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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-12-09

00:01<bigguy>don't remember it started a thread in the mailing list tho
00:02<bigguy>bogged down Chutt's connection a bit
00:02<brtb>the one last week?
00:02<brtb>i'll look around when i'm at work tomorrow then
00:02<mdz_>I guess I should add myself to the AUTHORS file
00:03<Chutt>i forget to update that sometimes
00:04<bigguy>brtb: k cool
00:04<mdz_>I can record and playback at the same time with ~17-20% idle CPU
00:04<mdz_>at 640x480
00:04<mdz_>but live TV pretty much leaves me with nothing
00:04<mdz_>I wonder if that difference will change with the new stuff
00:06<Chutt>the general settings and stuff don't touch the db yet, do they?
00:21<ian2>prolly like the nice warm electronics
00:23<bigguy>yeah but Au has the most poisoness snakes
00:24<bigguy>it would make you wanna look carefully before you stick your hand inside to fix your system ;)
00:35<Chutt>very carefully
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01:58<ian2>has mythweb had anymore work since the .7 release?
02:00<moegreen>ian2: I believe someone is working on it
02:01<ian2>k, just wondering if any help was needed
02:02<moegreen>i have forgotten who though...
02:02<Chutt>lichen, in here
02:02<moegreen>Chutt: I sent a fix for the extra arrow problem
02:03<ian2>u asking or is lichen working on web?
02:03<Chutt>yeah, i'm testing that now
02:03<Chutt>ian2, he's the guy working on it
02:03<ian2>k, thanks
02:04<Chutt>moegreen, well, there's no longer excessive arrows =)
02:05<Chutt>but it doesn't seem to put all the arrows on that it should be
02:05<Chutt>it's missing some right pointing ones
02:09<moegreen>Chutt: heh, try changing the 5 on the line: lastTime = firstTime.addSecs(DISPLAY_TIMES * 60 * 5); --- to a 4 lastTime = firstTime.addSecs(DISPLAY_TIMES * 60 * 4);
02:12<Chutt>that seems to have fixed it =)
02:12<Chutt>nice work, btw
02:13<moegreen>i noticed you cut down the length of some of the lines - I tend to use a very wide terminal window :)
02:14<moegreen>114x50 hehe
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02:20<Chutt>all those (int) casts are because g++ 3.2 is anal about converting floats to ints automatically
02:21<moegreen>I was wondering about that too
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02:36<brtb>bigguy - i haven't been able to find that bt878-picture-quality post, if you find it would you let mwe know? tks
02:36<bigguy>brtb: will do
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03:31<Chutt>mdz, all the config dialogs are now "myth"-like =)
03:31<Chutt>except the wizard looks a little ugly
03:31<Chutt>silly qt widgets with subwidgets as private data
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04:50<knight_>hey, anyone around who might be able to help me?
04:50<ian2>me, so prolly not
04:50<ian2>whats your problem?
04:52<knight_>well, i'm aving problems getting the mythtv binary to run after proper doc guided setup
04:53<knight_>it's complaining about my DSP evne though i have it set in settings.txt
04:53<knight_>Cannot open DSP '', dying.
04:53<knight_>Could not detect audio blocksize
04:53<knight_>Segmentation fault
04:53<ian2>u using alsa?
04:53<knight_>alsa emu10k1
04:54<ian2>hmm, unless something is locking it i have no idea
04:54<ian2>but ive only been playing with mythtv for 2 days so. . .might want to ask tomorrow when someens around
04:55<knight_>it also seems that the database doesnt have the settings.... it has data, but no settings specifically
04:55<knight_>which might be the problem. perhaps it's not fully checking settings.txt and is only looking in the db
05:03<matr1x>you think youre so smart
05:03<matr1x>but youre not
05:03<matr1x>its evil gremlins
05:19<knight_>matr1x, you got mythtv working ye?
05:19<matr1x>haven't even tried
05:19<knight_>i'm rather uneased at mine :)
05:20<knight_>it's not working, and i'm uneased
05:20<knight_>not really upset, but my mood is definately slightly altered. heh
05:32<matr1x>have you got all the right versions of programs compiled?
05:32<matr1x>cannot open DSP eh
05:33<matr1x>could merely be a permissions thing
05:34<knight_>no it's not a perms
05:34<knight_>i'm running it as root
05:34<ian2>snd deamon or something?
05:35<knight_>xmms works well :)
05:36<matr1x>but thats the thing
05:36<matr1x>what sound daemon is loaded
05:36<knight_>nothing i suppose
05:37<knight_>i havent used sound on linux in years
05:37<matr1x>kde has one by default
05:37<ian2>xmms->preferences->output plugin
05:38<knight_>oh, well i'm in kde
05:38<matr1x>and kde sounds are working?
05:38<matr1x>and you logged into kde as root?
05:38<matr1x>yah arts
05:38<matr1x>thats the one
05:38<ian2>can arts and try it
05:39<knight_>yes, i'm in KDE as rot
05:39<matr1x>did you set the audiodevice setting?
05:40<ian2>xmms prolly works cause your just playing, but myth needs full duplex
05:40<knight_>yes, audiodevice is set to /dev/dsp
05:40<matr1x>kill arts
05:40<matr1x>then try
05:41<matr1x>it probably thinks its in use cause of arts
05:42<knight_>so i wont be able to use KDE sounds at the same time as myth i take it
05:42<ian2>umm prolly not
05:42<ian2>is that really a problem?
05:42<knight_>ok i killed artsd but mythtv stlil wont load
05:42<matr1x>worth a shot
05:43<knight_>oh shit
05:43<knight_>/dev/dsp points to /dev/sound/dsp which doesnt even exist
05:43<ian2>u said xmms works?
05:44<knight_>even after killing artsd, i can still hear KDE sounds
05:44<ian2>whats xmms point to?
