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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-01-11

00:00<Chutt>just rounds it to the nearest multiple of 5
00:01<Chutt>i would write it (mins / 5) * 5, but, same thing
00:01<mdz>mins %= 5 should do the same thing
00:01<Chutt>mins -= mins % 5;
00:02<Chutt>i believe, if you'd want to do it that way
00:02<mdz>yeah, no clearer though
00:02<TheAsp>i'd say it's clearer
00:02<Chutt>i tend not to use mod at all
00:04<mdz>speaking of the epg, the channel order setting needs some real labels
00:04<mdz>I meant to go back and fix that
00:04<mdz>what would good labels be?
00:04<Chutt>also need to go through and decide what should be host specific settings and what should be global
00:05<Chutt>is the themesetup.* in the frontend used anymore?
00:05<mdz>"channel number (numeric)" "channel number (alphabetic)" "channel id(?)", "channel name"
00:05<Chutt>channel id would be database order
00:06<Chutt>for those silly people that have like 6 channels and want them all in a particular order
00:06<Chutt>ie, all of europe
00:08<mdz>I kinda meant to make the theme selector act like themesetup and reload the theme
00:08<Chutt>i want to rewrite the theme selector
00:09<Chutt>i don't like it =)
00:09<mdz>yeah, you said you would rather it have a single image that changed
00:09<mdz>sounds easier than how it is now :-)
00:09<Chutt>should be much easier
00:09<Chutt>testing that stupid transition stuff took forever
00:10<mdz>feel free to trash mythimageselector; I don't really foresee using it for anything else
00:10<Chutt>i need to get bruce markey setup with cvs access
00:11<Chutt>fixing that playback bug must've been a bitch
00:11<Chutt>since it could only've been done with a _lot_ of debugging output
00:11<Chutt>and it only happened to me every half hour or so
00:11<TheAsp>which playback bug?
00:11<Chutt>the frontend could segfault on remote playback
00:11<Chutt>just randomly
00:11<TheAsp>sounds familar
00:12<TheAsp>oh, remote
00:12<mdz>from the setup he said he was building, he should have sufficient motivation to do lots of debugging of the remote stuff
00:12<Chutt>mdz, doesn't g++ complain about no defaults in switches?
00:13<mdz>not if you handle all the values
00:13<mdz>it's nice to get a warning if you forget one
00:13<mdz>which is why I like to use switches for enums
00:13<Chutt>makes sense
00:15<mdz>I was thinking about making the infodialog a special case of the scheduledrecording dialog
00:15<mdz>it would look and act the same, but let it share code
00:16<Chutt>sure, long as it works the same =)
00:17<mdz>if the up/down vs. left/right navigation decision had gone the other way, those two could be the same dialog :-)
00:17<mdz>but moving left/right to move a cursor up/down sucks
00:17<Chutt>that wouldn't make sense
00:17<mdz>was also thinking about having a shortcut key to switch modes
00:18<mdz>so you would select something in the epg, get the usual dialog, and be able to press a key and change the profile and what not
00:18<Chutt>that'd be neat
00:18<mdz>with a slightly different dialog
00:18<Chutt>could just use the same key as 'edit'
00:18<mdz>yeah, a key I actually have on my remote
00:18<mdz>I still need to find someplace to put 'm'
00:19* bigguyis [away -={ bed time }=- ]
00:19<Chutt>so my p3-550 uses a little over 50% cpu to playback 640x480 mpeg4
00:19<mdz>that seems high
00:19<Chutt>i think it's the deinterlacing
00:20<mdz>my box uses somewhere around 5% I think, with deinterlacing
00:20<Chutt>the frontend doesn't generally break 1% on my xp
00:21<mdz>yeah, it fluctuates some
00:21<mdz>and it's significantly higher in a debug build
00:21<Chutt>heh, yeah
00:22<mdz>I'll have to try me some of these 3.2 optimizations
00:22<Chutt>the bad part is that libavcodec already has bunches of hand written mmx
00:22<mdz>does debug have any effect on the libavcodec build?
00:22<Chutt>and it can't reoptimize that
00:23<mdz>it probably couldn't do any better anyway
00:23<Chutt>that's the point, after all =)
00:23<mdz>does debug in have any effect on the libavcodec build at all?
