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14:49<knoppix>Anyone know how to control size of TV display (its defaulting to fullscreen). In particular, I'd let to set "geometry" for TV viewing window that pops up over mythfrontend interface.
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16:22<knoppix>Anyone know how to control size of TV display (its defaulting to fullscreen). In particular, I'd let to set "geometry" for TV viewing window that pops up over mythfrontend interface.
16:25* poptix_v6kicks knoppix in the head
16:25<poptix_v6>don't repeat
16:25<poptix_v6>rtfm, stfw, and then dig through the code =p
16:25<poptix_v6>if all else fails, ask the mailing list.
16:28<knoppix>poptix_v6: well I looked through keys.txt and settings.txt and couldn't find anything ... neither by searching the mailing lists
16:29<poptix_v6>you can just press 'F'
16:29<poptix_v6>to go from full screen to window
16:29<knoppix>poptix_v6: cool ... but how did you know that?
16:30<poptix_v6>technically you should have the X server running at the right resolution
16:30<poptix_v6>which would make the question moot, due to full screen being the correct resolution.
16:31<knoppix>poptix_v6: well things are a little more complicated because I'm running multihead on my Nvidia card ... want to be able to use the computer while I watch tv in the background
16:31<knoppix>I checked keys.txt again and don't see the 'F' toggle for fullscreen/window mode
16:32<poptix_v6>it's there somewhere i think
16:32<poptix_v6>if not, shrug, it was intuitive.
16:32<nevertheless>knoppix: i used to run multimonitor too, and Chutt told me to use F...
16:34<knoppix>nevertheless: I think I'm going to run multihead and use the 'F' option together. Glad I asked on this irc channel since the 'F' option is not too well documented.
16:35<nevertheless>jepp, i realized that, too, but now i run dedicated hardware, so that seems to be stuff from yesterday
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17:08<funnyguy>can anyone give me instructions on how to get a current CVS tarball ?
17:11* TheAspkicks knoppix in the "F" option
17:11<TheAsp>funnyguy: ever used cvs before?
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19:19<knoppix>I'm recording a program which I paused. Funny thing is that the audio just continued on. Is there anyway to get the audio to roll back to where the video is paused?
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20:22<TheAsp>Hmm, can't seem to get mythweather to get my info
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20:27<TheAsp>doh, wrong db
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21:29<knoppix>can someone recommend a mixer on par with kmix for KDE-less folks?
21:41<TheAsp>alsa or oss?
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23:22<knoppix>Anyone know why sound doesn't cut off after I quit mythtv. Mailing lists mentioned settings in kmix but I don't have KDE. Is there a lower-level way to clear up this issue?
23:22* poptix_v6sighs
23:27<knoppix>poptix_v6: Okay, maybe it sound lame but I've wasted 4 hours on this issue tonight ... hosing my system in the process trying to get KDE.
23:28<poptix_v6>why would you do that?
23:28<poptix_v6>christ man
23:28<poptix_v6>ever tried aumix?
23:28<poptix_v6>or v4lctl?
23:29<knoppix>Yep, I know of both.
23:29<knoppix>aumix doesn't do it for me
23:29<poptix_v6>you need to turn down the volume on your line-in or something
23:29<poptix_v6>wherever the TV card is coming in at
23:29<knoppix>Are you saying mute line-in? AND set it to record.
23:30<poptix_v6>don't MUTE it
23:30<poptix_v6>turn it all the way down
23:30<poptix_v6>you shouldn't be hearing it
23:30<knoppix>I'm really confused on this point, hate to admit it.
23:30<poptix_v6>here's what happens
23:30<poptix_v6>myth RECORDS from that audio device
23:30<poptix_v6>along with the video
23:30<poptix_v6>it plays that back
23:30<poptix_v6>with some amount of delay, depending on a few things such as if you've paused or rewound it
23:31<poptix_v6>which means that if you're hearing what's coming in on that line-in, it's what's really being broadcast at that moment
23:31<poptix_v6>and it will be out of sync
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23:31<poptix_v6>(with the video)
23:31<knoppix>yes, its out of sync :)
23:31<poptix_v6>so you need to set the correct device to record
23:31<poptix_v6>the volume doesn't matter for recording
23:32<knoppix>shouldn't the volume be down to nothing so I don't hear it ... if I understand you?
23:32<poptix_v6>the volume control for line-in
23:33<poptix_v6>or whatever the loopback cable is plugged into
23:33<knoppix>okay, but why does the sound keep playing after I quit mythtv ... I check for processes and can't find anything left over from mythtv?
23:34<poptix_v6>because it probably didn't tell the card to turn off the audio
23:34<poptix_v6>but it doesn't matter, because you should have that turned all the way down
23:34<poptix_v6>or muted
23:34<knoppix>is that a bug ... or my stupidity somewhere else?
23:34<knoppix>okay, I see.
23:34<poptix_v6>if possible
23:34<poptix_v6>you should just modprobe btaudio
23:34<poptix_v6>tell it to use /dev/dsp1 for audio input
23:35<poptix_v6>then you don't need the loopback cable at all
23:35<knoppix>why not /dev/dsp?
23:35<poptix_v6>and it's much more efficient
23:35<poptix_v6>because /dev/dsp is your sound card
23:35<poptix_v6>for output
23:35<knoppix>do I need an internal wire connecting the ATI video in card to the soundcard?
