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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-12-16

00:00<_shad>ya, either type in, hit enter, which goes to next screen. or type in, click next, or type in, tab away, click next
00:00<_shad>none let me change it
00:00<_shad>but if I use the arrow, it works every time
00:00<mdz_>what version of qt are you running?
00:01<_shad> *** Opt devel libqt3-dev 3.1.0+cvs.2 3.1.0+cvs.2 Qt GUI development files
00:01<mdz_>maybe it emits a different signal when you type it in, hmm
00:01<_shad>some times it did accept it though
00:03* _shadgoes back to overclocking :)
00:03<mdz_>yeah, I see it here when I use the keyboard
00:04<mdz_>maybe a qt bug
00:04<mdz_>according to the documentation this should work
00:04<Chutt>it does emit a different signal, i though
00:04<mdz_> This signal is emitted every time the value of the spin box changes; the new value is passed in value. This signal will be emitted as a result of a call to setValue(), or because the user changed the value by using a keyboard accelerator or mouse click, etc.
00:05<mdz_>that's for the (int) signal, which is the one I use
00:07<Chutt>yeah, but that doesn't seem to handle the user editing the text box
00:12* _shadis about to get sent 4.4gigs of mame roms
00:12* bigguywants
00:12<_shad>wait till I get it first :P
00:13<Chutt>missing a few
00:23<_shad>ASSERT: "i <= nodes" in /usr/share/qt/include/qvaluelist.h (372)
00:26<Chutt>that's nice, find where it's coming from
00:26<_shad>once i restarted mythtv it fixed itself
00:27<_shad>it was showing garbage for the program info
00:27<_shad>but the epg worked fine
00:27<_shad>ok, there's a setting for buffersize in settings.txt and in the gui, which one is it using?
00:28<_shad>I can't reproduce that problem again though.
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00:31<Chutt>kde was going wacky
00:33<_shad>what ver?
00:34<_shad>Hrm. should get to bed. 12:30am, have an exam today :)... well, 2 :)
00:35* _shadwaves good night
00:36<_shad>I'll find more bugs tomorrow. :)
01:00<mdz_>Chutt: I can't find anything in the docs that I would need to handle differently for user editing vs. increment/decrement
01:01<mdz_>seems to say that it will set the integer value after an idet
01:01<mdz_>there is a textChanged() signal, but I don't see why it should be different
01:05<mdz_>that probably gets emitted for every change made, like whenever the user presses a key in the edit box, which I don't want anyway
01:07<mdz_>maybe it should be non-editable
01:08<mdz_>" This signal is emitted whenever the valueChanged( int ) signal is emitted, i.e. every time the value of the spin box changes (whatever the cause..."
01:08<mdz_>that's pretty explicit
01:11<mdz_>so if that signal isn't being emitted, then the value of the spin box hasn't changed, and I have nothing to save :-P
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01:27<randum>ok, I'm having trouble getting video out of vid4linux with my tv card... non myth-specific... I get only static in xawtv... can anyone point me to an maillist/irc chan where someone might be able to help troubleshoot?
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01:30<randum>accidently logged off, so in the unlikely event that someone responded to my question in the last minute, pls repeat ;)
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02:58<Chutt>digdug, around?
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03:27<Soopaman>_shad, you do roms?
03:27<Soopaman>mdz, you around?
03:28<Soopaman>vektor too
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09:41* SadManis gone. Gone since Sun Sep 15 11:50:22 2002
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11:30<TheAsp>Is there an easy way to get mythtv to install into /opt?
11:30<nevertheless>just change the prefix dir in
11:31<nevertheless>maybe you have to change the lib-dir, too
11:31<TheAsp>ahh, there it is
11:32<DigDug>Shouldn't you use ./configure --prefix=/opt?
11:32<TheAsp>DigDug: that only does the libraries
11:33<DigDug>Not the binaries?
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11:35<mdz>--prefix does, well, nothing
11:36<DigDug>How silly. Whats with the stuff anyway?
11:37<nevertheless>what should be with it?
11:38<TheAsp>DigDug: qmake stuff
11:38<TheAsp>hey, yeah, thats broken
11:39<TheAsp>thats from ffmpeg, right?
11:56<mdz>I believe so
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12:23<TheAsp>does the frontend always connect to the backend over tcp?
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12:54<Chutt>i wonder if henk is going to do anything besides write stupid emails to the list
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13:36<TheAsp>hmm... my profiles didnt get created right this time
13:37<TheAsp>didnt seem to save the heights...
