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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-12-02

00:20<mdz_>Chutt: didn't have much time to work on the config stuff today, but I got together a little browser for selecting a profile and editing it
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00:26<PurpleMan>Anybody awake?
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09:21<dmech>once again, any experts handy? :)
09:22<lichen>depends on what level of expertise you need
09:23<dmech>well, the level I need is what ever can help me get this myth tv to work ;0
09:23<lichen>well ill say you have to be very familiar with linux, drivers, libararies, etc to get it to work properly, but if you have an actual question i might be able to help
09:24<dmech>I have it working for the most part, but just not quite right...
09:24<dmech>for instance one problem is when I select live TV, I can't change the channel. The picutre just locks up
09:24<lichen>does it all work in xawtv?
09:25<dmech>works fine in xawtv, except the color sucks
09:25<lichen>using what tuner?
09:25<dmech>mandrake 9.0/Ati TV wonder/Sound Blaster AWE 64
09:26<lichen>hmm, cant think of anything off the top of my head, maybe the drivers for the ATI are substandard, i would say post to the mailing list, they are usually pretty helpful
09:26<dmech>which mailing list? the one on the web site say's it's for development use
09:28<lichen>thats the one, mythtv-dev .. its for users and developers alike, just so long as you aren't totally clueless and you describe your problem thoroughly including all your hardware and such you might get something to help you out
09:28<dmech>cool, I'll give it a shot, thanks
10:08<lichen>i dont understand why a packet generator used for network testing is included in the linux kernel
10:08<lichen>and we wonder why the kernel is 36 megs
10:08lichenlichen_ Dec 02 10:10:34 <mdz> lichen: it's not even built by default, what is there to complain about?
10:11<lichen>its still bloat to the sourcecode though
10:11<lichen>i mean its a kernel... it should stick to general tasks
10:11<mdz>TCP/IP is a kernel task
10:11<lichen>granted, but network diagnostics should be user level
10:12<mdz>and the 16kb of pktgen does not contribute significantly to the size of the kernel in any form
10:12<mdz>certainly not the 36 meg compressed tarball
10:12<lichen>the kernel should just act as a interface for the user level application to generate whatever packets necessary
10:12<lichen>okayokay its not worth arguing about, im just saying that i just find it odd that its included
10:13<mdz>how are you going to properly test the kernel stack from userspace?
10:13<dmech>I find it odd that I can't do full duplex with my soundblaster awe 64 ;)
10:14<mdz>dmech: the old ISA one?
10:15<dmech>mdz: yea
10:15<dmech>I know it does support full duplex, but it would seem that the alsa driver doesn't
10:16<dmech>anyone know if the soundblaster PCI works in full duplex with alsa?
10:17<mdz>the Live! does
10:17<_shad>if it locks up when changing the channel, it's a problem with sound drivers
10:17<dmech>yea, I'm trying to find a cheap card local
10:17<dmech>it locks up while changing channels :(
10:17<_shad>I had a SB128 and it did that
10:17<dmech>I can get the sound blaster pci for 20 bucks, the live is 50 bucks
10:17<_shad>couldn't figure out the prob
10:18<_shad>I put a sb live in and it worked
10:18<dmech>Maybe I'll pull the card out of the wifes computer
10:18<_shad>best bet :)
10:18<_shad>or try diff drivers
10:18<dmech>where would I get diff drivers?
10:18<_shad>use OSS
10:18<_shad>there's a license...
10:21<_shad>when you install the license, I think you need to chmod -x mail first. :)
10:21<dmech>got ya ;0
10:26* _shadwants to go back to bed
10:29<dmech>you think Bill is gonna be upset?
10:29<dmech>off to test this beast
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10:38<dMech>no, get an error about /dev/dsp
10:38<dMech>could not detect audio blocksize
10:39<_shad>what do you have the blocksize set to in settings.txt?
10:40<dMech>what setting is that exactly?
