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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-12-13

00:00<knight_>ERROR opening file '/mnt/video/Uploads/knight/rips/1007_20021212210000_20021212220000.nuv' in ThreadedFileWriter.
00:01<knight_>and perms are fine
00:01<Chutt>only way that'll happen is if the open() fails.
00:02<Chutt>it's probably the fact that that filesystem doesn't support large files
00:13<lichen_>ntfs does, its actually a limitation of samba i believe
00:14<Chutt>got some 32bit values in there holding things up =)
00:14<Chutt>anyway, that's the only reason i can think of for the open to fail, if perms are right
00:14<lichen_>hah exactly
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03:25<cowbud>is there a way to play the .nuv file that is left behind?!
03:25<cowbud>mplayer doesnt seem to like it
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06:13<The_TiK>does the patch for mplayer in the mailing list work for video compressed with divx?
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07:26<Tarrychk>I have a question about mythtv: how does it cope with filesize limits?
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07:46<_shad>what limits?
07:48<Tarrychk>shad: fat-filesystems have a filesize limit of 2GB / file
07:48<_shad>why are you using fat?
07:48<_shad>over the network?
07:49<Tarrychk>shad: I'm using the partition with Linux and Windows
07:49<_shad>you're stuck with 2 gigs then :)
07:49<Tarrychk>shad: AVIs itself have a limit of max. 4GB, AFAIK
07:50<_shad>linux doesn't have the 2gig limitation
07:50<_shad>so I don't think it will ever get 'fixed'
07:51<Tarrychk>shad: but what about the AVI-Limit? will other tools be able to read AVI > 4GB?
07:51<_shad>it doesn't save in avi
07:52<Tarrychk>which format is mythtv using?
07:53<_shad>rtjpeg and mpeg4
07:53<_shad>I don't know how 'modified' these codecs are though
07:53<Tarrychk>erm... avi is a container for other codecs such as mpeg4
07:53<_shad>but it uses it's own container
07:53<CrisTUFR_>I thought the 4GB AVI limit was a Windows thing...
07:53* CrisTUFR_shrugs
07:54<Tarrychk>ok, thanks :)
07:54<_shad>hrm. I think mythtv uses a heavily modified nupelvideo
07:54<CrisTUFR_>Yeah. NuppelVideo is diverging from the original quite muchly... :)
07:55<_shad>grr. exam in 30 mins
07:55<_shad>I should go, when it's a 25 min drive
07:55* Tarrychkwill do some experiments with reiser and ext2 ;)
07:55* CrisTUFR_yays because his contrast/brightness works...
07:55<Tarrychk>shad: good luck
07:55<CrisTUFR_>Now to put a face on it. :)
07:55<_shad>heh. thanks
07:55<CrisTUFR_>_shad: enjoy. don't work too hard. :)
07:55<_shad>CrisTUFR_: I didn't bother to study
07:55<CrisTUFR_>_shad: that's my boy. ;)
07:56<_shad>2 exams today actually
07:56* CrisTUFR_knocks on wood. that has never happened to him yet.
07:56<_shad>:) I've had 6 total this week and 4 next week
07:56<CrisTUFR_>Actually. I don't think it'll ever happen.
07:57<CrisTUFR_>I will only have one final next term... :D
07:57<_shad>Can't miss it
07:58<CrisTUFR_>so. is ext3 supposed to be any faster than ext2, or is it just ext2+journalling?
07:59<Tarrychk>chris: ext3 is downward compatible with ext2, so it's just +journaling
07:59<CrisTUFR_>that's what I thought.
08:00<Tarrychk>cris: you can mount ext3 as ext2 without problems
08:00<CrisTUFR_>not very important for a video-only partition then. ext2 should suffice.
08:00<CrisTUFR_>i think that the only benefits of the 'new' filesystems are in the handling of small files...