05:44<knight_>let me check
05:44<knight_>it's set to "Default"
05:44<knight_>which doesnt tell me what it is
05:45<knight_>greyed out is /dev/dsp
05:45<ian2>default is dev/dsp
05:45<knight_>but thas for USE ALTERNATIVE
05:46<knight_>hmmm actually now xmms isnt working
05:46<matr1x>well at least now youre onto something
05:46<matr1x>is your sound card loaded?
05:46<knight_>why would my snd modules get rid of that /dev/sound/dsp?
05:46<knight_>KDE makes hte noises :)
05:46<knight_>and my modules are all loaded
05:47<knight_>didnt artsd provide the dsp?
05:48<matr1x>i guess so
05:48<matr1x>restart kde
05:48<matr1x>see if that changes anything
05:48<knight_>i've rebooted, restarted, etc many times
05:49<matr1x>yah but now im here so do it again
05:49<knight_>even when xmms and my dsp exists, i still cant get it to work
05:50<knight_>ok restarted
05:50<matr1x>so /dev/dsp and /dev/sound/dsp are there?
05:51<knight_>no now i dont hear the kde sounds
05:51<knight_>ls: /dev/sound/dsp: No such file or directory
05:51<knight_>ok i ran the alsasound init.d
05:51<knight_>still nothin
05:52<matr1x>how peculiar
05:52<ian2>hmm this might be negative progress
05:53<knight_>how did my /dev/sound/dsp disappear?
05:54<matr1x>is artsd loaded?
05:55<matr1x>and mythtv still doesnt load
05:55<matr1x>same error
05:57<knight_>Cannot open DSP '', dying.
05:57<knight_>Could not detect audio blocksize
05:57<knight_>Segmentation fault
05:58<matr1x>whats that about
05:58<knight_>so like i said very first thing
05:58<knight_>i'm thinking it's not properly reading settings.txt to get the settings
05:58<matr1x>is it formatted correctly?
05:58<knight_>because in the database, the table settings is empty too
05:59<knight_>i changed almost nothing in the settings.txt
05:59<ian2>i dont think it reads settings from the db
05:59<knight_>ian2, it does
05:59<knight_>according to the comments in settings.txt
05:59<knight_># Record settings (these are now pretty much all in the database -mdz)
06:00<knight_>but regardless:
06:00<knight_># Audio settings
06:00<knight_># dsp device -- output only
06:00<knight_>str AudioDevice=/dev/dsp
06:00<knight_>so shouldnt we see the device name in those single quotes?
06:01<knight_>i.e. Cannot open DSP '/dev/dsp', dying.
06:06<knight_>i just modprobe's snd-pcm-oss to load the dsp back up
06:07<knight_>xmms is working again
06:07<knight_>testing mythtv again
06:08<knight_>same error
06:22<matr1x>whats your sample rate at
06:23<matr1x>are you sure its using your config file?
06:26<knight_>i'm not sure of anything
06:27<knight_>it doesnt output enough
06:36<matr1x>where is your config file located?
06:36<matr1x>is there a command to force the use of a config file?
06:37<knight_>the setings file is /usr/local/share/settings.txt then you run the setup program
06:37<knight_>that injects your settings into the db too
06:37<matr1x>well somethings fucked up somewhere
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07:19<knight_>still doesnt work
07:19<knight_>hmm no .20
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08:52<knight_>viper root # mythtv
08:52<knight_>Probed: /dev/video0 - Television
08:52<knight_>Probed: /dev/video0 - Composite1
08:52<knight_>Probed: /dev/video0 - S-Video
08:52<knight_>ERROR opening file '/mnt/store/ringbuf.nuv' in ThreadedFileWriter.
08:52<knight_>Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
08:52<knight_>Segmentation fault
08:52<_shad> mnt/store doesn't exist
08:54<knight_>ahhh fixed that
08:54<knight_>now how do i enable Xv support?
08:54<_shad>what kind of video card do you have?
08:55<_shad>in X, type xvinfo
08:55<_shad>what do you see?
08:55<knight_>viper root # xvinfo
08:55<knight_>Xlib: extension "XVideo" missing on display ":0.0".
08:55<knight_>xvinfo: No X-Video Extension on :0
08:56<_shad>which driver are you using for X?
08:57<knight_> Driver "tdfx"
08:58<_shad>what version of X?
08:59<knight_>XFree86 Version 4.2.1 / X Window System
09:00<_shad>do you have DRI enabled, and stuff in the kernel also?
09:02<knight_>whats the line for enabling it?
09:02<_shad>I have no idea
09:02<_shad>I have a banshee
09:02<_shad>and it just works
09:03<_shad>send me your XF86Config-4
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09:06<_shad>Try that
09:06<knight_>what did you change?
09:06<_shad>added modules and crap
09:06<_shad>I had more than double that you had
09:07<knight_>ok let me restart X... hang on
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09:08<knight_>now all i need to do is get it outputting to svideo
09:08<knight_>do you know how to do that?
09:09<_shad>no idea
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09:10<_shad>maybe you just need to set it to a supported reas
09:10<_shad>if you can get composite out to work, svideo will
09:11<knight_>i dont even know how to specify which output
09:11<_shad>You shouldn't have to
09:11<_shad>it should go to both
09:12<knight_>dont i have to specify it as a desktop or something?
09:12<_shad>the diff between composite and svideo is that composite has all data going through one pin, and svideo has R G and B going through seperate ones
09:12<knight_>yeah i know
09:12<knight_>but i have to turn it on and associate it with a desktop
09:13<_shad>try that
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09:22* _shadgoes to school
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09:39<knight_>gotta figure out how to get my svideo going
09:46<knight_>also, mythtv doesnt mute the input
09:46<knight_>when it closes
09:53<lichen>you're supposed to leave the input muted
09:54<lichen>plug the line out from the capture card to the line in of your soundcard, mute line in, put it up to 100% and turn capture on for it
10:04knight_knight__ Dec 09 10:05:02 <mdz> knight_: why are you installing the CVS version?