00:23<Chutt>i think it does, yes
00:24<Chutt>yeah, turns on -g and doesn't use the optflags that are in config.mak
00:24<mdz>it doesn't look like it to me, but I dunno
00:24<Chutt>or whatever
00:24<mdz>how does that get passed down?
00:24<Chutt>passed down where?
00:24<mdz>oh, you did a qmake thing for libavcodec
00:26<Chutt>someone listed mythtv on
00:27<mdz>jan 6
00:27<mdz>heh, it got nice votes
00:27<Chutt>yeah, but i'm just now getting all the referrers out of the weblog =)
00:28<mdz>is jasongrichmond going to put up static pages with stats for previous months or anything like that?
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00:28<Chutt>the stats software is something he pays for
00:29<mdz>whoa, there RPMs for 3 distros on there
00:29<Chutt>he says he's leery of its security setup, so i have to ssh in and port forward
00:29<mdz>yeah, which is why I asked about the static that's the only access to the stats
00:30<Chutt>i'm thinkin of asking him if i can just run webalizer
00:30<Chutt>these are good stats, though
00:30<mdz>you said you had access to the raw logs anyhow
00:30<Chutt>much nicer layout than webalizer =)
00:31<mdz>oh yuck, the suse rpm at least installs into /opt/kde3
00:32<bigguy>suse puts alot of stuff in /opt
00:33<bigguy>came back to see how my apt-get upgrade was going
00:33<bigguy>going to bed now
00:34<Chutt>g'nite, then
00:34<mdz>C++ objects are so huge
00:34<Chutt>blame g++
00:34<mdz>my myth working dir is 100M
00:35<Chutt>we've got some code at work, it's a c++ library
00:35<Chutt>the linux compile is 10x larger than the windows compile
00:36<mdz>even with both stripped?
00:36<mdz>the symbol table is enormous
00:36<mdz>like >3x text+data
00:37<Chutt>windows lib is like 40k, the linux lib is almost 500k
00:37<mdz>heh, there is a -fhuge-objects flag
00:37<mdz>perhaps that is the default
00:38<mdz>is the actual code size larger in your library?
00:38<Chutt>never really looked into it
00:38<Chutt>beyond going 'wow, that's quite a difference'
00:42<mdz>for some reason, bringing up dhcp with ifup on my myth box breaks the NFS mount for root
00:42<mdz>it's really annoying to try to debug because it produces a ton of repeated error messages which scroll off any useful information
00:42<mdz>especially without a keyboard
00:42<mdz>but it's annoying because the lease acquired by the kernel eventually expires and the machine gets removed from dynamic DNS
00:44<Chutt>all my boxes here just get assigned static ips from the dhcp box
00:44<Chutt>got one of them little router/access point dealies
00:45<mdz>I do some of each, but I use dynamic dns for all of them
00:45<mdz>one less thing to worry about when I plug in a new box or a temporary box
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01:05<Chutt> doesn't have the 'all programs end at 12:00' problem
01:05<Chutt> does
01:15<mdz>I wonder if they look at their access logs
01:15<Chutt>'course they do
01:16<Chutt>i imagine they'll eventually make it difficult to grab their data
01:17<Chutt>i should eventually reconnect to
01:17<Chutt>stupid lilo
01:19<mdz>if they're smart, rather than making it difficult to grab, they'll sell xmltv feeds
01:21<Chutt>lower bandwidth for them
01:21<Chutt>they get _some_ cash outta it
01:22<Chutt>so, yeah, that'd make a little sense
01:22<Chutt>i don't see many mythtv users paying for it, though =)
01:24<Chutt>there's 511 people on the mailing list now
01:24<Chutt>only 99 people on the commits list, though
01:25<mdz>that's not a bad ratio really
01:25<Chutt>no, it's really good =)
01:25<mdz>probably gets higher the longer between releases
01:25<Chutt>it jumped a lot when i was yelling at people for not reading the commits mails
01:32<Chutt>remember that guy? =)
01:58<Chutt>you had the scheduler using QSqlDatabase::database()
01:58<Chutt>bad =)
02:19<Chutt>someone better fix mythweb soonish
02:19<Chutt>else i'm going to have to look at it
02:20<Chutt>and that'll be, well, ugly.
