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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2002-12-30

00:00<mdz>setup didn't work, then you dropped and recreated your database, and now it works?
00:03<_shad>I'm just dumb
00:03<_shad>didn't realize it was graphical
00:03<_shad>ran it from console
00:03<_shad>but I wanted to reimport the .sql file
00:03<_shad>start fresh :)
00:04<_shad>it works!
00:07<_shad>heh. Amazing
00:07<_shad>Now, when it went and selected every channel for me, is there any place for me to specify which ones I don't want?
00:07<mdz>tv_grab_na --configure
00:08<_shad>so nothing graphical?
00:08<mdz>yes, there is a very simple and elegant graphical interface for doing it too
00:08<mdz>but I didn't want to tell you about it
00:08<mdz>so I said tv_grab_na --configure
00:08<_shad>I know about that
00:08<_shad>it was just weird that i went and put my postal code in, and selected the provider and hit enter
00:09<_shad>then it just popped me back
00:09<_shad>and I didn't see anything to configure channels
00:09<_shad>then xmltv went and got all the channels and is downloading the listings now
00:37<yebyen>_shad: you should've just typed in the postal code...
00:38<yebyen>hitting enter confirms the whole screen
00:38<_shad>I did type it in
00:38<_shad>and selected the location too
00:38<yebyen>oh :)
00:39<_shad>ah well
00:39<_shad>it works
00:39<_shad>so I'm going to bed :)
00:57<Chutt>mdz, guidegrid has a db connection
00:58<Chutt>oh, well
00:58<Chutt>the guidegrid uses the default db connection
01:01<Chutt>anything called from it can use the default db connection
01:01<Chutt>like the current stuff in programinfo.cpp does
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08:50<mdz>that default connection stuff makes me uneasy
08:50<mdz>and I need a QSqlDatabase*
08:52<liscio>Whoa. Are the theme.txt settings (GuiWidth/height) no longer stored in the txt file?
08:55<mdz>well, they no longer need to be
08:56<liscio>so it's a db setting now?
08:56* lisciowishes those could be autosensed...
08:56<liscio>but I guess some people probably want oddball settings...
09:05<liscio>damnit. now I can't run setup properly because of the weird display size... :P
09:07<liscio>Alright. Would anyone object to me tossing in a question when running setup that asks the guiwidth/height?
09:15<liscio>mdz: is oldsettings.h deprecated (as the filename would imply...)
09:35<mdz_>liscio: it's still used to read mysql.txt and the theme qtlook.txt
09:35<mdz_>and backend_settings.txt
09:36<mdz_>but settings.txt and theme.txt are deprecated
09:38<mdz_>liscio: if guiwidth and guiheight are set to 0, it fills the screen. but the default is 800x600
09:38<mdz_>liscio: setup is for configuring the backend; the frontend is configured with the menu
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09:42<mdz_>liscio: what prevented you from using setup properly?
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10:02<liscio>mdz_: it's just not displayed properly on the screen...there must be an easier way to set that for people...
10:03<liscio>mdz_: unless we set the defaults to 0, and then let them set it to something else...
10:04<mdz_>liscio: what do you mean by "it's just not displayed properly"?
10:05<liscio>mdz_: it is too big to fit on the screen...
10:05<liscio>and you can't see all the buttons...
10:06<liscio> doesn't like when you set GuiWidth/Height to 0/0
10:06<liscio>I get a handful of "QPixmap::convertFromImage: Cannot convert a null image" messages...
10:07<mdz_>liscio: how big is your screen?
10:09<liscio>mdz_: 640x480
10:09<mdz_>well that'd do it then
10:10<liscio>that'd do what, exactly? :)
10:10<mdz_>that would cause it not to fit on the screen, since it's 800x600
10:12<liscio>yeah. I figured that. :) The strange thing I'm noticing now is that setting GuiWidth/Height to 0/0 doesn't seem to be doing what it's supposed to...
10:14<liscio>In MythContext it *is* correctly grabbing the width/height as 640/ somewhere is still seeing the 0/0...hmm...
10:16<mdz_>I lied, it goes fullscreen if GuiWidth and GuiHeight are not set at all
10:16<mdz_>not if they are 0
10:16<mdz_>but of course, GuiWidth and GuiHeight should be unset when setup first runs
10:16<mdz_>so it goes fullscreen and everything is happy
10:17<liscio>ay there's the problem...
10:17<mdz_>so you must have them set to 800x600 in a config file or something
10:17<liscio>GuiWidth/Height *do* get set upon being zero...
10:17<liscio>however, there's a call to set some pixmaps that goes to the db to get the width/height
10:17<liscio>(rather than using m_width, etc...)
10:17<liscio>(hopefully it's available to the caller...)
10:19* lisciocompiles to see if that fixes it...