10:40<dMech>the audiosamplerate?
10:40<_shad>int AudioSampleRate=32000
10:40<_shad>put it to 32000
10:40<dMech>yea, it's set for 32000
10:41<_shad>try a diff setting
10:42<mdz>dMech: the SB Live! value can be had mail-order for US $25
10:43<dMech>yea, I know. But I want to get this working sooner than that ;)
10:44<mdz>fast, right or cheap: pick any two
10:44<dMech>I do have a live in this computer that I can use
10:44<dMech>I also have another ISA card that I could try, it's a crystyl chipset
10:44<dMech>maybe that's what I'll try next
10:45<_shad>dmesg: did you run sndconfig?
10:45<dMech>no, do I need to ?
10:45<dMech>I mean I did after the initial install
10:47<dMech>screw it, gonna try anothre sound card
10:47<mdz>dMech: can the card do full duplex outside of mythtv?
10:48<dMech>in windows yet
10:48<dMech>er yes
10:49<dMech>it doesn't seem to do full duplex with alsa
10:49<dMech>and I can't get any kde app to work with the OSS
10:55<_shad>works for me :)
11:00<dMech>damn, the other ISA card doesn't do full duplex either. I'm off to get a live :(
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12:55<Chutt>dmech, the awe64 works in full duplex with the alsa drivers and their oss emulation
12:55<Chutt>it does not with the standard kernel drivers
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14:48<dMech>anyone still here that I was talking to earlier?
14:50<Chutt>probably not
14:51<dMech>I see them listed, but didn't know if they were alive ;)
14:51<dMech>anyhow, I've resolved my sound card problem by getting a Live! card... But Mandrake 9.0 doesn't support it natively... Any suggestions?
14:52<Chutt>doesn't support it natively?
14:52<Chutt>i doubt that
14:53<dMech>sndconfig says it's not supported
14:53<Universe>everytime I have installed Mandrake, it has detached my Live are.... Even 6.2 did
14:53<Universe>Live card..
14:54<dMech>that's nice, any idea how to get an already installed OS to recognise it?
14:55<Universe>sounds like you need to read up on your distro and alsa
14:56<dMech>that's the hard way, thanks for all the usefull help
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15:00<Universe>I dont know mandrake that well...
15:00<Universe>I am sure they put in an easy GUI interface for added new hardware but I have never done it
15:01<dMech>that's ok, I was just tossing it out there to see if any one knew to save me a bit of time
15:01<Universe>and most everyone here is running Debian and I am running Gentoo
15:01<Universe>if you have the alsa driver compiled for your live card
15:01<Universe>you could add it to your /etc/modules.autoload
15:03<dMech>I may have found it, let's hope this card fixes mythtv
15:03<Chutt>fixes mythtv?
15:03<Chutt>mythtv isn't the problem
15:03<dMech>well, my problem with it
15:03<dMech>damn, defensive
15:04<Chutt>not really
15:04<Chutt>just tired of people with half working systems complaining about stuff not working for them
15:04<dMech>system works just fine
15:04<Chutt>no, it doesn't
15:04<dMech>just the sound card driver provided by alsa doesn't support full duplex with it
15:04<Chutt>alsa supports full duplex on the awe 64
15:05<Chutt>oss doesn't, though
15:05<Universe>so then your system wasn't configured correctly
15:05<dMech>then why doesn't it work?
15:05<dMech>sound seemed to work just fine
15:05<Chutt>i like how you tested sound by playing stuff back
15:06<Chutt>'but xawtv works!'
