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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-11-24

00:00<mdz_>so I'm trying to figure out how to get this thing to save the code for me so I can edit it
00:01<mdz_>it really wants me to write my code in designer
00:04<mdz_>aha, uic
00:09* yebyenplays with the mythtv editing stuffs
00:11<mdz_>Changing from None to RecordingOnly
00:11<mdz_>Found profile: Default
00:11<mdz_>Video codec: mpeg4
00:11<mdz_>Audio codec: mp3lame
00:11<mdz_>Quality = 9
00:11<mdz_>SampleRate = 32000
00:11<mdz_>Width = 640
00:11<mdz_>Height = 480
00:12<mdz_>TargetBitrate = 3300
00:12<mdz_>ScaleBitrate = 0
00:12<mdz_>MaxQuality = 1
00:12<mdz_>MinQuality = 4
00:12<mdz_>QualDiff = 3
00:12<mdz_>yay, it actually works with scheduled recordings
00:14<lichen_>nice, switching out this rainbow runner for a hauppage
00:15<lichen_>hopefulyl this fixes my troubles
00:26<Markie>been blowing in insulation all day
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01:06<lichen_>arg as i cant even get the hauppauge wintv to work.. its just static with xawtv
01:13<mdz_>Chutt: do you know a good way to replace one widget with another in an active dialog?
01:14<mdz_>Chutt: I need to rip out the parameter widgets from the box they're in, and replace them with others
01:16<mdz_>bah, sleep time
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01:22<[DJ]HaCK>anyone home ?
01:41<yebyen>man do i hate pants
01:43<dd>not as much as i hate baggy sweaters on girls with nice....
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07:27<nevertheless>Chutt: and unfortunatly i realized, that my patch doesn't link after a 'make clean' :(
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10:14<fxfighte>humm i wonder why xaw and tvtime will fill my monitor/tv properly (i.e. no overscan) and mythtv seems to crop the image borders (i.e. add overscan by itself, or something like that)
10:19<fxfighte>actually.. the fullscreen modes of xaw and tvtime are displayed properly.. looks like myth just isnt doing fullscreen adjusting
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11:46<mdz_>Chutt: check out the changelog for gdb 5.2.debian90.cvs20021120-1
11:46<mdz_>Chutt: * Add a patch which makes debugging threaded applications drastically (5x - 10x) faster. Whee!
11:49<lichen_>hey what bttv drivers do you guys use? will the ones in the 2.4.19 kernel work fine?
11:55<lichen_>man using those i just get static on my bt848 :(
11:56<nevertheless>here it works fine
11:56<lichen_>compiled in or modules?
11:57<nevertheless>i try everything as module, since you can change several settings only when using modules
12:13<fxfighte>does anyone else get this, or is it just me? mythtv seems to be at a resolution larger than the one my monitor/tv currently is .. im using nvtv. (xaw is able to readjust to whatever mode i set to in nvtv, mythtv doesnt)
12:20<lichen_>ohh well thatfixes my audio troubles, plugging the line out of my tuner into the mic plug on my soundcard and not my line in :)
12:20<mdz_>fxfighte: edit themes.txt
12:27<fxfighte>mdz: edited... still, the osd's get displayed at the correct resolution, but mythtv is just cuting a lot of the image
12:27<fxfighte>can i make it so it just doesnt cut at all?
12:27<Chutt>not without editing the source
12:27<Chutt>i should make that configurable sometime
12:28<fxfighte>yeah.. that'd be very usefull :)
12:28<fxfighte>it cuts 5% of the area?
12:28<fxfighte>or 5% on each dimension
12:28<Chutt>5% each side
12:28<fxfighte>yeah.. that seems right
12:29<fxfighte>visually, that is (its cuting the logo by that amount, from what i see in the raw signal geting to my tv)
12:30<Chutt>ah, so you've got nvtv doing it as well?
12:31<fxfighte>because using the standard nvidia drivers the image got very small, and somewhat distorted
12:31<fxfighte>i didnt want to change my tv's geometry settings every time i want to watch mythtv :)
12:33<Chutt>well, is nvtv doing around 5% on its own?
12:34<lichen_>you nkow what i wish... that i could record PART of a showing and then like cancel it without it deleting what was already recorded
12:35<Chutt>could just edit the stuff in libs/libNuppelVideo/XJ.cpp::ToggleFullScreen() to use 0,0,XJ_screenwidth,XJ_screenheight
12:35<Chutt>should be fairly obvious what to change
12:35<fxfighte>let me check, i dont remember the exact ammount im seting it to, cause i've been playing with different modes recently
12:35<fxfighte>ok, ill look into it
12:39<lichen_>man playback of recordings skips like every couple of frames
12:50<mdz_>Chutt: I didn't notice it was doing that, damn
12:50<mdz_>Chutt: if I set it to full screen size, it comes much closer to filling my whole TV
12:50<Chutt>5%'s normal
12:50<Chutt>err, it does?
