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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-01-07

00:03<paperclip>old skewl electronics assembly method
00:07<Soopizzle>i thought he meant the old school magnet making process
00:08<Soopizzle>wrap wire around a nail, connect to active power source
00:08<paperclip>that's still how it's done
00:08<Soopizzle>oh real?
00:09<paperclip>that's the only way AFAIK
00:09<Soopizzle>you remember where the myth debian site is?
00:11<paperclip>not of the top of my head..
00:11<paperclip>how is your midori stuff coming along?
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00:15<Soopizzle>almost done
00:16<Soopizzle>just trying to figure out/learn more about mythtv front-end
00:16<Soopizzle>so i can build a package for it
00:16<Soopizzle>otherwise, things be cool
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00:18<paperclip>adding mythtv to midori?
00:22<Soopizzle>i need a video package, but dunno if i want a mplayer or mythtv
00:23<Soopizzle>although remote tv does sound enticing
00:24<paperclip>oh.. you only want the frontend
00:25* papercliphas a look at the midori CVS
00:25<Soopizzle>yeah, i doubt most ia's could handle full timeshifting
00:25<Soopizzle>if only myth could use mplayer's codecs for video playback
00:26<paperclip>mplayer has it's own codecs?
00:26<Soopizzle>i meant interface
00:26<paperclip>i thought they just used everyone elses..
00:26<Soopizzle>they do
00:27<Soopizzle>but to make it so myth could use the ones they have gotten working, seamlessly
00:28<paperclip>i don't understand
00:41<Soopizzle>so the codecs could be used like plugins
00:42<mdz>Chutt: so I have the scheduler and EPG working again
00:45<mdz>Chutt: I'm going to work on splitting up the settings UI from the data objects
00:48<mdz>think about it anyway. not sure what it should look like
00:50<mdz>for things to work nicely, I need to be able to connect up the UI stuff with signals so that if the quantity that's being represent in the UI gets changed, the UI updates
00:52<Soopizzle>mdz, what are the lowest specs one can use mythtv-frontend on?
00:52<mdz>Soopizzle: the frontend only, just for playback?
00:53<mdz>it should be pretty lightweight
00:54<mdz>with mpeg4 anyway
00:55<Soopizzle>i need a guestimmate for playback
00:55<Soopizzle>and even for recording
00:55<Soopizzle>like the LOWEST options
00:55<mdz>the frontend doesn't do recording
00:56<mdz>it's not a simple question anyway, it entirely depends on what you expect from it
00:56<mdz>there are people running on 500MHz boxes and lower
00:57<mdz>you get better quality with a faster system
00:57<mdz>so rather than asking about the minimum, get the fastest system you can and use that
00:58<mdz>I'm not going to try to give any formal requirements, because there are too many things to consider
00:59<mdz>there are people who have trouble getting mythtv to perform on athlon xp 1800s and even faster, while others have no problem with much slower systems
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01:18<Soopizzle>mdz, i asked 'cause i am trying to figure out what platforms would be worth porting it to
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01:30<Soopizzle>crap, either i just messed up my system, or debian xml is broken
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02:31<Soopizzle>kde is pretty well put together
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12:06<PeteCool>is there lots of stuff left to do before 0.8 is released?
12:14<mdz_>a tentative prediction was made on the website 1.5 weeks ago
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15:47<lichen>hmm.. i wonder if chutt deleted my cvs account :(
15:47<Chutt>why would i do that?
15:48<lichen>dont know, i was out of it for about a month.. maybe you were tight with security or something
15:48<lichen>i just cant authenticate
15:48<Chutt>err, the cvs server changed
15:48<lichen>well that pretty much explains everyhting, no longer
15:49<lichen>ahhh thanks
15:55<mdz_>mythtv-dev is such a riot
15:56<mdz_>I would like to write my own PVR
15:56<mdz_>also, how do I download the source code and where is the PVR part?
15:56<nevertheless>excactly what i thought 5 minutes ago :)
15:57<hurd_away>mdz: i'd like to recreate the wheel, do you have something round
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15:58<mdz_>also I am interested in learning C
15:59<hurdel>where does the name mythtv come from anyway? supposed to stand for something?
15:59<nevertheless>it was mythical convergence in version 0.1 :)
16:00<nevertheless>(check the tarball ;-)
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16:20<mdz_>gcc -v yields 3.2.2
16:20<mdz_>Debian has frozen over
16:21<mdz_>Debian unstable has switched to gcc 3.2 as the default compiler
16:21<bigguy>so all unstable will use 3.2.2 from now on?
16:21<bigguy>I knew that :P
16:22* bigguystrokes his unstable
16:58<PhazE3>Well so far My Linux PVR Hardware mailing list has not pulled away any of the hardware questions in mythtv-dev
17:01<mdz_>PhazE3: no, but now you can berate them
17:01<mdz_>for posting to the wrong list
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17:21<PhazE3>I will have to start
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17:31<Hohlraum>so whats the poop on hardware encoders? (MPEG or HDTV) .. any recent developments?
