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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-01-18

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03:09<Soopizzle>damn, mythtv already looks better than replaytv
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10:44<aw>is it actually possible to split the backend & frontend up on 2 different boxes w/ current cvs?
10:44* awhas been trying but finding too many things hardcoded to localhost
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11:00<nevertheless>aw: its not done, yet, watching a vid works remote, but LiveTV doesn't
11:02<aw>vid as in mythvideo?
11:03<Universe>as in pre-recording TV
11:03<aw>hmm, I can't get that to work either
11:03<Universe>you have to get the settings right
11:03<Universe>and there really isn't any docs on it
11:04<Universe>because its CVS
11:04<Universe>if you look back through the commits, you will have to look for comments on how to use it
11:04<Universe>CVS isn't meant for the public.. you have to follow development closely
11:05<aw>ok, will do, tnx
11:05<aw>just looking for confirmation that I'm not wasting my time trying to do this
11:05<Universe>it works but its limited
11:06<Universe>of course, I can't talk about current CVS.... I haven't updated in a while... they might have busted something
11:09<Universe>I think the key is you have to run a backend on the server that you are running the front end on... but edit the backend.txt with the ip of the server
11:10<aw>ok, good tip, the context->ConnectServer("localhost"... in mythfrontend was really throwing me off
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