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11:51<rkulagow>Chutt, mdz, are you available?
11:52<mdz_>rkulagow: yes?
11:54<Chutt>don't you think the separate html files works better for the website?
11:54<rkulagow>mdz, i'm trying to use gdb to troubleshoot an error that i'm getting in mythfrontend. i've put in handle SIG32 and handle SIG33 handle SIGTRAP nostop noprint so that program execution continues on the frontend/backend, but when I try to do live TV I get a SIGTRAP, and then that's it. the backend is creating the ringbuf file, but the frontend never goes to live video. do you guys use gdb to debug mythfrontend?
11:55<Chutt>you might need a newer version of gdb
11:55<Chutt>you shouldn't be seeing the sig32s at all
11:55<rkulagow>chutt: if you want seperate files, i can do that. it's not a big deal. i just realized that there wasn't a bandwidth savings since i was uploading everything anyway.
11:55<mdz_>I use gdb 5.3
11:56<mdz_>rkulagow: how big is the single HTML file?
11:56<rkulagow>i've got gdb 5.2.1 from Mandrake. Let me see if there's an update.
11:56<mdz_>it handles the pthread signals by default, so I don't mess with it usually
11:57<rkulagow>single HTML is 83K, txt is 80k
11:57<Chutt>yeah, i think it'd like it split up
11:57<Chutt>if you don't mind
11:57<rkulagow>no problem. i'll re-commit shortly.
11:58<mdz_>the single file is much easier to search though
11:58<mdz_>I prefer it myself
11:58<Chutt>yeah, but the website stuff loads faster
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12:00<m0tion>anyone here concidered adding dvd::rip abilities to mythtv? As in, have it start a transcoding as a nice process, so you can watch TV or something while it's encoding if you want?
12:00<Chutt>i'd rather not have it ripping dvds unless it was just copying stuff
12:01<mdz_>nice -19 transcode [...] & mythfrontend
12:01<m0tion>hah, i mean user selectable from a menu
12:01<m0tion>i just thought it'd be a neat idea
12:02<mdz_>ideas are only neat when they come with patches
12:03<m0tion>yea, i know =\
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15:12<mdz_>Chutt: what do you think about the mythfilldatabase/tv_grab_uk thing?
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16:46<Chutt>mdz, i'd kinda like to make sure that it gets into an official xmltv release
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16:51<mdz_>Chutt: likewise
16:51<Chutt>or at least going into it
16:51<mdz_>I see no problem with the UI, they can always configure it by hand
16:51<mdz_>but mythfilldatabase should work with the released xmltv
16:52<Chutt>well, i don't have a problem requiring a cvs xmltv for cvs mythtv =)
16:52<mdz_>except in the unlikely event that mythtv releases first
16:52<Chutt>yeah, but even then, it'd be for the uk grabber
16:52<Chutt>which i really don't care about, so..
17:05<mdz_>I am going to start filtering all mythtv-dev email with 'hardware' in the subject to /dev/null
17:07<nevertheless>hehe :)
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17:36<Chutt>so, new gcc tomorrow
17:36<mdz_>they said that yesterday
17:36<Chutt>it got uploaded after today's run, apparently
17:36<mdz_>oh, it's in incoming now, yep
17:37<mdz_>fortunately I only maintain one C++ library package these days
17:37<mdz_>I dumped a couple a few months ago, just in time
17:38<mdz_>and I doubt anyone anywhere would notice if I broke libflac++
17:39<Chutt>i wonder if anyone uses it
17:40<Chutt>making a c++ wrapper library is silly, since the c library is much more useful
17:43<mdz_>I'm sure the API is a lot nicer in C++
17:43<Chutt>probably, but that's not really the point
17:44<Chutt>the api can't get much _worse_ than the C api
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18:10<m0tion>is there a place on the website that has the CVS commands?
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19:48<toothpick>Have you gotten mythtv working with a crystal soundfusion card?
19:48<toothpick>Or is there a hardware faq?
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20:17<toothpick>Have you gotten mythtv working with a crystal soundfusion card?
20:17<toothpick>Or is there a hardware faq?
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20:34<OrangeSu1>hey guys!
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21:00<toothpick>Have you gotten mythtv working with a crystal soundfusion card?
21:00<toothpick>Or is there a hardware faq?
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21:01<hurdel>hwody all
21:02<hurdel>to upgrade from 0.7 - cvs i just need to run mysql < database/0-7-to-0-8.sql?
21:02<hurdel>and make distclean;make, make install of course
21:03<hurdel>well, that's what i'm going to do :D
21:03<OrangeSu1>Do you have lots of saved video from 0.7?
21:04<hurdel>i dumped my whole schema/records just in case i need to rebuild
21:04<OrangeSu1>well, i had some trouble upgrading.. so I ended up just wiping my whole database and starting over.. worked well..
21:05<OrangeSu1>but if you have a bunch of recordings, that may not really be an option for you..
21:05<hurdel>did you get yoru saved video back in?
21:05<OrangeSu1>I erased it.
