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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-12-27

00:00<Chutt>since it's nice to show it as being selected for recording in the epg
00:00<mdz>I like the way it highlights the in-progress recording
00:00<mdz>that is a much better way to see if something is in progress than to try live tv
00:00<Chutt>it'll unhighlight it too, automatically =)
00:00<mdz>could leave it there
00:00<mdz>and purge singlerecords which go back farther than the program info
00:01<Chutt>the scheduler would need some changes
00:01<Chutt>is all
00:01<mdz>something that I should do if I plan on reorganizing the recorded tables?
00:02<Chutt>if it were still in singlerecord, it'd just have to make sure that it wasn't currently being recorded
00:02<Chutt>since the way things are setup
00:02<mdz>I started looking at that the other day, and started wondering about the indexing if I broke up the date and time into separate columns
00:02<Chutt>if someone changed the recording db, it'd go through and try to record it again
00:02<mdz>I didn't know whether a concatenated index would be sufficient
00:03<Chutt>i kinda like using the timestamp as the only field
00:03<mdz>but then you have to mask off the date or something
00:04<mdz>I guess mysql probably has functions for that sort of thing
00:04<mdz>but the date still has some value, which is confusing
00:04<Chutt>it does already
00:04<Chutt>doesn't it?
00:04<Chutt>for the timeslot recordings
00:04<mdz>right now timeslot uses 'time' fields and singlerecord uses timestamp
00:05<mdz>I figured the merged table would use 'time' and 'date'
00:05<mdz>and date could be NULL
00:06<mdz>though the current setup has the advantage that all rows which are valid in the database actually mean something
00:06<mdz>which is nice
00:06<Chutt>probably be easiest to use use the timestamp stuff and just mask it off for timeslot recordings
00:06<Chutt>i dunno, though
00:06<mdz>or, just make dialogs for each type of recording
00:06<mdz>with a little type switcher widget
00:07<mdz>I should sketch it out and see which way makes more sense in the UI
00:08<mdz>but I think if a merge were done right, it could simplify scheduler access to the db
00:08<mdz>programinfo would have to change to match it though
00:08<mdz>which starts to seem like more work
00:09<Chutt>changing the basic structure of the programinfo stuff would touch a lot of code
00:09<Chutt>no replies to your d-d email about mythtv
00:10<mdz>that thread was all from yesterday and the day before, I've been behind
00:10<TheAsp>it's funny how that other crud always gets mentioned...
00:11<TheAsp>i only found out about myth recently
00:11<mdz>but it got like 10 messages
00:11<mdz>I was surprised to see so much interest
00:11<mdz>people wanting to do this, and kludging single-purpose tools to do it
00:11<mdz>like that slashdot guy who cronned everything and captured at 15fps
00:12<TheAsp>i can't wait till gstreamer gets some more plugins so i can kludge my own :)
00:13<mdz>Chutt: did we agree that the tvformat and freqtable settings should be moved out of the frontend and into setup?
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00:25<meth>bah screw it, cant get modprobe to change the bttv settings
00:26<TheAsp>you'll need to reboot
00:26<TheAsp>it doesnt clear them when you rmmod
00:27<mdz>Chutt: also, I'd like to activate that externalcommand column in the db, but I'm not sure where it belongs
00:27<mdz>Chutt: change ChangeExternalChannel so that it gets a Channel instead of a string?
00:27<mdz>it needs enough info to look it up in the db
00:40<Chutt>see how it gets the current channel info in the backend?
00:40<mdz>I think I just fixed it up
00:40<Chutt>queries the channel object for the current cardinput
00:40<Chutt>the string should stay the same, though
00:40<mdz>what string?
