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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-11-26

00:07<lichen_>yeah 0.8 in cvs
00:08<Edgan>Echo465: I have never heard of one
00:09<Edgan>Tho a google search shows some do exist, tho nothing very mainstream from what I see
00:10<Edgan>It looks like MSI has a nvidia motherboard that has the chip onboard, but still requires a card to go in the agp slot
00:11<Edgan>for the connectors
00:12<Edgan>lichen_: what was the bug and what does 0.8 add?
00:13<lichen_>the default theme is more complete, and it fixes a bunch of bugs
00:14<lichen_>definitely worth it
00:14<Soopaman>Edgan, shuttle's have tvout
00:15<Edgan>Soopaman: ok
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00:15<Chutt>i'm going to be breaking cvs sometime soon
00:16<lichen_>i foudn some bug though... using mythweb i set myth to record something on another channel that was already playing, and the screen popped up saying it will change the channel in 1 second, and i had the option to change, keep watching or go to main menu, so i didn't hit anything and it just sat there
00:16<witten>I also saw a bug related to that
00:16<lichen_>then i finally stopped that, and now in conflicting recordings it says it SHOULD be recording that one show, but instead its watching something else
00:16<Chutt>that's nice
00:16<Chutt>send in a patch
00:17<lichen_>hahaha alright alright :)
00:17<Edgan>commands for cvs?
00:18<Chutt>in the howto.
00:18<Chutt>don't use cvs unless you're going to work on it.
00:32<Edgan>Is the ring buffer file supposed to grow huge?
00:34<Chutt>it grows to the size you set in the config file.
00:37<Edgan>ok, I see it is in GB. The default seems to be 5gb. Would it help to make the buffer smaller so it is easier for myth* to manage. For a while mythfrontend was thrashing my hd and interfering with the playback
00:38<Edgan>I mean manage?
00:38<Chutt>mythfrontend doesn't touch your harddrive.
00:38<Chutt>so it can't thrash anything.
00:39<Edgan>ok, well I didn't see any other programs using the cpu other than setiathome and I doubt it was doing it. Maybe it was something mythfrontend was calling
00:39<Chutt>it doesn't call anything.
00:40<Chutt>especially if you're playing back something
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00:40<Chutt>file size isn't an issue
00:41<Echo465>Soopaman: which shuttle board has a tvout? I'm on their site, but not finding any.
00:53<Soopaman>any miniitx board
01:01<Edgan>I can't make the frontend size bigger than 800x600?
01:01<Chutt>you really can't read the settings files, can you?
01:03<Edgan>I looked into theme.txt and found the options at the top
01:03<Edgan>but the frontend won't run if I change the width/height to 1280x1024 or 1600x1200
01:04<lichen_>does it hurt to be you?
01:04<Chutt>and the error message is?
01:04<Edgan>Must have room for at least 2 rows of buttons
01:05<Edgan>I also tried commenting out the options as the the comments suggest, but get the same result
01:05<Chutt>which version?
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01:13<Edgan>I noticed the comment about using 0.5.3 if xmltv is failing. I am using 0.5.3 and it randomly hangs while downloading. Yesterday I had to run it like a dozen times before it managed to get a weeks worth of listings
01:13<Chutt>that's normal.
01:13<Chutt>the site's busy
01:18<Edgan>Chutt: So no ideas on the size problem?
01:18<Chutt>i'm fixing it now
01:19<Edgan>Thank you
01:31<Edgan>What is mythtv's behavior when it it set to record a new show, but is out of hard disk space? I checked the FAQ in the package and on the website.
01:31<Chutt>it doesn't handle it at all
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01:52<Edgan>Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /var/www/html/mythweb/search.php on line 240 I am getting that from trying to do a search with mythweb. It would seem it means the results are null, but I am searching for things that should definitely be found
01:53<Chutt>it's fixed in cvs.
01:55<Edgan>ok, so what are the commands or at least hostnames and all for cvs? I will attempt to make patches for bugs I find.
01:56<Chutt>yea right
01:56<Chutt>and like i said last time you asked, it's in the howto doc
01:59<Edgan>ok, and where is that hiding? I have searched my 0.7 mythtv directory and I see no sign of it on the website
02:07<Edgan>nm, I found the Download tarball link in CVSView
03:14<witten_>anyone have an xmltv 0.5.3 deb?
03:16<Edgan>witten_: wouldn't be hard to make one with checkinstall
03:18<witten_>if I'm gonna do that I might as well just make a deb
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12:13<mdz>Chutt: two weird things happened today. First, I got the 'you have no channels in the database, this won't work' message when I clearly had channels in the database
12:13<mdz>Chutt: and it segfaulted immediately thereafter
12:13<mdz>Chutt: I think it may have something to do with reestablishing the database connection
12:16<mdz>well, establishing a new one
12:17<mdz>the first thing I did after a long period of inactivity was to bring up the EPG from the frontend
12:17<mdz>for whatever reason, the db query failed, and it gave the error
12:17<mdz>I'm not sure why it segfaulted after that, or whether that's expected
12:17<mdz>but I started it back up, and of course it got everything from the db just fine
12:18<mdz>there isn't even a query in the mysql log from when it failed/crashed
12:20<mdz>I obviously didn't have a chance to attach to it, and I have coredumps disabled because they're really painful on NFS, so I don't know where it crashed unfortunately
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12:58<Universe>I hate check cards and the internet..