02:24<lichen_>hahah ill probably do some work on it tomorrow.. its 2:30am at the moment.. so sleep is sounding pretty good, but im sure ill be bored tomorrow mostof the day :)
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06:04<Soopizzle>will myth work on smp machines?
06:05<Edgan>Soopizzle: It is an application, not the kernel. So very likely.
06:06<Soopizzle>will it actually utilize it though
06:06<Edgan>Don't know
06:07<Edgan>since mythtv doesn't do pure number crunching, you probably wouldn't be helped much smp anyway
06:08<Edgan>the processors would be fighting over memory and hard drive
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08:49<poptix>i really need to find some specifications on the Guide+ stuff
08:49<poptix>it might be better to use that, rather than xmltv in some situations
08:50<poptix>we could even grab the channel logos off it, iirc
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11:41<bigguy>some people will never learn how to listen to what they are told
11:41<bigguy>that kuro5hin poster is a prime example
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12:08<_shad>I'm dumb
12:10<bigguy>you didn't have to tell me that
12:10* bigguyis j/k
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12:16<m0tion>what are the .pro files in the mythtv source?
12:21<bigguy>Qt Designer Porject files I would think
12:21<m0tion>would there be any problem with implementing a mythtv add-on module written in perl?
12:22<TheAsp>Chutt: what part of the code gets done once a second while recording?
12:22<TheAsp>my raid is driving me NUTS :P
12:26<bigguy>its recording to the raid?
12:27<TheAsp>but the db is on the raid
12:27<TheAsp>but the select it does every second isnt what is causing it
12:28<TheAsp>err and, not but
12:28<TheAsp>and i had turned off logging so it wasnt that :)
12:29<mdz>Chutt: hah, that guy is a riot
12:29<mdz>seems that the qt-dev files need to be installed although IRC people denied it
12:32<TheAsp>mdz: does mythbackend drop/reopen connections every second?
12:33<mdz>well, it isn't supposed to
12:34<TheAsp>do you know what method is doing this:
12:34<mdz>and it doesn't for me
12:34<TheAsp>SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = "RecordChanged"
12:34<mdz>that's the scheduler, and it should be using one connection to do that all the time
12:34<mdz>Chutt fixed a problem there last night; try the latest CVS
12:35<TheAsp>longstanding problem?
12:35<TheAsp>pre 0.7?
12:36<TheAsp>oh, duh, the "'s were escaped, no wonder i couldnt find it
12:38<mdz>no, this was a post-0.7 problem
12:39<mdz>are you sure you are not just seeing it make that query every second, without opening a new connection? because that is the normal behaviour
12:39<TheAsp>it's the grinding on / that im trying to narrow down
12:39<TheAsp>just taking wild guesses at this point
12:40<TheAsp>running the queries by hand doesnt cause it
12:41<TheAsp>i should have got quieter drives instead of cooler drives...
12:42<bigguy>TheAsp: what drives are they?
12:43<bigguy>oh well nm
12:43<bigguy>I gotta jet
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12:47<m0tion>hmm, I've got a program written in perl/gtk+ that i want to use with mythtv. I was thinking the best way to do it would be to rewrite the GUI in perl to work with mythtv ... is this reasonable?
12:49<TheAsp>m0tion: i beleive the frontend just runs commands to do the extra stuff
12:49<m0tion>oh, i mean it's own front-end, similar to mythmusic
12:50<TheAsp>well if it just runs commands you could use any widget set...
12:50<TheAsp>if you want to use the myth widgets, you'd have to use libmyth and friends
12:51<m0tion>which are C++ correct?
12:51<mdz>TheAsp: the grinding is your mysql query log, writing out the fact that myth performed that SELECT query every second. turn it off if you don't like it
12:51<TheAsp>i turned it off mdz . . .