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10:20<mdz_>it should be passing m_width/m_height as the default to the GetNumSetting call
10:24* lisciounsets to test...
10:26<liscio>damn...cvs seems to be slow today...
10:27<liscio>hmm...unknown host:
10:29<mdz_>it is passing those as defaults
10:30<mdz_>so it will use the setting in the db if it's there, otherwise it should be fullscreen
10:30<m0tion>anyone here used mythvideo?
10:30<mdz_>or in theme.txt if it's there, but that should be gone
10:35<liscio>okay. it works when nothing's in the DB. thanks...
10:35<liscio>had to figure it out the hard way, I guess. :P
10:35<mdz_>those settings are in a weird place right now
10:35<mdz_>because they're really for the frontend, but setup is using some of the same bits to run the menu
10:36<liscio>personally, I would be happy with just trying to autosense the width/height unless someone runs with -geometry...
10:36<liscio>but that's just me...
10:37<liscio>IMHO it doesn't make much sense to set a display property that affects the usability of a program in the program itself...
10:37<liscio>(unless it gives you the option in a way that is foolproof)
10:38<liscio>That's one of the reasons display drivers are a bitch... :)
10:38<mdz_>as Chutt says, feel free to send a patch
10:39<liscio>yeah. I'd like to see what he would think about that first. No sense putting work into something that will be shut down in the end...
10:40<liscio>the only thing worse than duplicating work is doing unnecessary work. :)
10:40<mdz_>presumably there is a good reason why there is a setting for it
10:41<liscio>On another unrelated topic, it is absolutely amazing how my homebrew ir receiver costing about $2 to make works a lot better than my $35 irman...
10:42<liscio>my irman (under lirc) was only grabbing part of my remote's signal, and not distinguishing between TV/VCR modes (and hence hitting enter in my DVD would get live tv running...)
10:46<m0tion>what kind of reciever did you build?
10:46<m0tion>instructions on-line?
10:46<liscio>m0tion : go to
10:46<liscio>m0tion : there are schematics there...5pcs total...
10:47<m0tion>ready-made home-brew receiver?
10:47<liscio>(not counting any of the rs232 interfacing apparatus)
10:47<mdz_>I needed a transmitter, not a receiver, and the lirc specs are mostly for receivers
10:47<liscio>m0tion : I had to build mine...
10:47<mdz_>few people seem to be using lirc for transmission
10:47<m0tion>oh, was it serial?
10:47<liscio>m0tion : yeah...
10:48<liscio>the nice thing about the newest selection for the GrooveBox mobo is that it has an internal COM2 header...
10:48<m0tion>mdz: why a transmitter?
10:48<liscio>so I can keep the ir receiver built inside the box and no external cables to muck things up.
10:48<m0tion>liscio: what mb you using?
10:48m0tionmdz mdz_ mirk_dt Dec 30 10:48:56 <mdz_> m0tion: to control a digital tuner
10:49<m0tion>mdz: oh, that makes sense
10:50<liscio>m0tion : I will be using a Gigabyte...GA7KML or something like that...
10:52<liscio>mdz: it appears that something set my default guiwidth and guiheight to 800x600...:P
10:52<mdz_>liscio: yes, running the frontend will do that
10:52<mdz_>of course, you are supposed to run setup before you start the frontend
10:52<liscio>mdz_: which i did...
10:52<m0tion>i'm looking for a board right now that has a C-MEDIA audio chip on-board, it's almost the only chipset ALSA supports SPDIF output with
10:53<liscio>m0tion: the GA7ZMMH by gigabyte has an ENS1371 which does spdif through the line-out. I don't know if alsa sets the proper thing to utilize it though...never tried it myself.
10:54<m0tion>from what I've read it's only really recommended with C-MEDIA and SBLIVE cards
10:54<m0tion>dunno why, just what they say has been tested
10:54* lisciothinks tv + mp3 + PC adds enough crap to the signal to not make spdif or toslink worth it :P
10:54<mdz_>dsputil.c:1644: internal error: Segmentation fault
10:54<m0tion>oh, i mean for 5.1 output
10:54<m0tion>from mplayer
10:54<m0tion>for DVDS =)
10:54<liscio>Oh. I see... :)
10:56<m0tion>liscio: you messed around with mythvideo at all?
10:57<liscio>m0tion : nope
10:59<m0tion>it's pretty badass, i'd looking into it for your emulator/divx support
10:59<m0tion>makes things pretty easy
11:01<liscio>holy crap. all my channel data is messed up.
11:01<liscio>the same 4 channels worth of program data is repeated over all my channels (i.e. channels 4,5,6,7 applies to 22,23,24,25,...
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11:03<liscio>i know what happened...crap..
