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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-01-03

00:26<Chutt>mdz, heh, it's hard to type a space into a lineedit box =)
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08:03<meth>ah time to try and fix the audio again
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09:22<mdz>Chutt: hmm, spaces eh
09:22<mdz>Chutt: you did say you wanted space to act like enter :-P
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09:35<liscio>Stupid parts prices changing so often...I need to write some perl scripts to update the pricing for my GrooveBox based on my dealer's costs. :)
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15:08<orangey>hey guys!!
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15:08<OrangeSun>what's up with the cvs checkout?
15:08<Chutt>uh, nothing
15:08<OrangeSun>[root@courage myth]# cvs -d login
15:08<OrangeSun>Logging in to
15:08<OrangeSun>CVS password:
15:08<OrangeSun>cvs [login aborted]: connect to failed: Connection timed out
15:08<Chutt>wow, way to read the mailing list
15:09<OrangeSun>hehehe. WIth the quantity of stuff going through? come on..
15:09<OrangeSun>but I thought I read that checking out still worked.
15:09<Universe>your missing something big..
15:09<OrangeSun>oh.. oops.
15:10<Universe>there ya go
15:10<OrangeSun>I must say, I'm thrilled by the screenshots of the new EPG layout with the preview screen thingi..
15:10<Universe>its very nice
15:10<OrangeSun>I'm just happy to have TV back. It's been almost 2 months now..
15:11<Universe>very professional looking
15:11<OrangeSun>Universe: I know! : )
15:11<OrangeSun>have you seen screenshots of snapstream 3?
15:11<OrangeSun>i believe i shall steal me some ideas and make a theme : )
15:15<OrangeSun>alright. must jet my friends.. see you soon : )
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15:28<orangey>back : )
15:28<orangey>raise the roof..
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15:28<OrangeSun>a quick question, though I realize it may have been answered in the mailing list.. anything particularly uncompilable about today's CVS?
15:30<OrangeSun>specifically, i get: videosource.h: In member function `QString CardInput::getSourceName() const':
15:30<OrangeSun>videosource.h:363: no matching function for call to `SourceID::getCurrentLabel()'
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15:33<Chutt>mdz broke things
15:33<Chutt>of course
15:33<OrangeSun>hehehe : )
15:34<OrangeSun>is it something that will take sometime to fix?
15:37<rkulagow>what happens when you're too smart for your own good:
15:37<rkulagow>(trying to add dpms "off" stuff to the code so that the screen doesn't blank on you)In file included from /usr/include/X11/extensions/dpms.h:47,
15:37<rkulagow> from main.cpp:23:
15:37<rkulagow>In file included from main.cpp:23:
15:39<rkulagow>bah. didn't paste correctly. anyway, there's two incompaitble typedefs for INT32; qt says that it's a typedef int INT32, X says that it's a typedef long int INT32
15:41<rkulagow>and libavcodec says that it's a typedef int INT32.
15:42<liscio>rkulagow : what gcc are you using? just curious...
15:42<rkulagow>gcc 3.2
15:43<liscio>try compiling this:
15:43<liscio>int main()
15:43<liscio> printf("long int = %d, int = %d", sizeof(long int), sizeof(int));
15:43<Chutt>err, that doesn't matter.
15:44<liscio>I always thought long int was the same as int...
15:44<Chutt>the problem is clashing typedefs
15:44* liscioshrugs...
15:47<liscio>anyone here have a mobo with an on-board COM2 header?
15:48<liscio>I laid out a PCB copper trace for a nice internal ir receiver for my GrooveBox and I am curious if the boards will be of any use to others with COM2 headers on-board...
15:49<liscio>There is a really silly "solution" out there where the system integrators run com cables from the outside of the case to the inside...very hack-looking...
16:08<rkulagow>chutt, any idea on working around the typedef clash? other than touching everything, of course.
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16:12<rkulagow>oh well. i guess that means system("xset -dpms") instead of the way cooler DPMSDisable(dpy); Or just keep it in the FAQ for the users to disable it in the XFree86 config file.
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17:04<mdz>Chutt: hmm, how did I manage to break tree was compiling OK when I did that checkin
17:04<mdz>must have missed a file or something
17:04<Chutt>i dunno
17:04<mdz>I had to get some of those changes in; my working directory was getting out of control
17:04<Chutt>i might've broken it
17:05<mdz>where'd you fix it?
17:05<Chutt>i don't think i touched any of that
17:05<mdz>should have been s/getCurrentLabel/getSelectionLabel/
17:05<Chutt>but it might've been a merge of something
17:05<mdz>yeah, here it is
17:05<mdz>just didn't get committed
17:05<mdz>fixed now
17:06<mdz>sorry about that
17:06<Chutt>i don't care =)
17:07<pheller>can you folks think of a reason that switching from live tv to mythmusic and back would kill tv audio? (although restarting mythfrontend restores it)
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