00:40<Chutt>for the function
00:40<mdz>I took the info from the channel instance in the TVRec object
00:40<mdz>which I didn't realize was there
00:41<mdz>Channel doesn't seem to represent a Channel, really :-)
00:41<Chutt>it's a v4l access abstraction
00:41<Chutt>it used to just be a channel, though
00:41<mdz> QString query = QString("SELECT cardinput.externalcommand "
00:41<mdz> "FROM cardinput,channel,capturecard "
00:41<mdz> "WHERE channel.channum = %1 "
00:41<mdz> "AND channel.sourceid = cardinput.sourceid "
00:41<mdz> "AND cardinput.inputname = '%2' "
00:41<mdz> "AND cardinput.cardid = capturecard.cardid "
00:41<mdz> "AND capturecard.videodevice = '%3' ")
00:41<mdz> .arg(channum)
00:41<mdz> .arg(channel->GetCurrentInput())
00:41<mdz> .arg(channel->GetDevice());
00:41<mdz>something like that
00:41<mdz>assuming the channel->blah stuff is valid at that point
00:41<Chutt>activechannel instead of channel, though
00:42<Chutt>should be
00:42<Chutt>nice email to the list
00:42<mdz>that was a big assumption
00:43<mdz>I was thinking that the channel change command should really get more than just the channum
00:44<mdz>if it is tied to an input, it should be able to act differently depending on which input it is trying to change the channel for
00:44<Chutt>well, you could use a different command for each input
00:44<pheller>that "dumb question" was pretty dumb.
00:46<mdz>Chutt: what is that pseudo-return-value checking in ChangeExternalChannel about?
00:46<mdz>it looks like the caller does actually care whether it returns true or false; shouldn't it return false if the command fails?
00:47<Chutt>if it returns false, though, it's just going to try to change channels back to the original one
00:47<Chutt>which'll probably just fail again
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00:56<mdz>ok, I did that and moved the setting in the UI
00:56<mdz>but I can't test it because I'm recording something and v4l apparently won't let you list the inputs while it's open
00:56<mdz>silly v4l
00:57<Chutt>well, it's the bttv driver
00:57<Chutt>single open =)
00:57<mdz>I hate ioctl
00:57<mdz>that guy won't give up
00:58<mdz>"can't I get a developer kit?"
00:58<mdz>as if mythtv-dev is the place to ask
00:58<pheller>Maybe the FAQ needs a myth-dev charter statement...
00:58<mdz>though I doubt there is such a kit
00:58<Chutt>well, it's also the place to go if you need help learning how to use redhat
00:58<mdz>and if there is, I guarantee it doesn't have specs for the encoder board
00:58<Chutt>or getting your hardware setup properly
00:59<mdz>hey, at least there aren't many Windows questions
01:00<Chutt>so i'm watching all these people going to and trying to get tarballs
01:00<Chutt>it's kinda funny
01:00<pheller>I'm sure that the tivo folks are probably busy lobbying the sites out there to obscure their data with daily format changes to purposefully break xmltv
01:00<mdz>trying how?
01:00<Chutt>doubt that
01:00<mdz>using the old URL or something?
01:00<Chutt>there's lots of hits that begin and end on that front page
01:00<Chutt>and bunches of 404s for the old url =)
01:02<Chutt>well, not bunches
01:02<Chutt>but some
01:03<mdz>I think I'll go ahead and commit this stuff and see if anybody complains on the list tomorrow
01:04<mdz>I want to hear if setup is working for people
01:04<Chutt>works for me
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01:07<mdz>what do you think about that guy who wanted the config dialogs to work differently?
