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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-12-24

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00:38<Universe>so is gatos not going to have mmap support?
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10:16<liscio>hmm. anyone know an easy way to boot someone off a socket? I can't seem to get mythbackend to bind. I'm assuming something is still lingering from yesterday when I last ran it. :P
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10:17<liscio>damnit I hate when things stick to ports and don't let go...
10:18<Chutt>kill the process that's holding on to it.
10:19<liscio>can't seem to figure out who/what that is though. :P
10:19* lisciotries again..
10:19<liscio> -all doesn't seem to give *all* the things that are running...
10:19* lisciomans...
10:20<liscio>ahh...-e seems to give more goodness...
10:20<liscio>gotta love killall :)
10:21<liscio>yikes. calling mythtv and then trying to change the channel didn't work out for me too well..
10:22<liscio>damn. and killing that mythtv (with a ctrl-c in the term) didn't stop mythbackend from using the input to record live tv. :P
10:22<Chutt>sounds like your database isn't setup properly.
10:24<mdz_>er, ps -all would be equivalent to ps -a -l -l
10:24<mdz_>which is not particularly meaningful
10:24<liscio>that strikes me as strange. I did a 'drop database mythconverg' then loaded mc.sql followed by 0-7-to-0-8 (minus a few conflicting lines)
10:24<liscio>mdz: I'm used to BeOS, where it did what I wanted... :P
10:25* liscioapologizes for his broken knowledge of the unix tools...
10:25<mdz_>liscio: then BeOS is broken for changing reasonably well-defined semantics for a standard unix command
10:25<mdz_>liscio: or, your memory is broken and it did exactly the same thing :-P
10:25<liscio>mdz: the latter obviously more likely. ;)
10:26<liscio>if I hit ctrl-c in mythtv, is a signal picked up and the connection is dropped to the server?
10:27<liscio>I see. So when a socket goes away, mythbackend doesn't really know...
10:27<liscio>(a frontend socket, that is)
10:27<Chutt>it'll notice next time it tries to use it, of course
10:27<mdz_>the signal is not handled, if that's what you mean
10:28<mdz_>but the connection to the server should certainly go away when you kill it
10:28<liscio>aww cheese an' locked up when I tried to change channels again. :P
10:28<Chutt>like i said, sounds like you have a database issue
10:29<liscio>yeah. mythepg shows data though, which is good...
10:31<liscio>hmm. everything looks kosher between what's in mc.sql and 0-7-to-0-8.sql and my db...
10:31<liscio>hmm. "select * from settings" -> empty set...
10:32<mdz_>sounds like you didn't run setup
10:33<mdz_>and didn't go into the setup menu in the frontend
10:33<mdz_>both of which are required right now
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10:38<rkulagow>Morning. Isaac, are you on?
10:39<PhazE3>Report on g200: I got my g200-tv in yesterday and tested it out in windows. The box was a k6-2 500 and I was able to watch a recording while recording something at about 11% cpu util. Just wanted to let you all know... I will be setting myth up on it today :)
10:40<hurdel>any timeline for a new release from cvs?
10:42<hurdel>does mythbackend have a UI or is it completely in the background?
10:43<PhazE3>I think its completly background? could be wrong
10:45<rkulagow>OK, guess not at keyboard. Isaac, could you please sync the cvs docs with the link on the main page? I created a "Miscellaneous" section that details MDZ's patch for MPlayer, but forgot to add it to CVS. If a user tries click section 16, they get a 404.
10:46<mdz_>the backend will eventually be a background process
10:56<liscio>Chutt: setup ran fine when I did it, and this still occurs even after setting everything up in the settings panel...
10:56* lisciodigs deeper...
10:57<liscio>ooh...this is curious: open audio:: no such file or directory...
10:57* lisciodigs, and digs... :)
10:57<mdz_>so in the course of setting 'everything' up in the settings panel...did you set your audio device?
10:59<liscio>yeah...I think I found the problem...
10:59<liscio>I didn't *fully* do the general settings...
10:59<liscio>I think once you guys have the consistent wizard UIs going it'll all get better. :)
11:02<liscio>mdz_: I still have the problem where if you try to modify settings in the width/height of the recording profile, it doesn't get saved in the db...
11:02<liscio>mdz_: I've been getting around that with some mysql command line incantations in the meantime...
11:03<mdz_>liscio: works for everyone else
11:03<mdz_>liscio: you're using left/right to adjust it, and not keying in a value, right?
11:03* lisciogrumbles...