12:51<TheAsp>no diff
12:51<TheAsp>it's not that
12:52<mdz>well it's not dropping and reopening the connection every second, I don't know why you would assume that
12:52<TheAsp>m0tion: which are c++ and qt
12:52<TheAsp>i didnt assume, i asked :)
12:52<TheAsp>i didnt really think it would. :)
12:54<TheAsp>writing to the logs shouldnt synch anyway
12:55<TheAsp>which is what it sounds like it's doing
12:55<mdz>if you want to find out where the disk I/O is coming from, shut everything down
12:55<mdz>then start things up one at a time until it comes back
12:56<TheAsp>mdz, it only does it while myth is recording... so it's either myth or mysql or something else related to myth
12:56<mdz>ack, while myth is recording it's writing the recorded video to disk
12:56<TheAsp>it's not mysql related as it does it while mysql is down too
12:56<mdz>of course
12:56<TheAsp>mdz: the video is on another disk .
12:56<mdz>are you sure?
12:57<mdz>and you are sure it only happens when it is recording?
12:58<mdz>are you redirecting myth's stdout to a file? is it writing messages there?
12:58<mdz>what about the X server log?
12:58<TheAsp>sometimes I am, sometimes not
12:58<TheAsp>not syslog
12:58<mdz>you shut down syslog?
12:59<TheAsp>if it was something like that it wouldnt read/write to the disk regularlly
12:59<mdz>sure it would
13:00<mdz>every sync
13:00<TheAsp>thats what buffers are for
13:00<mdz>yes, and they are synched to disk regularly
13:00<TheAsp>i ment every second
13:00<TheAsp>it's still doing the select while not recording, so it's not that
13:01<TheAsp>nothing in the scheduler looks suspicious
13:01<mdz>strace it
13:02<mdz>but I doubt you'll find that myth is the source
13:02<mdz>the backend is all that is running when you're recording, right?
13:02<mdz>if you want to narrow it down, you have to shut down everything else
13:02<mdz>it could be anything
13:02<TheAsp>*nod*, but it launches a bunch of threads, not sure how well strace is going to help there... lsof doesn't show any files open for writing
13:02<TheAsp>unless they are being open/closed
13:02<mdz>buffers will be flushed more often when myth is recording because it's doing a lot of I/O
13:03<mdz>opening a file for writing is not the only cause for writing to disk
13:03<TheAsp>i realize that
13:03<mdz>anything which opens a file for reading on a read-write mounted filesystem will cause a write
13:05<mdz>shut down every daemon on your system except mysql and mythbackend
13:05<mdz>then you can probably shut down mysql once recording starts, just to test
13:05<TheAsp>not much is running to begin with mdz . . .
13:09<mdz>not much != nothing
13:09<mdz>I'm serious, shut everything down and make sure that it's really myth before you dig any more
13:10<mdz>the only files the backend should be working with at that time are the recording itself, the v4l device and the audio device
13:11<TheAsp>strace showed nothing btw
13:11<mdz>as expected :-)
13:12<TheAsp>grr.. bind9 doesnt stop properly
13:13<mdz>it does for me
13:13<mdz>could it be paging activity? do you have plenty of memory?
13:13<TheAsp>i have tons of memory
13:13<TheAsp>3 mb of swap used
13:14<mdz>do you know which filesystem it's writing to? is there more than one on the disk
13:15<mdz>I'd go ahead and swapoff to eliminate that possibility
13:15<TheAsp>only one fs on the raid, /
13:15<TheAsp> /data is where it's writing
13:15<mdz>remount / read-only then, and see if it stops
13:15<mdz>you're sure it's write activity, and not read?
13:16<TheAsp>no, not sure it's writes
13:16<TheAsp>it could be anything large enough to not be in cache
13:17<mdz>you could try mounting noatime too
13:17<mdz>to see if it's something being opened
13:17<mdz>but if only mythbackend is running, that's pretty unlikely
13:18<TheAsp>reiser doesn't record atimes if i remember right
13:19<mdz>mounting it read-only should eliminate both possibilities
13:19<mdz>and a lot of others
13:20<TheAsp>all stoped, still doing it
13:20<TheAsp>brb, going to single user mode
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13:32<TheAsp>can't start X on a ro fs
13:32<TheAsp>can't start mythbackend without X
13:33<TheAsp>anyway, alsa is confused, gonna reboot
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14:09<Soopizzle>fraqing swweet
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14:51<Soopizzle>is there a way to webbrowse the myth cvs ?