01:07<Chutt>i think that space/enter should be the same everwhere
01:08<mdz>hmm, I think I deleted it
01:08<mdz>yeah, which I think means that the config dialogs should accept() on both enter and space
01:08<mdz>but he wanted buttons for some reason
01:08<mdz>I lost the mail
01:08<Chutt>ah, well, i don't really care about buttons
01:09<Chutt>might just make sense to use the wizard stuff for everything from the frontend
01:09<Chutt>not necessarily the stuff in setup, though
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01:10<mdz>yeah, now that the wizards go back and forth between screens with the usual buttons, that makes more sense
01:10<mdz>but a one-page wizard is a little silly
01:10<Chutt>true, but
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01:10<meth>damn it restarted gnome again bleh
01:10<Chutt>i don't think we'll have any one page wizards once there's room made for help text
01:11<Chutt>and the fonts are bigger
01:11<mdz>oh, the dialogs already do the same thing for enter and space
01:11<mdz>so I wonder what his problem was
01:11<Chutt>no they don't
01:11<Chutt>some of the widgets grab space
01:11<mdz>they should
01:12<mdz>not the ones I derived
01:12<Chutt>so only enter works
01:12<Chutt>i'm pretty sure the spinbox does
01:12<Chutt>and the combo box does
01:12<mdz>oh, the combo box
01:12<mdz>you wanted that :-P
01:12<Chutt>yeah, but i was wrong =)
01:12<mdz>the spin box I thought I filtered everything except the arrows
01:12<mdz>maybe I got the eventFilter return value backwards
01:13<Chutt>maybe i'm wrong about the spinbox
01:13<Chutt>and am confusing it with the combobox
01:13<mdz>no, liscio or someone was saying the other day that they were still able to key values into the spinbox
01:13<mdz>which should be impossible if it is filtering that stuff
01:15<mdz>yeah, I just need to return true all the time
01:16<pheller>did you guys figure out a way to do the xmltv config from within the setup wizards?
01:16<mdz>mythpushbutton handles space and enter the same, right?
01:16<mdz>pheller: tried it lately?
01:17<mdz>it can configure tv_grab_na from the GUI
01:17<mdz>(in CVS)
01:17<pheller>not yet, I'm still waiting for the remaining parts for my new box to arrive...
01:17<pheller>cool, I'll build from CVS as soon as the rest of the parts get here, and then maybe I can actually help with development a bit.
01:18<mdz>pheller: it might be better to install 0.7 first, and get that working, before trying CVS
01:18<mdz>though I am curious to know whether it works to install the current CVS stuff from scratch
01:19<pheller>I've got .7 working on an old ppro 200.... I'll try CVS from scratch just to answer your question.
01:20<Chutt>it doesn't do a complete tv_grab_na configure, though
01:20<Chutt>no channel selection
01:20<pheller>does it accept all channels by default?
01:20<mdz>Chutt: it autoselects all channels
01:21<mdz>complete :-)
01:21<Chutt>i have to turn channels off
01:21<Chutt>i've got duplicates in my list
01:21<Chutt>well, not duplicates, but two entries for the same number
01:21<mdz>if there were a --list-channels or such, it wouldn't be hard
01:21<Chutt>there is
01:21<pheller>damn, that'll result in a really long first mythfill...
01:21<mdz>was it just added in the newest version?
01:22<mdz>I'm running 0.5.3 here
01:22<Chutt>i don't think so
01:22<meth>how can i use auto-record w/o having the frontend up all the time?
01:22<Chutt>it's at the end of --configure --help
01:22<Chutt>meth, you can't.
01:22<meth>damn ok
01:22<mdz>oh, it's in --help but not on the man page
01:22<meth>any way to minamize it
01:22<Chutt>with your window manager.
01:23<mdz>I'll get to that eventually then
01:23<Chutt>that'd be excellent =)
01:23<mdz>keybinding changes are in
01:23<Chutt>could also use it to set up finetuning
01:23<mdz>I'm not sure a channel selector will work too well in the wizard though
01:24<Chutt>eh, a page with a big qtable on it
01:24<mdz>unless you can think of a better way to represent it than a huge long list of checkboxes
01:24<pheller>since it's likely people will run myth 24/7 for scheduled recordings, would it make sense to have myth spawn the xmltv update rather than confuse people with cron?