11:05<liscio>mdz_: I am now. ;)
11:06<mdz_>I thought I disabled manual entry for that reason
11:07<liscio>mdz_: good idea though, to prevent entering incorrect values for the encoder...
11:07* lisciohas been defeated by childproofing once again...
11:10<mdz_>oh, I remember why that didn't happen; it was because qspinbox wouldn't let me :-P
11:11<liscio>mdz_: Take the credit! Take the credit!!! :)
11:11<liscio>interesting. xawtv plays stuff in stereo, but mythtv doesn't want to...amixer looks okay, PCM, Master, Aux set fine...hmmm...
11:18<mdz_>there is a slot which gets called whenever the text is edited, but it's not virtual and doesn't cause the value to actually change
11:18<mdz_>it waits until something asks for the value, and then recalculates it
11:18<mdz_>and what I need is a notification that the value has changed
11:22<PhazE3>mdz_: do you know if there are any plans for cc (closed captioning)
11:22<mdz_>PhazE3: I do not know, presumably it will be implemented if someone steps up to do it
11:23<PhazE3>okay thanks
11:25<hurdel>is there a way to search for shows in the guide?
11:25<PhazE3>try MythWeb
11:25<PhazE3>it will let you search
11:25<Universe>Mythweb works
11:25<Universe>but there is not currently a way to do it from mythfrontend
11:26<hurdel>cool, haven't installed mythweb yet
11:26<PhazE3>its easy to install
11:26<PhazE3>but you need a php enabled web server
11:26<hurdel>i'll take a look today
11:27<hurdel>np, new RH8 box, no web services needed by anything else
11:29<hurdel>i'm hoping to setup lirc with myth over christmas, then make the move to the living room
11:29<hurdel>can't wait, wife loves it already
11:29<liscio>hurdel : lucky you! :)
11:29<liscio>d'oh :P
11:29<PhazE3>lucky to have a wife or lucky she loves it :)
11:30<liscio>a wife that loves it...
11:30<liscio>some aren't so patient...
11:30<liscio>my fiancee can deal with the flakiness of cvs, if you can believe that... :)
11:30<PhazE3>Thank god I live by myself :)
11:30<liscio>doesn't mind pulling the keyboard out to do stuff when the remote misbehaves...
11:31<PhazE3>I use a wireless keyboard instead of remote...
11:31<PhazE3>I found a small wireless keyboard (about the size of a happy hacking keyboard)
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11:33<liscio>PhazE3 : I use the same one I have listed at my page
11:34<liscio>PhazE3 : it is about the size of a laptop keyboard with a pointer at the top-right and buttons at the top-left...
11:34<liscio>PhazE3 : but the remote just makes things work and look much more clean...
11:35<PhazE3>yeah... If I were building for someone else I would remote... I use mine for light web surfing too though :)
11:35<liscio>PhazE3 : same here, and some light development...and light irc'ing. :)
11:35<PhazE3>liscio: is your site down?
11:35<liscio>anyone else here use nvtv to hack around with the display quality?
11:35<liscio>PhazE3 : i don't know. is it? :)
11:36<PhazE3>I cant get to it.
11:36<liscio>try it now...
11:36<PhazE3>I have used nvtv
11:36<liscio>for some reason, apache wasn't started!!
11:36<liscio>thanks for pointing that out...
11:37<liscio>PhazE3 : what do you set your flicker to on your myth box?
11:37<PhazE3>Cant remember exactly :( Ill look when I get home
11:37<liscio>I have it either to 0 or 25. 0 seems to do some weird things in mythtv though...
11:38<PhazE3>My f$cking cable got a new ip this moring and I forgot to remeber it...
11:38<mdz_>PhazE3: dyndns, ddts, etc.
11:38<liscio>I think the problem with flicker:0 is that the display doesn't sync to the tvout chip. :(
11:39<PhazE3>I know I always forget to start the daemon... or put it in startup
11:39<liscio>so you get tearing on the tv display -- but the quality would be 100% like the original tv source if it all worked out...
11:40<PhazE3>Im using a keyboard very similar to the one on your site: Diff brand though and diff pointing device
11:40<liscio>PhazE3 : cool. was it cheap?
11:41<liscio>I think my cost was around there...
11:41<PhazE3>It works from about 35 ft too :)
11:41<PhazE3>Not that I can read my tv at 35 ft
11:42<hurdel>how far can i run a tv-out cable? i'm thinkingof putting my mythbox in the basement, run video/audio/IR cables through floor, no noise in living room
11:42<liscio>hurdel : not too long. it gets ugly real quickly...
11:43<PhazE3>what kind of tv out cable?