13:38<Chutt>you have to use the slider, not edit the edit box
13:38<TheAsp>i used mysql.. :)
13:39<TheAsp>havent been able to make it crash, but got a qnotifier error which stoped playing
13:41<Chutt>if you can reproduce that and track it down, i'd appreciate that
13:41<TheAsp>*nod*, my machine has issues so it couild have been anything
13:42<TheAsp>oh, you ment the qsocket thing?
13:43<mdz>is henk capable of more than sending emails to the list?
13:43<Chutt>the qsocket thing
13:43<Chutt>mdz, that's what i'm wondering =)
13:43<Chutt>theasp, some other people have that problem, but i can't reproduce it
13:44<mdz>S/N of mythtv-dev seems to have decreased sharply over the past 2 months
13:44<Chutt>almost 400 people now, i think
13:44The_TiKTheAsp Dec 16 13:45:21 <mdz> TheAsp: are you saying that you changed the settings in the GUI and they didn't get saved to the DB? or that you tried to change them in the db and they weren't recognized?
13:47<TheAsp>mdz: i changed them, but the defaults got written
13:48<TheAsp>so i changed them by hand
13:48The_TiKTheAsp Dec 16 13:49:21 <mdz> TheAsp: did you key a value into the box, rather than incrementing/decrementing it?
13:49<mdz>that is the only case I know of where it doesn't get saved
13:49<mdz>apparently, everyone but me has a keyboard on their mythtv box...
13:50<TheAsp>mdz: yeah
14:03<mdz>I think the only way to fix that is to connect to the textChanged signal of the embedded qlineedit
14:03<mdz>which is stupid
14:04<mdz>so I think disabling edits is a better option :-P
14:06<mdz>when you edit it, it just sets a flag saying it was edited, and doesn't interpret the value until you increment/decrement, refresh the display, or some other silly thing
14:07<mdz>should also work to press enter over it
14:07<Chutt>yeah, just disable edits
14:09<mdz>it looks like it tries to interpret it on tab/backtab too
14:09<mdz>but it does it by looking for the key, so it doesn'tn work with the up/down focus change
14:09<Chutt>i'd say just disable edits
14:10<Chutt>since that'd allow people to put in bad values, too
14:10<mdz>I don't think there are any values which have so many possibilities that it is a problem
14:16<mdz>great, I can't even set it read-only without deriving a new QSpinBox
14:16<mdz>the editor widget is protected
14:17<Chutt>if it's protected, you should be able to touch it
14:17<Chutt>i thought you had your own spinbox?
14:19<mdz>oh, you're rigth
14:19<mdz>forgot all about it :-)
14:21<TheAsp>commenting out CONFIG += release and uncommenting the one for debug enough to run gdb on the frontend?
14:22<mdz>did you find the best way to fix the wizard? is there some way to derive a new class that does what we want, or do we have to copy it?
14:22The_TiKTheAsp Dec 16 14:22:18 <Chutt> mdz, probably easiest to copy it
14:22<mdz>TheAsp: assuming you recompile everything ;-)
14:22<Chutt>it's only like 600 lines, when you remove all the excessive commenting
14:22<TheAsp>mdz: hehe :)
14:23<Chutt>and if we copy it, might be easier to do the help stuff eventually
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14:35<TheAsp>woah, slow without optimization
14:36<TheAsp>hmmm... 50000 mins behind :)
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14:40<mdz>wow, there really is a libavcodec error that says only "incorrect codes"
14:40<mdz>how informative
14:53<TheAsp>have a backtrace on that crash that ive been getting
14:53<TheAsp>not the qsocket thing
14:54<TheAsp>though it looks like it is part of qsocket :)
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14:58<TheAsp>anyone want to see it?