12:58<splortch->as a combination, or just in general? :)
13:02<Universe>as a combo
13:02<Universe>it was too easy for someone to steal $200 from my account.
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13:57<splortch->nobody's fault but his own :(
14:08<Chutt>mdz, hey
14:08<Chutt>mdz, i'm unsure how to handle that
14:09<Chutt>obviously, it gets disconnected occasionally
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14:25<mdz>Chutt: but it's supposed to reconnect transparently, right?
14:26<mdz>Chutt: it's one of the ones which has no explicit database connection
14:26<mdz>maybe tonight I'll try killing its connection and see if I can cause it to break
14:26<mdz>I just noticed it this morning
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19:29<m0tion>hey, i have an ATI TV Wonder VE installed, it shows up in /proc/pci, what kind of configuration do i need to do so I get a /dev/video device?
19:29<Chutt>read the bttv docs.
19:32<m0tion>where? =)
19:33<Chutt>ever try using google?
19:35<m0tion>never heard of it
19:47<Edgan>Should I be able to play mythtv recordings with mplayer?
19:47<Chutt>no, you shouldn't
19:47<Edgan>Is there anyway to play them outside of mythtv?
19:48<Edgan>So I can trasfer them to others without all the database entry baggage?
19:49<Edgan>Hmm, that needs to change.
19:49<Chutt>feel free
19:52<Edgan>Why shouldn't mplayer able to play mythtv recordings? I have seen mention of people doing it in the past and see that mplayer has support for NuppelVideo
19:53<Chutt>why would you think it wouldn't be able to play them?
19:55<Edgan>huh? you just saide nopeto playing recordings outside of mythtv
19:55<Chutt>err, how did i contradict myself there?
19:56<Edgan>First you say no to playing recording outside of mythtv, then you say why do you think it(being mplayer) "wouldn't" be able to play them
19:56<Chutt>what's confusing about that?
19:56<Chutt>it can't play them
19:57<Chutt>i asked you why you thought that might be
19:58<Edgan>mplyaer plays nuppelvideo and the main mythtv page says mythtv uses nuppelvideo libraries
19:58<Chutt>no, it doesn't.
20:00<Edgan>it being mplayer, mythtv page, or mythtv?
20:00<Chutt>the webpage
20:02<Edgan>"I significantly modified the NuppelVideo codec" would say it is probably now incompatiable, but "and eventually decided that NuppelVideo provided the best quality video for the amount of CPU it took up", "Compresses using rtjpeg (from Nuppelvideo) or mpeg4 (from libavcodec).", and the use of .nuv give the impression
20:03<Chutt>considering that i wrote the webpage, i think i know what's on it.
20:04<Edgan>yes, but since you wrote it, you understand exactly what you meant. The best anyone else can do is try to understand what you mean.
20:04<Chutt>well, you seem to have problems reading, anyway
20:04<Chutt>so why don't you stop being a dumbass and questioning what i tell you?
20:05<Edgan>Chutt: Why don't you stop being an asshole to everyone who asks a question?
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20:05<Chutt>sorry, stupid people annoy the hell out of me
20:06<Edgan>There is a difference between stupid and ignorant. I admit I an ignorant when it comes to mythtv. Which is why I ask questions so I can understand.
20:07<Edgan>You seem to have Alot of trouble telling the difference.
20:07<Edgan>Or don't even care to try to see the difference.
20:07<Chutt>let's see
20:07<Chutt>you're ask a question, i answer it
20:07<Chutt>you question the validity of my answer
20:07<Chutt>that's stupidity.
20:10<Edgan>I questioned you on it because you used wouldn't a negative form, when you seemed to have meant would, a positive form. <Chutt> why would you think it wouldn't be able to play them? should have been something like <Chutt> why do you think it would be able to play them?
20:11<Chutt>the second question is not what i meant
20:11<Chutt>so why would i say that?
20:14<Edgan>I had been talking about mplayer, so I would take <Chutt> why would you think it wouldn't be able to play them? to mean Why would you think mplayer wouldn't be able to play mythtv recordings?
20:14<Chutt>and that's exactly what i meant.
20:14<Chutt>very good
20:14<Tuscany>uhm, can I interrupt here for a sec. and ask a question on Mythweb?
20:15<Tuscany>chut, any update from the author on when the next release will be out?
20:15<Edgan>Chutt: Is English your native language?
20:15<Chutt>haven't heard from him
20:15<Chutt>edgan, is it yours?
20:15<Edgan>Chutt: yes
20:15<Chutt>edgan, because you've had trouble reading the FAQ and the website
20:16<Edgan>Chutt: I had no trouble reading the package included FAQ once I knew it existed. The website faq and package faq aren't the same.
20:17<Chutt>so why don't you do something useful and update the faq on the website?
20:18<Tuscany>hehe...speaking of the faq. Chutt would you accept some documentation to update the faq re: external set top box tuners? With respect to configuring lirc and an ir blaster?
20:18<Chutt>that might live better in the howto, though
20:18<Tuscany>cool. i've noticed some people on the dev list asking questions about it
20:19<Tuscany>i only mention the FAQ because of the following entry: "
20:19<Tuscany>) Is it possible to have MythTV change the channel on my digital cable/satellite
20:19<Tuscany> box, instead of my tuner card?"
20:20<Chutt>can just make that answer 'yes, see the howto' =)
20:20<Tuscany>it's a little misleading right now
20:20<Tuscany>yep :)
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