11:43<hurdel>i have a twelve foot video/audio cable, doesn't work too bad
11:43<liscio>hurdel: but if you have *really good* cable you can go probably as far as 50ft with not too much crap on the line...
11:43<liscio>but that good cable might cost just as much as making the machine nice/quiet enough to sit near the tv. :)
11:43<hurdel>i don't need much, just enough to go straight down wall
11:43<PhazE3>I am running about 25 feet
11:44<PhazE3>It works fine
11:44<liscio>hurdel : if you get a nice shielded cable you might be able to pull that off...
11:44<hurdel>sweet, can't wait
11:44<liscio>and S-video would give you a bit more of a guarantee of that quality...
11:44<hurdel> i already have about 15 shows recorded,
11:44<hurdel>can't wait to try out nvtvout
11:45<PhazE3>Im working with my g200 today once I get home...
11:45<PhazE3>And Im ditching RedHat
11:47<PhazE3>MJPEG -> VCD == Very easy to do :)
11:47<mdz_>VCDs are MPEG-1
11:47<PhazE3>I know... Still have to convert... but I have already got that working in my program
11:47<liscio>hurdel : it is very fun to play with...
11:47<liscio>hurdel: you can work wonders with your output signal.
11:48<liscio>PhazE3 : what are you ditching redhat for?
11:48<PhazE3>I had worked with MJPEG and MPG before... so it was the first I did
11:48<liscio>s/for/in favour of/
11:48<PhazE3>liscio: It suck a pain to set myth up on
11:48<PhazE3>liscio: Probably mandrake or gentoo... maybee back to slackware. Have not decided yet
11:49<liscio>PhazE3 : yeah. mandrake was kindof a pain for me...but I think because it was a bit too roundabout to get things done...
11:49<liscio>I like how a majority of my configuration files lay in logical locations...
11:49<liscio>(with Debian, that is)
11:50<PhazE3>Maybee try debian
11:50<liscio>mdz_: was there a plan to put deb-building files into the source tree?
11:50<liscio>mdz_ or is there fear of people trying to do their own sub-releases wih the cvs stuff? :)
11:51<mdz_>liscio: read my post to the mailing list about it
11:52<hurdel>liscio : i had a Radeon 7500 i ditched for my GeF2 MMX because of the good things i hear about nvtvout
11:52<hurdel>i hope it is all true
11:52<mdz_>Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 17:53:42 -0500 Subject: Re: [mythtv] Which Distro?
11:53<liscio>hurdel : hopefully you are happy with it. I know (from working at ATI) that ATI has one of the most advanced tvout chips on the market with probably the best quality out there, but they sure as hell don't let anyone in the linux community know how to play with it...
11:53<liscio>hurdel : so nvtv just lets us do what we could probably do on other cards...
11:53<mdz_>liscio: did you fight the good fight at ATI then? ;-)
11:54<liscio>mdz_ : nope...I choose my battles well. :)
11:54<mdz_>I still have hope
11:54<liscio>mdz_ : they now have a guy on staff that does alt-OS development though...
11:55<liscio>mdz_: really obscure stuff (OS/2, linux, et al)...we are just now seeing the fruits of his/her labour with the ATI binaries...
11:55<liscio>mdz_: that person was hired quite a long while ago. So ATI is investing *something* into linux, which is good.
11:55<liscio>mdz_: us quality nerds just won't see the fruits of his labour for a long time, if ever.
11:56<hurdel>be nice to get full linux support from ati
11:56<hurdel>nice canadian company =)
11:56<liscio>mdz_: what's that? (I am copy-paste-less right now...)
11:56<liscio>hurdel : yeah. they have a ton of talent under their hood...
11:56<mdz_>I might try the binary drivers, except I have a 7500
11:56<mdz_>liscio: it's a post to the gatos mailing list
11:56<liscio>hurdel : I'm really happy they kicked nvidia's ass with the 9700 stuff...
11:56<mdz_>> > The good news is that R300 SDK contains some sample TV-out code that
11:56<mdz_> > > explicitly states "no Macrovision" support. I will take a look at it once
11:56<mdz_> > > XFree86 4.3.0 merge is complete. I do not know how well it works.
11:57<mdz_>so there may be some new stuff on the horizon
11:57<liscio>ATI *does* provide docs to the XFree86 project...
11:57<mdz_>and to gatos
11:57<mdz_>but under NDA
11:57<hurdel>i'm heading out now, back home, yaaa
11:57<hurdel>have a great christmas all!