14:59<TheAsp>(gdb) bt
14:59<TheAsp>#0 0x40973be3 in memcpy () from /lib/
14:59<TheAsp>#1 0x4054eea3 in QSocket::flush () from /usr/lib/
14:59<TheAsp>#2 0x400bda6d in WriteStringList (socket=0x8213248, list=@0xbf5ff910)
14:59<TheAsp> at util.cpp:30
14:59<TheAsp>#3 0x400a4547 in RemoteFile::RequestBlock (this=0x82130a8, size=128000)
14:59<TheAsp> at remotefile.cpp:183
14:59<TheAsp>#4 0x0807cf57 in RingBuffer::safe_read (this=0x820d4a0, rf=0x82130a8,
14:59<TheAsp> data=0x41be0008, sz=33946) at RingBuffer.cpp:406
14:59<TheAsp>#5 0x0807d0de in RingBuffer::Read (this=0x820d4a0, buf=0x41be0008,
14:59<TheAsp> count=33946) at RingBuffer.cpp:459
14:59<TheAsp>#6 0x08057e81 in NuppelVideoPlayer::GetFrame (this=0x4137c008, onlyvideo=0)
14:59<TheAsp> at NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:1069
14:59<TheAsp>#7 0x08059bfb in NuppelVideoPlayer::StartPlaying (this=0x4137c008)
14:59<TheAsp> at NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:1817
14:59<TheAsp>#8 0x08050b08 in SpawnDecode (param=0x4137c008) at tv_play.cpp:38
14:59<TheAsp>#9 0x4078806f in pthread_start_thread () from /lib/
14:59<TheAsp>#10 0x407880b5 in pthread_start_thread_event () from /lib/
15:00<Chutt>ok, same place as that other guys
15:00<TheAsp>i just let it play for 20 or so mins
15:01<TheAsp>mythtv was also starved a bit, backend was running at -15, plus it had gdb aswell
15:01<TheAsp>plus the frontend had gdb, not the backend
15:02<moegreen>Chutt: That is slightly different than the error I was getting
15:02<Chutt>moegreen, segfault in the flush(), i thought
15:03<moegreen>yeah, but unless the code has changed, i didn't have the memcpy() statement in mine
15:03<TheAsp>moegreen: what are you running?
15:03<moegreen>a recent cvs version, not sure which day
15:03<Chutt>well, it's still in the flush()
15:03<TheAsp>no, which dist/libqt version
15:04<TheAsp>same here
15:09<mdz>DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip apt-get source -b libqt3-mt
15:09<mdz>see what's going on in QSocket::flush
15:12<Chutt>yeah, that'd help
15:13<Chutt>the error message you get seems to indicate that there's two things trying to write to the socket at once, though
15:13<Chutt>which is, well, kinda hard to accomplish since i've got mutex locks around all access to that control socket
15:14<TheAsp>gdb is much nicer with c++ and threads then it used to be
15:15<TheAsp>qt take long to build?
15:21<TheAsp>the frontend for 0.7 doesn't seem to grab focus when it starts
15:26<mdz>qt can take a long time
15:26<mdz>hours depending on your hardware
15:27<TheAsp>1gHz amd with a ton of ram?
15:29<mdz>7 hours on the Debian ia64 autobuilder
15:30<Chutt>yeah, that's really comparable :p
15:30<mdz>3 hours on alpha
15:30<mdz>that's probably comparable
15:31<mdz>call it 2 hours for a moderate amd box
15:44<nevertheless>is the bug reported in here (;search_string=MythTV%20Bug;guest=140161&t=search_engine#52312) covered?
15:45<Chutt>i've never seen it happen
15:45<nevertheless>i have that quite often
15:45<nevertheless>but i could not find any cause for that
15:47<TheAsp>hasnt happened to me
15:47<TheAsp>i have had it go through periods where the framerate was about ~1fps, and need to fastforward and rewinde to fix it
15:48<Chutt>never seen that happen, either
15:48<nevertheless>hehe :)
15:48<TheAsp>happens (in 0.7) during starvation
15:49<Chutt>ah, well, i've always got plenty of cpu free =)
15:49<TheAsp>i figgured :)
15:50<TheAsp>so just what does the mp3 quality setting do?
15:50<Chutt>tells lame how hard to work at compressing things
15:51<TheAsp>it's the -q option?
15:53<TheAsp>that should have been obvious but ive been using ogg too much :)
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16:00* TheAsptaps his foot
16:13<mdz>oggenc's -q is entirely different from the mythtv quality setting though
16:13<TheAsp>mdz: yeah, thats why i was asking
16:13<mdz>mythtv always uses the same bitrate, just more CPU for higher quality
16:14<mdz>personally, I can't tell the difference between 9 and anything else for TV audio
16:14<Chutt>i can
16:14<Chutt>but i've got a nice stereo =)
16:14<TheAsp>i didnt notice a difference between 7 and 8 :)
16:15<Chutt>mainly on background audio
16:15<TheAsp>is there a faster deinterlacer out there?
