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10:30lichenlichen_ Jan 08 10:30:20 <mdz_> lichen_: did you take the plunge?
10:30<mdz_>it's really quite harmless and reversible
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11:12<lichen>hey sorry i was in class.. it compiled alright, i didn't make install though.. i suppose ill go ahead and do it though if just a make install on the current cvs will clear it all up?
11:30<hurdel>myth keeps locking up my machine, totally, dead lock, usually when i set it to record overnight, it does the recording, and then dies
11:31<hurdel>cvs from 2 days ago as well as 0.7
11:31<hurdel>how can myth totally hose my system when i'm not running it as root?
11:32<Chutt>it can't
11:32<hurdel>it does
11:32<hurdel>every night
11:32<hurdel>i don't run myth, no lock
11:32<Chutt>it can't
11:33<Chutt>user programs cannot lock up the system
11:33<hurdel>that's what i thought
11:33<hurdel>it happens _almost_ every time
11:33<hurdel>can't even ssh in
11:34<Chutt>so you've either got a hardware problem or a driver problem.
11:34<hurdel>then check is forced on the file system on reboot
11:34<hurdel>i'm guessing something to do with power management, myth works perfectly if i stick around
11:34<hurdel>but i turned it off in kde
11:35<hurdel>i'll try anything
11:35<hurdel>in 0.7 it would not add the recording to the db, even tho it was there
11:36<hurdel>in cvs, it is adding the recording to db
11:36<Chutt>i really don't care what it's doing
11:36<Chutt>the problem is external to mythtv
11:38lichenlichen_ Jan 08 11:39:04 <mdz_> lichen: yeah, if you want to go back, just make install the old stuff. all the files are the same
11:39<hurdel>i'm not blaming myth, but myth seems to be triggering the problem, and i'd like to be able to track it down
11:40<Chutt>so track it down
11:40<lichen>okay cool, ill do it when i get home then, i would do it from work but i still couldn't add the program listings
11:41<lichen>er, schedule the programs rather
11:41<hurdel>how, where do i start, myth works fine if i don't record overnight
11:41<hurdel>could it be something with mythfilldatabase running as a cron job at 4AM?
11:42<Chutt><Chutt> so you've either got a hardware problem or a driver problem.
11:43<hurdel><hurdel> how, where do i start
11:45<Chutt>how would i know?
11:45<Chutt>i don't know anything about your computer.
11:46<Chutt>it's _yours_
11:46<hurdel>_sigh_, whatever
11:47<Chutt>there's enough people trying to get their crappy hardware working on the mailing list
11:47<Chutt>i don't want that in here as well
11:47<mythtv>`Chutt: For anti-aliasing, I just need to set that up on my end right? I don't need to program anything special for it do i?
11:47<Chutt>of course
11:48<mythtv>heh, my name is mythtv for some reason
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11:51<Chutt>does qtconfig let you turn on AA?
11:51<Chutt>i'm not sure..
11:51<hurdel>Chutt : sorry, just thought maybe others were having the same trouble
11:58<mdz_>the way to find out would be to search the mailing list archives
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12:06<m0tion>what kinda of remotes are you guys using to control your boxes?
12:07<mdz_>I use the ATI remote
12:07<moegreen>m0tion: I've got a Sony remote that was used for a DirecTV box
12:09<m0tion>yea, i'm having trouble picking one out i like
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12:50<PhazE3>Chutt: If you are interested in getting some of the "My hardware doesnt work fix it" clutter of the dev mailing list your welcome to link my site (LinuxPvrHardware Mailing List) in you mailing list section.
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15:10<Chutt>moegreen, figure out the anti-aliasing stuff?
15:18<Chutt>in qt
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15:48<Universe>Chutt... the project was mentioned in a /. comment again
15:48<mdz_>and they compare it to vdr
15:49<mdz_>which is completely different
15:52* TREllisloves to look of mythtv :)
15:52<TREllis>just need to get it installed :)
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15:53<TREllis>i've tried those gentoo ebuilds in the howto, but they dont work for some reason or another
15:53<rcaskey>will there be .debs for .8?