11:57<liscio>mdz_ : only reason for not going ATI for this box was because ati's cards don't fit in low-profile cases. :P
11:57<liscio>hurdel : you too..
11:57<mdz_>though it is allowed to release code written to the NDA'd docs
11:58<mdz_>and frankly, working code is better than docs
11:58<liscio>yup. the gatos project is actually recognized by ati's developer relations group, which is good.
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11:58<liscio>someone got all the tvin/tvout stuff working on the BeOS with ati's support, too...
11:59<liscio>and it was under the gatos project...
11:59<mdz_>eh? tvout?
11:59<mdz_>that is one area where they have held out from everyone
11:59<liscio>mdz_: maybe just tvin...
11:59* lisciodoesn't
11:59<liscio>ATI holds the rage theater chipset close to their hearts...
12:00<liscio>it's a big competitive advantage for their set top box business...
12:01<mdz_>set top box business? didn't know about that
12:01<mdz_>explains a lot
12:01<liscio>mdz_: yeah. they're big into that stuff. they have been hiring lots of people for that since I left...
12:01<mdz_>I just want mythtv to be able to fill my TV screen and not flicker in the EPG
12:01<liscio>mdz_: yeah. that'd be nice..
12:01<mdz_>I'm hoping the stuff in the R300 SDK is applicable to my 7500
12:02<liscio>mdz_: R300 != 7500 :(
12:02<liscio>mdz_: but the rage theater chip should be exactly the same on both, methinks.
12:02<mdz_>bub both have rage theater
12:02<liscio>hopefully everything is hooked up the same with respect to interfacing the chip on both cards...
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12:03<liscio>r300's might have different stuff going on because of the DV inclusion in the 8500's and up...
12:03<liscio>but I'm sure something will be figured out...those gatos guys are pretty smart.
12:03<liscio>I would like to see tv-synced graphics in mythtv, damnit! :)
12:04<liscio>I'd be happy to try and throw together a kernel driver to fire out sync messages if someone would be able to handle them on mythtv's side. :P
12:04<liscio>people make dvd players with the chip on my GF2MX :P
12:04<liscio>and the xbox is based on it, too!
12:05<liscio>unfortunately, mythtv just fires stuff to X, so something in X would have to do the sync'ing...
12:05<liscio>so in the end, it's a big ol' can of worms that I really don't have the time/expertise to open. :(
12:07<liscio>Damnit. I can't figure out why mythtv is only giving me mono output...
12:12<TheAsp>well, i have gdm starting mythbackend now
12:14* TheAspwatches mythmusic try to read in 25gb of music while recording a show
12:14<Universe>thats not good
12:16<TheAsp>probably making the show unwatchable :)
12:17<liscio>unless he nice'd mythbackend to -15 or something... :)
12:18<TheAsp>liscio: it doesnt use much cpu, it's disk i/o thats the problem
12:18* lisciowishes disk requests were scheduled like that too...
12:18<liscio>alright. this is startin' to frustrate me...
12:18<liscio>xawtv -- stereo output; mythtv -- mono output.
12:19<TheAsp>are you capturing in stereo?
12:19<liscio>TheAsp: how would I know if I was or was not?
12:19<TheAsp>arec some audio and play it and see if it's stereo
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12:20<TheAsp>well, the file may be stereo, but if it is *actually* stereo
12:21<-- Universehas quit ()
12:23<liscio>TheAsp : it's strange. It seems to get interference on both left and right channels, but the actual sound signal's only getting captured on the left side...
12:23<liscio>amixer says that capture's on both left and right of my aux channel...
12:23* lisciochecks the internal box connection...
12:24<liscio>wait. can't be that
12:24<liscio>because xawtv plays it stereo just fine. :P
12:25<TheAsp>does myth encode in stereo?
12:26<liscio>I really don't know if it is...I assumed it did by default, and didn't see a setting that said otherwise...
12:26<liscio>but even still, arecord is not.
12:26<TheAsp>have you used amixer/gamix to see if anything is "odd"?
12:27<liscio>amixer seems to look fine.\
12:27<TheAsp>i have a whole bunch of controls i have no idea what they do :P
12:27<TheAsp>have you tried kicking it?
12:27* lisciokicks
12:28<liscio>naah. that just causes the case to rattle...
12:29<liscio>restarting alsasound didn't work either. :)
12:29<liscio>although now I'm tempted to do the ol' fashioned kick...
12:31<liscio>okay. it can't be PCM not playing stuff back on both channels, because noise came through on both sides. all signs point to capture not capturing everything...
12:32<TheAsp>what card?