08:00<CrisTUFR_>(or lots of files, rather)
08:02<Tarrychk>hmmm... I remember to have tried ext2 as video partition
08:02<Tarrychk>but nvrec still had a problem with the 2GB-AVI-Limit, so I changed back to FAT
08:04<CrisTUFR_>I don't worry too much about the file limits, since I don't think I've recorded anything that has more than 2gb. :P
08:04<CrisTUFR_>I guess it'd be good to check with mythtv I guess...
08:05<Tarrychk>Cris: this evening, on VOX (Germany): 330 min Anime nonstop...
08:05<CrisTUFR_>Also, keep in mind that the default ring buffer can grow to 5gb with no problems.
08:06<Tarrychk>Cris: with mjpegtools I would need >25 GB, and divx-encoded it would be >5 GB... far above the 2 GB-AVI-Limit :(
08:06<Tarrychk>default ring buffer?
08:06<CrisTUFR_>yeah. the live tv buffer.
08:06<CrisTUFR_>I didn't take into account your transcoding.
08:07<CrisTUFR_>strange that such an event would be scheduled as a nonstop show, and not a set of the individual shows they're showing...
08:08<Tarrychk>they put a couple of episodes together to get movie-length anime
08:08<Tarrychk>and now they show two of the 'movies' together :\
08:09<CrisTUFR_>just go grab yourself an athlonxp 1800+ w/mobo and ram and you should be fine for straight divx encoding. :D
08:10<CrisTUFR_>oh well. worst case you just do the 25gb thing, watch it, then let it go if it doesn't survive the transcode..
08:11<Tarrychk>I _have_ an athlon-xp 1800+ ;)
08:11<CrisTUFR_>Then why aren't you just mpeg4-ing it from the start?? :)
08:11<Tarrychk>and my largest partition is about 20 GB *sigh*
08:11<Tarrychk>Cris: the mpeg4 would be about 5 GB
08:12<CrisTUFR_>yeah. I had a 5gb ringbuf.nuv which seemed to work fine...
08:12<CrisTUFR_>I doubt mythtv would just die at 5gb.
08:13<Tarrychk>This morning I was sure, even with Linux AVI could not exceed 2 GB ;)
08:13<CrisTUFR_>well I've had mythtv recordings that have exceeded 2gb...
08:14<Tarrychk>I will try to capture in a single, large AVI, and hope, the process won't die at 2 GB
08:14<CrisTUFR_>It definately won't...
08:14<CrisTUFR_>I recorded a 2hr show that took about 3gb and it was fine.
08:14<Tarrychk>nvrec did; but I should give mythtv a try :)
08:15<CrisTUFR_>mythtv, like i said earlier, has diverged quite a lot from the original nvrec... :)
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08:43<Tarrychk>I have a few experiments to do... cya ;)
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10:15<mdz>AVIs can physically grow larger than 2GB, but things like the index will break
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10:16<mdz>and many tools will not handle it, the format does not support it
10:16<mdz>mythtv handles large files fine
10:16<CrisTUFR_>go mythtv! :)
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10:31<IRCMonkey>has anyone looked at the multiple encoder/viewer stuff yet?
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10:39-!-chris is now known as CrisTUFR
10:40<CrisTUFR> wonder artifacts were happening and cpu was unusually high...i had 640x480 video set for some reason. :P
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12:10<lichen_>i made fun of my roommate for doing something stupid ( and he got pissed off at me and took his tuner card back from me and yelled at me saying that i ridiculed him in front of his coworkers
12:17<bigguy>thats funny
12:22<moegreen>here is a question, why does he have access to the machine?
12:24<lichen_>well i cant really do much about physical access to the machine
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12:52<CrisTUFR>blah indeed. :)
12:53<Chutt>that henk poley guy's annoying
12:54<Chutt>bigguy, nice email =)
12:55<CrisTUFR>which email is that?
12:55* CrisTUFRhas not yet associated the irc names with the list names...
12:55<Chutt>he responded to the henk
12:55<Chutt>the most recent email to the list
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12:57* CrisTUFRtries to decipher how the osd theme rectangles work...
12:57<Chutt>1000 EUR for a machine comparable to mine must suck
12:58<CrisTUFR>yeah. indeed.