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15:19<DigDug_>Is there anything special I need to do to get mythtv to compile with g++ 3.2? Mythepg can't seem to find many Qt functions.
15:19<DigDug_>even though its linking to -lqt-mt
15:19<mdz>you need to have a working qt development environment
15:19<mdz>among other things, your qt must be built with the same g++ that you are using to build mythtv
15:20<DigDug_>Ahh, ok.
15:20<DigDug_>Thats it.
15:20<DigDug_>I've been using gcc 2.94. That works.
15:20<mdz>then use that :-)
15:21<DigDug_>Well, i wanted to see if I could get better optimizations with 3.2 using -march=pentium4
15:22<DigDug_>Mythtv seems to take up more and more CPU. 0.7 was pretty good. Only like 20% CPU, a month ago, CVS was using 50%. Now its using 70%. (640x480, mpeg4)
15:22<DigDug_>I can get it down to 50% if i go 480x480
15:23<Chutt>it uses less cpu now
15:23<Chutt>quite a bit less
15:24<mdz>DigDug_: mythtv uses very little CPU
15:24<mdz>almost all of the processing is done by libavcodec
15:24<Chutt>and that hasn't changed
15:24<DigDug_>Well, i meant mythtv as a whole.
15:25<Chutt>the biggest use of cpu, though, hasn't changed at all
15:25<mdz>and also won't be affected much by C compiler optimizations
15:25<Chutt>the playback engine was optimized post-0.7, too
15:25<Chutt>which is why it uses quite a bit less cpu now
15:25<mdz>CVS should definitely use noticeably less than 0.7
15:25<mdz>if it isn't, then something is wrong
15:26<mdz>with your mythtv build/system/hardware, not with mythtv
15:27<DigDug_>Of course :)
15:28<DigDug_>For fun, i'm installing the deb again to see.
15:29<Chutt>make sure you're not using a debug build, for instance
15:30<Soopizzle>mdz, any luck in bribing you for some new debian packages?
15:32<mdz>Soopizzle: 0.8
15:32<Chutt>which is getting closer, now
15:33<mdz>there isn't much point in packaging a snapshot for distribution, since I'm not going to get into keeping it updated
15:33<Soopizzle>another quick question, is libmysql the same as just mysql?
15:33<mdz>people will just run into bugs which have been fixed in CVS, and will want to update anyway
15:36<Soopizzle>man, need for speed HP2 is fun as hell with a racing wheel
15:37<mdz>Chutt: do you have any specific 0.8 todos left? I don't have anything left which can't wait until the next release
15:37<Chutt>finish up the remote stuff
15:37<Chutt>and multiple encoder boxes
15:37<Chutt>per-host settings
15:37<Chutt>other than that...
15:37<Chutt>no, i don't think so
15:38<mdz>which things need to be per-host to start?
15:38<mdz>maybe I can work on that
15:38<Chutt>i dunno
15:38<Chutt>mostly the frontend stuff
15:38<mdz>I'd kinda like to restructure the settings stuff before doing that though
15:41<DigDug_>I noticed that the "setup" program wasn't obeying Xinerama sizing or placement.
15:42<mdz>it's really pretty silly to run mythtv with xinerama
15:43<DigDug_>It the only option I have.
15:43<DigDug_>The nvidia drivers are not working in true dual head mode. All i have is Twinview
15:43<lichen_>yeah i just used xinerama to clone the screen.. not like it does any good though cause i cant do xv on the second screen
15:44<DigDug_>If you are cloning, you are not using xinerama.
15:45<lichen_>yeah to clone the scren you still use Option "Xinerama"
15:45<mdz>if I were in that situation, I would work on fixing that bug rather than trying to make mythtv work with xinerama
15:45<mdz>but then, I don't use binary-only drivers either
15:46<Chutt>i use em! =)
15:46<lichen_>well for one i know relatively nothing about video and programming its drivers... ive read up a lot on how to accomplish what i want to do on the second head, and currently i dont beleive its possible
15:46<Chutt>i bought a usb cable that's too short
15:46<DigDug_>lichen: what do you want to do?
