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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-01-15

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00:15<PeteCool>anybody here?
00:21<PeteCool>what interface is mythtv using for playback? xv?
00:22<bigguy>I would imagine
00:22<bigguy>I dunno tho
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01:31<PeteCool>is it possible to have the playback be at it's recorded size, instead of fullscreen?
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07:24<m0tion>Suggested addition to MythMusic ... MythTV type record and time-shifting features for radio? I know I'd use it, I'm sure others would too... wouldn't be very hard assuming you have a FM-Tuner on your tv-card
07:26<nevertheless>never thought about that, but timeshifting radio would be a neat thing, too :-)
07:27<nevertheless>with that "too" it sounds almost like my idea ;)
07:28<m0tion>well, i figure a lot of people would love to have the ability to record songs off of the radio, and you don't know when a song has started until (DUH) it's already started, so there needs to be a time shifting buffer so you can shift back and start recording to keep
07:28<m0tion>OR, schedule records for those of us that listen to talk radio and would like to record certain shows that we would be unavailable for
07:29<nevertheless>I think, I wouldn't use the recording-radio, but timeshifting liveRadio would be nice
07:30<m0tion>sure, it's just I think radio is a great media that is more and more often over-looked in today's society
07:31<nevertheless>yepp, Im listening to the radio most of the day
07:35<m0tion>exactly my point, ok, i gotta goto class =)
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11:23<PeteCool>I've tried everything, but I still haven't found out why the final, fullscreen image is distorted... fullscreen, scaled xv works fine (I tried it with mplayer), so what can it possibly be?
11:23<PeteCool>I tried every setting available in the UI
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12:17<PeteCool>ok, I'll try this differently: I'm in the "Watch a recording" page. I see a live preview of my recording; the image's colors are fine. When I play it, the image is covered in a greenish film, and the text and osd is repeated multiple times on the screen
12:17<PeteCool>what might possibly be causing this?
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12:24<vektor>Xv is short for XVideo.
12:24<vektor>And yes, mythtv uses XVideo for output.
12:24<vektor>What video card do you haev?
12:24<vektor>Also, you did stop using canada-cable, right? :)
12:37<PeteCool>I'm using a Kyro II model with the vendor drivers
12:37<PeteCool>I'm still using canada-cable, but I'm fine-tuning it
12:38<PeteCool>which one did you tell to use?
12:39<PeteCool>vektor: but it doesn't have anything to do with canada-cable, since the recording previews right. the .nuv would work fine on your comp, I'm 99% sure
12:40<PeteCool>the 1% is the natural uncertainty :)
12:42<PeteCool>vektor: which one are you using?
12:42<PeteCool>vektor: I mean video card
12:44<vektor>I just menat that you shouldn't use canada-cable.
12:44<vektor>Please stop.
12:44<vektor>I want it to die.
12:44<vektor>Nothing to do with your Xvideo problem.
12:44<vektor>Regarding your XVideo problem, I was curious what video card you had.
12:44<vektor>Like, nVidia, ATI, whatever, not what capture card you have.
12:44<vektor>Or is that what this Kyro II thing is?
12:45<vektor>I've never heard of Kyro before.
12:45<PeteCool>vektor: kyro II is not a capture card :) it's a less-know card, from the end of the original radeon times
12:45<vektor>Oh ok.
12:45<vektor>If you see that 'green ish film' and repeated stuff, it is almost for sure a bug in your XVideo drievr.
12:46<vektor>But please stop using canada-cable. If it helps at all, it means your tuner is set wrong.
12:46<vektor>Its existance is a bug.
12:47<PeteCool>but, using us-cable I lose a channel I go to often: the french version of cbc
12:47<PeteCool>hmm, no, not really, I have to use a -47 offset
12:47<vektor>Who is your provider?
12:47<vektor>Cable provider I mean.
12:47<PeteCool>videotron in montreal
12:48<vektor>And what is the channel number of french CBC on your TV (not your capture card).
