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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-01-12

00:04<mdz>Chutt: typo on the main page: MythMusic Releaes 0.5
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00:12<orangey>hey guys!
00:12<orangey>Anyone here successfully using mythvideo?
00:26<orangey>in any case, my main question is how to get the program to see the directory..
00:26<orangey>I've tried editing mythexplorer-settings.txt
00:26<orangey>and I've also tried to pass the argument (mythvideo /home/movies)
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00:27<Soopizzle>damn stupid Falcons...
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00:28<Soopizzle>nothing, they falcons lost
00:30<orangey>i thought you were dissing themajestic falcon..
00:30<Soopizzle>what, the phoenix?
00:30<orangey>in any case, you using mythvideo?
00:33<Soopizzle>nope, myth video uses me
00:34<orangey>like for sexual favours?
00:34<orangey>my q, as above, is that I can't get it to show me the contents of my directory..
00:34<Soopizzle>nah, it thrives on pain and mental anguish
00:34<Soopizzle>i know not your answer
00:34<orangey>does the database have to be updated or something?
00:35<orangey>can you get it to run at all?
00:57<Chutt>mdz, you been to that flowers guy's website recently?
01:01<mdz>Chutt: nope
01:01<Chutt>check out his top news story
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01:04<orangey>chutt/mdz: you guys have mythvideo running? I'm just wondering why mine won't populate.. I have everything setup (as far as I knwo) in the mythexplorer-settings.txt
01:05<mdz>Chutt: what's the url again?
01:05<orangey>is there a database component to it?
01:05<Chutt>i don't run it
01:05<mdz>I have never touched it
01:05<Chutt>mdz, or something
01:05<mdz>hah, so he's going to write his own PVR from scratch now I suppose
01:05<orangey>hmmm. seems there's remarkably little literature about it..
01:06<Chutt>yeah =)
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01:07<Chutt>orangey, it's unsupported =)
01:07<Chutt>i've run it once, i think
01:08<orangey>hehehe. that freeplay guy is amusing..
01:08<orangey>but as stated in the webpage, he is making it non-profit.. as a service to the community
01:09<bigguy>I wonder how he's going to do realtime mpeg2 encoding
01:10<orangey>bigguy: hey. vaporware doesn't have to make sense.
01:10<bigguy>thats gonna take a fast system unless he gets some mpeg2 hardware working under bsd
01:11<mdz>dammit, another botched recording where the audio is from the wrong input
01:12<mdz>wtf is going on
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01:12<Chutt>maybe i'm changing inputs wrong
01:12<orangey>can the current cvs switch from live tv to recording (changing channel, etc)?
01:12<mdz>if I go into live tv and cycle through the inputs it fixes it
01:13<Chutt>orangey, that didn't make sense
01:16<mdz>it shouldn't be possible to do anything wrong in software to screw this up
01:16<orangey>well, it doesn't for me.. say I'm watching live tv.. and then a recording starts (as scheduled).. it don't switch.
01:17<orangey>but lest I be again chastised for not following the mailing list, I do recall some talk about it.. but in another context.. in the context of end-of-recording problems
01:17<orangey>where switching back from end of recording --> live tv is the problem.
01:22<Chutt>orangey, when's your checkout from?
01:23<orangey>~2 days ago.. the compiled one at least.. maybe 3.
01:23<Chutt>that's not current cvs.
01:23<orangey>sorry : ) I'll compile right now and check it out..
01:26<orangey>in other, more tragic news, it seems that the source for DirecTV's PPV info (coming in from some guy's geocities page) is now out of commission.. I emailed him after waiting 2 days for it to come back up..
01:27<mdz>maybe it has something to do with lirc
01:27<orangey>lirc? how could it?
01:27<mdz>my problem, not yours
01:27<orangey>heheh. sorry..
01:27<orangey>my world still revolves around me.
01:27<mdz>I've never had it happen on the tuner input
01:28<mdz>only on the s-video
01:30<Chutt>but, lirc?
01:32<Chutt>the pruning stuff seems to be working ok
01:32<Chutt>i can see how stuff would slip through
01:33<Chutt>if the repeat's on before it re-loads the recording list
01:33<Chutt>it won't look in oldrecorded for a dupe
01:47<Chutt>somethin's messed up in the edit scheduled recordings stuff
01:49<Chutt>well, occasionally messed up
01:59<orangey>Chutt: wow.. very cool.. I'm tres fond of the new setup that basically forces a person to the recorded menu thingi during recording..
01:59<orangey>and "everything works" right now ; )
01:59<orangey>Thank you very much for this.. I know my stupidity must seem like punishment, but I truly am grateful : )
01:59<orangey>good night my friends..
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02:01<Chutt>mdz, there were some more places where it was using the default db connection instead of the passed in db connection
02:01<Chutt>and a couple that needed passed in db connections and didn't have one
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02:11<Chutt>specifically, GetRecordingStatus() would use the default database connection
02:11<Chutt>and the scheduler uses that
02:11<Chutt>should be all fixed soon =)
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03:22<mdz>thanks for fixing it
03:38<mdz>ok, this is happening 100% of the time now and it is making me crazy
03:39<Soopizzle>what's the prob?
03:41<mdz>wrong audio channel from my bttv card
03:42<mdz>this time weird things happened during live tv too, for the first time...I got "0" instead of the label for the input
03:43<mdz>I hope the card isn't destroying itself
03:50<mindwarp>where can I find a list of commands for mythtv?
03:50<mindwarp>or a list of possible commands I can program for the remote also?
03:57<lichen_>keys.txt would be a good place to check
03:57<lichen_>i know its not a real obvious name
04:11<mindwarp>can I make lircrc execute multiple buttons with 1 key?
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11:16<nevertheless>any gentoo'er around?
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20:52<orangey>hey guys!
20:52<orangey>anyone here using xmame?
20:58<PeteCool>mdz: what kernel/version exactly are you using on your debian box?
20:59<PeteCool>mdz: 2.4.20-bf keeps on hanging up here :(
21:06<mdz>PeteCool: 2.4.19
21:07<mdz>from kernel-source-2.4.19 a while ago
21:08<mdz>I can't use the stock kernel because I needed NFS root
21:11<m0tion>orangey: yes
21:16<PeteCool>mdz: I reverted to regular 2.4.20 instead of bf, has been up a bit longer :)
21:16<PeteCool>mdz: do you think mythtv will benefit from preemt and lowlatency patches?
21:17<mdz>where did 2.4.20-bf come from?
21:17<mdz>it's not in unstable, only in proposed-updates for woody
21:17<mdz>I didn't even know it existed
21:18<mdz>unless you have a pressing need for some bugfix, I'd stick with .19, the rumour on the wind is that 2.4.20 isn't worth it
21:18<PeteCool>mdz: I got it from a net-install cd... no floppy on that computer!
21:25<orangey>m0tion: what distro are you using?
21:26<orangey>i'm running 2.4.20.. wasn't too difficult and I didn't notice any real difference personally except that lirc will not work!
21:30* paperclipis away: beer
21:30<mdz>Chutt: I added some debugging to the duplicate removal bit in the scheduler, and have been watching it, and as far as I can tell it works correctly
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22:13<Chutt>mdz, yeah, it seems to be working for me
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22:45<orangey>when I try to run xmame, it gives me a seg fault
22:45<orangey>the only way to avoid this is if I "lie" about the real location of xmame..
22:45<orangey>what's up with that?
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23:45* paperclipis back (gone 02:14:43)
23:52<mdz>hmm, just got that libavcodec free() crash again
23:52<mdz>in exactly the same place