01:24<Chutt>checkboxes as one column
01:24<Chutt>pheller, naw, not really
01:24<mdz>that's a lot of pages
01:24<mdz>especially with the big fonts
01:24<Chutt>mdz, one page
01:24<Chutt>the table'd scroll automatically
01:24<mdz>scrolling pages, I mean
01:24<Chutt>yeah, but
01:25<Chutt>easiest way to do it
01:25<Chutt>and it'd be a nice way for people to setup finetuning
01:25<Chutt>and any per-channel filters they want to use
01:25<mdz>hmm, that's interesting
01:25<mdz>mixing the xmltv config with the database channel config could get messy though
01:26<mdz>I guess they could be separate settings, just happen to be put on the same line
01:26<mdz>that will be nice
01:27<mdz>but I don't see how to feed those settinsg back into xmltv
01:27<Chutt>probably could be re-used easily enough for other grabbers
01:27<mdz>besides writing to the config file
01:27<mdz>which I really shouldn't have to do
01:28<mdz>this time neither the man page nor --help seem to have the answer
01:28<mdz>must go to bed
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10:07<mdz_>heh...I like how that tivo photo gallery is being described as a "service"
10:14<mdz_>with a monthly usage fee
10:14<mdz_>just like microsoft software :):):)
10:16<hurd_away>is there seriously a fee for that "service"?
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10:19<mdz_>dunno, it's all speculation by the people in the forum
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14:54<jasongrichmond>hey everyone
14:54<jasongrichmond>happy holidays!
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14:57<jasongrichmond>bye bye =) back to cooking
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15:00<PhazE3>Anyone have any idea why a SBLive would not be running in full duplex? OSS drivers
15:01<mdz_>those took about a minute to find with google
15:02<mdz_>imagine what you could find if you spent 5 minutes :-)
15:06<PhazE3>there is also a #creative on this server... My brain is just not working today
15:06<Universe>they need to add googling to the dictionary..
15:07<PhazE3>Did not mean to bother anyone...
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15:59<Chutt>this help text stuff is messy
16:00<Chutt>well, not messy, just tedious
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16:08<mdz_>Chutt: are you using the statusbar stuff?
16:12<Chutt>couldn't figure out how to trigger those on focus changes
16:14<Chutt>doing something similar, though
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16:22<Chutt>so we need some defaults set in the db before the frontend can run without the settings files for the first time =)
16:22<Chutt>specifically, it bails if 'theme' isn't set
16:24<TheAsp>screen size...
16:24<Chutt>well, i just need to fix that
16:46<PhazE3>Chutt: I have a daily cvs tarball up at if you want to link it on the site
16:46<Chutt>i'd rather not
16:46<Chutt>if people want cvs, they can use cvs directly
16:49<mdz_>yeah, lots of stuff breaks if it's not done
16:49<mdz_>it would be enough to just instantiate each group and call .save()
16:49<mdz_>that would write the defaults to the db
16:52<Chutt>but, hmm
16:52<Chutt>that needs to be done before setup instantiates its context object, though
17:21<mdz_>that'll be tricky
17:21<mdz_>seeing as the dialogs expect a context
17:22<Chutt>could just setup and then trash a context
17:22<Chutt>and setup a new one after all the defaults are written
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17:23<mdz_>or set one up, instantiate the settings, and then reload the things it needs
17:26<Chutt>i should have stuff check-inable soon
17:27<mdz_>oops, looks like I forgot to carry over the selections for the xmltv combobox
17:29<mdz_>oh, no I didn't
17:29<mdz_>I wonder what that guy's problem is
17:33<TheAsp>what guy?
17:40* PhazE3is away: The MonkeYs GoT me
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19:07<mdz>"by the way, I got all this debugging info as output from the program..."
19:10<mdz>Chutt: how many people have volunteered to make gentoo packaging for mythtv now? has anyone actually done anything yet?
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19:23<mdz>Chutt: why add a parameter to configWidget, rather than having dialogWidget connect things up as it creates the child widgets?