15:57<TREllis>hmm developers died now :/
15:57<TREllis>oh well... back to revision :(
16:04<mdz_>rcaskey: of course
16:04<mdz_>but only after it's released
16:04<rcaskey>ok, just checking
16:05<rcaskey>will .8 support reencoding?
16:05<mdz_>nobody is working on that to my knowledge
16:05<mdz_>so no
16:06<mdz_>Chutt: are you getting stats for the new site yet?
16:22<Chutt>not really
16:23<Chutt>i've got access to the raw logs, though
16:31<PeteCool>hmm, is the guy who made the gentoo ebuilds part of the mythtv dev team/group?
16:32<PeteCool>and the guy who does the .debs ?
16:33<Chutt>that's mdz
16:33<Chutt>and he's done quite a bit of code
16:33<PeteCool>mdz: IIRC you need to have a rules file to build a .deb, right?
16:37<PeteCool>mdz: could I have that file, so that I can make cvs .debs, which would be simple to remove... as long as I have the needed file(s) I can figure out the other stuff by myself
16:38<Chutt>petecool, the necessary files come in the diff he distributes
16:40<PeteCool>Chutt: I see them now.. thanks :)
16:49<Chutt>heh, something like 1650 hits from slashdot
17:02<mdz_>PeteCool: but those won't work too well for CVS
17:02<mdz_>since the library name has changed
17:02<mdz_>I've split up the packaging for the 0.8 release
17:03<mdz_>I have debs of CVS that I use, but I don't want to distribute them because I don't want to support them, or upgrades from them
17:04<PeteCool>mdz_: uh, I don't need you to support them if they somewhat work... if they work great, then, great :)
17:04<mdz_>I wonder how many hits the VDR guys got
17:05<Chutt>they were mentioned in popular science a few months back
17:05<PeteCool>mdz_: when I'm ready to install them (I should be getting that tv tuner soon), could I have a copy of them?
17:06<PeteCool>mdz_: 0.8 might happen before then anyway, though
17:06<Chutt>i wonder how hard it'd be to get mythmusic backend aware
17:08<mdz_>PeteCool: if you promise, in writing, not to complain to me even if the final 0.8 packages trash your entire system, maybe ;-)
17:09<Chutt>what was i going to work on
17:10<PeteCool>mdz_: as long as the packages aren't made to trash the system, no problem :)
17:10<mdz_>I hear the backend segfaults if it can't open the ringbuffer
17:10<mdz_>PeteCool: I make no guarantees :-P
17:10<Chutt>mdz, bah
17:11<PeteCool>it will be a dedicated box anyway, so it wouldn't be such a big problem
17:11<mdz_>I'm surprised there weren't a ton of mailing list messages when you changed the ring buffer path option
17:11<mdz_>I guess a lot of people must use the default
17:13<Chutt>there were a couple
17:13<Chutt>and the one was early enough that people that were paying attention should've caught the email
17:13<Chutt>and i've done enough bitching about people complaining about cvs problems that everyone's hesitant to email about stuff like that =)
17:24<Universe>wait, wait... I can start emailing you about cvs problems..
17:24<Universe>if you want..
17:27<Chutt>i need a new website design
17:27<PhazE3>Why doesnt MythTV Think for me? It would be so much easier if it did. and while your making that happen can you also make it so it fixes all the hardware issues in pc :)
17:27<Universe>yes you do Chutt..
17:27<Universe>something more interesting
17:28<_shad>I wonder how big a complete linux distro with just mythtv would be
17:30<_shad>heh. mythtv slashdotted again?
17:30<Chutt>the website should be fine
17:31<lichen_>oh yeah i was gonna test out mdz's patch
17:32<mdz_>good idea
17:32<mdz_>_shad: "complete" + "with just mythtv"?
17:33<mdz_>mythtv makes a nice PVR, but it's not really a complete Linux distribution by itself
17:33<lichen_>seems ot be working, no errors
17:33<lichen_>its counting down the seconds until the show
17:33<lichen_>i scheduled it to always record a show anywhere
17:34<mdz_>yeah I left that uncommented in the patch I sent you
17:34<Chutt>mdz, going to send me an updated patch?
17:34<lichen_>okay, anything in particular i should try? or just play around with it and see if it breaks?
