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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-11-29

00:08<mdz_>I hate moc
00:08<mdz_>it is truly the worst part of Qt
00:09<_shad>I got mythtv working kinda nice on my p3-450 now
00:10<_shad>for ome reason mpeg4 at 480x480 works nicely, but rtjpeg can't do 480x480
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00:25<mdz_>_shad: maybe it's I/O limited, rtjpeg should use less CPU
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13:04<nevertheless>so, my new system is up and running (incl sound) :-)
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13:05<nevertheless>but sometimes the picture becomes garbeled (using mpeg4) and the sound 'breaky'. does this happen to you too?
13:05<nevertheless>the cpu stays at 50%
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13:18<skitzo>anyone using the mjpeg HW compression suport yet?
14:16<mdz_>nevertheless: DMA enabled on the hard disk?
14:17<skitzo>mdz, anyone have any comments on the mjpeg hw support yet..?
14:18<nevertheless>mdz_ yepp
16:02<mdz_>skitzo: I haven't heard anything, dunno who has the hardware
16:07<skitzo>i wonder how he wrote the support for it .. ?
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16:07<sefudier>oops, sorry
17:42<nevertheless>how can I disable the dpms stuff of xfree?
17:44<Edgan>nevertheless: I have that problem with mpeg4 when running it at 640x480. I don't have the problem on my Athlon XP 1.47ghz, but do on my Athlon Thunderbird 1.33ghz. I don't have the problem with rtjpeg, and don't have the problem with mpeg4 at 480x480
17:44<sefudier>what problem?
17:45<nevertheless><nevertheless> but sometimes the picture becomes garbeled (using mpeg4) and the sound 'breaky'. does this happen to you too?
17:45<nevertheless><nevertheless> the cpu stays at 50%
17:45<Edgan>The video getting garbled, like it lost sync between the frames
17:45<nevertheless>the sound gets garbled, too!
17:45<sefudier>never: does your screen go red?
17:45<Edgan>My sound will cut out for a second every so often
17:45<Edgan>no red
17:45<sefudier>with the dpms stuff.. im having trouble turning that shit off
17:46<nevertheless>sefudier: no, it just switches off (the monitor)
17:46<nevertheless>thats quite bad when watchin tv
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17:46<sefudier>i havnt gotten that garbled thing yet
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17:46<Edgan>nevertheless: what version 0.7 or cvs?
17:46<nevertheless>so maybe i have to set the dpms times to a biiiig number
17:46<Edgan>nevertheless: cvs from last night here
17:47<nevertheless>yeah, here to
17:47<sefudier>yeah, same here.. only the screen goes red, and i have to press a key, for it to get off the screensaver or whatever the hell that is, i've tried both setterm and xset with no success
17:47<Edgan>nevertheless: you should be able to disable it via a option
17:47<sefudier>what option? :)
17:47<nevertheless>Edgan: the system is a newly build one, so i don't know, where the problem comes from
17:47<Edgan>I think it may be just nodpms, but let me check
17:47<Edgan>nevertheless: same here, just built it
17:48<Edgan>nodpms doesn't seem to be right
17:49<Edgan>sefudier: do you have a dpms option the monitor section?
17:49<nevertheless>i tried stuff like dpms off and dpms no, but no chance
17:50<nevertheless>so i have to take some glue and glue my ctrl key pressed ;-)
17:50<sefudier>yes i do
17:51<Edgan>DPMSModeStandby DPMSModeSuspend DPMSModeOff set those to 0
17:51<sefudier>edgan shoulkd i comment it off? or should i set to NODPMS or something?
17:51<Edgan>0 = off
17:51<nevertheless>in the device section, right?
17:52<sefudier>edgan i havent got those options, only DPMS, i wonder if just commenting it out will have the same effect?
17:52<Edgan>DPMSDisable may work too, check out
17:52<Edgan>sefudier: add them
17:52<Edgan>sefudier: it may
17:53<Edgan>nevertheless: do you have a problem with audio compression? If I leave the default of on, I get a lame error everytime I tried to start mythtv
17:54<nevertheless>Edgan: no, no mp3 problems at all
17:59<nevertheless>sefudier: just commenting DPMS out wouldn't work
18:02<Edgan>what processor you using?