19:29<Chutt>well, i needed to have it connect to the myth* widgets
19:29<Chutt>and i didn't feel like walking down the widget tree
19:33<Chutt>that seemed to be the easiest way to handle it
19:34<Chutt>i need to fixup the overscan stuff
19:34<mdz>I didn't know you could connect a signal to a signal that way, pretty handy
19:35<Chutt>it's not working at all now =)
19:35<Chutt>yeah, made it really easy to send stuff up to the wizard
19:37<Chutt>was there any reason in particular to have 'parameters' and 'advanced parameters
19:37<Chutt>' in the codec settings?
19:37<Chutt>i just got rid of the distinction to save some space
19:38<mdz>I had toyed with the idea of hiding the advanced stuff or moving it elsewhere
19:38<mdz>so that most people could just look at a big fat "quality" slider or something, and not see the more esoteric stuff
19:38<Chutt>yeah, maybe
19:39<mdz>and, even when it's displayed side-by-side, know that they shouldn't mess with that stuff unless they understand it
19:39<mdz>it did waste space in that arrangement though
19:41<mdz>the MPEG-4 quality spinboxes, for example
19:41<mdz>they're not particularly intuitive, and they don't need to be, because most people should leave them alone
19:42<mdz>especially since lower values mean higher quality, so if people cranked up the "min quality" to a high value, their picture came out looking like crap
19:44<Chutt>so have you tried that checkin at all?
19:44<Chutt>notice i moved everything out of globalsettings.g? =)
19:44<Chutt>err, .h
19:44<mdz>no, I hadn't
19:44<mdz>oh, you just moved it into globalsettings.cpp
19:44<mdz>I thought maybe you had categorized it more nicely :-)
19:44<Chutt>it kinda speeds up compilation just a tad
19:45<Chutt>heh, anyway
19:45<mdz>oh, you moved the class decls there too
19:45<mdz>yeah, that should help
19:45<Chutt>no need for all that in the .h where it's compiled twice
19:46<mdz>what do you want to do with TunerCardInput?
19:46<mdz>it's a little silly as a global setting
19:46<Chutt>i dunno
19:46<Chutt>i'm kinda thinking it should be moved to the setup
19:47<mdz>and into a column in capturecard?
19:47<Chutt>and the storage paths as well
19:47<Chutt>they kinda need to be per input, almost
19:48<mdz>or should there just be a global default cardinput?
19:48<Chutt>well, per card for the live-tv stuff
19:48<mdz>why do the storage paths need to be per card?
19:48<Chutt>since it's conceivable that one box could have two cards serving live-tv to two different frontends
19:48<mdz>maybe the live tv buffer should be a directory setting instead
19:48<Chutt>the storage path should be per-machine
19:48<Chutt>ah, true
19:49<Chutt>and have it generate something, then kill it on exit
19:49<mdz>how should per-host settings work?
19:50<Chutt>i dunno
19:50<mdz>add a host column to a few tables? or maybe have a host table in the db?
19:50<Chutt>might make sense to add a host column to the settings table
19:50<Chutt>i already added one to capturecard and recorded
19:50<Chutt>then if it wanted some per-host setting, it could just add that to the query
19:51<mdz>I didn't have those yet, I've added them to my database now
19:51<Chutt>they're not used yet
19:52<Chutt>the spinboxes still don't pass space/enter/escape back up
19:52<mdz>maybe it needs to ->ignore() the event
19:52<mdz>in addition to returning true
19:54<Chutt>doesn't seem to work
19:55<mdz>oh, it probably needs a keyPressEvent on the spinbox itself
19:55<Chutt>wouldn't it be on the listbox inside it?
19:56<mdz>the eventFilter is supposed to catch stuff headed for that listbox
19:56<mdz>looks like qspinbox doesn't have a keypressevent
19:56<mdz>er, lineedit
19:58<mdz>heh, the buttons in mythwizard are a little funny
19:58<mdz>it goes from black on gray to black on dark blue
19:59<Chutt>the text's white for me
20:00<mdz>hmm, there are still some MythWizard functions in mythwidgets.cpp
20:01<Chutt>are there?