12:50<Chutt>it should be the same display size
12:50<Chutt>it's just scaling up larger than the display
12:51<fxfighte>anyway, this is a nice option to have at settings
12:51<Chutt>feel free to write a patch :p
12:51<Chutt>i don't know when i'll get around to it
12:51<fxfighte>ok, will do :)
12:52<fxfighte>recompiling now
12:52<mdz_>it certainly changed something
12:52<mdz_>I had a pretty thick border on top/left which is now smaller
12:53<fxfighte>it depends on how your tvout driver scales
12:53<fxfighte>you probably had scaling over scaling
12:54<mdz_>(0,0) is very close to the corner on my TV
12:55<mdz_>but (XJ_screenwidth, XJ_screenheight) isn't close enough to the opposite corner
12:55<mdz_>at least not at 800x600
12:57<mdz_>640x480 is no better
12:58<fxfighte>with nvtv, there are modes where 0,0 is exactly the corner, and modes where the border is very far from (0,0) which are the ones that entirely fill my tv.. ill probably need mythtv to do some underscan to get the optimum config
12:59<fxfighte>ahhh.. much better now :)
13:00<mdz_>fxfighte: you say your TV has the ability to adjust this?
13:00<mdz_>fxfighte: or did you mean your TV driver's geometry settings?
13:01<fxfighte>my tv has the hability to adjust geometry, but only in service mode
13:02<fxfighte>so im using nvtv (driver for tvout in nvidia cards), to get a decent mode
13:02<mdz_>my TV has a tilt adjustment and this crazy 16:9 mode where it stretches and letterboxes the picture
13:02<mdz_>but that's it in that department
13:02<fxfighte>yeah mine has that also
13:02<mdz_>how do you put it into service mode?
13:02<fxfighte>you probably need to get into service mode to adjust the geometry, but thats nasty
13:03<fxfighte>depends on your tv.. on the wega 27 its power + disp, vol +, and 5, or something like that
13:03<mdz_>that's what I have :-)
13:03<fxfighte>the tv then goes off, and on again.. then you can see a menu with several items
13:04<fxfighte>do a google search for sony wega service mode
13:04<fxfighte>there's a nice page describing it, there's some settings you can change to improve overall image quality
13:05<fxfighte>be carefull though, note down any parameter you change in case the change decreases image quality or you dont like it..
13:05<mdz_>very interesting
13:06<mdz_>I did not know about this
13:06<fxfighte>i think the changes you make are temporary, and when you turn tv off the power source they will get reset, but there's some command to permanently store the changes
13:06<fxfighte>i got to know this on a hometheater forum
13:06<mdz_>it says they stay around until you disconnect power or do an explicit reset
13:06<fxfighte>thats it
13:07<mdz_>I would rather fix this on the video card side, but I'm not sure it's possible
13:07<mdz_>I'm using an ATI card
13:08<fxfighte>yeah, thats the option i chose too.. otherwise i would fix the video channel i use for mythtv, but would fuck up the rest
13:09<fxfighte>nvtv gives quite a range of ways to do this changes.. the standard nvidia driver is very limited though
13:10<mdz_>I've messed around with the video mode settings and it doesn't seem to make a difference on the TV
13:12<mdz_>I don't know whether I should try to match the video refresh settings to NTSC timings, or set them higher and let the video card figure it out
13:14<mdz_>how much does one of these nvidia cards cost? :-)
13:18<fxfighte>dunno.. here, i bought a geforce2 mx400 for around U$50.. but you can probably find it much cheaper there
13:19<mdz_>that's quite cheap
13:19<mdz_>compared to what I paid for this card :-/
13:20<Chutt>nvtv doesn't work with newer nvidia cards anyway
13:20<mdz_>meaning it doesn't work with any cards you can buy today, or are they still selling cards which work with it?
13:20<Chutt>should be able to find old gf2 mx's, though
13:21<fxfighte>i bought mine recently..
13:21<fxfighte>due to its support by nvtv
13:21<mdz_>fxfighte: which one did you get?
13:22<fxfighte>geforce2 mx400
13:23<mdz_>pricewatch lists them for $34 including shipping
13:24<mdz_>that is pretty tempting
13:25<mdz_>I wonder if this card's TV out has the same border under Windows
13:25<mdz_>not that I have any Windows to try
13:25<mdz_>or a hard drive to install it on
13:26<mdz_>Chutt: is a little binary demo of the recording profile wizard
13:30<paperclip>$34 is tempting =)
13:31<Chutt>looks ok
13:31<Chutt>the tab order's way off =)
13:33<Chutt>damn the liquid theme
13:33<Chutt>it pre-loads some color settings
13:33<Chutt>and you can't change them in the app
13:38<mdz_>I don't know how to set up the keyboard navigation to not suck
13:38<mdz_>does it just come from the order in which the widgets are packed?