16:17* vektorjust kidding
16:18<bigguy>if you wanna get a custom front panel made for your htpc. I heard does good work and they have a front panel designer program available for free download
16:19<TheAsp>tvtime isnt bad :P
16:21<bigguy>"Hi! My name is vektor. Did I tell you tvtime owns you? No? Well it does."
16:22<TheAsp>whats with the clock and tv in the top right hand corner?
16:22<TheAsp>in tvtime
16:22<Chutt>tv and time
16:22<Chutt>tvtime :p
16:23<TheAsp>so it serves no purpose?
16:23<Chutt>it's just the logo
16:24<Universe>vektor is just here to talk about his program...
16:24<Universe>and steal code..
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16:29* TheAspconstructs a sentence using several of the words you can't say on television, qt, and c++.
16:50The_TiKTheAsp Dec 16 16:50:07 <mdz> TheAsp: it beats the alternatives
16:55<TheAsp>i'm more complaining about the compile time
16:56<Universe>its like watching the grass grow
16:56<TheAsp>reminds me of my 486 :)
16:59<mdz>Qt doesn't even use templates, I don't think
17:00<mdz>I shudder to think how slow it would be if it did
17:02<Soopaman>fucking sweet
17:02<Soopaman>finally settop box @90%
17:02<Soopaman>this last 10% is getting a working mythtv iteration up
17:03<mdz>eh? what was the first 90%?
17:03<mdz>getting mythtv working is the last 90%
17:03<Soopaman>a fault tolerant environment
17:03<Soopaman>that can be updated via www
17:04<Soopaman>run deskyop apps
17:04<Soopaman>and fit in under20mbs
17:04<Soopaman>err :)
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17:24<liscio>So happy to get another exam out of the way..jeez.
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17:25* liscioputs a lasagna in the oven...mmm...
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18:05<dSV3Hl>compiled and installed
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19:22<_shad>QSocketNotifier: Multiple socket notifiers for same socket 12 and type write
19:35<moegreen>_shad: I've had this same problem ... unexplained thus far but I think there needs to be a check to ensure that there isn't currently an entry that maps the a socket to the QSocketNotifier
19:36* lisciogrumbles. stupid lm_sensors not working...
19:38<_shad>liscio: YOu're just not smart enough :)
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19:44<liscio>_shad: where were you when I needed you 20 minutes ago... :)
19:45<liscio>I have it working now. that program sucks ass for configuring. :)
19:47<liscio>anyone know off-hand what the danger zone is for the athlon xp temperature-wise?
19:51<liscio>Just curious. I can't seem to find the spec anywhere within arm's reach...
19:52<liscio>oh...reprasing my search helped a lot. :)
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19:53<liscio>You know what annoys me? I can't seem to find one site online where someone has modded their stock oem athlonxp fan. :(
19:53<liscio>I really don't want to figure out how to change the speed on my own... :)
19:53<liscio>I *could* always grab a fan-mate though...
19:56<_shad>I'm so tired
19:56<_shad>I hate exams
19:56<Universe>a full database of overclocked CPUs
19:58<liscio>I don't really know if overclocked CPU databases are as helpful as just the spec...
19:58<liscio>the spec is far lower than those often inflated numbers...
19:58<Universe>see if I try to help again
20:00* lisciowill just subtract a few percent off the upper-bound of the temps I find there... :)
20:03<Soopaman>am i man enough to attempt to install mythtv again?...
20:04<Universe>use cvs Soopaman
20:04<Universe>its fun
20:06<Soopaman>i have almost built a career of finding ways around cvs
20:06<liscio>max. die temp for all model 6 cpus is 90 celcius...
20:06<Soopaman>mind is running at 30degrees
20:06<Universe>thats hot
20:06<liscio> cpu is apparentlly running at -127. :D
20:07<Soopaman>that is cooooool :P
20:07<liscio> it's +127
20:07<liscio>now -128
20:07* lisciothinks there *might* be a problem.
20:07<Universe>with your monitor is whacked
20:07<Universe>think your..
20:11<liscio>hmm...getting a new mobo soon. might not be worth my time to be super-concerned with the settings of this thing right now...
20:11* lisciohopes the SiS 730S works fine with leenoox.
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20:20<liscio>hmm...i thought there was a way to monitor temperature using acpi...*shrug*
20:25<Soopaman>Universe, what temp do you run at?