20:01<Chutt>i thought i got rid of em
20:01<Chutt>yeah, that's gone here
20:01<mdz>ah, they're gone
20:01<mdz>had a stale copy open
20:02<Chutt>i haven't updated the setup dialogs yet
20:02<Chutt>so, the theme stuff is a one screen wizard
20:02<Chutt>that work ok?
20:02<mdz>fine by me
20:02<mdz>you do that already? I haven't looked at much of it
20:03<Chutt>made all those dialogs gotten to from the frontend wizards
20:03<mdz>including the editors?
20:03<mdz>capturecardeditor, videosourceeditor, etc.
20:03<Chutt>haven't touched those
20:03<mdz>ah, ok
20:03<Chutt>only did the ones reachable by the frontend =)
20:04<mdz>those would be tough to make into wizards
20:04<mdz>because they don't use quite the same key bindings
20:04<mdz>I'm not entirely happy with how they work
20:04<mdz>enter lets you edit the thing that's selected
20:05<mdz>and so escape is the only way to move on
20:05<mdz>but I couldn't think of anything better
20:05<mdz>it could have an edit button or something I suppose
20:05<Chutt>some guy just emailed asking if he could post stuff he has for sale on the mailing list
20:05<mdz>but it seems clumsy
20:05<Chutt>at least he emailed me first
20:06<mdz>how sweet
20:06<mdz>ask him to make a donation
20:07<pheller>how about left or right arrow to begin editing a text field, enter exits text editing, another enter would proceed....?
20:10<pheller>left and right arrow seem to scroll through options as it is, so it would seem intuitive for text entry fields too...
20:10<Chutt>mdz, why not make a menu for it all?
20:10<Chutt>then escape would just take you back to the menu
20:11<Chutt>or two levels of wizards
20:11<pheller>esc could just always be back, which is intuitive and matches most current operation too...
20:11<Chutt>one wizard would be the three list box selections
20:12<Chutt>and then each would launch a secondary wizard on edit
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21:07<mdz>Chutt: that's basically how it works now
21:08<mdz>except it can't launch the secondary dialog on edit, because the only editing is moving the selection around
21:08<mdz>a top-level menu is a good idea though
21:08<mdz>so that rather than escape acting like "next" it would go back to the top level
21:09<mdz>wow, that was a big commit to fix the overscan stuff
21:11<mdz>but the problem with the listboxes is still there
21:12<mdz>without an extra button, the only way to select something for editing is to accept the dialog
21:13<mdz>so each one has to be in its own dialog
21:15<mdz>I guess that's ok
21:30<mdz>Chutt: do you think it could use the themedmenu stuff? or would it need its own menu?
21:41<-- pheller( has left #mythtv
21:43-!-m0tion [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
21:43-!-pheller [] has joined #mythtv
21:45<Chutt>it could use the themedmenu stuff
21:45<Chutt>that commit also added some DEPENDPATH things to the qmake files
21:45<Chutt>i dunno, might help the dependency crap a little
21:55<-- Universehas quit ()
22:52<Chutt>so who wants to write help text? =)
22:53-!-bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
22:54<pheller>I'd be glad too, but my myth-capable machine won't arrive for another week.....
22:55<mdz>pheller: you don't really need mythtv to write help text :-P
22:55<mdz>I don't mind doing it
22:55<pheller>sure, I'll help out then.
22:56<pheller>you tell me what you want explained, etc., and I'll write up some stuff
22:57<Chutt>all the GUI config stuff needs little one sentence explanations
22:57<Chutt>for each option
22:58<mdz>some of them need more than a sentence
22:58<pheller>also one sentence for each configuration option?
22:58<Chutt>well, small amounts of explanations, really
22:58<TheAsp>more then a sentence? wow, thats going all out :P
22:58<pheller>ok, I'm down.
22:59<pheller>I do have a machine that can (barely) run myth, so at least I can navigate through stuff and do some write ups.....