12:58<Chutt>ah well
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13:01<bigguy>oh heh was afk for a bit.
13:02<bigguy>Chutt: I dunno for sure but I don't think that guy is looking hard enough
13:04<Universe>another 'tivo' article on /.
13:07<Universe>advertising features that Myth already has, no less
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13:19<CrisTUFR>has anyone been mucking around with the new cvs version at all?
13:19<CrisTUFR>Something weird just started happening "out of nowhere"...
13:20<Universe>not yet...
13:20<moegreen>CrisTUFR: what is happening?
13:20<Universe>only have 2 computers in the house, one is running windows.
13:20<CrisTUFR>moegreen: for some reason, mythtv, or mythfrontend running mythtv won't show up anymore.
13:20<Universe>going to install linux on it and then use cvs
13:20<CrisTUFR>The system is _definately_ running the recording though.
13:21<CrisTUFR>just no sound/video shows up, and I'm still able to muck around in mythfrontend.
13:21<Chutt>someone else was having that problem
13:21<Chutt>current cvs works for me, though
13:21<Chutt>on two different machines
13:21<CrisTUFR> worked a minute ago though...
13:21<Chutt>kill the frontend and backend and kick it a few times =)
13:22<Chutt>i dunno
13:22<CrisTUFR>I think it might have started to occur after I did a make install at the same time it was running...
13:22* CrisTUFRponders..
13:22<Chutt>ah, that does tend to mess up the backend for some reason
13:22<CrisTUFR>trouble is, it doesn't seem to want to come back to life.
13:22<Chutt>it usually segfaults on the next query if i do that, really weird
13:23<Chutt>what won't start?
13:23<CrisTUFR>it just doesn't show the tv/audio...
13:23<CrisTUFR>the system's definately recording (gotta love loud HDs)...
13:23<Chutt>i dunno then
13:23<Chutt>try to find where it's hanging in the frontend process
13:23<CrisTUFR>me makes clean, then makes install to be sure.
13:24<CrisTUFR>i might just have some weird stuff happening because I tried to make install during playback..
13:24<moegreen>CrisTUFR: Is the frontend switching to a black screen or does it stay at the tv menu?
13:24<CrisTUFR>moegreen: the latter
13:25<moegreen>i've seen this to ... the backend outputs that the player is switching to WatchingTV then nothing happens
13:25<moegreen>you can then move around on the menu after that correct?
13:25<CrisTUFR>moegreen: yeah
13:25<CrisTUFR>moegreen: that's what I'm getting...
13:25<CrisTUFR>moegreen: but it was just working...very strange.
13:25<Chutt>a thread's stuffed up in the player somewhere
13:25<Chutt>if i knew where =)
13:25<moegreen>CrisTUFR: Is the backend and frontend on the same machine?
13:26<CrisTUFR>moegreen: yessum
13:26<moegreen>CrisTUFR: I can usually get this working by exiting out of both the backend and frontend, and retrying
13:26<moegreen>a few times at least
13:27<CrisTUFR>moegreen: yeah...tried it quite a few times already, and even kicked the x server...certainly strange...
13:27<CrisTUFR>moegreen: i have a clean make install running right now and I'll see if it works after this..
13:27<CrisTUFR>I just want to make a patch of my change and submit it, dangit! :)
13:28<moegreen>CrisTUFR: does you patch involve watching live tv?
13:28<moegreen>i would assume?
13:28<CrisTUFR>speaking of which, is this pretty much the best way to do it: "cvs diff -c > foo.patch" ?
13:28<CrisTUFR>moegreen: yeah...sorta
13:28<Chutt>-u instead of -c
13:29<CrisTUFR>yeah..that's right. :P
13:29<CrisTUFR>shite...still happens.
13:29<CrisTUFR>my patch was working perfectly. everything was working fine. I edited the theme (and now changed it back) and the only weird thing was doing the make install. :P
13:30<Chutt>so run the frontend in gdb and find out where it's hanging.