20:25<Universe>not sure
20:25<Universe>its crazy high tho
20:26<Soopaman>i thought my 30 was good
20:26<Universe>30 C?
20:26<Soopaman>especially when the heatsink is cool to the touch
20:26<Soopaman>a few degrees over room temp
20:26<Universe>thats damn good
20:26<Soopaman>oh i thought you said that was damn high as in bad
20:27<Universe>mine runs crazy high
20:28<Soopaman>what temp?
20:31<Universe><Universe> not sure
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20:55<liscio>Check that bad-boy out...
21:02<Universe>copy cat
21:02<liscio>I'm gonna call my supplier that carries those tomorrow. see if I can get my hands on 'em.
21:03<Universe>so liscio.. you going to give everyone in this channel a promo box, right?
21:03-!-SoopaN [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:03<liscio>maybe a discount, but not necessarily a free box. :)
21:04<Soopaman>my box is kinda like that
21:05<Soopaman>exckept the face is a bit different
21:05<liscio>hmm...not sure if I like the PS location on that machine.
21:05<liscio>Mine has the PS fan sucking air right from beside the CPU heatsink...far more useful
21:06<liscio>can dial-down the fan if I wanted.
21:07<liscio>alright...gonna jet...keep in mind... :)
21:08<liscio>I'll keep updating it as I get more info...
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21:20<Soopaman>liscio is selling mythtv boxes?
21:20<Universe>I think he is going to try
21:20<Soopaman>how is that possible with him not being an authoer/majority contributor of mythtv?
21:20<Universe>his selling the hardware
21:20<Universe>with the software pre-installed
21:21<Universe>and it being opensource OS and mythtv... I don't see a problem with it
21:21<Universe>and selling technical support, also..
21:21<Soopaman>i thought the gpl thing had something to do with it
21:22<Universe>I wouldn't think so
21:22<Universe>it isn't like he is selling myth or debian
21:23<Soopaman>but isn't he with it being installed?
21:23<Soopaman>it's like selling a pc with windows pre-installed
21:24<Soopaman>or is my thinking al twisted
21:24<dSV3Hl>gpl allows you to sell, as long as whoever you give the binaries too gets the code
21:24<dSV3Hl>or can get the code easily
21:24<Soopaman>so what if i have a program like myth, that is all my work, but uses something like lameenc
21:25<Soopaman>would i have to give my source if i sold the program?
21:25<dSV3Hl>isnt lame lgpl'd?
21:25-!-Tuscany [] has joined #mythtv
21:25<Soopaman>i'm just trying to create a scenario
21:25<dSV3Hl>Soopaman: i think you can get away with that
21:26<dSV3Hl>like comercial companys selling stuff that uses gtk
21:26<Soopaman>so i can make profit off other poeple's work that easily?
21:26<dSV3Hl>you'd have to make available the source of any gpl'd code stuff you distribute
21:26<Soopaman>that is sweet
21:26<dSV3Hl>Soopaman: congratualtions, you have just discovered the secret of the linux distribution company
21:27<dSV3Hl>remember, people wont pay for what they can get for free
21:28<Soopaman>but if my code remains my code even though it taps into gpl
21:28<Soopaman>d apps
21:28<Soopaman>then i am in a win win situation
21:28<Chutt>that'd depend on how it 'taps into' them
21:28<dSV3Hl>thats the sticky part
21:28<Chutt>you still haven't read the gpl, have you?
21:29<Soopaman>Chutt, i hoped you had forgotten :P
21:29<Soopaman>after reading for school/exams i don't have too much desire to read more
21:29<Soopaman>if you could summarize for me that would be fantastic :P
21:30<dSV3Hl>Soopaman: want diagrams too?
21:32-!-bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
21:33<Soopaman>diagrams with stick people would rule
21:34<dSV3Hl>among many other summaries and etc...
21:34<Soopaman>nice, thanx dSV3Hl
21:34<Soopaman>what would be the linux equivalent of gdi?
21:35<dSV3Hl>what is gdi? :)
21:35<bigguy>graphic deisplay interface
21:36<dSV3Hl>gooy delicious icing?
21:36<dSV3Hl>none of those words look spelt right
21:38<Soopaman>the windows version
21:39<bigguy>so I was right
21:42<Soopaman>pretty much
21:42<bigguy>I kinda thought so. Remembered from the time I was forced to do VB
21:45<Soopaman>it's the direct drawing method
21:45<Soopaman>like ogl but using the windows system
21:47<bigguy>yeah I know
21:58<-- Universehas quit ()
22:07-!-_bigguy_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:07-!-bigguy [] has quit [Killed (NickServ (Ghost: _bigguy_!]