17:34<Chutt>i'm going to dinner in a minute, though =)
17:35<mdz_>Chutt: I'll send you what's in my working directory now
17:35<mdz_>it compiles, but I can't link anything unless I use gcc 2.95 or get a new libqt3
17:35<mdz_>which reminds me, which kde3 repository do you use?
17:36<Chutt>the repository's gone
17:36<Chutt>it was at
17:36<PeteCool>is it technically possible to automatically remove ads (by analysing fades / volume (ads are MUCH louder here, nearly twice louder))
17:36<PeteCool>(this is not a feature request :)
17:36<Chutt>mdz, you can just tell it to use the old g++, though
17:37<mdz_>Chutt: sent
17:37<mdz_>yeah, but I'd much rather get libqt3 compiler with g++ 3.2
17:38lichenlichen_ Jan 08 17:38:53 <mdz_> lichen_: check in the conflicts screen and make sure everything looks right
17:39<PeteCool>mdz_: I think unstable might finally have moved to gcc-3.2 yesterday... it shouldn't take more that 2~5 days to get some gcc-3.2-compiled kde3 packages, if the repository owners are quick :)
17:40<_shad>mdz: a mini distro :)
17:40<mdz_>PeteCool: I know
17:40<mdz_>PeteCool: but they've been maintaining a kde3 repository with all the stuff built with 3.2 for months
17:40<lichen_>yeahh it looks right to me
17:40<mdz_>which I wanted to grab a few packages from
17:41<mdz_>hmm, the conflictresolutionany and conflictresolutionsingle stuff could be simplified to prefer one record.recordid over another I think
17:44<_shad>hah. i go to watch a realvideo movie, and the web page comes up and says "Please install a real media player"
17:45<mdz_>Chutt: I think it's probably possible to convert the table data using only SQL...think it's a good idea?
17:46<mdz_>in 0-7-to-0-8.sql or such
17:59<lichen_>mdz with the new scheduler would it be easier to add code to pad before shows?
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18:14<lichen_>uh oh... im not able to watch tv while something is recording :(
18:14<lichen_>i can watch ap revious recording, but not recording in progress
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18:32<mdz>lichen_: did it work for you before? it worked OK for me last night
18:32<Chutt>mdz, probably be best to transition existing data over, if possible
18:32<lichen_>before your patch? i dont know to be honest
18:33<Chutt>watching an in-progress recording works fine
18:33<Chutt>i was just doing it
18:33<lichen_>yeah i mean i would assume it worked.. i cant think of any reason that wouldn't work but everything else would
18:34<mdz>it worked fine for me before my modifications, as well as after
18:35<lichen_>alright well in a little bit when its done recording ill revert back and testi t out
18:35<Chutt>and you should get the busy dialog now on going to live-tv =)
18:35<mdz>heh, I learned not to try that one
18:36<Chutt>for the programinfo wire format
18:37<Chutt>just take the recordtype out, and modify the constant in programinfo.h that says how many fields there are
18:37<Chutt>save some room =)
18:37<mdz>ah, that constant was the missing piece
18:37<mdz>I tried changing it and it blew up
18:37<mdz>so I left a value in there so I could test
18:37<Chutt>yeah, if you don't change the constant, it doesn't know how many fields there are
18:38<mdz>I count 15, but the constant is 16
18:38<Chutt>one of them is a long long
18:38<Chutt>Qt doesn't have a int64 type
18:38<Chutt>is back now
18:39<mdz>Qt doesn't, but ISO C does
18:39<Chutt>mdz, right, but i'm using qt's classes
18:39<Chutt>and qstring doesn't have a convertor for an int64
18:40<mdz>that's not too good
18:42<mdz>hmm, setting CXX in doesn't work
18:42<Chutt>just grab the qt-copy debs from that url
18:42<mdz>good idea
18:42<Chutt>then you'll need to go edit /usr/share/qt/mkspecs/linux-g++/qmake.conf
18:43<mdz>hmm, no Packages file?
