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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-11-27

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00:23<Chutt>tuscany, hey, thanks for that update
00:23<Tuscany>no problem
00:23<Chutt>i'll forward it to the guy that's putting together those docs
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03:07<m0tion>I'm having trouble compiling mythmusic ... i get some errors regarding cddecoder.cpp, any idea what I'm missing?
04:11<Chutt>m0tion, without knowing the error message, no
04:11<Chutt>but it could be the cdparanoia libraries
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12:15<mdz>Chutt: late night, eh?
12:23<Chutt>couldn't sleep
12:31<Chutt>got the frontend querying a backend server for the recorded program list, though =)
12:49<mdz>over TCP?
12:49<Chutt>that's about all that works right now, though =)
12:49<Chutt>with my current tree
12:49<Chutt>everything else is broken
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13:28<ntl|luna>my mythtv box is up and running, but not like i tought it would be :-(
13:29<Universe>well... you have the source... if you dont like something.. change it
13:30<ntl|luna>i don't like it, that my xp2000+ has 100% cpu with 640x480
13:30<ntl|luna>and liveTV
13:31<Universe>that doesn't sound right
13:31<Universe>something is up with your settings of your system.
13:32<ntl|luna>but i have no idea, what that could be
13:32<Universe>anything really...
13:32<ntl|luna>hdd is running in dma (with 46MByte/sec )
13:32<ntl|luna>im runnig a minimum x with fluxbox
13:32<Universe>what are your settings in settings.txt
13:33<ntl|luna>which one are you interested in?
13:33<ntl|luna>and default settings
13:33<ntl|luna>with rtjpeg it is only 90% cpu ;-\
13:33<Universe>something is messed up with your system
13:34<Universe>thats crazy
13:40<ntl|luna>this is really crazy, no I restarted, and my dsp2 is gone
13:41<Universe>yeah... some major problems wiht your system.
13:41<ntl|luna>its a fresh installation
13:42<Universe>I have no clue what it could be... Your system should be able to handle it...
13:43<Universe>on my 1700+ at 640x480 rtjpeg it runs at 50-60%, I think
13:43<Universe>and thats running kde
13:43<ntl|luna>thats about what Chutt says on the website
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15:28<nevertheless>hehe, i found my /dev/dsp, a touch /dev/dsp let it reappear (as a link to sound/dsp) :-)
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16:08<nevertheless>man, why does this sytem take 100cpu for 640x480, this is really bad :-(
16:09<Chutt>you broke something?
16:09<nevertheless>but what?
16:09<nevertheless>i really don't have a clue
16:11<Chutt>i dunno
16:11<Chutt>what's the fsb speed?
16:11<nevertheless>133ddr, its a new xp2000+ on a ecs k7s5a board
16:12<Chutt>you sure it's running at that?
16:13<Universe>yeah... that doesn't sound right
16:13<nevertheless>dmesg tells me, that its running at 16650 MHz, so i think so
16:13<nevertheless>dmesg tells me, that its running at 1660 MHz, so i think so
16:13<Chutt>yup, that's right
16:15<nevertheless>the system hangs all the time, but htis has nothing to do with this performance stuff
16:18<mdz>nevertheless: did you build it in debug mode rather than release mode?
16:19<mdz>nevertheless: when you run top, is it myth using all of the CPU, or are there other things which show up near the top?
16:20<nevertheless>debug, i think
16:20<Chutt>"I can't understand why turning off all the optimizations makes it run slow!" =)
16:21<nevertheless>so do i ;-D
16:22<nevertheless>i didn't think, this makes 30% of cpu, but we'll see :)
16:23<nevertheless>but, while compiling, what is it with my 'quit' patch? Chutt, i really don't know, how to accomplish your request
16:23<Chutt>why can't the themedmenu look to see if it's allowed to quit
16:23<Chutt>and then do all the logic in the frontend?
16:23<Chutt>there's no reason for stuff like that to be in the themedmenu class
16:24<nevertheless>and how should the themedmenu look, if its allowed to quit? (sorry, if thats dumb, but my c++ time is month gone)
16:25<nevertheless>i prefer that stuff to be in the frontend, but i simply dont know how :-(
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16:28<Chutt>why are you calling 'handleExit()' from the themedmenu class?
16:28<Chutt>why not just exit, and deal with that in the frontend?
16:29<nevertheless>what if i press exit since i don't wonna exit? restart RunMenu()?