22:07-!-_bigguy_ is now known as bigguy
22:19-!-liscio [~root@] has joined #mythtv
22:20<Soopaman>is there a mythtv for any other dist than debian?
22:21<liscio>Soopaman: it runs on pretty much any linux dist...
22:21<liscio>Soopaman: are you asking about install packages?
22:22<dSV3Hl>there are dists other then debian?
22:23<bigguy>dSV3Hl: no one said they were good dists
22:23* dSV3Hlrolls over
22:23-!-dSV3Hl is now known as TheAsp
22:33* lisciogrumbles...
22:33<liscio>i have looked at far too many mainboards today... :)
22:34<liscio>and yes, there's such a thing as "too many". :D
22:34-!-jrh [] has joined #mythtv
22:36<_shad>it's dead today
22:36<liscio>indeed it is.
22:36<bigguy>liscio: so did you decide on one?
22:36<liscio>bigguy: yes, and no.
22:36<liscio>I really don't know if I should grit my teeth and jump in with "what I know" or try going off on a new tangent.
22:37<_shad>if you have cash to spare... :)
22:37<liscio>The mainboard I have now works fairly well. The only complaint is that it is about 2mm too long to fit *properly* in the uATX case I have.
22:37<liscio>The side-effect is that I have the HD screwed directly into the case, rather than in the supplied HD cage
22:37<liscio>I think that's causing a lot of the noise I am getting right now too.
22:38<liscio>So that's one thing. The mobo I would like to go to (for my mythtv box spec) would fit perfectly. I built one for my dad not long ago and it went well.
22:38<liscio>That's the thing. I installed XP on the machine fine and it has been on 24/7 for months now.
22:38<liscio>So I can't say the stability of that board sucks, either.
22:39<liscio>I am also not sure if I want to go DDR.
22:39<Soopaman>what exactly are you doing?
22:39<liscio>DDR is expensive, and I'm not sure it's really going to get all that much benefit with mythTV (price-performance wise anyway)
22:39<liscio>Soopaman: making a spec for a machine I plan to sell ready to go for mythtv use.
22:40<Soopaman>oh cool
22:40<bigguy>liscio: with an Athlon XP machine DDR gains are realised
22:40<liscio>Soopaman: this involves "slightly" modifying the setup I have now to get it to that spec so I can "eat my own dogfood" so to speak.
22:40<bigguy>ddr is not aa gain with p3 or cel
22:40<liscio>bigguy: but by how much, really. That's the thing.
22:40<Soopaman>liscio, you have my pc's box
22:40<Soopaman>i have the same case
22:41<liscio>Soopaman: the black one? I wish my supplier had that when I got mine. I have the white H300 A case (145 W...*shuuder*)
22:41<liscio>Can't wait til I hear a loud pop when the athlonxp finally takes that fuse with it...
22:41-!-Universe [] has joined #mythtv
22:42<liscio>bigguy: the thing I wonder is when is 512MB of PC-133 all that much worse than say 128MB of PC2100 (the cost equivalent, approximately)
22:42<Chutt>fast ram is important
22:42<liscio>hmm..thought so.
22:42<Soopaman>my box is an athlon xp, nforce/case/512ddr for about 600cdn
22:42<Chutt>copying lots of data around
22:43<liscio>Soopaman: right now my entire setup stands at around 800cdn...
22:43<Soopaman>and that was all retail
22:43<bigguy>liscio: I have this desktop case
22:43<liscio>Chutt: yeah. I figured. Unfortunately there are only a very tiny few uATX boards that offer DDR.
22:43<liscio>bigguy: that looks tall...I'm trying to stick with the 3.7" height...
22:44<Soopaman>shit fraq damn
22:44<liscio>give me your opinion on *that* bad-boy :)
22:44<Soopaman>why is dfm sooo damn touchy
22:44<bigguy>liscio: I don't wanna try finding a ton of half height cards when I have good full height ones here
22:45<liscio>bigguy: I'm building the machines for people, and providing specs for those who don't trust me. :)
22:45<liscio>bigguy: so the worry is removed. :D
22:45<liscio>bigguy: I do understand where you're coming from though. There is a bitch of a time spent figuring this shit out. And a lot of work with the dremel and snips.