15:47<lichen_>i have a matrox g400 and i want to use the second head for tv out.. which i am currently doing, i can get all the myth menus and everything, but no video becausei t doesn't do xv on the second head
15:47<lichen_>at least not while doing tv out
15:49<DigDug_>The setup is also a little wierd. xmltv pulls down all kinds of wierd channels using CVS. Like 900! I'm using analog cable. There aren't that many channels. But running mythfilldatabase from 0.7 works fine.
15:51<mdz>CVS works fine for me
16:00<mdz>Chutt: did you look at using QDataStream for the myth serialization stuff?
16:01<Chutt>a little bit
16:01<mdz>I just noticed it
16:01<mdz>it looks like it will do a qvaluelist out of the box
16:02<Chutt>oh, i didn't use it because i wanted all the data written to the device at once
16:04<mdz>wow, rtjpeg is way more CPU intensive to playback
16:04<mdz>I watched a couple of things that accidentally got recorded in rtjpeg when I screwed up the profile loading
16:04<mdz>used about 25% CPU
16:04<mdz>compared to 5%
16:04<Chutt>no direct rendering =)
16:12<Soopizzle>i've never understood
16:12<Soopizzle>all the differences between framebuffer
16:12<Soopizzle>regular X
16:12<Soopizzle>and all the other derivatives
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20:47<mdz>just got a segfault in NuppelVideoPlayer::CloseAVCodec
20:47<mdz>inside libavcodec, a bad free() apparently
20:47<mdz>Chutt: ever seen this before?
20:51<mdz>who knows, this box is getting unreliable
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21:47<Chutt>mdz, which free?
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22:11<mdz>Chutt: mailed you a stack trace
22:14<Chutt>never seen that before
22:17<Chutt>the pointer looks ok
22:49-!-Soopizzle [] has joined #mythtv
22:49<Soopizzle>my kingdom for a linux distribution that works with the nforce platform
22:54<Chutt>i guess i can't be running linux on my nforce board
22:54-!-billytwowilly [~chris@] has joined #mythtv
22:54-!-Edgan [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
23:04-!-bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
23:05<Soopizzle>Chutt, you got a nix dist. going on your nforce board?
23:06<bigguy>Soopizzle: he uses debian
23:06<Soopizzle>yeah, but is he using an nforce board?
23:07<bigguy>same one as I have
23:07<Soopizzle>please tell me how....
23:07-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
23:07<Soopizzle>something keeps fucking up
23:07<bigguy>Abit Nv7-133R
23:07<Soopizzle>Asus NV7M
23:07<Soopizzle>does your have soundstorm, and the builtin nic?
23:08<Soopizzle>any suggestions
23:08<bigguy>but I don't have linux installed on it
23:08<bigguy>I am not big on proprietary drivers in linux
23:08<Soopizzle>Chutt, please if you could send some suggestions my way, i would greatly appreciate it
23:08<Soopizzle>nor am i
23:08<Soopizzle>but i don't care either
23:09<Soopizzle>i just want stuff to work
23:09<bigguy>but nvidia does have nforce drivers for linux
23:09<bigguy>and you can use alsa for the audio
23:12<Soopizzle>hmm.. ok, i guess i'll try to re-install 3.0r1 and see what i screwed up on
23:13<Chutt>the nic is just a standard i810
23:13<Soopizzle>Chutt, and the sound?
23:13<Chutt>i meant sound
23:13<Chutt>not the nic
23:13<Chutt>drivers for the nic are on nvidia's website
23:14<Chutt>it's not difficult.
23:14<Soopizzle>ok, what about the nic and the usb (and even agpgart so i can use my agp radeon)
23:14<Chutt>usb's standard
23:14<Chutt>agp's standard.
23:14<Soopizzle>do you get strange driver warnings/errors?
23:15<Soopizzle>like for usb it can't find/resolve the 3rd root header
23:16<bigguy>Chutt: hows support for the spdif and 5.1 via the 3mm stereo plugs with alsa?