12:48<vektor>Hmm, justasec..
12:48<vektor>Hmm, interesting.
12:49<vektor>You're saying channel 4 is just static?
12:49<vektor>Or what?
12:49<vektor>Also, did you confirm that your tuner type is correct?
12:50<PeteCool>I'll try changing tuner, didn't do that before
12:51<PeteCool>4 on the tv is alright... on the tuner using us-cable "4" doesn't come up right at all
12:51<vektor>How does it come up?
12:51<PeteCool>warped and black and white
12:51<vektor>If canada-cable helped at all, then your tuner is likely not correct.
12:51<vektor>And are all the other channel numbers correct though?
12:51<vektor>Like, is channel 7 really channel 7?
12:52<vektor>(using us-cable)
12:54<PeteCool>hmm, now everything is wrong... yesterday is was acceptable. I'm going to change the tuner type before I do anything else
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12:56<vektor>Do you know how?
12:56<vektor>I assume you have an ATI TV Wonder card.
12:56<vektor>Is that correct?
12:56<PeteCool>modprobe bttv tuner=something
12:56<PeteCool>leadtek tv 2000 xp, actually; it's using a bt878
12:57<vektor>I don't know if telling bttv the tuner type like that will work.
12:57<vektor>What you need to do is remove both the bttv and tuner modules.
12:57<vektor>Then 'modprobe tuner type=2' or whatver.
12:57<vektor>Then modprobe bttv.
12:57<vektor>I don't know if telling bttv a tuner type like that will have the same effect, but I suspect not.
12:57<PeteCool>do you know how many tuner types there are?
12:58<vektor>Yes, tons.
12:58<vektor>That is why this sucks
12:58<vektor>The problem is that we have no way of detecting it correctly.
12:58<vektor>Like, Gerd has basically given up.
12:59<vektor>It sucks.
12:59<vektor>It seems the ones we can't detect correctly are like tuner 2 vs 17 or something.
12:59<vektor>But I want to catalogue this better.
12:59<vektor>You're the first persion with a leadtek card who I've seen have this problem.
12:59<vektor>With the AT TV Wonder cards sold in canada, they all need tuner type 2 even though 17 (I think 17) is detected.
12:59<vektor>That's where this 'canada-cable' thing came from.
13:00<PeteCool>I get VIDIOCAPTURE(int=1) errors, with only a black screen
13:00<vektor> /usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.19/Documentation/video4linux/bttv/CARDLIST
13:00<vektor>You what?
13:01<vektor>With what? and how?
13:01<PeteCool>I see those errors when changing anything at all (channel, fine-tuning) in xawtv
13:01<vektor>ack I have to go to a meeting.
13:01<vektor>I'll be back later.
13:02<vektor>Good luck.
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13:19<PeteCool>vektor: you were right, it was an Xv bug: switching to the onboard i815 video (yuck) fixed it
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14:04<vektor>PeteCool: Sad.
14:04<vektor>i815 is nice though.
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15:26<PeteCool>is it possible to mute the sound when in mythtv?
15:28<rkulagow>you can mute the mixer. look at configfiles/lircrc.example.pinnacle for the mute command...
15:31<PeteCool>anybody who has a cmi8338/8738 sound card, do you mute the "Exchange" channel?
15:32<PeteCool>rkulagow: I meant in mythtv, because, everything seems setup right, but no sound comes out at all... I'll find it, it must be another stupid mistake
15:43<PeteCool>is it possible to probe the tuner, or the audio driver, to see what is the sound's current sampling rate?
15:44<PeteCool>yay, it works!
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16:21<hurdel>mythtv linked in top story on slashdot
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16:29<PeteCool>of course it's linked up... it works great, that's why
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16:39<jasongrichmond>you there issac?