15:06<dMech>I attempt to read and write from /dev/dsp at the same time
15:07<dMech>sweet, it works
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15:14<Chutt>nevertheless, i'm going to be taking a look at your patch stuff soon
15:14<nevertheless> cool :)
15:29<Chutt>your prerecord stuff won't work properly
15:29<nevertheless>i seemed to realize that already, there has to be more stuff done, so that everything works :)
15:30<Chutt>well, it'll mess up if you record two shows in a row
15:30<Chutt>the 2nd show won't even get recorded
15:30<Chutt>so, not going to apply that
15:30<nevertheless>wouldn't be a good idea to aply it
15:31<Chutt>the themesetup.cpp patch that adds the setting is wrong
15:31<Chutt>because none of the other stuff uses a setting to find the themes
15:31<Chutt>it should just be as simple as telling the themesetup.cpp stuff to search the same dirs that the other stuff does
15:31<nevertheless>but the themesetup doesn't show the themes without that patch
15:32<nevertheless>ok, i didn't check the other stuff
15:32<nevertheless>i just looked for a hardcoded .../share/mythtv
16:20<lichen_>how should i deal with the recordings in mythweb? i currently just have it showing everything from singlerecord, should i make it show what shows and timeslots from allrecord and timeslotrecord are currently set, or perhaps show all the shows that will be recorded over like the next week?
16:21<Chutt>well, what's the idea behind displaying the recordings?
16:21<Chutt>if you're just showing everything that's been selected to be recorded
16:21<Chutt>i'd do separate tables for the timeslot, channel record, and all record entries
16:22<Chutt>and just show the useful data for those
16:37<lichen_>er sorry i have a habit of asking a question then walking away, but i was thinking if i showed the actual shows that were going to eb recorded for allrecord and timeslotrecord it would allow them to actually see what episode or whatnot its going to be recording... like the tivo todo list
16:38<lichen_>i guess it would make more sense in the future though when there is an option to ignore a certain episode of an allrecord record
16:39<Universe>there is a way lichen... in the system conflicts page
16:40<Universe>if it is conflicting with something only
16:40<lichen_>well if you have a single show set to allrecord, you cant just ignore a single showing of it can you?
16:40<Universe>nope.. you can't
16:41<lichen_>oh well, i guess for the time being ill show just what shows have been set to allrecord, and what timeslots have been set to timeslotrecord
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17:18<Chutt>qt 3.1 has some differences wrt the widget palette stuff
17:18<mdz>good, bad or just different?
17:19<Chutt>well, the listviews are being all messed up if i'm changing the color/background image of the window
17:19<Chutt>but i should be able to fix that
17:31<Chutt>looks like that the child widgets in the listview (the viewport, the scrollbars, the header) aren't inheriting the palette properly
17:42<_shad>dmech: nice :)
17:51<Chutt>seems they changed some of the rules
17:51<_shad>is 3.1 final out?
17:51<Chutt>it's been out for awhile
17:52<_shad>heh. nov13
17:58* paperclipis away: finding a place to keep the bodies
18:01<_shad>I'm all out of big HD's :(
18:02<_shad>The biggest I have is a 2.6gig
18:02<Chutt>i don't see a way to work around the palette inheritance changes without telling every subwidget to use the palette directly
18:02<_shad>will that slow stuff down?
18:02<Chutt>no :
18:02<Chutt>it's just annoying to do
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18:06<_shad>Would a HD that does 8meg/sec be too slow for mythtv?
18:07<Chutt>most likely
18:07<moegreen>shad: have you enabled dma?
18:07<_shad>it's a slow HD
18:07<_shad>I'm outta hd space :(
18:08<moegreen>ouch :)
18:08<_shad>using nfs it takes up 60% of this computers cpu to do it
18:08<_shad>and using smbfs it takes up 25%
18:08<_shad>so that kinda sucks
18:09<moegreen>Anyone here build the IR receiver from
18:11<_shad>it works with 400x400
18:11<_shad>not 480x480
18:11<vektor>capturing 400 scanlines from the bttv makes it ambiguous which ones are from which field
18:12<_shad>doesn't look so bad :)
18:12<_shad>looks a bit worse than 480x480, and a lot better than 320x240 :)
18:13<_shad>considering I don't have a fast system either, it's pretty good
18:23<mdz>_shad: 60% CPU to do NFS? what kind of CPU?