21:05<hurdel>well, i can always go back to 0.7 if i need to
21:05<OrangeSu1>Cut my losses, if you will ; )
21:05<hurdel>but i can just re-insert my data to the recorded table if it gets toasted (i hope =)
21:05<OrangeSu1>well, why not rename the whole database, make a new one, and then import back the parts that contain the saved video?
21:06<OrangeSu1>there's been an active convo on this in the mailing list, if you're following.
21:06<Chutt>there shouldn't be any issues upgrading
21:06<hurdel>been following some, not all threads
21:06<hurdel>Chutt: music to my ears
21:06<Chutt>and you just said you backed everything up, so, no worries what so ever
21:07<hurdel>the wife is sleeping, have to act fast
21:07<OrangeSu1>chutt!! Quick question.. How averse are you to the development of a windows-based client? would it (theoretically) work with the server you're making?
21:07<OrangeSu1>I see the main component of it as the windows codec..
21:08<OrangeSu1>and I think i'm making some progress on that front..
21:13<mdz>OrangeSun: assuming by 'client' you mean a frontend
21:13<mdz>I don't see how a windows codec would fit into it
21:13<mdz>since the backend does all of the encoding
21:13<OrangeSu1>well, right now there's no way of playing the files in windows, right?
21:13<OrangeSu1>so you need a codec to play..
21:13<OrangeSu1>yeah, I mean simply a frontend.
21:14<OrangeSu1>before the whole back/frontend split, I had some stalled efforts to get a codec going simply so I could samba the file and play it back from windows..
21:14<OrangeSu1>for me personally, this is an important issue, as my main system is a windows system, and that's where i would prefer to do all my playing..
21:21<hurdel>my upgrade seems to have broken my live tv watching
21:21<hurdel>watching old recorded stuff works fine
21:22<hurdel>i get "connection timed out" when trying to watch live tv
21:23<OrangeSu1>hurdel: I had the same issue..
21:23<hurdel>Chutt: any idea what's up?
21:24<OrangeSu1>hurdel: just check out your backend_settings.txt file.
21:24<hurdel>epg works, pre-recorded video works
21:24<OrangeSu1>make sure it's kosher, and then reboot your backend and frontend.
21:25<hurdel>i'm on it
21:26<hurdel>_sigh_, ip was wrong
21:27<hurdel>where do i set the location of the ringbuf.nuv file?
21:27<hurdel>is that part of the gui now or not?
21:28<OrangeSu1>what do you mean?
21:29<hurdel>it's correct in my settings.txt, (/myth/ringbuf.nuv) but backend is trying to write /ringbuf1.nuv
21:29<hurdel>crashing when i try to watch live tv
21:29<hurdel>the backend that is
21:31<hurdel>any clues? i can't seem to find that setting
21:32<OrangeSu1>yeah, fix it in gui.
21:32<OrangeSu1>there's a spot for it there now..
21:32<OrangeSu1>did you run the gui setup?
21:32<OrangeSu1>it's ./setup from the setup directory of the CVS.
21:32<OrangeSu1>so MC/setup/setup
21:32<hurdel>ok, didn't know that
21:33<toothpick>Have you gotten mythtv working with a crystal soundfusion card?
21:33<toothpick>Or is there a hardware faq?
21:34<hurdel>running ./setup now
21:35<OrangeSu1>toothpick: check the archives..
21:38<mdz>hurdel: run setup
21:39<hurdel>mdz: OrangeSu: thanks guys, got it working now
21:39<hurdel>just scheduled recording to test
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21:46<OrangeSu1>hurd_away: good stuff..
21:46<OrangeSu1>mdz: what do you think about that frontend thing?
21:48<mdz>OrangeSu1: I have no interest in windows programming
21:48<OrangeSu1>mdz: is it theoretically possible?
21:48<OrangeSu1>my main concern is about the cvs-ness of things..
21:48<mdz>OrangeSu1: I know of no reason why it should not be
21:48<OrangeSu1>how easy is it going to be for me to port a codec and then maintain it?
21:48<mdz>but I haven't really looked at that part of the code
21:49<OrangeSu1>I guess that'll require quite a bit more knowledge on my part as to how the codec can be window-fied.
21:49<mdz>I have no idea
21:49<OrangeSu1>who does the codec code? strictly chutt?
21:50<mdz>he integrated that stuff
21:51<mdz>the codec is simple
21:51<mdz>but I have no idea about the windows aspect
21:51<OrangeSu1>well, it would be *super* easy to get a basic client going on once the codec is out of the way..
21:51<mdz>if you know how to write directshow drivers or whatever, it should be no problem for you
21:52<OrangeSu1>ehem. right..
21:52<OrangeSu1>I don't.. and the problem is that the whole field of codecs in windows seems to be esoteric
21:52<OrangeSu1>I've been playing with the Directshow SDK a good long while, though
21:54<OrangeSu1>I think I've found a way to cheat..
21:54<OrangeSu1>I'm going to diff the MythTV nuppelvideo f/ Linux codec with the original nupelvideo
21:55<OrangeSu1>and then try to implement those changes across the windows nuppelvideo codec.
21:55<OrangeSu1>: )
21:59<OrangeSu1>hmmm. seems there's no windows nuppelvideo codec..
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23:38<_shad>I hate wirewrapping :(
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