18:02<nevertheless>an xp2000+
18:02<nevertheless>im running two bttv cards
18:02<sefudier>im using the same here, only one card though
18:03<Edgan>I am using a Athlon Thunderbird 1.33ghz as a said before and a bttv card
18:03<nevertheless>and Im running a ECS k7s5a board and a matrox g400
18:03<sefudier>i havent tested much though, still on a slow hdd
18:03<nevertheless>and for sound i use a sblaster live! stuff
18:04<Edgan>sefudier: yeah, I have an odd 10gig 5400rpm ata66 drive
18:05<sefudier>not even that here.. waiting for prices to come down to get some nice hdds in raid0
18:05<Edgan>I was running on my main machine, but compiling and such causes sync problems
18:06<Edgan>I have a 60gig, 40gig, and 20gig in a lvm array on my main machine
18:07<nevertheless>Im running just one 120gig HDD
18:07<sefudier>how's the performance on the lvm?
18:07<sefudier>and on the 120gb ? :) (its that WD one?)
18:07<Edgan>nevertheless: yeah, I was looking at getting a 120gb drive, but decided to replace my motherboard instead
18:08<nevertheless>i bought everything from scratch for the (myth)tv box
18:08<Edgan>sefudier: it is good enough. I was running lvm+ext3, but I am not running lvm+ext2. Haven't really noticed a difference, but haven't been benchmarking. Supposedly lvm only adds 3-4% overhead
18:09<sefudier>ic.. how about read/write performance? how many MB/s ?
18:09<Edgan>nevertheless: I threw mine together from spare parts, except for the processor and heatsink
18:09<Edgan>sefudier: don't know
18:09<sefudier>i have raid in my mb, wonder if it would be better to use it, or lvm
18:09<sefudier>or some other stuff
18:09<Edgan>sefudier: lvm is for combining
18:10<Edgan>sefudier: raid on your motherboard will be software raid
18:10<sefudier>yeah, hpt372 (or was it 374)
18:10<Edgan>sefudier: you can use it's format with linux, but you will get better performance and ease of use from linux's software raid
18:10<Edgan>My old(mythtv) motherboard has a hp370
18:10<sefudier>really? better performance with software raid?
18:11<sefudier>how come
18:11<Edgan>My new motherboard has promise lite fastrak. I hate the lack of configuriablity of onboard raid
18:11<yebyen>Chutt: hmm...
18:11<Edgan>sefudier: because both are software and linux is more optimized
18:12<yebyen>anyone been getting this lately:
18:12<yebyen>zap2it failed to give us a page: 302:Found
18:12<yebyen>check postal/zip code or www site (maybe they're down)
18:12<Edgan>no, I loaded up listings last night just fine, better than before
18:12<Edgan>I have found the listings aren't very accurate tho
18:13<Edgan>I keep trying to record star trek and get realtv
18:13<yebyen>that would be related to your locality, i'd imagine
18:13<Edgan>My time isn't off since other channels record fine
18:14<Edgan>It looks like I will stick with record and later watch. Live TV seems to be too much for my Athlon 1.33ghz
18:14<yebyen>their site is all fucked up
18:15<nevertheless>Edgan: with 640x480 only
18:15<yebyen>my provider is gone
18:16<yebyen>lucky for them I have 40gb of tv saved, or i'd be really pissed off
18:16<Edgan>nevertheless: huh?
18:17<nevertheless>only at 640 your k7 1.33 is to slwo, right?
18:18<Edgan>nevertheless: I only get the garbled video at 640x480
18:18<Edgan>I get sound pauses at 640x480
18:18<Edgan>and 480x480
18:18<nevertheless>but you won't tell me, that a k7 1.33 is too slow for 480x480 liveTV
18:19<Edgan>yeah, livetv works at 480x480, but quality is bad enough at 640x480
18:19<Edgan>I could probably resolve the sound problem with something like the preemptive kernel patch
18:20<nevertheless>im running that
18:20<Edgan>I could use rtjpeg for a little better quality, but at 5.2gb an hour it is insane.
18:20<nevertheless>thats right
18:21<nevertheless>but i think quality is ok at 640x480!
18:22<Edgan>yeah, quality is ok
18:22<Edgan>I would prefer good or better tho
18:23<sefudier>the only thing im missing here is hdd speed.. my current only does 10MB/s.. im undecided between a 120gb or 2 80gb in raid (which would be 40% or so more expensive than the 120gb)
18:23<Edgan>Going to go with the Savage4 instead of the TNT to get rid of random crashes of X when starting Xvideo stuff
18:23<Edgan>sefudier: distrib?
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18:24<sefudier>or the hdd? the 120 would be WD, and the 2 80 would be maxtor
18:24<sefudier>using reiserfs
18:24<Edgan>tried notail?
18:24<nevertheless>what does notail do?
