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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-12-25

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10:52<TheAsp>mdz, you should throw your initscript in MC/configfiles
12:43* yebyenponders
12:44<yebyen>anyone want to take a stab at what res/bitrate I might be able to encode mpeg4 at on a 700mhz athlon? :)
12:53<yebyen>well, i'm going to find out
13:15<yebyen>320x240 is using 30% cpu
13:15<yebyen>why the fuck have I been using nuv
13:15<yebyen>unless live tv always uses nuppelvideo
13:24<yebyen>nope, just the filename
13:32<yebyen>Chutt: mpeg4 beats the hell out of nuppelvideo, merry christmas :D
15:22* yebyendecides to try CVS
15:23<yebyen>now that i'm sure I can get the debs installed no hassle
15:35<yebyen>anyone around?
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15:38<m0tion>hmm, running into a problem when I try to "Watch TV" front the mythfrontend, I select it, and mythtv goes fullscreen, then crashes giving the following error "Strange Error Flushing Buffer..." "Using XV port 88" "Illegal Instruction"
15:38<m0tion>what am I doing wrong?
15:39<yebyen>no idea
15:40<m0tion>xawtv seems to work ok, i don't understand
15:42<yebyen>are you using cvs or what version
15:42<m0tion>no, 0.7
15:42<yebyen>debs? or did you compile it, what distro?
15:42<m0tion>compile, mandrake 9
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15:44<m0tion>do you know what any of those messages mean?
15:46<m0tion>oh, I'm a dumb bitch
15:46<m0tion>i can't believe it
15:46<m0tion>that very question is covered in the FAQ
15:46<m0tion>i have deinterlacing set and I don't have a proc that supports SSE
15:47<m0tion>thats what i get for asking a question before RTFM
15:56<yebyen>oh :)
15:56<yebyen>well, that's cool
15:56<yebyen>it works now then :)
15:57<yebyen>so deinterlacing requires SSE? I have an athlon, i didn't think those did SSE
15:59<yebyen>old-school athlon
15:59<yebyen>and since when does the FAQ work? :)
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16:16<yebyen>ahh i suck
16:16<yebyen>damned QMAKESPEC
16:19<yebyen>there we go
18:15* yebyenwonders if cvs is really in a usable state right now
18:17<TheAsp>it's not bad
18:18<yebyen>TheAsp: i can't seem to get it to work right now
18:18<yebyen>for one thing, the settings in Setup for Themes (screen size in particular) doesn't seem to be actually affecting the text file
18:19<yebyen>which is easy to work around (edit it my damned self)
18:19<yebyen>and uhh mythfilldatabase doesn't know what's up either
18:19<TheAsp>3did you create the tables?
18:19<yebyen>There are no channel sources defined, did you run the setup program?
18:19<yebyen>just mc.sql right?
18:20<TheAsp>and 0-7-to-0-8 i think
18:20<yebyen>oh :)
18:20<yebyen>that'd do it
18:20<TheAsp>then run setup/setup
18:20<yebyen>did that, probably have to do it again though
18:20<yebyen>ERROR 1060 at line 19: Duplicate column name 'profile'
18:21<yebyen>i think they might've updated mc.sql?
18:21<yebyen>how about cvs.sql :)
18:23* yebyengets frustrated
18:23<yebyen>almost ready to go back to 0.7, heh
18:25<yebyen>anyone stll around?
18:30<TheAsp>you could drop the old database and try again
18:31<TheAsp>way too drunk to figure out which ones you need
18:33<yebyen>i've been doing that :)
18:33<yebyen>not helping at all, going back to 0.7
18:33<yebyen>might try again before 0.8 comes out, unless that's tomorrw
18:51<TheAsp>doing which, dropping or drinking?
18:52<yebyen>maybe drinking will help :)
18:53<yebyen>man, i can't believe i'm working so much over christmas break
18:53<yebyen>this is a pain in the ass
18:54<yebyen>lemme clear something up
18:54<yebyen>when a girl says "We need to talk", that is never good, is it
18:54<yebyen>we're not even dating, so I'm not sure how not good it can be, but
18:55<TheAsp>unless she wants to bonk you
18:56<TheAsp>so i suppsoe for 85% of girls, it's a bad thing. :P
19:00<yebyen>well what else could she want to talk about besides bonking?
19:00<yebyen>if we can't be breaking up
19:01<TheAsp>her wanting to set you up with her friend
19:01<TheAsp>her wanting you to hook her up with your friend
19:03<yebyen>that'd be alright, she's got hot friends
19:03<TheAsp>her wanting to invite you to have a 3 way with another guy
19:04<TheAsp>(sorry, had to ruin it for you)
19:06<yebyen>*thinks about that*
19:06<yebyen>that might not be so bad either, if she was involved ^_~
19:06<yebyen>GREMLINS :D
19:07<yebyen>on sci-fi channel
19:08<yebyen>brought to you by mythtv
19:16<TheAsp>thats myth baby
19:48* yebyenwonders if cvs mythweb works with 0.7 mythtv
20:15<yebyen>sure do.
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