18:43<Chutt> ./
18:43<Chutt>sorry :p
18:44<mdz>ah, there it is
18:44<Chutt>he's got QMAKE_CC and the like set to distcc
18:44<Chutt>so you need to go edit it back to gcc and g++
18:44<mdz>hmm, his library is also called libqt3c
18:45<Chutt>it's from before the name change to whatever stupid thing they've got it at now
18:49<mdz>argh, they don't all conflict with the packages in unstable
18:49<mdz> trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libeditor.a', which is also in package libqt3-helper
18:50<mdz>I'm going to regret this, I know it
18:50<Chutt>do you use anything else qt?
18:51<mdz>nah, I don't run KDE or any of that
18:51<Chutt>so you should be fine
18:51<Chutt>could even just purge the old qt3 packages
18:51<Chutt>then just install the new ones
18:52<mdz>assuming they purge without destroying themselves :-P
18:52<Chutt>the comment on that /. article from the dave/dina author is funny
18:53<Chutt>"Please help us compete!"
18:53<Soopizzle>is there a chan for wget on openprojects?
18:53<mdz>yay, stuff links now
18:54<mdz>Soopizzle: #gnu
18:54<mdz>hmm, I have 3 nice big RTJPEG recordings today
18:54<mdz>I wonder why it didn't get the profile
18:55<mdz>SELECT name FROM recordingprofiles WHERE id = 7733356
18:55<Chutt>something not initialized
18:56<mdz>I removed the initialization for recordingprofileid in proginfo but forgot to remove it itself
18:56<Soopizzle>thanx mdz
18:56<Chutt>about 2500 referrals from /., now
18:56<Chutt>so just a minor /.ing
18:57<mdz>at least it's not your DSL
18:57<Chutt>bunch of people were hitting my cvs server at that same time, though
18:58<Chutt>i almost pulled the plug on it like i have been occasionally =)
18:59<mdz>not downloading tarballs though
18:59<mdz>hmm, this is happening way too often now
18:59<mdz>I exit a recording and end up with a blank playback menu
18:59<mdz>what was that bug you fixed today with the preview?
18:59<Chutt>that was in the epg
19:00<Chutt>that guy earlier saying the frontend was dying?
19:00<Chutt>on the list
19:00<Chutt>i think that was his problem, but...
19:00<mdz>oh, right
19:00<Chutt>i need to work out the bug in remote playback
19:00<Chutt>and figure out how to handle stuff like the channel icons
19:01<Chutt>and then do the live tv -> recording dialog and transition
19:01<mdz>heh, I broke something just now
19:01<mdz>everything shows up like it's conflicting
19:01<mdz>even in the playback screen :-)
19:01<mdz>oh, forgot to update the offsets
19:02<Chutt>that'll break the playback screen as well
19:02<mdz>that was a different build where I had the other problem
19:03<mdz>I just swapped in this one to test the proginfo stringlist stuff
19:03<mdz>that other problem has happened for a while now
19:03<mdz>but exiting back to the menu and going back in fixes it
19:03<Chutt>never seen it
19:03<mdz>so I haven't bothered to check it out
19:03<Chutt>i think i'm losing data sometimes in the transmission
19:04<Chutt>or i'm doing something wrong and losing data
19:05<mdz>ok, if lichen's machine doesn't blow up I think I'm done with this set of changes
19:06<Chutt>feel free to check stuff in
19:06<mdz>I fixed the profile thing and added code to change the times
19:06<Chutt>it all looks good to me
19:07<mdz>hmm, maybe I should write that transition SQL
19:07<Chutt>if you could just send an email to the mailing list when you're done, telling people of the change
19:07<Chutt>just to cut down on 'why doesn't stuff work?!@!@#'
19:09<PeteCool>mdz: if sometime you get a build which has no big problems, could you please save the .debs for me? ;)
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19:10<mdz>good thing that's the single subquery syntax that mysql supports
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19:14<Soopizzle>hey vek
19:14<Soopizzle>mdz, you ever use wget before?
19:18<Soopizzle>how goes your dscaler conversion
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20:52<mdz>big recording table commit is in
20:52<vektor>Soopizzle: great.
20:58<PeteCool>mdz: what does that commit do/add?
20:59<mdz>PeteCool: database reorganization
20:59<mdz>should be no visible changes
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21:15<yebyen>Chutt: you around?
