgets a drive with fluid bearings
23:56<Chutt>then don't bitch.
23:56<_shad>but, what is it buffering?
23:56<Chutt>the stuff you're watching?
23:57<Chutt>but what
23:57<_shad>I use showshifter in windows
23:57<_shad>and it doesn't do it
23:57<paperclip>pause it =)
23:57<_shad>that's why I'm wondering
23:57<_shad>paperclip: yes, I understand that :)
23:57<Chutt>if it doesn't buffer to disk at all, then you're limited to what you can store in ram
23:57<Arelius>well, How about I just ask my question, can I get MythTV working with my DISH reciver, So that it does the channel changing, as opposed to me having to do it through the reciver menu
23:58<_shad>what if i just want to watch live tv, and not be able to go back?
23:58<paperclip>can you later decide to save a show.. while watching it?
23:58<Chutt>arelius, you buy an ir transmitter.
23:58<Chutt>shad, then use a different program
23:58<_shad>Chutt: hehe.
23:58<Kuwanger>Turn on all the ACPI or APM settings and the computer will go "dead" pretty well.
23:58<_shad>mythtv kicks the crap out of any other program I've used
23:58<Arelius>Ok, how would I set it up after I got an IR transmiter
23:59<Chutt>arelius, read the docs?
23:59<Arelius>And would it be possible to get the Guide Info onto MythTV
23:59<paperclip>zap2it has dish listings, eh?
23:59<_shad>Heh. so who's Isaac in here?
23:59<Arelius>I'm sorry, but where would I find the docs