16:40<jasongrichmond>mythtv is going to get /.'d again
16:40<Chutt>yeah, i saw
16:40<jasongrichmond>top comment
16:40<jasongrichmond>i just ran report again
16:40<jasongrichmond>hits jumped a lot ar 3p
16:40<hurdel>of course, cause mythtv rules
16:40<jasongrichmond>i wonder wat it is from ;-)
16:41<jasongrichmond>it does rule =)
16:41<jasongrichmond>I think tonight I may get another cvs version
16:42<jasongrichmond>now that I just got the last one I grabbed all working ;-)
16:43<jasongrichmond>dooby dooby doo =)
16:44<jasongrichmond>is there an eta on .8?
16:44<jasongrichmond>people are starting to bug me to build them boxes
16:45<jasongrichmond>issac - I am interested how much traffic gets generated, so the urchin reports are set to update on the hour right now rather than 3am
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16:48<Universe>the project is on /. again..
16:48* Universescrolled up
16:49<Chutt>jason, cool.
16:51<m0tion>w00, chalk another one up for the great developers of MythTV =)
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17:01<jdanner>Chutt: when you get some free time (heh), could you make a new screenshot for the alternative epg with less channels (like 6), less time (like 1.5 hours), and a slightly bigger 'programfont' size?
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17:03<Chutt>i'm out of town right now, though =)
17:03<Chutt>so we'll see when
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17:05<TheAsp>anyone using an nvidia card for tvout?
17:05<hurdel>TheAsp : yep
17:06<TheAsp>can you send over your config?
17:06<TheAsp>can't get mine working, though maybe the rf modulator im using
17:06<hurdel>i have no config right now, i don't have a monitor hooked up
17:06<hurdel>it just defaults to tv out
17:06<TheAsp>with no options?
17:06<TheAsp>or without vga plugged in?
17:06<hurdel>that's right, i moved my pc from desk with monitor to tv living room no monitor, voila, works great
17:07<hurdel>you tried nv-tv-out?
17:08<hurdel>good luck
17:08<hurdel>i'm gone
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17:15<TheAsp>bah, nvtv doesnt work on my card
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17:36<PeteCool>TheAsp: what kind of nvidia card you have?
17:38<PeteCool>Chutt: I've recorded french shows, and the description in the watch a recording screen is showing some characters scrambled: \xE9 \xE8 are the two ones I see for now
17:40<PeteCool>Chutt: they're replaced by some copyright signs A's with horizontal bars over them... weird
17:47<TheAsp>PeteCool: ti4200
17:51<PhazE3>I had not been to slashdot in a while and now I remeber why... it is full of complainers :)
17:52<PeteCool>there are other themes for mythtv that blue and liquid?
17:53<PeteCool>where can I find them?
17:58* TheAspdropkicks his videocard
17:59<moegreen>PeteCool: what are you asking?
18:02<PeteCool>moegreen: a slashdot comment said there were other themes than the two that come with cvs currently
18:02<PeteCool>TheAsp: kick it right here, I want it ;)
18:02<PeteCool>TheAsp: are you using the nvidia binary drivers?
18:03<Chutt>other theme
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18:06<rkulagow>mentioned on /. again...
18:07<TheAsp>PeteCool: yup
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18:19<Soopizzle>hey guys
18:19<Soopizzle>do you want to be part of my company?
18:19<Soopizzle>you don;t have to do anywork
18:19<Soopizzle>you just have to have a name and a title ;)
18:30<_shad> guy interested in mythtv...
18:30<_shad>maybe it'll be a 'feature'
18:31<PhazE3>Lindows is a piece
18:31<PeteCool_>Soopizzle: I can be "Chief annoying tester of unrelated bugs"
18:31<Universe>what? mythtv isn't meant to be a feature..
18:31<_shad>I'm joking
18:33<m0tion>i don't get it, who is soopizzle?
18:46<Soopizzle>soopizzle is cool
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19:16<PeteCool_>you're the one who did that?
19:16<_shad>I wish
19:27<Soopizzle>that is a sweet picture
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23:01<PeteCool_>is the tvtime author still here?
23:01<PeteCool_>vektor: does tvtime use the same frequency tuning steps as xawtv ?
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