13:30<CrisTUFR>well the frontend isn't hanging. :)
13:30<CrisTUFR>I'll try mucking with mythtv.. that's supposed to work, right? :)
13:30<CrisTUFR>(just running mythtv, that is)
13:30<Chutt>a thread started by the frontend is hanging, though
13:31<Chutt>yeah, mythtv works
13:31<CrisTUFR>same behavior happens with mythtv though.
13:31<Chutt>same thread is hanging there :p
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13:37<CrisTUFR>Chutt: on your working machines, do you see the "BUG:" lines?
13:37<Chutt>that's mdz's recording profile stuff
13:37<CrisTUFR>okay. i doubted they contribute to this. :)
13:37<Chutt>nothing important
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13:38<CrisTUFR>hmm...going to recordings does the same thing too, btw
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13:38<Chutt>recordings should be using a file, not the server
13:39<CrisTUFR>yeah. i think the player might be mucking up here...
13:39<Chutt>so run it in gdb, hit ctl-c when it's sitting there, and find out where it is
13:39<Chutt>it's not hard :p
13:39<moegreen>recording work for me
13:39<Chutt>moegreen, playback?
13:39<CrisTUFR>yeah. i am in the middle of dbuggin right now..
13:40<moegreen>yeah, playback of previously recorded files, and recording using the backend
13:40<CrisTUFR>i'm a big-time printf debugger. :)
13:40<moegreen>just having problems with watching live tv
13:40<Chutt>heh, ok
13:40<Chutt>gdb would get it done quicker, but =)
13:40* CrisTUFRis a bit too old skool for his own good. :)
13:41<CrisTUFR>i hate building with debug symbols. :P
13:42<moegreen>Chutt: what's a valid resolution below 480x480? I get errors when trying 352x248
13:42<Chutt>try 240
13:43<CrisTUFR>or 480x360
13:43<Chutt>or 180x120
13:43<Chutt>if you want a postage stamp
13:43<moegreen>the 352x240 worked
13:43<Chutt>180x128, really
13:44<mdz>one of these days, I'll track that message down and kill it
13:44<Chutt>mdz, i can kill the message without tracking it down =)
13:44<CrisTUFR>one of these days... :)
13:45<moegreen>hmmm...this cpu is much happier with this resolution
13:45<Chutt>try like 352x480 as well
13:45<Chutt>not quite as big of a quality drop
13:46<moegreen>I may have to invest in a major upgrade, or just a seperate player i suppose :)
13:46<CrisTUFR>hmm...the open() call on the sound card is blocking.
13:46<CrisTUFR>so someone's holdin' her open
13:46<Chutt>i bought my parents an xp 1700+, 256MB of ddr ram, and a cheap motherboard for < $200
13:47<Chutt>so, now's the time to upgrade, really =)
13:47<moegreen>of course i'm not getting any errors now - perhaps it is just process starvation
13:47* CrisTUFRwishes that was in canadian dollars... :)
13:47<Chutt>'specially if you can reuse stuff
13:47<Chutt>yeah, sorry, that's like 20,000 in canadian money
13:47<CrisTUFR>hey hey...let's be sensitive here...they're canadian pesos.
13:48<CrisTUFR>what's the command for checking file usage again?
13:48<moegreen>I've got a 1.2 ghz athlon - maybe i'll just get a cheapo computer as a player (I probably have enough old parts to make that happen)
13:48<Chutt>the p3-500 i'm using for testing uses ~ 50% cpu to play back 640x480 mpeg4 =)
13:48<gregf>no doubt, we need some canadian deals that are that cheap
13:49<moegreen>it is fun to drink in canada though - more bang for your buck!
13:49<CrisTUFR>same goes for getting prostitutes, I guess. :D
13:49<gregf>is there a problem using myth in 1024x768 with mpeg4?
13:50<Chutt>i doubt your tuner card captures that high
13:50<moegreen>Chutt: I suppose my athlon could easily encode at 640x480 when not displaying on the same machine?
13:50<gregf>sorry, i mean the x resolution
13:50<gregf>not the capture res
13:50<Chutt>gregf, then, no
13:50<Chutt>moegreen, i dunno =)
13:50<Chutt>transmitting stuff only seems to use a % or two of my machine, but
13:51<Chutt>i have no idea how well it works for others
13:51* CrisTUFRhates how he can't remember command names...