23:16<bigguy>I don't have spdif stuff anyway but just wondering
23:16<Chutt>i dunno, i just use the main l/r out
23:16<mdz>hello I have never used a computer before in my life, please explain to me how to buy a computer and put mythtv on it and use a remote control ok thx
23:16<mdz>also it must not cost too much money
23:16<Chutt>mdz, i want to just tell him to buy a tivo
23:17<billytwowilly>mdz: heh. that's amusing.
23:17<mdz>I refuse to respond since his clock is a month off
23:18<Chutt>i'd have to find the email again
23:18<mdz>it's obviously a ploy to get his message nearer the top of my mailbox
23:19<mdz>oh no
23:19<mdz>lego andy is back
23:19<Chutt>and he wants to contribute a feature that already exists
23:19<mdz>to make sure it had the right subject line
23:20<Soopizzle>wow, this makes me sick, watching the falcons piss the game away
23:20<Soopizzle>vick can only do soo much
23:20<Soopizzle>and he's done almost everything (except for kick the point afters)
23:23<mdz>what kind of brokenness is causing so many people to be missing the .so symlink?
23:24<Chutt>i dunno
23:26<Chutt>"hi, i want mythtv, but i don't want to use the scheduler"
23:28<mdz>mind if I add a line of output with the date to mythfilldatabase?
23:28<Chutt>it says it every channel
23:29<mdz>I asked the xmltv guys to add a --quiet so it doesn't :-)
23:32<mdz>actually I asked them to separate the status output from any error output
23:32<mdz>but instead they gave an option to suppress the status output :-P
23:32<Chutt>and they just supressed it all?
23:34<mdz>I want to get mail from cron if it fails
23:34<mdz>with the error message(s)
23:34<mdz>and get nothing if it doesn't fail
23:34<mdz>but have a logfile with the status output regardless
23:34<Chutt>people that subscribe with one email address and have that address forward to another place
23:35<Chutt>and then have the gall to _bounce_ emails from their other address
23:35<mdz>"nice job and all, but not enough comments"
23:35<mdz>bad way to start an email to mythtv-dev
23:35<Chutt>where's that?
23:35<Chutt>the guy that doesn't want to use .nuv?
23:36<mdz>and then the usual whining about nun
23:36<mdz>and then, of course, a request for help
23:36<Chutt>would 'Yes mommy, I'll try to be better about commenting my code in the future' be an appropriate response?
23:37<mdz>'I looked at some of the filenames in the source, so I think I understand how it works pretty well'
23:38-!-bigguy [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
23:38<mdz>I really don't see which part of mythtv that guy actually wants
23:38<mdz>sounds like he wants cron
23:39<Chutt>you can't do stuff with cron
23:39<Chutt>or a exec'd task
23:39<Chutt>unless you want to get all messy and start killing processes and crap
23:40<Chutt>that's just.. hackish, though
23:40<mdz>do stuff?
23:40<mdz>it sounds like he just wants to record stuff at whatever times and then have files that he can watch with whatever player program
23:41<mdz>cron sounds sufficient for that
23:41<Chutt>for that, yeah
23:41<mdz>oh, he wants the multiple card support
23:41<mdz>and the EPG
23:42<mdz>if someone can't be bothered to read the HOWTO, the mailing list archives, or any of the other 50 places that have the CVS info...
23:43<Chutt>they shouldn't be using cvs? =)
23:43<mdz>I need to stop reading this stuff
23:43<Chutt>maybe i really should make a -users list
23:43<Chutt>but i'd be too tempted not to subscribe
23:44-!-billytwowilly [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
23:44<mdz>that sounds fine
23:44<mdz>there seem to be enough people willing to answer newbie questions
23:47<Chutt>like the guy that just responded to the 'i've never used linux' question?
23:48<mdz>and the two pepole who answered the CVS guy
23:49<Chutt>"i've *just* gotten 0.7 working, how do i get CVS??!?"
23:51<mdz>too much hype about new features in CVS on the website :-)
23:52<Chutt>yeah, well, that's cuz it's all damn cool
23:56<mdz>heh, "I'd recommend this Shuttle system to use when building a box...btw has anyone ever done that and does it work?"