16:29<nevertheless>ok, thats an idea :)
16:33<nevertheless>ill do that in the next days, but first i have to get my new system running, this is really bad, that it hangs so often, damn
16:52<Universe>hey Chutt...
16:54<Universe>it looks like the Tivo Series2 is going to have alot of the features MythTV already has...
16:54<Universe>web scheduling, MP3 player..
16:54<Universe>picture viewer
17:00<Universe>ouch... 249$ for lifetime program info
17:01<Universe>I thought it was 150$...
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17:47<nevertheless>ok, Chutt/mdz, i got it running again... my xp 2000+ makes now 45% at 640x480 :-) it was the debug thing :-)
17:48<nevertheless>but i hope, i can get the hangup thing under control
17:52<nevertheless>the pip thing is really impressive :-)
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19:38<nevertheless>is there a way to get 100% cpu power without using special software? anything like tar /dev/zero or stuff, but smth that works?
20:14<nevertheless>i said, without a special soft ;-)
20:14<nevertheless>glxgears runs quite well
20:15<_shad>start top and hold down the space bar?
20:16<nevertheless>unfortunatly the board runs glxgears stable up to 56 degrees C ... but running mythtv it crashes, so i gotta find some other failure
20:17<_shad>sound drivers?
20:17<nevertheless>either them, or the bt8x8 stuff
20:18<nevertheless>i did not get the audio stuff to run yet (its running, but i can't hear smth)
20:21<nevertheless>damn, its really the tv/audio stuff, i just started it, and it hung up, running about 10 mins at 100% glxgears cpu power :-(
20:22<nevertheless>ill gotta go now, see you tomorrow, bye
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20:34<mdz_>Chutt: I've gotten to the point with the recording profile stuff where it would be really handy to have some classes to represent settings stored in the database, to make it easier to load and store this stuff from the GUI
20:34<mdz_>Chutt: are there any plans for that, or should I start writing them?
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20:53<Markie>yea! i got auto-scanning of channels working!
21:07<Markie>_sigh_ nobody here to join in my happiness :^(
21:09<mdz_>Markie: congratulations
21:09<mdz_>Markie: what does auto-scanning do? automatically determine the frequency table to use?
21:16<Markie>mdz:right now, you have to give it the frequency table
21:17<Markie>but then it'll scan, automatically label the channels, and then cull out the stuff from xmltv
21:17<Markie>so that you dont have channels on xmltv that you dont really get
21:17<Markie>for example. i have broadcast cable.
21:17<Markie>but theres only one frequency table for ntsc-cable
21:18<Markie>i was thinking about having it automatically figure out the frequency table..actually..hrmm..
21:18<Markie>verison 2.0 :^)
21:26<mdz_>Markie: how does it label the channels?
21:29<Markie>right now i dont have it doing it..thats what i'm working on now..
21:29<Chutt>mdz, go ahead and start writing what you need
21:30<Markie>i'm guessing that it'll lable it by the channel #, or if theres a conflict, channel # + tuner source
21:30<Markie>mdz: why do you ask? suggestions ?
21:30<mdz_>Markie: I guess I don't quite understand what it does
21:30<Chutt>why would you do that?
21:30<Chutt>it's got a list of channels from xmltv
21:30<Chutt>all you want to do is verify that they're tuneable
21:30<mdz_>Markie: search for channels that are in the channel list but that don't seem to have a signal?
21:31<Chutt>there's no need to scan for anything
21:31<Markie>correct..what chutt said..
21:33<Markie>it's kinda 6 of 1, half dozen of the other..
21:33<Markie>scan for tunable channels, and then pass the channels into xmltv
21:33<Markie>or get channels for xmltv, and then verify they are tuneable
21:34<Markie>I think chutt is leaning for the latter...
21:34<Markie>i like the former :^)
21:34<Markie>he has veto power :^)
21:36<mdz_>lame_set_bWriteVbrTag(gf, 0);
21:36<mdz_>does that mean VBR or CBR?
21:37<mdz_>more specifically, is the audio in myth VBR or CBR?
21:37<mdz_>default is CBR
21:37<mdz_>so I assume it is that
21:37<mdz_>since bWriteVbrTag doesn't seem to have anything to do with encoding parameters
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23:48<mdz_>Chutt: I've got mplayer and mencoder behaving finally
23:49<mdz_>mencoder is still spitting out some odd messages, but it's processing all of the data, writing it out correctly, and getting a/v sync right