18:24<sefudier>i think i use that option already, let me check though
18:25<Edgan>nevertheless: it tells it not to pack the end of blocks with data from other blocks
18:25<Edgan>tail packing is a way to use space more effectively
18:25<Edgan>but it hurts performance
18:27<nevertheless>no the biggest problem I have is to get the dual sound stuff with the two bttvs running
18:27<nevertheless>s/no/now/ damn
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18:47<giuppi>hi !
18:48<giuppi>i have this error:
18:48<giuppi>Cannot open DSP '', dying.
18:48<giuppi>Could not detect audio blocksize
18:48<giuppi>Segmentation fault
18:48<giuppi>when i start mythtv
18:48<giuppi>i installed it from debian packages
19:00<mdz_>giuppi: edit /etc/mythtv/settings.txt
19:00<mdz_>giuppi: look for this setting: str AudioDevice=/dev/dsp
19:03<giuppi>mdz_ yes it is correct
19:04<giuppi>mdz_ i do not have any v4l device on my computer, could be this the proble ?
19:04<giuppi>anyway this is the complete output
19:04<giuppi>mythtv@idioteque:~$ export DISPLAY=:0
19:04<giuppi>mythtv@idioteque:~$ mythtv
19:04<giuppi>ERROR opening file '/var/cache/mythtv/ringbuf.nuv' in ThreadedFileWriter.
19:04<giuppi>Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
19:04<giuppi>Cannot open DSP '', dying.
19:05<giuppi>Could not detect audio blocksize
19:05<giuppi>Segmentation fault
19:05<giuppi>mythtv@idioteque:~$ id
19:05<giuppi>uid=104(mythtv) gid=104(mythtv) groups=104(mythtv),29(audio),44(video)
19:10<Chutt>why are you trying to run it without a v4l device?
19:11<skitzo>Chutt: how'd you write the mjpeg HW support? did you get a new card?
19:11<giuppi>Chutt i would see the interface of mythtv
19:11<Chutt>someone sent me a card
19:11<skitzo>which cartd if you dont mind me asking?
19:11<Chutt>giuppi, no, you wouldn't
19:12<Chutt>a g200tv
19:12<giuppi>Chutt why ?
19:12<Chutt>since you're running the tv viewer application
19:12<skitzo>and..... what are you thoughts on the mjpeg hw support? is it worthwhile?
19:12<Chutt>not really, no
19:12<skitzo>drawbacks = ?
19:13<Chutt>the cpu required for software encoding is cheaper than the mjpeg card?
19:13<Chutt>the compression sucks
19:13<Chutt>and playback is relatively expensive, even compared to mpeg4
19:13<giuppi>Chutt how can i see ?
19:13<skitzo>is the only way i can even see it feasible to get 3+
19:13<skitzo>cards in a machine
19:13<Chutt>giuppi, read the docs
19:14<Chutt>you won't have enough disk bandwidth for 3+ cards in a machine with mjpeg
19:14<skitzo>even with a disk per card?
19:14<Chutt>uh, no
19:14<Chutt>unless you capture at low quality
19:15<Chutt>and then you could just use a single cpu anyway
19:15<giuppi>mythtv@idioteque:~$ mythfrontend
19:15<giuppi>ERROR: no capture cards are defined in the database.
19:16<giuppi>i have no v4l device here
19:16<Chutt>so why bother trying to run stuff?
19:16<giuppi>Chutt i want to see the interface of mythtv
19:16<skitzo>and... pardon my 'stupid', but.. how do would you not have enough disk bw if you had a disk per cap card?
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19:16<skitzo>(on its own channel of course.. )
19:16<Chutt>giuppi, there's screenshots of everything on the website
19:17<giuppi>Chutt does mythtv run on framebuffer ?
19:17<Chutt>no, it doesn't
19:18<Chutt>skitzo, because it doesn't compress very much at all
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21:33<mdz_>damn moc
21:51<Chutt>mdz, what's up with moc?
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22:48<mdz_>Chutt: it was giving me trouble, got it fixed now
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22:48<mdz_>aren't g++ linker errors the best?
22:48<mdz_>they're so informative
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22:50<mdz_>Chutt: I'm creating a QGroupBox and then creating a widget with the frame as its parent, without specifying an explicit position for the child widget, and it's placing it on top of the title of the QGroupBox. is that normal?
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22:50<mdz_>it certainly isn't very smart
22:51<mdz_>I do not want to specify explicit positions for all of my widgets
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23:21<mirk_dt>how do i compile mythtv with debug information?
23:29<mdz_>mirk_dt: edit the file, at the top
23:30<mirk_dt>sweet. thanks.