13:52<moegreen>the 352x480 works well so far, except my usage has gone through the roof again :)
13:53<moegreen>1.0% idle! hehehe
13:55<CrisTUFR>okay. say I can't figure out who is currently accessing a file...what do I do to unblock someone's open call on a resource?
13:56<Chutt>kill the process
13:56<moegreen>CrisTUFR: I believe the command you are looking for lsof
13:56<CrisTUFR>but what process is holding that file descriptor?
13:56<Chutt>lsof or fuser
13:56<CrisTUFR>that's the one!!
13:57<gregf>to use mpeg4 do i need to do anything other than change the codec from rtjpeg to mpeg4 in settings.txt?
13:57<gregf>obviously i can play with the quality once it is working, but...just to start
13:58<CrisTUFR>go fuser -k!
13:58<gregf>yesterday i was tryin gthat and i would get about 10% of my screen on top had unwatchable video, with the other 90% being bright green
13:59<gregf>that was with mpeg4, rtjpeg worked fine
13:59<Chutt>there's no functional different between the two.
13:59<Chutt>the only thing is it compresses the video with a different function
13:59<moegreen>Chutt: QSocketNotifier: Multiple socket notifier for same socket 17 and type write (repeated 6 times) then a seg fault ... [Switching to Thread 32771 (LWP 752)], 0xblahblah in QSocket::flush() from /usr/local/qt/lib/
13:59<Chutt>moegreen, where's it from, though?
14:00<moegreen>it's in the mythfrontend while watching live tv
14:00<Chutt>no, in my code
14:00<Chutt>that doen't tell me anything, really
14:01<moegreen>ok, i'm in gdb at the point of failure - what do i need to do to tell you where in the code it is?
14:01<Chutt>type bt
14:02<Chutt>what versino of qt are you using, btw?
14:03<moegreen>From the bottom up, NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:1785 (NuppelVideoPlayer::StartPlaying), NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:1062 (NPV::GetFrame), RingBuffer.cpp:465 (RingBuffer::Read), RingBuffer.cpp:412 (RingBuffer::safe_read), remotefile.cpp:167 (RemoteFile::RequestBlock), util.cpp:30 (WriteStringList), then the QSocket::flush
14:03<moegreen>version 3.1.0
14:06<Chutt>ok, first, could you try commenting out the qApp->processEvents() and the associated if a few lines up from the socket->flush() call in writestringlist in util.cpp?
14:08<moegreen>from here: int temp = socket->writeBlock( + written, size);
14:08<moegreen>to here: qApp->processEvents();
14:08<Chutt>just the processevents calls
14:08<Chutt>the if (size > 0) qApp->processEvents()
14:09<moegreen>ok, it's commented out
14:09<Chutt>and run stuff, see if that changes anything
14:09<moegreen>recompile and install I assume?
14:09<Chutt>won't have to recompile everything, of course
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14:13<moegreen>ok, i'll leave this running - i've got go out for a little while - I'll be back in about an hour, we'll see if it is still running then
14:13<Chutt>it started livetv?
14:13<moegreen>hmm...well actually
14:13<Chutt>is that better than before?
14:13<moegreen>it was in live tv before
14:15<CrisTUFR>zippity zoom. the patch has been submitt0r3d :)
14:15<moegreen>CrisTUFR: what does the patch do?
14:16<CrisTUFR>moegreen: adjustment of contrast, brightness, and colour saturation during live tv playback.
14:16<CrisTUFR>I used to have to switch to xawtv to mess with that before.
14:16<moegreen>nice - controlled while watching the playback?
14:16<CrisTUFR>And it's great to tweak it while you have the compression in place so you can get rid of the macroblocks that might appear in certain areas...
14:16<CrisTUFR>yeah. only in live tv though.
14:17<moegreen>cool, bbl
14:17<CrisTUFR>because it modifies the tuner's settings...
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