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22:46<moegreen>If anyone wants to give it a shot, I've finished a majority of the MythWeather module ...
22:52<paperclip>great idea
22:55<moegreen>heh, thanks, if anyone has anti-aliased font that wants to make new screenshots for me - please do. Oh, and if anyone wants to make new icons for the different types of weather, that would be great too :P
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22:58<jasongrichmond>hey everyone
22:59<jasongrichmond>anyone know where mythfilldatabase (cvs version) looks up the channel config file for xmltv?
22:59<jasongrichmond>it is giving me errors saying I have not run the setup program
23:01<jasongrichmond>specific error is no channels sources defined
23:01<moegreen>did mythfilldatabase finish running completely?
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23:03<jasongrichmond>it does not run at all
23:03<jasongrichmond>complains that there is no channel sources defined
23:05<mdz>jasongrichmond: ~/.mythtv/<source name>.xmltv
23:05<jasongrichmond>have that
23:05<mdz>is where the xmltv channel configuration is stored
23:05<mdz>but that error is about the mythtv configuration I believe
23:06<mdz>I believe the exact error is "no channel sources defined, did you run the setup program?"
23:06<mdz>which tells you how to solve the problem :-)
23:06<jasongrichmond>I am trying to find the config place that tells mythtv to look for that ~/.mythtv/directv.xmltv
23:06<jasongrichmond>I did run the setup program
23:06<mdz>it is in setup
23:06<jasongrichmond>did not solve my problem ;-)
23:06<jasongrichmond>I know where the GUI asks for it...
23:07<jasongrichmond>I am trying to find the mysql or txt file location to verifiy that it was written down ;-)
23:07<mdz>in the setup program there is a section called "Video Sources"
23:07<jasongrichmond>did that =)
23:07<jasongrichmond>directv was listed after that step
23:07<mdz>ok, then mythfilldatabase must be having a problem connecting to the database
23:08<jasongrichmond>mythfilldatabase can run when the backend is running correct?
23:08<mdz>yes, of course
23:09<jasongrichmond>hmm... cardinput table is empty, as is channel
23:10<mdz>which grabber are you using?
23:10<mdz>channel gets filled by mythfilldatabase, so that much is normal
23:10<mdz>cardinput should not be empty though
23:11<jasongrichmond>does that channel list get populated by mythfilldatabase?
23:11<mdz>what about videosource?
23:11<jasongrichmond>videosource is listed as directv
23:11<mdz>in the database table?
23:12<jasongrichmond>videosource is directv
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23:13<mdz>no, videosource is a table
23:13<mdz>it has rows
23:13<mdz>or does not have rows
23:14<jasongrichmond>source id = 1 ;;;; name = directv
23:14<mdz>those are the only columns in your database?
23:14<jasongrichmond>in that table, yes
23:15<mdz>that's the problem then
23:16<mdz>if you're following CVS, you need to keep up with database changes
23:16<mdz>they go in database/0-7-to-0-8.sql
23:16<jasongrichmond>i have executed that one
23:16<mdz>you need to run whichever statements from there you have not run before
23:16<mdz>no, you haven't
23:16<jasongrichmond>i am not up to the day keeping up with it =)
23:17<mdz>there is a statement in there which says
23:17<mdz>ALTER TABLE videosource ADD COLUMN xmltvgrabber VARCHAR(128);
23:17<mdz>which you have not executed
23:17<mdz>and since I added that a long time ago, there are also a bunch of other things you have not run
23:20<Chutt>moegreen, still around?
23:21<Chutt>nice work on the weather stuff
23:21<moegreen>Is it working for you?
23:21<Chutt>happen to know why the dialog would be taller than it should be, though?
23:21<Chutt>yeah, aside from that
23:22<Chutt>i changed the font names to arial
23:22<Chutt>to get AA fonts
23:22<moegreen>I kinda noticed that too when I was taking the screenshots...I'm not sure...I used the MythDialog class and didn't set any other sizing
23:22<Chutt>the stuff in the dialog is stretching it out
23:22<Chutt>i'll check it out
23:23<moegreen>Chutt: I have a button icon for the weather, if you wanted to add it to the 'blue' theme
23:27-!-SoopaMech [] has joined #mythtv
23:27-!-Soopizzle [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:27-!-SoopaMech is now known as Soopizzle
23:29<Chutt>same offset and stuff as the other icons?