13:43<yebyen>*looks it up*
13:43<yebyen>what's it do differently than the X tv out in the plain old nvidia drivers?
13:43<mdz_>heh, new xmltv out
13:44<mdz_>yebyen: actually works, apparently
13:44<yebyen>mdz_: mine works fine with the x driver...
13:47<mdz_>yebyen: does it fill the entire TV screen?
13:47<yebyen>mdz_: not in 800x600
13:47<yebyen>mdz_: it does in 640x480 though
13:48<yebyen>and i can only encode in 320x240 anyway
13:48<yebyen>so it doesn't really matter to me
13:49<mdz_>I wish I could get my hands on one of those ATI DVI->component adapters
13:50<mdz_>I wonder if it would be an improvement
13:50<yebyen>on a tv? or a monitor with dual inputs
13:51<lichen_>god damn it i cant do video overlay on my second output on my dualhead card
14:00<fxfighte>yebyen: you can also control numerous settings you cant on the standard drivers
14:01<paperclip>such as?
14:01<fxfighte>saturation, brightness, contrast, phase, flicker, hue, sharpness, some macrovision settings, dualhead settings
14:01<fxfighte>there's also 3 tabs full of nv registers you can play with
14:02<fxfighte>to get a proper mode/quality
14:02<paperclip>i'm guesing one of the macrovision settings isn't "off"
14:02<fxfighte>there's a radio button, looks to be on/off
14:09<yebyen>fxfighte: that might just be worth it
14:10<yebyen>fxfighte: for the color settings and such
14:12<yebyen>fxfighte: i don't suppose I can do "DISPLAY=somewherelse" and run it on my laptop, but affect the machine that it was actually run on...
14:14<fxfighte>i think you can
14:14<fxfighte>i mean, the way it works is, you run nvtv in x
14:14<mdz_>anyone outside the US want to work on getting TV output to work correctly on this ATI card? :-)
14:14<fxfighte>then choose the settings and click tv on.. you can open a remote x session or something
14:34<paperclip>remote X sessions use the local X server, don't they?
14:35<yebyen>paperclip: no idea
14:35<paperclip>i doubt that output to anything not hanging off the card will be affected
14:38<lichen_>know what i dont get, like i cant watch tvoverlay on full screen, but even if im watching livetv through myth, isn't that like technically recorded and played back, so it should be just an mpeg its playing and not tvoverlay?
14:39<lichen_>actually that didn't make much sense, i know i cant watch tv overlay on tvout, but when watching through myth, shouldn't it work since its just a mpeg being played back?
14:41<yebyen>sure should
14:41<mdz_>lichen_: if the problem is that you can't do hardware scaling (Xv) on the second head, then it won't work either way
14:41<mdz_>what kind of card is it?
14:42<mdz_>I have heard that some dual head cards can either clone the same display to both outputs, or have them independent
14:42<lichen_>ohh that could be it... to be honest im not totally sure what that is, but i remembe rhearing xv mention and im not sure it supports it.. xv is the same as xvideo right?
14:42<mdz_>and that scaling only works in the "clone" mode, not the independent mode
14:42<lichen_>its a matrox g400 dualhead
14:42<lichen_>well im using clone mode
14:42<mdz_>right, I think someone explained this on the mailing list
14:42<lichen_>yeah with the ramdacs
14:43<lichen_>cool thing that the G-series does have is an Xv driver that lets you
14:43<lichen_>have 32 Xv ports for hardware scaling and color convertion at the same
14:43<lichen_> time as long as you are willing to lose dri, with the TexturedVideo option.
14:43<lichen_>oops, sorry about that.. but thats what he said about xv wit hthe card
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15:18<lichen_>hmm, my card apparently supports TexturedVideo in the driver, i tried putting the option into the x config but i still cant get video on the tv out
15:25<lichen_>Videoadaptor Section
15:25<lichen_>Nobody wants to say how this works. Maybe nobody knows ...
15:25<lichen_>thats the official help from xfree themselves about how xv works
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18:24<mdz_>Chutt: can you give me the 5-minute tutorial on how the sync stuff works in nuppelvideo?