11:04<liscio>I think I should just move to 800x600 for UI purposes. :P
11:06<liscio>mdz_: I bet my being ini 640x480 might be what's causing me to be missing checkboxes in the settings. I will verify when I switch resolutions...
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11:36<liscio>Nice. I managed to find some alternate IR receiver modules from mouser. Now they're rounded and can take over for the front-panel audio jacks. Those are completely useless... :)
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12:00<liscio>mdz_: 800x600 didn't change the checkbox absence... :P
12:04<Chutt>no one else has that problem
12:04* liscioweirds...
12:06<liscio>I know I have libqt3 installed from apt-get...
12:06<liscio>and checkboxes appear to work fine in other apps...
12:08<liscio>Chutt: how hard is it to log to /var/log/mythtv?
12:08<Chutt>what would i log?
12:08<liscio>Chutt: everything. :)
12:08<Chutt>why would i do that?
12:09<liscio>Chutt: Seriously though, it would be nice to have debug messages or something loggable to /var/log/mythtv or something...
12:09<liscio>maybe for mythbackend when it becomes more daemonized...
12:10* lisciosaid "or something" a bit too much there...
12:11<liscio>(two times too many, to be exact)
12:11<rkulagow>I had started to hack in a DEBUGSETTING variable into code for a similar reason...
12:11<rkulagow>int DEBUG_SETTING = QString(context->GetSetting("DebugSetting")).toInt ();
12:11<rkulagow>if (DEBUG_SETTING) printf("Debug Setting: %d\n",DEBUG_SETTING);
12:11<liscio>rkulagow : yeah, I was thinking something similar...
12:12<rkulagow>And then I peppered the mythcode with if statements that would say something like "in video get routine" "in read database call"
12:12<Chutt>you'd make things too slow to use
12:13<liscio>Chutt: but that's where the setting comes in...
12:13<Chutt>what would be the point?
12:13<liscio>Chutt: you can set an "error only" level for releases, and tell people to jack it up if they want to report bugs...
12:13<Chutt>you only want the stuff _after_ you've needed it
12:14<Chutt>it makes the code ass ugly
12:14<Chutt>and gdb's much more useful
12:14<liscio>i dunno. always seemed like a good debug tool to me. but I'm a printf monkey... *shrug*
12:14<liscio>Chutt: on another note, what is the reason for having GuiWidth/GuiHeight as a setting rather than autosensing the width/height of the screen?
12:15<Chutt>because that's the way i like it
12:15<liscio>Chutt: works for me... :)
12:18<liscio>Chutt: so the way things work right now, running 'setup' configures the backend settings, correct?
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12:23<liscio>Chutt: I'm trying to figure out a model for a "first time setup" that a user would go through to configure their box.
12:24<liscio>Chutt: right now, I understand that as a standalone system has both a frontend and backend on the same machine, but I would like to also make sure the model behaves in the case with a server seperate from the machine...
12:24<liscio>As it stands, "setup" appears to just set up your channel sources, etc (all backend settings)
12:25<liscio>But now, if I wanted to add a remote setup application, then it wouldn't make sense to live in "setup"
12:26<liscio>(just thinking out loud here...feel free to stop me if I'm wasting my time...)
12:26<liscio>So it would make sense to add yet another panel to the setup group (in mythtv) to allow remote configuration.
12:27<Chutt>what's there to configure?
12:27<Chutt>all that is completely external to mythtv
12:27<liscio>Chutt: but is that a nice way to set things up for an end-user?
12:28<Chutt>no, i don't think it would
12:30<liscio>Okay. So what are some of the tasks that *do* need doing to get a release out the door?...
12:31<liscio>Any features that would be "nice to have" that you'd like to see in particular?
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12:41* lisciochanges machines...
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12:49<Spark^>hmmmm, no one talking, anyone would think its christmas :(
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14:38<Spark^>Anyone know much about motherboard sound sockets, I've got three, and am not sure which will be wired to which bit of the soundcard (and having tried all three, I'm not really any the wiser)
14:39<PhazE3>try #creative
14:40<PhazE3>or google
14:40<Spark^>in the meantime, i presume i need to get input onto one of the inputs gmix shows with a record button (i can get sound to ones without easily) :(
14:40<Spark^>have been googling for a while...
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20:32<TheAsp>mixer didnt get setup properly when i was messing with alsa earlier... didnt get sound for a show
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21:35<micky>having trouble getting my ati aiw secondary vid card to work with xawtv. when it's primary works fine, is there something I can specify to xawtv to make it find the ati when secondary
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22:48<mdz>Chutt: around?
22:49-!-yebyen_ is now known as yebyen
23:06<yebyen>Chutt: i like this thing where the video comes up in red if it's currentlyh recording
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23:38<pheller>anyone here have a g400-tv?
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