23:30<jasongrichmond>mdz - that did it... that was the only line in that file that did not execute. that is strange, but problem resolved =)
23:30<moegreen>Yeah...that seems to work
23:30<jasongrichmond>chutt -- urchin is being a huge pain in my a-- ... still waiting on them to fix the webanalytics software for me
23:30<Chutt>it'd be nice to have stuff
23:30<jasongrichmond>as soon as they are done, we will have much better web analysis
23:31<jasongrichmond>hopefully this week
23:31<moegreen>Actually a 20,20 looks a little better
23:31<jasongrichmond>or I may ask for my money back.
23:31<jasongrichmond>thanks again mdz
23:31-!-jasongrichmond [] has quit ["using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.1"]
23:31<Chutt>moegreen, ok
23:39<lichen_>what all do i have to do after hte latest cvs commit?
23:39<lichen_>just record.sql?
23:39<lichen_>(assuming i didn't do mdz's patch)
23:40<lichen_>er record.sql is something else.. nevermind
23:41<Chutt>you need to look at the cvs stuff on the website to see what's changed in the sql files and make those changes manually
23:47<yebyen>Chutt: hey...
23:48<yebyen>Chutt: i mentioned mythtv to a friend of mine at RIT, and he seems to know a guy doing a similar thing, but geared more towards online user requests, and downloadable tv episodes
23:48<yebyen>Chutt: and anyone with a tv card could join the network...
23:48<Chutt>that's silly.
23:48<yebyen>Chutt: not really, when you consider their environment :)
23:48<Chutt>let alone askin for a c&d
23:49<yebyen>Chutt: they're in college, they have damned near inexhaustible networking (between each other), and only a few people with cable
23:49<yebyen>Chutt: asking for a c&d perhaps, but heh
23:49<mdz>lichen_: I posted a message to the mailing list explaining exactly which parts of 0-7-to-0-8.sql you need to execute
23:49<yebyen>Chutt: i was curious how much code you think it would take to make mythtv do that :)
23:49<Chutt>uh, their college doesn't have cable to each room?
23:49<yebyen>Chutt: possibly save the guy some work, seeing how much you have done already
23:49<yebyen>Chutt: well, if they pay for it :)
23:49<mdz>yebyen: what's your friend's name?
23:49<Chutt>that's rather silly
23:50<yebyen>mdz: my friend is randy, i don't know his friend
23:50<yebyen>Chutt: they have hookups in each rom
23:50<yebyen>Chutt: but you have to pay to have it activated
23:50<Chutt>moegreen, big ole '?' for 'Clear' =)
23:50<yebyen>Chutt: and regardless, if they don't have a tv card/desktop machine, they can't get in on the mythtv/tivo action
23:51<moegreen>Chutt: Yeah, I just got one of those too
23:51<moegreen>I've got a graphic for it now, and an updated weathertypes.dat
23:52<yebyen>Chutt: with the client-server stuff you've done, i had the impression that it really wouldn't take much extra code to get it to do something like this, unless you're going to tell me differently
23:52<yebyen>(not asking you to write it, heh)
23:52<Chutt>it wouldn't
23:52<Chutt>but it's not meant for stuff like that
23:52<mdz>yebyen: is your friend a CSH person by any chance?
23:53<yebyen>Chutt: what's different? i see multiple encoding boxes, but only one central storage place.
23:53<yebyen>mdz: Randy Boland, yes he is
23:53<yebyen>mdz: and i'd imagine his friend is too
23:53<lichen_>ooh looks like the latest commit kinda breaks mythweb
23:53<Chutt>lichen, just slightly =)
23:53<Chutt>yebyen, it's meant to be controlled by one central server
23:53<mdz>yebyen: I spent some time at CSH myself
23:53<Chutt>one database shared between everyone
23:53<yebyen>mdz: spiffy :)
23:54<mdz>heh, that guy on the mailing list talking about Susie Linux cracks me up
23:54<yebyen>Chutt: weren't you planning on having the ability to add more boxes with the ability to encode?