10:05<mdz>if you are installing from scratch, especially if you are having problems, use 0.7
10:22<lichen>when chutt says he applies patches by hand, does he literally just copy and paste the lines where they should go? or is it a slightly more automated "by hand"
10:23<mdz>I assume that 'by hand' means 'without patch(1)'
10:25<lichen>seems like a lot of tedious work thats prone to errors for those big diffs :(
10:30<mdz>it gives him a chance to merge it the way he wants it, I assume
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11:36<mdz>why is everyone always complaining about mythtv's dependencies? they are not at all difficult to fulfill
11:45<brtb>because installing all the perl modules for xmltv is kinda annoying... nothing too bad though
11:46<mdz>but they're all CPAN-able
11:47<brtb>which is why i said not too bad. probably confuses people when xml::twig needs expat and then bombs, though
11:47<brtb>still isn't the fault of mythtv
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12:07<tinsley>was that guy lying about the aiw7500 working
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12:31<lichen>how many of you guys like the idea of an option in the main mythweb menu that lists all the movies playing over the course of the next 5 days or so? i've determined the problem with grant taylors patch and have corrected it, but it returns a large number of listings so the layout would have to be redesigned.. im just wondering if you guys think its worth it or not, or if you even want to have a Movies option in the main menu
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12:34<Chutt>i think it'd be useful
12:57lichenlichen_ Dec 09 12:57:46 <mdz> lichen: yeah, that'd be useful
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15:24<Kuwanger>Does mythtv work okay running in vnc?
15:24<Kuwanger>vncserver, that is.
15:26<Chutt>what possible reason could you have for doing that?
15:26<Kyzoku>if it runs in X, it should run in vncserver
15:26<Kuwanger>Chutt: To keep it running, regardless?
15:26<Chutt>err, what?
15:27* Kyzokuis also puzzled
15:27<Kuwanger>I have to keep X continuously logged in to support mythtv running, otherwise.
15:27<Chutt>why's that a problem?
15:28<Kuwanger>You can't do that remotely. :)
15:29<Kuwanger>Well, not securely, at least.
15:29<Chutt>what would you need to do it remotely for?
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15:29<Kuwanger>Because I'm remote?
15:29<Chutt>i'm still confused.
15:32<bigguy>me too
15:32<tinsley>me three
15:33<Kuwanger>Me four, but about what you're confused about.
15:38<tinsley>so you want to watch tv through vnc?
15:39<moegreen>Kuwanger: or are you saying you want mythtv to run in a background process so it can record shows without being logged into a regular X session on the machine?
15:39<Kuwanger>moegreen: That's basically it, yes.
15:41<moegreen>hmm...mythtv runs in the vnc session, although i haven't tried recording anything - i guess that should work. You won't have a tv output - so when you watch what you have recorded you would have to close the mythfrontend running the vncsession and then start it on a regular session.
15:43<Kuwanger>moegreen: Actually, I would have tv output. The output is the output of decompression. I wouldn't want to, though, since remotely it'd never be fast enough and locally there's no reason to use vncserver, since I'm obviously logged in then.
15:44<moegreen>I'm not sure that the xvideo extension will work with vnc
15:44<mdz>moegreen: it definitely will not
15:45<mdz>even if it did, you'd need a ton of bandwidth even to send the unscaled frames
15:45<mdz>and the whole operation would be silly anyway :-)
15:45<Kuwanger>You need Xv?
15:45<Kuwanger>Well, the preview mode works.
15:46<Kuwanger>Maybe it doesn't use Xv. Oh well, not that I'd try it. :)
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15:51<lichen>oh god, kuwanger... here is his line of reasoning "let me think of the most absolutely ridiculous, not to mention pointless thing that i could ever want to do, and then ask if its possible.. and if its not, tell them that it should be and argue it to the death"
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16:22<DigDug>Been sifting through a little bit of the code. Was seeing how to make it Xinerama aware. Seems easy enough to control the video playback window in XJ.cpp, but it seems like all the other windows (mythfrontend, mythtv, etc) all use Qt and just open a window in the upper left of the screen (no fullscreen/windowed modes)
16:27<mdz>Chutt: did you realize that the mpeg4 codec actually changes the frame rate compared to rtjpeg? See the mailing list for details
16:33<Chutt>that was sarcasm, right?
16:34<Chutt>did you see my changes to your config code?
16:35<Chutt>digdug, yeah, that's right
16:36<mdz>Chutt: yes, that was sarcasm
16:37<mdz>Chutt: I noticed that you mythified it, but I haven't looked at the changes or the UI yet
16:37<Chutt>mostly just involved passing the context into the dialogs to allow em to access that stuff
16:37<Chutt>everything seems to fit into 800x600
16:38<mdz>yeah, I was trying to think of a good way to separate the myth-specific bits from the generic bits
16:38<mdz>but I guess it doesn't matter
16:38<mdz>I don't want to maintain two of everything
16:38<Chutt>i added a horizontal config box
16:38<Chutt>for the video size
16:38<Chutt>just to save a little space
16:39<Chutt>it all works fairly well with the keyboard
16:39<mdz>I had thought about letting the derived class specify a layout widget
16:39<mdz>rather than having vertical, horizontal, etc.
16:39<Chutt>i'm tempted to reimplement qwizard, though
16:39<Chutt>just so i can change the button types to the 'MyPushButton' class
16:39<mdz>I need to clean up the wizard too, if you didn't already
16:39<mdz>like remove the help button
16:39<Chutt>haven't done that yet
16:40<mdz>for some reason, it likes to focus the help button instead of finish at the end
16:41<mdz>I started to put in scrollviews in a few places, to see if it was smart and would scroll it as the user focused the widgets
16:41<mdz>but QScrollView was a pain
16:41<DigDug>Chutt: so i just need to have the Qt window placed in the appropriate place on the desktop, i.e. in the TVout viewport.