23:00<pheller>is the setup wizard in cvs yet?
23:00<Chutt>it's all in there
23:01<pheller>how is the wizard invoked?
23:01<pheller>I did a build from cvs earlier, and saw all the setup stuff, but I didn't see how to run the wizard...
23:01<Chutt>running the setup program
23:01<Chutt>and the stuff from the frontend
23:02<pheller>ahh, ok.
23:02<pheller>I'll start on the help stuff now.
23:08<mdz>Chutt: how should I set up themedmenu in setup?
23:08<mdz>give it a hard-coded theme?
23:08<mdz>or will it do something smart without one?
23:09<mdz>then which one? :-)
23:20<pheller>could the wizard data entry area be made a little smaller? maybe add a MythTV logo and back/next buttons?
23:20<mdz>the menus need some new icons
23:20<mdz>especially setup and the frontend setup
23:21<TheAsp>Unknown encoder.
23:21<pheller>when in zip code entry, there is a _long_ pause once the 4th digit is entered.
23:21<TheAsp>mythbackend exited after that
23:22<mdz>pheller: that is it downloading the list of available providers
23:22<mdz>and it's the 5th digit
23:22<mdz>sometimes it's fast, and sometimes it's not
23:22<TheAsp>why not wait till the user hits enter?
23:22<Chutt>mdz, it crashes when i hit enter on an existing xmltv source
23:22<Chutt>automatically's good.
23:23<TheAsp>it's a pain to put in a postal code...
23:23<Chutt>it's something you do once.
23:23<mdz>Chutt: backtrace?
23:23<Chutt>haven't recompiled yet
23:23<mdz>the user hits enter to accept all of the settings on the screen
23:24<TheAsp>ok, until the user does something to get out of the input box...
23:24<Chutt>then there'd be a pause while it populated the next combobox
23:24<Chutt>how it works now is good
23:24<mdz>and they would not necessarily see where to go until the combobox is filled in
23:24-!-bigguy [] has quit ["off to read"]
23:27<pheller>I noticed there is a screen blank in between setup wizard pages -- can that be changed such that the background remains?
23:27<mdz>I used setCallback on themedmenu, but it crashes
23:27<mdz>seems to be jumping to a null pointer
23:27<mdz>setcallback works, that is, but then it crashes when I try to exec it
23:28<pheller>also, it might make sense to not retrive the list of cable providers until displaying that 5th digit and some message on a status line or something saying "Retrieving list of Cable Providers"
23:29<mdz>never mind
23:30<mdz>Chutt: I made a menu for setup
23:30<mdz>but the user still has to press escape to leave that menu
23:31<mdz>it'd be nice to be able to have an exit button
23:32-!-jrh [] has joined #mythtv
23:32<mdz>Chutt: I found that segfault in the video source dialog
23:33<mdz>Chutt: you're passing a NULL ConfigurationGroup* into a configWidget() and it's dereferencing it
23:35<mdz>the problem is that there is not always a configurationgroup
23:35<mdz>a single configurable can be placed into a dialog
23:41<mdz>ok, checked in the setup menu
23:55<mdz>er, the user needs to close the window. I forgot even escape doesn't work from the top level
23:56<mdz>Chutt: how would you feel about adding an exit action to themedmenu? only for use in setup, of course
23:57<mdz>pheller: if you're looking at setup, that is not a wizard; it's just a series of dialogs
23:57<mdz>pheller: if you update to the latest stuff, it uses a menu, and it should be more clear how to navigate it
23:58<pheller>already updated, building now
23:58<pheller>what's the exit button necessary for?
23:58<mdz>the true wizards work the way you would expect, with multiple pages in series, and within the existing window and background
23:58<mdz>pheller: to get out once you've finished setup
23:58<pheller>why not have it do the call to mythfilldatabase?
23:59<mdz>it can run for a long time and there could be errors
23:59<mdz>it needs to run --configure for non-tv_grab_na grabbers eventually