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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-01-01

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14:43<Soopizzle>happy new years all
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15:53<Soopizzle>anyone awake/sober?
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17:08<dschwarz>hey all, happy new year... what's up with the cvs server? can't connect.
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18:08<yebyen>TEH SEARCH FOR SPOCK! :D
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18:38<m0tion>any recommendations for a good remote to use with mythtv?
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20:52<jasongrichmond>hey there everyone
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21:00<dschwarz_>sorry, asked before but my IRC client shut down... what's up with the CVS server, can't connect to it
21:01<pheller>anyone around using a g400-tv?
21:01<pheller>(or g200-tv)
21:07<jasongrichmond>dsc - did you update its location?
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21:07<jasongrichmond>it is now at
21:08<jasongrichmond>check out the new docs in cvs (use web interface)
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21:50<dschwarz_>thx, figured it out
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22:25<rob_c>Anyone around?
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