16:41<mdz>wouldn't resize itself correctly
16:42<Chutt>digdug, yup
16:42<mdz>now that the dialogs are using mythcontext, though, it should be possible to drop in a qscrollview with a fixed size
16:42<Chutt>i'm not sure how best to do that, though
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16:42<Chutt>mdz, you're a big fan of inheritance, aren't you? :p
16:42<mdz>seems like the window manager's job
16:43<mdz>Chutt: I knew you would make a comment about it ;-)
16:43<Chutt>not how i would've done it, but it works =)
16:44<mdz>I hate maintaining the same stuff in multiple places
16:44<mdz>so sometimes I go a little inheritance crazy
16:45<DigDug>Does each subprogram create its own Qt window one on top of the other with mythfrontend being the bottom?
16:46<Chutt>digdug, yup
16:46<Chutt>each screen, even within mythfrontend, is a separate window
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16:56<mdz>Chutt: do you think it's worthwhile to have a UI for editing the capturecard/cardinput/videosource stuff?
16:57<mdz>I'm not terribly motivated to do it
17:01<DigDug>Ugh, I can't find where the Qt window is actually created.
17:02<Chutt>the QDialog constructor
17:02<Chutt>mdz, isn't that mostly finished?
17:07<DigDug>So I need to change the placement of ALL dialog boxes. guidegrid,infodialog,themedmenu,deletebox,playbackbox, and viewscheduled...
17:07<mdz>Chutt: well, yeah, the existing stuff could be used for editing, but it needs a dialog to select a thing to edit
17:08<mdz>DigDug: yeah...Chutt's not a big fan of inheritance ;-)
17:09<Chutt>you could just make a new dialog class
17:09<Chutt>i've been meaning to for awhile
17:11<DigDug>And replace context->GetScreenSettings(screenw thru setFixedHeight(screenheight); with reference to a dialog object?
17:11<DigDug>Hmm i guess that didn't make much sense.
17:12<Chutt>you'd then make all those dialogs that currently inherit qdialog inherit the new dialog class
17:12<Chutt>and do all the common setup in there
17:12<mdz>and then the settings dialogs could do the same
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17:14<DigDug>I'm not too familiar with C++ syntax.. but " : QDialog(parent, name)" means inherit?
17:15<Chutt>look in the .h file for it
17:15<Chutt>see the 'public Qdialog' bit?
17:15<[DJ]HaCK>how usable is mythtv ? does it do all it says on the webpage ?
17:15<Chutt>no, i'm lying on the webpage
17:15<DigDug>yeah, in dialogbox.h
17:15<Chutt>those are all mockups.
17:16<Chutt>digdug, the : QDialog(parent, name) means to call qdialog's constructor with those args
17:16<[DJ]HaCK>a ok nice gimp job on those screenshots ;)
17:19<DigDug>Well, i don't want you to have to teach me C++. Maybe I should leave this stuff to someone else.
17:20<DigDug>Seems like its more of an overhaul than I had hoped.
17:20<DigDug>To do it right.
17:20<[DJ]HaCK>really , I plan to make a computer made only for use with mythtv as a pvr , is it stable enough to be sellable ?
17:22<DigDug>[DJ]HaCK: you are going to try to compete with TiVo and Replay TV?
17:26<[DJ]HaCK>you can't buy a tivo in my town
17:27<[DJ]HaCK>the best you can have is a bell expressvu pvr than can only record replay and pause live video
17:27<[DJ]HaCK>and it cost 700$cad
17:30<Kyzoku>the machine I'm looking to build costs nearly that, but I'm probably a little high on the hardware end of things
17:30<[DJ]HaCK>mine is 600$ cost but it can do much more than bell's like it has dvd and 80gb drive
17:32<DigDug>Chutt: I'll probably just make whatever changes I need to make just to get it working in my setup. I'll have the Xinerama and VidMode code in there and you can use that it implement it the Right(tm) way with that Dialog class.
17:33<Chutt>sure, that's fine
17:33<DigDug>I mean, i can easily change the placement everywhere "setGeometry" is called.
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18:12<Chutt>that web mailing list archive that was posted to the list is rather nice
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18:33<Soopaman>this chan is growing more and more
18:33<Soopaman>what up all
18:34<Soopaman>Chutt, vektor, paperclip, mdz, Universe
18:34<Soopaman>any of you guys play around with the Windows Media Centre?
18:36<Universe>haven't gotten my hands on a copy yet.
18:36<Soopaman>i just played with it at Future Shop
18:37<Soopaman>and i swear it's a beta product
18:37<Universe>all windows products are beta..
18:37<Soopaman>outside of the remote control, there really isn't anything good about it
18:38<Soopaman>it is sloooooooooooow
18:38<Soopaman>at times i forgot if i actually hit a button, i was waiting so long
18:38<Soopaman>dunno if the problem was with the machine, but whatever the case, the lag was rediculous
18:41<paperclip>where's the web mailing list archive?
18:41<Chutt>there's a couple links on the website
19:01-!-bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
19:10-!-Kuwanger [] has joined #mythtv
19:10<Kuwanger>Well, it didn't apparently work. Only 1024 bytes were saved for the first program and the rest just plain didn't have recorded anything.
19:36-!-sideshow [] has joined #mythtv
19:37<mdz_>that guy on the mailing list is nuts
19:38<mdz_>mpeg-4 at 4400 looks fantastic
19:40<Chutt>he has a projector, iirc
19:40<mdz_>analog or digital?