23:54<mdz>who's this Susie woman and what kind of Linux does she have?
23:54<mdz>lichen_: oh yes, mythweb will be soundly broken
23:54<Chutt>yebyen, of course
23:55<Chutt>yebyen, but they're all controlled by one master server
23:55<yebyen>Chutt: this would be too, with mythweb for an interface, but the ability to vote for shows
23:56<yebyen>Chutt: you pick what shows you want, if there's a free encoder box at that time it gets recorded, otherwise it moves to the voting
23:56<lichen_>oh wel,l i guess it will give me something to do fixing it up
23:56<Chutt>Hi Isaac,
23:57<Chutt>I was just wondering if you know if MythTV would work under cygwin?
23:57<mdz>yebyen: tell them to look at the code; I see no reason why they could not add that functionality if they want it
23:57* mdzfalls over laughing
23:57* pheller--busts his gut
23:57-!-pheller-- is now known as pheller
23:57<Chutt>moegreen, ok, this is frustrating trying to get it to look right =)
23:58<moegreen>Chutt: heh, I'm working on it now ... I forgot about the different resolutions :)
23:58<Chutt>well, there's that
23:58<yebyen>mdz: excellent, I just figured if there was a smoking gun of a reason why it wouldn't work, someone in here would know :)
23:58<Chutt>and stuff was getting larger than 800x600
00:01<bigguy>didn't phoenix change its name?
00:12-!-bigguy [] has quit ["bbiab"]
00:12<Chutt>mdz, cool.
00:14<lichen_>mdz still around?
00:15-!-bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
00:15<lichen_>when i tried to reschedule my recordings with your diff it erred out with:
00:15<lichen_>./mythfrontend: relocation error: ./mythfrontend: undefined symbol: setValue__15ComboBoxSettingi
00:16<lichen_>actually im just running it from where its compiled without make isntalling, is that gonna cause problems?
00:17<lichen_>that explains it, is there a clean way to install it without messing up my previous installation of it?
00:19<lichen_>oh.. wel lthats inconvenient :(
00:27<bbeattie>what type of cpu is needed to record 2 shows at once, and view one as live-tv?
00:28<lichen_>you're probably gonna want around 2.5ghz
00:28<bigguy>3 tuners?
00:28<Chutt>a little lower than that should be fine
00:28<Chutt>but not much lower
00:29<Chutt>say, 2 or 2.1
00:31<bbeattie>2 tuners,
00:31<bbeattie>was the 2.5ghz for 3 or 2 tuners?
01:15<bbeattie>- and will that lower when mythtv is optimized more?
01:23-!-PhazE3atHomE [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
01:32-!-moegreen [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
01:36-!-mythtv [] has joined #mythtv
01:39<bbeattie>mythtv: are you the athor? or a bot?
01:40<bigguy>not the author
01:41<bbeattie>I'm still wondering if the 2/2.1 ghz mentioned was for 3 or 2 tuners being used.
01:41<bbeattie>For Chutts comment.
01:42<bigguy>heh the way you said it at first made it seem like you'd be using 3 tuners
01:42<Soopizzle>i'm pretty sure it was for 3
01:42<bbeattie>Alright, what would be needed for 2 tuners? I ment the live-tv to mean recording 1 to view later, and recording one to watch now, but also have for later, or pause.
01:43<bigguy>Soopizzle: well to do 2 recordings and watch one of them might take more
01:43<Soopizzle>i believe he says 1800xp on the website
01:44<bbeattie>soppizzle: that's what the athor uses, but I just saw that it was 60% to do live-tv on one, but I'd think live-tv would use more CPU than just recording.
01:44<bigguy>bbeattie: Chutt is the author
01:53-!-bigguy [] has quit ["bbl"]
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01:59<Chutt>bbeattie, that was for 2 tuners
02:01<Soopizzle>misquoted i did
02:21<bbeattie>Chutt: hmm, 300mhz costs about $200 more for CPU/MB. darn.
02:21<bbeattie>I was hoping to do it with a amd 1800,
02:28-!-bbeattie [] has quit ["sleep"]
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