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23:35<knoppix>(if I use /dev/dsp1 for audio input?)
23:36<poptix_v6>if you load the btaudio module mythtv can read the audio data directly from the card over the PCI bus, instead of it going from the analog input (cable) to digital (wintv card) to analog (loopback cable) to digital (sound card line-input)
23:37<poptix_v6> /dev/dsp2 and /dev/dsp3
23:37<knoppix>I have ATI TV Wonder ... does that work with btaudio ... I think I use ... lemme check msp3400
23:37<poptix_v6>your sound card is /dev/dsp1 (and /dev/dsp)
23:37<poptix_v6>tell mythtv to use /dev/dsp2
23:37<poptix_v6>(for audio input)
23:38<poptix_v6>same place you tell it to use /dev/video (or /dev/video0) for video.
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23:38<knoppix>I don't have btaudio loaded by default, but you are recommended I use it with which device now exactly ... okay /dev/dsp2 I get it.
23:38<poptix_v6>then just get rid of the loopback cable
23:38<poptix_v6>try 'modprobe btaudio'
23:38<poptix_v6>see if it works.
23:38<knoppix>I see.
23:38<knoppix>this is great ... I never like the lookback cable :)
23:39<knoppix>do I need to tell modprobe which dsp to use?
23:40<knoppix>do I need a line in settings.txt to tell mythtv to use /dev/dsp2?
23:41<poptix_v6>just make sure it loads the btaudio module on boot
23:41<poptix_v6>quick and easy config change:
23:41<poptix_v6>run 'mysql'
23:41<poptix_v6>type the following:
23:42<poptix_v6>use mythconverg;
23:42<poptix_v6>update capturecard set audiodevice='/dev/dsp2';
23:43<knoppix>so just yank the loopback cable, modprobe btaudio and do the mysql stuff and that's it?
23:43<poptix_v6>restart all the myth stuff
23:43<poptix_v6>including mythbackend
23:44<knoppix>oh, didn't even know about mythbackend ... is that a daemon?
23:44<poptix_v6>as root
23:44<poptix_v6>killall -term mythbackend
23:44<poptix_v6>mythbackend &
23:44<poptix_v6>then run 'mythfrontend' again
23:46<knoppix>of course I can't do the mysql stuff now because I tried to reinstall mythtv when xmltv stopped working for me (my epg has been blank last few days) and that killed my mythconverge mysql database. Oh well, I hopw that problem clears itself up.
23:47<poptix_v6>if your DB is gone then you need to run mysql < mc.sql
23:47<poptix_v6>mc.sql is in the source distribution
23:48<poptix_v6>you'll also need to re-run 'setup' which is in the 'setup' directory
23:49<knoppix>thanks ... that sounds easy enough
23:50<yebyen>hrm, sound hates me
23:50<yebyen>how's current mythtv cvs, heh
23:50<knoppix>yebyen: yeah, it can be a real pain to get working :)
23:50<knoppix>I'm using debian 0.7
23:51<yebyen>knoppix: i've got a previous mythtv cvs that's been working for ages, and suddenly i can't get any sound working properly.
23:52<knoppix>yeah my sound recently stopped working too, but I had been messing around with my distro so I don't think it was myth-tv related
23:52<yebyen>definitely not mythtv's fault either, it's like the recording line isn't set properly
23:52<yebyen>if i turn the volume on 'mic' up in aumix, i hear the sound coming out of the tv card
23:53<yebyen>yet /dev/dsp doesn't output it like it should (has in the past)
23:53<knoppix>so turn down the volume ... this is what I just learned from poptix_v6
23:53<poptix_v6>yebyen: have you set it to record from the mic input?
23:53<yebyen>yeah i know the volume has to be turned down
23:53<yebyen>poptix_v6: yeah, aumix you just press space on the channel you want to record
23:53<poptix_v6>yebyen: why don't you just use the btaudio module?
23:53<yebyen>poptix_v6: at least, that's worked in the past
23:54<knoppix>no ... from line in ... maybe you should use btaudio module
23:54<yebyen>poptix_v6: i've heard it's problematic...
23:54<knoppix>yebyen: oh really?
23:54<poptix_v6>yebyen: i've had 0 problems with it, shrug.
23:54<yebyen>poptix_v6: maybe i should use it then
23:54* poptix_v6hasn't ever heard of any problems with it
23:54<knoppix>i did see one complaint about it in the mailing lists now I think abou tit
23:54<poptix_v6>where did you hear problems?
23:54<knoppix>mailing lists archives ... saw a post on btaudio problems
23:54<yebyen>poptix_v6: i have no idea, i thought i had heard it somewhere though
23:55<poptix_v6>i responded to that guy
23:55<knoppix>oh really ... that's cool :)
23:55<poptix_v6>he had 2 issues, one, he didn't RTFM, two, he didn't STFW
23:55<poptix_v6> /dev/dsp2 and /dev/dsp3 won't work at the same time
23:55<yebyen>what's the device btaudio outputs on again?
23:55<poptix_v6>you have to tell btaudio if you want /dev/dsp3 to work, because it grabs the digital data instead of analog
23:55<poptix_v6>or the other way around..
23:56<poptix_v6>yebyen: if you only have one sound card then it would be /dev/dsp2
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