19:40<Chutt>that, i don't know
19:41<mdz_>I would think that on a larger, lower-res display, the difference would be even more obvious
19:41<mdz_>he has other problems anyway, if it is not smooth
19:43-!-nevertheless is now known as ntl|zzZZzz
19:47-!-yebyen__ [] has joined #mythtv
19:47-!-TardisX [] has joined #mythtv
19:47<-- TardisX( has left #mythtv ("Client Exiting")
19:47-!-yebyen [] has quit ["Reconnecting"]
19:47-!-TardisX [] has joined #mythtv
19:47-!-yebyen__ is now known as yebyen
19:52* Kuwangerwould rather reduce than increase storage usage.
19:55<lichen_>very profound
19:58<Kuwanger>Uh, yea, whatever.
20:00-!-Tuscany0 [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:33-!-paperclip [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:33-!-sideshow [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:34-!-paperclip [] has joined #mythtv
20:44-!-daryl_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:45<daryl_>hey all, im new to mythtv, im trying to get it to work now, I hope this is the answer to my wishes
20:45-!-bigguy [] has quit ["bbl food"]
20:45<daryl_>god it has alot of dependencies
20:46<Chutt>qt, lame, mysql, and xmltv.
20:46<daryl_>first off the ebuild doesnt work, because it complains about my march settings
20:46<Chutt>yeah, that's a lot.
20:46<daryl_>xmltv has alot
20:47<daryl_>but i compiled it manually
20:47<Chutt>everything xmltv needs is in cpan
20:47<daryl_>well xmltv is installed
20:47<tinsley>itd be sweet if mythtv was its own distro
20:48<Chutt>no it wouldn't.
20:48<daryl_>you should distrubute a distro with it installed, like a live cd
20:48<daryl_>so people can try it
20:48<Chutt>no, i shouldn't.
20:48<Chutt>there's debian packages for everything
20:48<daryl_>who runs debian?
20:48<lichen_>a lot more than you think
20:49<TardisX>I don't :-) but it was still no problem getting it going
20:49<tinsley>ewww debian
20:49<lichen_>rh, debian, and gentoo are probably the most popular
20:49<Chutt>if you choose not to use them, too bad
20:49<tinsley>myth should work on fbsd
20:49<Kuwanger>Chutt: Some of the xml isn't.
20:49<Chutt>erm, no
20:49<lichen_>i dont imagine v4l works on linux
20:50<Chutt>everything xmltv needs is in debian
20:50<Chutt>xmltv itself is in debian
20:50<lichen_>considering its video4LINUX
20:50<daryl_>well, anyone know how to reset passwords in mysql?
20:50<daryl_>i forgot my password
20:51<Kuwanger>I think XML::Parser was the one.
20:52<lichen_>daryl, do you know the passwords of any accounts that can access the mysql table?
20:53<Kuwanger>Chutt: Huh?
20:53<daryl_>well I know every password for every user
20:53<daryl_>but, I set a password in mysql for the user root
20:53<Chutt>what do you mean, huh
20:53<Chutt>that's the package name
20:53<Kuwanger>Sorry, that wasn't it.
20:53<Kuwanger>XML::Twig isn't in cpan.
20:54<lichen_>apt-get fulfilled all my perl dependencies... i had absolutely zero trouble with xmltv
20:55<daryl_>so how do I reset the password for mysql
20:55<Chutt>xml twig 3.09 is in cpan
20:55<Chutt>which is the required version
20:55<Chutt>heh, thanks, i was just going to paste that :p
20:56<Kuwanger>Chutt: I tried installing XML::Twig and it failed to find a match.
20:56<Chutt>kuwanger, that's nice.
20:56<Chutt>it's there, though
20:57<Kuwanger>Chutt: Nifty.
21:29<daryl_>----------------- Start of XMLTV output -----------------
21:29<daryl_>------------------ End of XMLTV output ------------------
21:30<daryl_>what dpes that mean?-
21:30<daryl_>usr/bin/tv_grab_na: specified config file '/home/daryl/.mythtv/default.xmltv' does not exist, run --configure
21:30<daryl_>that was in between
21:31<daryl_>getting list of providers for postal/zip code 14221, be patient..
21:31<daryl_>zap2it failed to give us a page: 302:Found
21:31<daryl_>check postal/zip code or www site (maybe they're down)
21:31<knight__>you're running an older version of xmltv
21:31<knight__>you need to run the latest
21:31<daryl_>anyone know what to do?
21:32<knight__>there was a change in how zap2it did it's pages
21:32<daryl_>im running 0.5.2
21:32<knight__>and there was an emergency xmltv release
21:32-!-daryl_ [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:33-!-dcstimm [] has joined #mythtv
21:33<dcstimm>what is the best way to install mythtv with gentoo?
21:34<dcstimm>xmltv is outdated it seems
21:34<knight__>0.5.4 is the latest i believe
21:34<knight__>you must manually install the latest
21:34<dcstimm>i was wondering if there is a way to use a ebuild in gentoo for 0.5.4
21:34<dcstimm>i dont want to manually do it
21:34<knight__>manually do it. there's no ebuild.
21:35<dcstimm>since mythtv is so buggy it seems
21:35<knight__>mythtv isnt so buddy.
21:35<dcstimm>well, it looks pretty bad so far
21:35<knight__>the ebuilds are crap
21:35<knight__>there's no OFFICIAL ebuild releases if you didnt notice
21:35<dcstimm>write some new ones?
21:35<knight__>go for it.
21:36<dcstimm>Probed: /dev/video0 - Television
21:36<dcstimm>Probed: /dev/video0 - Composite1
21:36<dcstimm>Probed: /dev/video0 - S-Video
21:36<dcstimm>Probed: /dev/video0 - Composite3
21:36<dcstimm>Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
21:36<dcstimm>audio volume set to '32768'
21:36<dcstimm>strange error flushing buffer ...
21:36<dcstimm>what does that mean?
21:36<knight__>beats me
21:36<knight__>check the mailing list?
21:37<dcstimm>iv never really used a mailing list
21:37<dcstimm>how do they work?