18:56<fxfighte>im getting IOBOUND -blocking in ThreadedFileWriter::Write when i try to run mythtv.. i was watching tv prior to it, and ran out of hdd.. i then changed my settings for the buffer size in settings.txt , deleted the ringbuffer.nuv and tried to run again, witch resulted in that error
18:58<fxfighte>btw, how do i access variables defined in settings.txt in the code? doing some hacking here for that over/underscan stuff
18:58<fxfighte>for some reason count is always > BuffFree()
19:02<nevertheless>you can check the funcs in setting.cpp i think
19:05<nevertheless>settings.cpp it is
19:07<fxfighte>ok, thanks
19:10<mdz_>mplayer code makes my head hurt
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19:57<fxfighte>is there code i can call to get the setting object within XJ.cpp ?
19:58<fxfighte>or do i need to create a new Settings(settings.txt) ?
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20:34<Koro>lo, i have a quick q'n
20:34<Koro>anyone about?
20:35<Koro>my very stupid q'n: how does mythTV actually connect back to a TV screen (i.e. for output)? Do you need a graphics card with a TV out?
20:36<Koro>or use an external VGA-TV converter?
20:36<mdz_>Koro: mythtv doesn't care
20:36<mdz_>Koro: it's just an X application
20:36<Koro>yeah i get that
20:36<mdz_>Koro: some people use TV-out cards, some use converters, some just use computer monitors
20:37<Koro>i mean, how are people doing it
20:37<Koro>aha thnx
20:37<Koro>if i want to integrate it with my home audio/video equip, then a TV out graphics card might be the best way?
20:38<Koro>thnx, i just wanted to clear that misconception of mine up :)
20:41<lichen_>i love it how i get random sql errors when it tries to isnert thingsint othe database
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20:47<paperclip>mdz_: i've been wondering if anyone's thought about using qt/e and loosing X all together?
21:02<mdz_>paperclip: go for it
21:02<paperclip>i'm just curious if it's ever been discussed..
21:03<paperclip>seems like with a good fb it would be workable..
21:03<paperclip>isn't most of the stuff qt/c++
21:48<fxfighte>whats the variable, define or whatever for the install dir prefix ( /usr/.. ) ?
21:58<Markie>paperclip: i mentioned that to Isaac
21:58<Markie>he's not interested.
21:58<Markie>one of these days, i'll probably do it
21:59<Markie>but like a year from now
21:59<fxfighte>markie: do you know what i need? :)
22:00<fxfighte>i've done some hacking to XJ.cpp , but at some point i need to call prefix + "/settings.txt".. is there some header file that has that defined?
22:00<Markie>fxfigheter: umm...lemme see...i think it's called prefix or something like that..hold..
22:01<Markie>look in mythcontext.cpp
22:01<Markie>m_installprefix = PREFIX;
22:05<Markie>what's XJ.cpp ??
22:14<fxfighte>does the videooutput stuff
22:14<fxfighte>togglefullscreen, hidecursor, showcursor
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23:02<lichen_>as myth segfaults out of nowhere
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23:49<lichen_>myth needs a to do list, like an easy way to view what all is going to be recorded for like the next week or so, and allows you to view info on them and cancel them and change recording options and stuff
23:49<mdz_>lichen_: if you can send a stack trace, or reproduce it, it can be fixed
23:50<mdz_>lichen_: otherwise, it doesn't do much good to report that it segfaulted
23:50<mdz_>lichen_: the recording conflicts screen shows you what is going to be recorded for the next week or so
23:50<lichen_>hah unfortunately i cant, im just giving idle complaints ;) .... right nowim just trying to do some stress testing
23:50<lichen_>yeah but it would be nice to be able to edit them from there
23:51<lichen_>its kind of a pain to ahve to go into the program guide
23:51<lichen_>but i suppose beggers shoudln't be choosey.. im thinking once i get some of the bugs worked out i might add some features i would like to see
23:54<Chutt>what bugs?
23:55<lichen_>well by bugs i mean getting it to run smoothly for the most part:)
23:55<lichen_>driver problems and ushc
23:56<mdz_>Chutt: you are no longer getting any corruption during live TV, right?
23:57<Chutt>those funky colors from before?
23:57<mdz_>I have seen it mess up a couple of times when watching live TV, not that I ever do that
23:57<Chutt>i'm pretty sure that went away with the extra locking define
23:57<mdz_>never during normal playback though
23:57<mdz_>I'm talking about the kind of stuff we saw when the direct rendering stuff first went in
23:58<Chutt>well, no
23:58<Chutt>the stuff from the deinterlacing?
23:58<mdz_>yeah, it looks a bit like that
23:58<mdz_>but it is hard to be sure because it just happens for one gop
23:59<Chutt>it probably is
23:59<mdz_>I don't know how to go about finding what it is
23:59<Chutt>the same thing, that is
23:59<Chutt>since it bases P frames off of the preceeding frame
23:59<mdz_>because I can't reproduce it and it's really hard to catch since it happens so quickly and only during live tv
23:59<Chutt>if we munge up the previous frame by doing stuff to it (the deinterlacing and the OSD), then it messes stuff up