22:46<liscio>bigguy: but when it's done, it's a sleek mofo.
22:46* lisciotakes compact over anything... :)
22:46<liscio>although never at the cost of one of those crazy shuttle barebones things.
22:46<bigguy>I prefer mine still ;)
22:46<liscio>bigguy: :)
22:46<bigguy>plus I am gonna get a new face plate made for it
22:46<liscio>bigguy: I got an InWin Q500 here with your name on it... ;)
22:46<Soopaman>any of you guys ever use a usb floppy?
22:46<bigguy>gonna put my 20x4 VFD in it
22:47<liscio>bigguy: niice.
22:47<bigguy>liscio: I've got a q500 sitting in the closet
22:47<liscio>My fiancee's hackin flash on mine as we speak. :)
22:47<bigguy>liscio: using my cheiftec full tower tho
22:48<liscio>Thankfully, she's pretty hip about this whole thing, otherwise you guys would never hear/see anything from me. :D
22:49<liscio>So I think I may take that case I posted the link to above with the following mobo:
22:49<bigguy>msi makes great boards
22:49<liscio>It would be super-awesome if I could get the tv-out add-on going for that guy. Unfortunately, I don't know if the Savage4 has all that great support in Linux.
22:50<liscio>That would cut costs quite a nice hunk.
22:50<bigguy>and the savage4 isn't all that great to begin with
22:50<liscio>Ideally, I'd like a uATX case with an nforce chipset, a tvout onboard, and lan.
22:50<liscio>err...uATX board, rather.
22:51<liscio>Yeah. I will probably be confined to hacking up a MX400 card like I have here running now. It runs great, but it's such a shame that someone just *could* put that on-board.
22:51* liscioloves super-integrated hardware. :)
22:51<liscio>Unfortunately, few do it *right*. :(
22:51* bigguydoesn't
22:51<bigguy>I like my nforce board tho
22:51<bigguy>but I mostly hate integrated video
22:52<liscio>When I was at ATI, they did some sweet things. The Rage128 was entirely pin-compatible with the RagePRO. Won a crapload of OEMs with *that* tidbit...
22:52<liscio>I remember when they were pissed 'cuz they had to add the fan to the R128. Such a sad, sad day.
22:53<liscio>bigguy: there's nothing wrong with it if there's a specific purpose to a machine. If you are just doing business/2d stuff, it's quite convenient.
22:53<liscio>bigguy: once you start asking for some performance out of it, then you have to step up to the "right tool"...
22:53<bigguy>I just hate the shared mem
22:53<liscio>bigguy: that can be a nuissance, yes.
22:54<bigguy>I don't game so 3d isn't really important
22:54<liscio>So, say I did go DDR on the machine, how bad would it be to run 128MB vs. 256MB?
22:54* liscioonly games in 2d. :)
22:54<bigguy>except for the occasional autocad session
22:54<liscio>2.5d if I'm feeling adventurous... :)
22:54<bigguy>I mean I play deer hunter 5 and some MAME,snes, etc roms but thats about it
22:56<liscio>Chutt: is memory quantity a big factor for mp4 encoding? Or is it mainly speed...
22:56<Soopaman>liscio, how old are you?
22:56<liscio>Soopaman: old enough to drink. :)
22:57<Soopaman>no serious
22:57<liscio>Soopaman: young enough to do some stupid stuff with my computers... :)
22:57<TheAsp>pbs pledge campaigns are sooooooooo annoying
22:57<liscio>You can do the math. I'm in 4A university, co-op (5yr program) and I'm done in 2003...That should give a range idea. :)
22:58* lisciolikes being roundabout
22:58* _shadstarted his download of 4 gigs of mame roms
22:58* bigguywill be 26 on the 29th of this month
22:58<liscio>_shad: already got most of 'em here :)
22:58<liscio>_shad: got a-z, minus T :)
22:59<liscio>actually, #-Z :)
22:59<_shad>i'll send ya t when I get it
22:59<liscio>send S too. I think mine's b0rked.
23:01<liscio>bigguy: gettin' old, eh? :)
23:02<liscio>I'm actually just turning 23 in Februrary...
23:04<Soopaman>23 in april
23:04* bigguyis young at heart
23:04* Soopamanis old at heart
23:04* liscioshould be done school for good in april. w00t!
23:04* lisciois definately old at heart...