21:38-!-sideshow [] has joined #mythtv
21:38<Universe>the strange error flushing buffer is a common error
21:38<Universe>ignore it
21:38<dcstimm>how do you fix it?
21:38<Universe>nothing to fix
21:38<dcstimm>tv doesnt come on
21:39<dcstimm>it just enables the sound
21:39<dcstimm>then dies
21:39<Universe>that isn't your problem then
21:39<dcstimm>thats the last thing since it died
21:39<Universe>how long did you wait for TV to load?
21:40<dcstimm>ok it works now
21:40<Universe>depending on your processor and your settings, it can take a while...
21:40<dcstimm>dual p3s
21:41<dcstimm>killall motv
21:41<dcstimm>killall xawtv
21:41<dcstimm>killall -9 vcr
21:41<dcstimm>vcr -g /dev/video0 -c 'divx ;-) low-motion' -v -p 40 -F 23 -q 100 -m mono -b 64 -t 60m 1while.avi
21:41<dcstimm>this is the script i use to record tv
21:41<Universe>I dont think myth takes advancing of SMP
21:42<Universe>you will have to ask mdz or Chutt to know for sure
21:42<dcstimm>why do I hear an echo when watching tv?
21:42<Universe>you dont have your mixxer setup correctly
21:42<moegreen>dcstimm: mute your line in volume
21:42<Universe>mute in line
21:44<Universe>because you want to listen to playback
21:44<Universe>not the live feed from your TV card
21:44<Universe>or both , which is what you have going now
21:45<dcstimm>xawtv works fine
21:45<Universe>because you are watching live video
21:45<Universe>wiht myth, you are watching a playing
21:45<Universe>err playback
21:45<knight__>mythtv live tv is really RECORDING the video and audio in, and playing it to you in real time
21:45<knight__>so if you have the audio in unmuted, you hear both
21:45<Universe>thanks knight_.... I wasn't getting the point across
21:46<knight__>universe, np
21:46<dcstimm>I muted my inline and it muted my audio
21:46<Universe>set inline as the record channel
21:46<knight__>mute Line In playback, not record.
21:49<dcstimm>aumix completely turned my sound off
21:49<dcstimm>now I cant get it back on
21:50<Universe>I use kmix
21:51-!-dcstimm [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:51<Universe>guess he didn't want to use kmix
21:57<-- Universehas quit ()
22:06<Kuwanger>Is there any way to have mythtv dump out its schedule to a file?
22:06<Kuwanger>Or is that all in the database?
22:11<knight__>it's in the db
22:13-!-lichen [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:15* Kuwangerhas some qualms about the scheduling resolution, but it seems a nice interface overall.
22:25<knight__>i also dont like how it cant play existing avi/mpg's
22:27-!-dcstimm [] has joined #mythtv
22:27<dcstimm>anyone know how to install LWP?
22:28<dcstimm>LWP-5.65 is required, but 5.64 is installed
22:28<dcstimm>I get that
22:32<moegreen>knight__: someone is working on a video (avi/mpg/etc) playing frontend
22:33<dcstimm>anyone know how to install LWP?
22:33<Kuwanger>dcstimm: cpan -e "install Bundle::LWP"
22:36<knight__>moegreen, oh yeah?
22:36<knight__>moegreen, will it support meta information?
22:37<knight__>moegreen, i.e. you can choose a show, then select a season and episode
22:39<moegreen>knight__: I'm not sure, it's just been started recently but has basic functionality from what I read.
22:51<dcstimm>wow xmltv is nice
23:00<dcstimm>can anyone help me fix and configure mythtv?
23:01<dcstimm>im having some issues
23:01<dcstimm>both the latest versions of xmltv and mythtv are installed
23:07<dcstimm>anyone here?
23:07<dcstimm>can anyone help me fix and configure mythtv?
23:07<dcstimm>anyone here?
23:13-!-bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
23:14<brtb>mythtv cvs?
23:14<brtb>cvs version is unsupported at this time
23:14<knight__>dont use cvs
23:15<knight__>its broken
23:15<dcstimm>umm no
23:15<dcstimm>not cvs
23:17<brtb>steps to install mythtv on slackware (abridged version): configure mysql. install expat. install xmltv perl dependencies. install xmltv, modprobe bttv, modprobe emu10k1, import database, ~/mythtv-0.7/setup/setup, pico /usr/local/share/settings.txt, startx, kmix mute line in + set record to line in, konsole, mythfrontend
23:21<tinsley>does anyone use a dvd drive in their computer and output to tv?
23:22-!-paperclip [] has quit []
23:22-!-Soopaman [] has quit []
23:22-!-witten [] has quit []
23:22<-- Syn-has quit (
23:22<tinsley>if so, i am wondering about quality difference between that and a standalone player
23:22<brtb>depends on the quality of your method of tv output
23:22<tinsley>from the vid out?
23:23-!-dcstimm [] has quit ["I like core dumps"]
23:23-!-paperclip [] has joined #mythtv
23:23-!-Soopaman [] has joined #mythtv
23:23-!-witten [] has joined #mythtv
23:23--> Syn-( has joined #mythtv
23:23<brtb>if i use the outputs on the mpeg2 decoder card, it's just like a dvd player. if i use my tnt2 with tv-out, i can never get the brightness/contrast/gamma settings just right, so it either looks washed out or too dark, and it's losing resolution along the way
23:24<tinsley>i remember reading something about a card that you can control the brightness/contrast/etc
23:25<knight__>whats weird is mythtv seems to skip a little when watching live tv...
23:25<brtb>well i can, i just can't get it right, and when i get it close enough those settings don't work for another movie
23:25<knight__>and the quality isnt set the best either.
23:25<brtb>knight_: rewind a few seconds and see if it skips then
23:25<Kuwanger>knight_: I only get that when switching channels.
23:26<brtb>knight - what's your machine specs?
23:26<knight__>which is odd because i have a dual PIII 1ghz with 512mb ram
23:26<brtb>and settings?