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17:40<TheAsp>hmm, found a bug... if you try to set it to record a program every day and you had previously had a recording there, it will give a duplicate row error
17:41<TheAsp>INSERT INTO timeslotrecord (chanid,starttime,endtime,title) VALUES(1036,00000000220000,00000000230000,"24");
17:41<TheAsp>Driver error was:
17:41<TheAsp>QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
17:41<TheAsp>Database error was:
17:41<TheAsp>Duplicate entry '1036-22:00:00' for key 1
17:41<TheAsp>want it to silently overwrite it?
17:41<mdz_>that stuff is changing anyhow
17:42<TheAsp>oh, ok
17:42<mdz_>that should work with the current code though
17:42<TheAsp>not up to date... school has started
17:43<TheAsp>well, mechina for tribes2 was released too . . .
17:46<TheAsp>any idea why my fonts are tiny in myth's menus with the version of qt in sid?
17:50<mdz_>the font size is set in the myth configuration
17:51<TheAsp>yes yes, but it works fine with the old libqt
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18:29<Soopizzle>what libraries are required to compile myth from cvs?
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19:42<Soopizzle>mdz, chutt
19:42<Soopizzle>is it possible to use custom resolutions in X
19:42<Soopizzle>like if i want native resolution on a 16:9 vga/dvi projector
19:58<bbeattie>scoopizzle: what projector? I'd probably want to do that on my sharp m20x.
19:58<TheAsp>Soopizzle: it's possible
19:58<TheAsp>but you may have to workout your own scanlines
20:00<bbeattie>Soopizzle: I've seen scanlines listed for people using windows/radeon cards, check the web and you may find a windows user who posted some that would work.
20:05<mdz>Soopizzle: cvs has the same build-time requirements as the 0.7 release
20:07<Soopizzle>i know how to do it with windows
20:07<Soopizzle>but i don't know where i would start in linux
20:12<mdz>there is a file at the top of the source tree
20:12<mdz>called README
20:13<Soopizzle>mdz, but what packages were there (can't find it on the or your page
20:13<Soopizzle>for goodness sakes... this lag is rediculous
20:13<Soopizzle>can't figure out if it is my wireless network card, or this irc network...
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20:28* bbeattieis away: I'm Away.
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20:55<moegreen>I've been working on a weather module for MythTV -- what do you guys think?
20:55<moegreen>| John E. Danner |
20:55<moegreen>| CCNA |
21:02<Soopizzle>moegreen, beautiful
21:03<Soopizzle>you just parse and present the data?
21:14<PhazE3atHomE>thats sweet mythWeatherChannel :)
21:15<Soopizzle>indeed it is
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21:35<TheAsp>cvs down?
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21:42<mdz>looks that way
21:42<TheAsp>wow! that perl script fixes my broken listings!
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22:01<TheAsp>though it's kinda bad :P
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22:05<m0tion>can anyone recommend a good remote control to use with LIRC?
22:05<m0tion>or do you guys generally create your own configuration files?
22:26<m0tion>anyone here using LIRC?
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22:32<Chutt>moegreen, that's great. you need to get AA fonts working, though =)
22:38<mdz>ugh, my system is freaking out
22:38<mdz>had left it on live tv and now it's looping noise to the sound card and video is frozen
22:39<mdz>uh oh, can't ping it
22:39<mdz>very weird, it's been stable for a long time
22:39<Chutt>so, the power supply died in my mythtv box
22:40<Soopizzle>my mythtv box left me for another owner :(
22:40<Chutt>trying to decide if i should just buy a new case and everything
22:40<mdz>bad hardware day all around
22:41<Chutt>and the new robert jordan book is, well, crappy
22:41<Chutt>but that was to be expected
22:43<mdz>any ideas about how the settings should be decoupled from the UI?
22:43<Chutt>just keep it how it is
22:43<mdz>I think I agree with you on that point
22:43<mdz>the convenient thing about the way it is is the grouping
22:43<Chutt>you fixed the context stuff, so it's just a minor design complaint now
22:43<mdz>it's valid though, and better to fix it sooner than later
22:44<mdz>it's silly for a particular setting to inherit from a class which determines its UI
22:44<mdz>the original idea was so that when the same setting was represented in different contexts, it would always look the same
22:45<mdz>which is nice, but it doesn't have to be reflected in the object design
22:45<Chutt>well, it works for the simpler settings
22:45<mdz>I was thinking that comboboxsetting and what not would be separate classes, whose constructor took a reference to whatever value it should be connected to. then you could take, say, an integer, and wrap a spinbox or a slider or whatever around it
22:46<mdz>which would be really convenient except that I don't think I could use plain integers and strings and what not
22:46<mdz>because the UI needs to be able to see if the value is changed outside of the UI
22:46<Chutt>for the simpler settings, though
22:46<Chutt>where they _are_ just a single value that's in the db
22:46<Chutt>the current stuff you have works great
22:47<Chutt>it's just for something complex like this recording stuff
22:47<mdz>right, it's awkward there
22:48<mdz>say...why is it that if you overload a virtual function, without redefining the original virtual function, it masks the original?