23:04<bigguy>I like to hang out with the young crowd
23:05<liscio>I already own a condo and I'm going to be married in September. *gulp*
23:05<bigguy>I will marry one day
23:05<liscio>Hopefully you find more of a best bud than a nagging wife. :)
23:05<liscio>Thankfully, I did. :)
23:06<bigguy>when it is economicly in my best interest or she is just damn hot and I can talk to her ;)
23:06<liscio>Thankfully, neither of us are romantics. We keep it real. :)
23:06<liscio>otherwise, I'd be very very very much poorer than I already am. :)
23:06<bigguy>like if a hot millionaire geek girl came up to me and asked for my hand in marriage hmm
23:07<liscio>awwww crap. that msi board won't fit in that nice case. :(
23:08<bigguy>too big
23:08<liscio>slightly. 2mm off... :P
23:08<liscio>At least I recognize it beforehand rather than getting it and learning the hard way that microATX doesn't mean shit.
23:08<liscio>You'd think people would see it as a "standard" :P
23:09<bigguy>I want that 9.6x9.6 dual amd mp board
23:09<liscio>Hmm. This gigabyte board I've been using has been treating me very well. I also *really* like the fact that there's an ENS1371 chip on-board.
23:09<liscio>(for audio)
23:09<liscio>The quality of the audio is quite good, methinks.
23:10<liscio>Probably better than what you'd find in a combo chipset audio implementation...
23:11<liscio> bit ac/dc! :)
23:11<liscio>advertising another tube mainboard. jeez.
23:12<liscio>hmm..aopen's boards seem pretty nice..
23:16* lisciogives up for now.
23:16<liscio>alright. hopefully I'll get this sorted out tomorrow and have some parts to play with on wednesday...
23:16-!-liscio [] has quit ["[BX] The Invisible Man uses BitchX, you just can't see it!"]
23:27<Soopaman>Chutt, you around?
23:27<Soopaman>do you remember that myth database/user bug that affected the apt-able debian install?
23:28<Chutt>since there isn't a bug
23:28<noobie>Is there much development activity going on in mythmusic?
23:28<Soopaman>well what would the reason be if it doesn't create the mythtv
23:28<Chutt>you didn't give it the right password
23:28<Chutt>noobie, not much at the moment, no
23:29<Chutt>it's fairly feature complete, imo, though
23:29<noobie>OK. I'm adding support for album covers to the 0.7 release and I didn't want to be stepping on anybocy.
23:29<Chutt>grabbing them from where?
23:29<noobie>CDNow, probably.
23:30<noobie>There's GPL'd perl code in gjukebox to search the net for cover art.
23:30<Chutt>allmusic has much better data
23:30<noobie>I'll take a look at it.
23:31<bigguy>heh I just recommended allmusic to another guy
23:33<Soopaman>i thought had the best data
23:33<bigguy>amazon is slow
23:33<Soopaman>but i mean content wise
23:33<Chutt>cdnow is amazon
23:34<Soopaman>so allmusic has the most data?
23:34<Soopaman>or it's just the fastest
23:34<Chutt>they've got a fairly complete catalog
23:34<noobie>Searching for cover art is a one-time cost, so speed isn't that big of an issue.
23:34<Soopaman>that's hwat i was thinking
23:35<Soopaman>but which has the most comprehensive content
23:36<Chutt>they've got a good db
23:36-!-Universe [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:38<noobie>Does anybody else turn the cursor back on when developing? Could the cursor state be made a config option?
23:38<noobie>Well, of course it can, I guess I mean should.
23:39<Chutt>well, it's not really useful for much
23:39<noobie>I find it quicker to test something out with the mouse.
23:44<Chutt>it could probably be made a config option really easily
23:45<Chutt>well, not everywhere right now, but once i finish updating the other programs with the new dialog base class
23:45-!-jrh [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:46<noobie>There's a dialog base class in the works?
23:46<noobie>There definitely seems to be one waiting there in the code. I had starterd working on one myself.
23:46<Chutt>in cvs
23:47<noobie>I guess I should look at he cvs-commit mailing list? There's so much traffic on the dev one, I've hesitated getting more email.
23:47<Chutt>mythtv's the only thing that uses it, i haven't updated the other programs yet
23:47<noobie>Oh, OK.
23:48<Chutt>i might do that tonight, actually
23:49<Chutt>depending on when i get done with real work
23:50<noobie>I know that feeling.
23:56-!-billytwowilly [~chris@] has joined #mythtv