23:26<Chutt>wow, that's a top of the line machine
23:26<tinsley>pretty much
23:26<vektor>brtb: Part of the reoslution/problem problem is that there's an unnecessary conversion to RGB when talking to the tv-out on the TNT2.
23:26<tinsley>if smp is enabled
23:26<Chutt>that's pushing it for the default settings, iirc.
23:26<vektor>brtb: You're not talking directly to the video encoder chip.
23:26<knight__>smp enable, etc
23:27<Chutt>smp doesn't help with video encoding
23:27<Chutt>it's a linear process
23:27<knight__>it helps when you're doing other things though
23:27<knight__>i.e. more than one process
23:27<brtb>chutt correct me if i'm wrong but 0.7 doesn't take advantage of smp very well, right?
23:27<Kuwanger>smp could help if the codec were threaded well enough.
23:27<Kuwanger>But that's unlikely.
23:27<Chutt>brtb, right, libavcodec's not thread safe
23:27<knight__>codecs are never multithreaded
23:27<Chutt>rtjpeg's fine with smp, but anything in libavcodec's not
23:28<knight__>anyways, my point is, at 640x480 and quality of like 4 or 5, you'd think it would be smooth
23:28<brtb>vektor: yep... for now, i'm plenty happy with my cheap little de-macrovisioned apex, lol
23:28<knight__>it's not set to top quality
23:28<brtb>knight - on a p3 1gig? nope. try 480x480 maybe
23:28<Chutt>knight, why would you think that?
23:28<Kuwanger>knight__: I have a 950Mhz Athlon, and I get dropped frames all over..
23:29<Chutt>your cpu is ancient, you're doing something _very_ stressful
23:29<Kuwanger>Which is why I encode at 320x240..
23:29<brtb>p3 667 I can just barely do 352x240 mpeg4 with audio-compress
23:29<brtb>kuwanger - tried 480x480 on that?
23:29<knight__>then i think there should be a way to by pass realtime encoding and just pull from the card
23:29<vektor>Kuwanger: Maybe you're missing out on some other performance features, like enabling DMA to your drives.
23:29<vektor>Kuwanger: Or making sure you're using AGP 4x.
23:29<brtb>950 should at least be able to handle that
23:30<Chutt>knight, there is, it's called 'xawtv' or 'tvtime'
23:30<-- ntl|zzZZzzhas quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:30<knight__>those programs suck, and dont have osds
23:30<knight__>not good ones anyways
23:30-!-mazeone [~mazeone@] has joined #mythtv
23:30<vektor>knight_: I take offense.
23:30<mazeone>your sub ghz machines suck ass, accept it
23:30<-- mazeone(~mazeone@ has left #mythtv
23:30<vektor>knight_: tvtime does so have an OSD.
23:30<knight__>the ability to turn off or switch to a non-live-encode version should be possible.
23:31<vektor>knight_: silly in a PVR though.
23:31<Chutt>ah, the beauty of a drive-by mazeoneing
23:31<vektor>knight_: if you wanted to pause it then you'd be screwed.
23:31<Chutt>knight, no, i don't think it should, actually
23:31<knight__>no necessarily. what if you feel like one day you dont want the PVR functionality for a single show
23:31<vektor>knight_: anyway, i want to know your problem with the tvtime osd.
23:31<knight__>and want perfect quality
23:31<vektor>then use tvtime! :)
23:31<knight__>and your "ancient p3" cant handle 640x480 on best quality
23:31<Chutt>knight, then you run a different program
23:31<Kuwanger>brtb: Uses about 70% CPU or so, quick isn't acceptable to me.
23:31<knight__>the point is avoiding having to use the X desktop
23:32<knight__>a fully automated and remote controlled machine
23:32<Chutt>no, the point is to use a pvr for a pvr
23:32<knight__>perhaps for YOU
23:32<vektor>knight_: then you code the functionality.
23:32<Kuwanger>err, quick=which
23:32<Chutt>perhaps for me? =)
23:32<knight__>i use a pvr for a pvr, but at times i might want to bypass the real time encoding so i can watch in better quality
23:32<Kuwanger>vektor: How would AGP 4x help?
23:32<vektor>Kuwanger: so you're not wasting CPU copying frames to video ram.
23:32<Kuwanger>knight__: Use a different program.
23:32<vektor>Kuwanger: it speeds up that time.
23:33<Kuwanger>vektor: Uh..what?
23:33<mdz_>vektor: say, can tvtime use an Xv video source, rather than v4l?
23:33<knight__>no i still need all the functionality in mythtv
23:33<bigguy>knight__: so use a different application and quit being silly
23:33<knight__>if another program could integrate with the mythtv menus, then i'd use it
23:33<vektor>mdz: no way to get the data from Xv into my app.
23:33<Chutt>knight, mythtv has the capability to run anything from its menus
23:33<knight__>for the last time, i use ALL the functionality in mythtv, why would i use a different program?
23:33<vektor>mdz: Xv capture sources only let you display it to the screen, or do a slow thing into an x pixmap or something and then try and transfer that back? i'm not even sure how that would work, and i doubt it would be speedy.
23:33<brtb>chutt - question... i can probably get an mga G200-tv for pretty cheap... how much does a mjpeg-capable card help exactly, and how much HD space does it take up?
23:33<Kuwanger>knight__: Then you're using the live encoding? :)
23:34<Chutt>brtb, i don't think its worth it, really
23:34<Kuwanger>knight__: Then what's the problem?
23:34<knight__>but _once in a while_ it would be nice to watch a show without pvr functionality so i can have perfect quality
23:34<Chutt>brtb, can't decode in hardware while you're encoding, which kinda kills things
23:34<knight__>and i dont want to have to plug in a monitor, keyboard, mouse, quit mythtv, start another program, etc
23:34<Kuwanger>knight__: Use a program that doesn't do live encoding, then. :)
23:34<vektor>'perfect quality' :)
23:34<Chutt>brtb, quality's good
23:34<knight__>Kuwanger, you're missing the point entirely.