22:48<mdz>like if you have foo(int) in A, and B inherits A and defines foo(char), foo(int) becomes inaccessible
22:49<mdz>and I have to make B::foo(int) which just calls A::foo(int)
22:49<TheAsp>because c++ is a pita?
22:49<Chutt>char is automatically promotable to int and vice versa
22:49<Chutt>is why
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22:49<mdz>well, in the actual example it was QString and int
22:49<mdz>which I didn't think were compatible at all
22:50<Chutt>i dunno =)
22:50<mdz>I ran into that a couple of times with the settings code
22:50<mdz>just hacked around it, but I'm curious why that is
22:50<_shad>this is sick
22:50<_shad>I bet chutt could use it :P
22:50<_shad>'go fuck yourself'
22:54<mdz>man, g++ 3.2 is slow
22:55<lichen_>in the latest cvs are the recording profiles used yet?
22:55* bigguykills _shad
22:55<mdz>lichen_: yes, but only Default and Live TV
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22:55<mdz>lichen_: it can use others on a per-recording basis, but the UI to select them is not there yet
22:56<lichen_>okay.... i just got the latest cvs up and running... very very impressive
22:56<lichen_>yeah i figured the ui just wasn't quite implemented yet
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22:56<nitrogen>can mythtv run without a mysql database?
22:56<_shad>bigguy: hey, I warned first :P
22:56<lichen_>nitrogen, no
22:56<nitrogen>does qt have to be compiled with sql support?
22:56<bigguy>_shad: umm why did you even post it in the first place
22:56<mdz>nitrogen: yes
22:56<nitrogen>okay, that answers my problem
22:57<nitrogen>I'm running a remote database and qt on the local machine doesn't have sql support
22:57<mdz>Chutt: now I understand why you were more bothered than I was about those big headers
22:58<mdz>takes forever with 3.2
22:59<_shad>bigguy: for chutt to tell people to go fuck themselves. :)
22:59<lichen_>i dont get how in the mpeg4 codec max quality is less than min quality
22:59<mdz>great, I can't build myth now. I need a g++-3.2 libqt
22:59<_shad>mdz: upgraded debian to 3.2?
23:00<bigguy>_shad: and he needed an image to tell them that? Chutt has no problems telling people off ;)
23:00<_shad>bigguy: ya, but that's to make the point when they won't listen. hehe
23:04<mdz>lichen_: feel like testing my scheduler changes?
23:05<lichen_>what does it entail?
23:07<mdz>having to re-input your scheduled recordings
23:08<lichen_>hmm.. sure, im not doing anything else
23:08<mdz>it's kinda big, so I'd like someone to test it besides me
23:09<lichen_>alright thats cool
23:09<mdz>where should I send the diff?
23:10<lichen_>dcc if you want, or
23:10<Universe>dude, lichen..
23:10<Universe>your in tampa?
23:10<lichen_>yeah, ive mentioned that to you befoer actually :)
23:11<Universe>I thought someone did..
23:11<bigguy>glad I'm not the only one with a poor memory
23:11<mdz>lichen_: you'll need to create a 'record' table as shown in mc.sql
23:12* bigguymakes a snack out of some baby carrots
23:17<lichen_>so i just gotta make the record table from the mc.sql and thats all the database changes i gotta worry about? .. i dont wanna muck up my database too much
23:19<mdz>well, what were you running before?
23:19<mdz>if you were on CVS, that's all you need to change
23:19<lichen_>the latest cvs
23:19<lichen_>oh okay cool
23:19<mdz>ok, then yes
23:19<mdz>it won't destroy any data
23:19<lichen_>and thats against the latest cvs right?
23:20<mdz>it will just ignore your existing recording data and place new stuff in the new table
23:21<mdz>Chutt: which kde3 repository do you use? I want to get a g++-3.2 libqt3 from it
23:24<_shad> 23:24:23 up 48 days, 22:44, 10 users, load average: 4.26, 2.87, 1.46
23:24<_shad>Stupid computer.
23:35<mdz>lichen_: those QDate::fromString: Parameter out of range messages are harmless, btw. haven't found out where they're coming from though
23:35<lichen_>hah alright
23:36<mdz>they probably won't show up for you, because you'll be creating your db entries using the ui
23:36<mdz>and so they shouldn't have any NULLs, which seems to be what causes the message
23:36<mdz>I think it's only in my older version of qt anyway
23:36<lichen_>alrighty.. still waiting for it to compile
23:37<mdz>I'm heading for bed soon
23:37<mdz>so if I'm not around, email me with your results
23:37<lichen_>i shall do
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23:56<mdz>Chutt: the only thing left with the merged recording table stuff is that ApplyRecordTimeChange doesn't work
23:56<mdz>Chutt: I never used it, but I'm not convinced that it worked in the first place
23:59<mdz>except for adjusting the endtime back to shorten the recording
23:59<mdz>which I think I could support with a strategic change of '=' to '<'