12:32* PhazE3is away: The MonkeYs GoT me
12:33<liscio>TheAsp: ENS1371
12:33<liscio>TheAsp: it worked previously...
12:33<TheAsp>same here
12:34* TheAspgrumbles about pcm > 75%
12:35* lisciodoesn't have that problem...
12:35<liscio>TheAsp: how did you set up your mixer, graphically?
12:36<TheAsp>liscio: if you turn pcm up past 75, you don't get distortion?
12:36<TheAsp>like, do you want a screenshot?
12:36<liscio>TheAsp: nope...
12:36<liscio>TheAsp: no. I just remember that only happened when I used the graphical tools...
12:36<liscio>TheAsp: there's some gain setting that mucks stuff up that you have to turn down...
12:37<TheAsp>know which one?
12:38<liscio>no idea, sorry.
12:38<TheAsp>i usually use alsamixer
12:38<liscio>i can't remember if it was kmixer, or what...
12:39<mdz_>mythtv does record in stereo of course
12:39<liscio>right now, the most graphical tool I'm using is alsamixer-0.9 :)
12:39<liscio>mdz_: yeah, I know. :)
12:39<mdz_>used to be it could only do stereo; recently some code went in to support mono if it is all that is available
12:39<mdz_>if you are using btaudio, I'm not sure if that (always) supports stereo
12:39* lisciohopes a graphical tool might help him find what's wrong...
12:40<TheAsp>liscio: gamix?
12:40<liscio>naah. using only my ens1371...
12:40<liscio>TheAsp: gamix crashed when I tried to run it.
12:40<TheAsp>do you have a ~/.asoundrc?
12:40<mdz_>start up xawtv, and while it's playing, record using sox or something
12:40<mdz_>and see if the file comes out stereo
12:40<mdz_>if you're using onboard sound, it may not be able to record in stereo
12:40<mdz_>and you must be using onboard sound, since you're cramming everything into one of those tiny boxes
12:41<liscio>mdz_: already tried that, and it did come out mono
12:41<liscio>mdz_: and this onboard sound worked earlier...
12:41<liscio>mdz_: it's actually a very good on-board chip, too...
12:41<TheAsp>woo, I'm on the L's
12:42<liscio>jeez. gamix won't let me run it...and kmix took my menubar away...grr..
12:44<liscio>okay. I don't know how this worked, but going into kmix, turning everything off, and then turning everything back on (wrt recording, muting, et al) made everything come out stereo...
12:46<TheAsp>i'm on the n's now...
12:46<liscio>I hate when those types of things happen in configuration...jeez
12:47<liscio>mdz_: is it just me, or do the binary settings (i.e. deinterlace) not have checkboxes to show whether or not they're selected?
12:47<mdz_>the only mixer I have found to be at all usable is alsactl
12:47<mdz_>liscio: they do have checkboxes to show whether or no they're selected
12:48<liscio>mdz_: the overscanning setting currently being read from the db?...I think they must be showing up offscreen. :P
12:48<liscio>and changing over/underscan doesn't seem to get them back. :P
12:48<mdz_>all of the settings are in the db
12:48<mdz_>except the db settings
12:49<mdz_>changing the over/underscan settings probably does not take effect until you restart the frontend
12:49<liscio>hmm...maybe the over/underscan dont take place for the mythfrontend windows?
12:49* lisciochecks...
12:49<mdz_>hmm...yes, that's right
12:49<mdz_>I think that's only used for the Xv window, and not for the ui
12:49<liscio>I thought they used to though...
12:49* liscioshrugs...
12:49<mdz_>there are separate settings for that, guiwidth and guiheight
12:49<mdz_>under theme
12:49<liscio>Yeah...but no 'guistartx' or 'guistarty'. :P
12:50<liscio>when running mythfrontend?
12:53<mdz_>liscio: do alsactl -f somefile store
12:54<liscio>doesn't seem to like: mythfrontend -geometry 640x480+50+10
12:54<mdz_>and then read through the settings and make sure that all of the capture stuff is correct
12:54<mdz_>it's probably set to some mono channel
12:54<liscio>mdz_: well now it probably wouldn't be because I got it working...
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12:56<liscio>mdz_: is the checkbox supposed to be on the left or the right of the text?
12:57<liscio>hmm...hitting space or enter on them doesn't seem to set them, and left/right doesn't give me any feedback (in the form of a check or something)
12:59<liscio>It appears that left/right does it though, because deinterlace is toggling, yet I see no feedback on the UI in the form of a checkbox. very strange...
13:02<PhazE3>merry christmas and happy hannakuh... im out
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