23:35<vektor>knight_: are you outputting mythtv to a TV?
23:35<Chutt>brtb, but, really, it's no better than rtjpeg at 255, or mpeg4 at something silly like 8000bps
23:35<Chutt>knight, you can bind any program to be run from a button in mythtv's menus
23:35<vektor>knight_: how?
23:36<knight__>Chutt, and in that case I will try to do that.
23:36<mdz_>knight__: why do you have to plug in or quit anything? just launch another program
23:36<brtb>knight - get a better processor. pvr functionality (pause/rewind live tv) means doing realtime encode and decode, which takes up large amounts of CPU since we have no hardware encoding capability
23:36<Kuwanger>knight__: Not really..
23:36<mdz_>knight__: it's an X session
23:36<Kuwanger>knight__: Sounds like you want a coax switch box, though.
23:36<mdz_>vektor: is it possible to draw to an Xv area other than using putimage?
23:36-!-Kyzoku [] has quit ["Getting off stoned server - dircproxy 1.0.3"]
23:37<mdz_>vektor: if you could blit things around and such, I suppose it'd be possible to have a deinterlacer run with it
23:37<vektor>mdz: you mean somehow blit it into system ram in some place that i have access to?
23:37<mdz_>vektor: curious because that's the native setup for the AIW cards
23:37<knight__>why would i want a fucking coax switch box?
23:37<vektor>mdz: or have it copy it into a shared memory segment?
23:37<knight__>can you not read?
23:37<vektor>mdz: yes but you can't capture using that
23:37<knight__>my inputs arent changing.
23:37<mdz_>vektor: sure you can, using km :-)
23:37<vektor>mdz: that's why they have the 'km' stuff for capture
23:37<Kuwanger>knight__: Because that's what you want. :)
23:37<vektor>mdz: and it doesn't go through X.
23:37<vektor>mdz: i don't think XVideo gives you a capture API.
23:37-!-Kyzoku [] has joined #mythtv
23:38<mdz_>vektor: doesn't look like it, but I haven't looked to be honest. km could just be to provide the v4l API for all I know
23:38<brtb>if you don't want pvr functionality then use xawtv, or kwintv/qtvision or something. mythtv is a pvr, if you don't want pvr use something else. or code up something that mythtv could use... if you could get one of the live-tv progs to keep settings and run on fullscreen, you could probably execute it from mythfrontend (maybe)
23:38<vektor>mdz: it is. i read the km source today actually to figure out why tvtime doesn't work with it.
23:38<vektor>mdz: it's really annoying, actually.
23:38<mdz_>vektor: seems silly to take the data from video RAM into system RAM via v4l, just to dump it back via Xv
23:38<Kuwanger>knight__: If the PVR is a pass-through device and you're unhappy with it and you want to use the best quality possible, ie the "perfect" input, without loading another program, then you want to route around the PVR.
23:38<knight__>I already said I use every piece of functionality in MythTV.
23:38<knight__>I'm not complaining, and I'm not griping.
23:39<knight__>You're twisting what I'm saying into something completely different.
23:39<vektor>mdz: well i can't process the video data when it's in video ram. :)
23:39<knight__>I will bind a menu key to a mythfrontend menu, and I can watch unencoded live tv that way.
23:40<Chutt>it's _really_ easy to do that, btw
23:40<mdz_>Chutt speaks the truth
23:40<knight__>I never said I was unhappy with MythTV's PVR functionality.
23:41<knight__>I never said it was slow, it sucked, or anything of that nature. By referring to wanting to watch an occasional show without the PVR functionality and without having to leave the mythtv frontend, it doesn't entail that I think MythTV suckjs, or is incapable of doing something. I simply asked _how_. Period. Done. We're over it now.
23:41<mdz_>sure is a lot of noise in here about something that's over and done
23:43-!-bigguy [] has quit []
23:43-!-yebyen [] has quit []
23:43-!-Kuwanger [] has quit []
23:43<-- [DJ]HaCKhas quit (
23:44--> [DJ]HaCK(~[UiN] has joined #mythtv
23:44-!-bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
23:46<Chutt>anyone tried that mythmusic startup speed change?
23:47-!-Kuwanger [] has joined #mythtv
23:49<Kuwanger>Well, that was fun..
23:51<Kuwanger>Uh, is ~/.mythtv/settings.txt looked at by mythtv?
23:51<Kuwanger>Any idea why my target bitrate is being ignored, then?
23:51<Chutt>spelled wrong? =)
23:51<Kuwanger>Only if it's mispelled in the original.
23:52<Chutt>extra space in it somewhere, then?
23:52<mdz_>using the cvs version?
23:52<Chutt>or that
23:52<mdz_>using rtjpeg?
23:52<mdz_>does it work if you put it in /usr/local/share/mythtv/settings.txt?
23:53<Kuwanger>Maybe my quality settings are too high?
23:53<Chutt>what are they?
23:53<Kuwanger>Btw, target bitrate appears to be kilobits/second..
23:53<Kuwanger>1 and 3, for max and min.
23:54<Chutt>try 2 and 3
23:54* Kuwangerset 1 and 31.. :)
23:55<Chutt>some versions of libavcodec have problems with the quality at '1'
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23:57<Kuwanger>Oh well, I'll try 2 and 31 then.
23:57* Kuwangercrosses his fingers.
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23:58<mdz_>Chutt: which fields does myth compare to check duplicates against oldrecorded?
23:58<Chutt>title, subtitle, and description
23:59<Chutt>and subtitle and description both have to be non-null
23:59<Chutt>basically, all the data i have
23:59<mdz_>I have something which has been recorded many times that is a duplica'te
23:59<mdz_>the description is constant
23:59<mdz_>the subtitle is present