18:26<_shad>celeron 300@450
18:27<mdz>shouldn't take nearly that much
18:27<mdz>NFSv2 or NFSv3?
18:29<_shad>it's the user server
18:30<mdz>why would you use the userland server?
18:30<mdz>you're not running Linux 2.2.x, are you?
18:30<_shad>I don't remember
18:30<_shad>I was
18:30<_shad>I haven't used nfs in a couple years
18:30<_shad>that's what was installed :)
18:30<mdz>the userland server is probably an order of magnitude slower
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18:31<_shad>I believe it
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18:32<lichen_>it would be cool if you could make the subtitle and description of a recording come up when you hit i
18:32<_shad>I have a stupid ferret. hehe
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18:57<lichen_>hmm i noticed something weird, i deleted something from the delete recordings menu, and when it went back to the delete recordings menu after the delete confirmation, it didn't update the available diskspace
19:04<moegreen>is there a way to change the video settings (color, brightness, etc) or is this done though the bttv module?
19:11<Chutt>v4lctl or something like that
19:11<Chutt>there's nothing in mythtv to do that
19:42<_shad>What's the cvsroot for mythtv?
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19:48<mdz_>I have a QListView, and I add one column to it, but it displays two columns
19:49<Chutt>never seen that
19:49<Chutt>oh, wait
19:49<Chutt>you mean, there's extra space off to the right?
19:49<Chutt>just set the column width manually
19:49<mdz_>and in the header, there's a line showing the end of the column
19:50<Chutt>for some reason, it doesn't maximize the size of the columns
19:51<mdz_>I even tried setColumnWidthMode(0, QListView::Maximum);
19:51<mdz_>ahh, that just makes it as wide as the widest item
19:52<Chutt>that's why i manually set all the column sizes
19:56<mdz_>what would be the best way to go about integrating the new settings code?
19:56<Chutt>i dunno
19:56<mdz_>I was thinking to replace the code in libmyth with the new stuff, and move the old stuff into a standalone conversion program which would load the old settings into the new classes
19:56<Chutt>haven't seen it
19:59<Chutt>that'd probably be fine
19:59<Chutt>what all's getting moved into the db?
20:00<mdz_>so far just the recording stuff
20:00<mdz_>but I may as well do it all at once
20:00<Chutt>well, feel free to start checking stuff into cvs
20:01<mdz_>you did say you didn't mind if I broke it
20:02<Chutt>all the people that are using cvs and shouldn't be will complain, but i don't care =)
20:02<mdz_>I was starting to think that it would be awfully inconvenient if I lost my working directory
20:03<Chutt>check stuff in :p
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20:04<Chutt>i'll bbl, though
20:11<lichen_>hmm, using the latest CVS while watching live tv there is a bar thats part of the main menu at the bottom of the screen
20:13<mdz_>lichen_: adjust the new overscan settings
20:16<lichen_>whats the difference between overscan and underscan?
20:16<moegreen>this seems odd - my channels are one ahead of what they should be, for example, usually the FOX channel here is 8 - it's listed that way in the guide and the osd - but it's actually 9 when tuning into it
20:17<Universe>check the mailing list
20:17<Universe>this has been brought up before, I believe
20:17<moegreen>i'll take a look - thanks
20:17<mdz_>moegreen: you have your tuner type set wrong
20:17<mdz_>moegreen: it's a parameter to the bttv module
20:19<lichen_>yay i fixed it, thanks
20:29<moegreen>mdz_: Do I need to change the tuner type? It's autodetecting my card correctly (it would seem so atleast)
20:31<mdz_>moegreen: if the channels aren't tuning properly, then yes, you need to change it
20:34<moegreen>heh - thanks - that worked...and the picture is 200% better as well
20:44<mdz_>that needs to go in the FAQ
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22:00<_shad>This hard drive sucks
22:00<_shad>"Chirp, chirp, chirp..."
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