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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-01-21

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00:33<Chutt>now i am
00:33<Chutt>rkulagow, that's not the proper place to do that stuff
00:35<yebyen>hey, i just had a strange thought
00:35<Chutt>check out my most recent email to the list
00:35<Chutt>in reply to the lindows dumbass
00:36<yebyen>lindows dumbass, woo
00:36<yebyen>*fetches mail*
00:36<yebyen>how well does bttv.o/btaudio.o work with multiple tv cards?
00:37<Chutt>i've only got one card that works with btaudio
00:37<Chutt>it should be fine for multiple cards that support it
00:37<yebyen>i mean, btaudio puts the audio on /dev/dsp2 for /dev/video0, can you count on it like that?
00:37<yebyen>going in the right order and everything
00:37<Chutt>no, you can't
00:38<yebyen>so if I were to add more sound cards, i'd have to feel my way through
00:39<yebyen>Chutt: what's the name of the dude you replied to, i've got 1200 new messages in mythtv-dev folder
00:39<yebyen>i haven't been keeping up with it or cvs
00:39<Chutt>"Compiling MythTV", Merle Reine
00:40<Chutt>he (or she, i dunno) works for lindows
00:40<Chutt>and keeps fucking up the compile
00:40<Chutt>and sending identical messages to the list
00:40<Chutt>"i can't compile it, i get this error, what did i do wrong?"
00:41<yebyen>hm, your reply isn't in my mailbox yet
00:41<Soopizzle>Chutt, would you get money for that
00:41<Chutt>err, no
00:41<Chutt>get money for what?
00:41<Soopizzle>lag for you
00:41<Soopizzle>some lag for me
00:44<yebyen>Chutt: i'm thinking of grabbing another tv card, heh
00:46<Soopizzle>because of lindows
00:46<Soopizzle>lag is poop
00:46<Soopizzle>nothing but poop
00:52<yebyen>Chutt: any chance of mythtv being able to export stuff into a slightly more universal format?
00:52<yebyen>Chutt: or a converter program? What would be necessary? :)
00:53<yebyen>err, i'd imagine it's simpler for people like me, recording into mpeg4 in the first place
00:53<Chutt>there's a patch to mplayer to make it able to read the files.
00:53<Chutt>then you can just use mencoder on them
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00:53<yebyen>Chutt: oh
00:53<Chutt>well, the mpeg4 encodes, at least
00:53<SoopaMech>anyone lagging as bad as i am on
00:54<yebyen>Chutt: how are the mpeg4 files different from what ordinary mplayer would expect?
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00:54<Chutt>they're .nuv files :p
00:54<yebyen>oh :)
00:55<yebyen>well, i mean, is there a reason they have to be? If i got ambitious, what would stand in the way of making mythtv just understand ordinary video files (what would constitute ordinary, mpeg4 goes into avi's doesn't it?)
00:56<Soopizzle>this is rediculous
00:58<Chutt>yebyen, i would =)
00:59<yebyen>Chutt: more specifically? :) does encoding to .nuv give a big speed benefit or something?
00:59<Chutt>it gives a big flexibility benefit
01:01<yebyen>*reads a little about nvrec*
01:03<yebyen>so yeah, what cool stuff am I missing out on by having a mythtv from the end of 2002's cvs?
01:03<yebyen>besides broken mythweb
01:04<Chutt>i've been busy
01:04<yebyen>fantastic, it works fine as it is.
01:05<yebyen>except for this damned "Watch TV" button... i keep forgetting it might be recording something, and I think the warning is broken in my copy of cvs...
01:05<Chutt>well, the box that comes up when you're watching tv
01:05<Chutt>that dialog when you go to watch tv
01:06<yebyen>how about the new database changes you mentioned
01:06<Chutt>those were just internal
01:06<yebyen>well, what does it do differently?
01:06<yebyen>i'm sure there was a point, you didn't just break compatibility because you got bored :)
01:06<Chutt>well, for now
01:06<Chutt>it'll allow you to edit scheduled recordings easier in the future
01:07<yebyen>fuck, i broke another recording of macgyver
01:07<Chutt>anyway, i'm going to bed
01:07<yebyen>this is like the third time
01:10<Soopizzle>Chutt, what's the diff between mysql and the other sql apps/
01:11<yebyen>Soopizzle: i'm pretty sure pgsql has better support for transactions or something
01:11<yebyen>or mysql has better support, I forget which
01:11<yebyen>or it could be something else entirely
01:13<yebyen>i'm pretty sure there are no major differences until you get into the really crazy shit, aside from possibly performance
01:14<Soopizzle>oh well
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02:07<sc00p18>hey, I'm trying to get the mythfilldatabase script to work correctly from cron. When I run it from cron, I get the following error: Too many arguments for XMLTV::ZapListings::getProviders at /usr/bin/tv_grab_na line 751, near "$opt_debug)" -- instead of the normal Day 2003-1-22 schedule for station BLAH has: 30 programs
02:08<sc00p18>anybody seen something like this before?
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05:47<sc00p18>nevermind, I had an outdated version of tv_grab_na in /usr/bin, and mythfilldatabase called the wrong one because my path wasn't configured properly in the cron script
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06:27<aleitner_>hi there
06:28<aleitner_>doesn anybody know if mythtv works with the 0.9.x bttv drivers?
06:28<aleitner_>cause i am having troubles with the one in the kernel as well as with the 0.7.x branch
07:24<yebyen>what kind of trouble?
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09:57<Markie>morning all
09:57<Markie>i finally figured out the openprojects changed to freenode
09:58<Markie>i gave up and emailed my question to the mailing list..
09:58<Markie>for some reason mythtv isn't recording anything
09:58<Markie>even throug the epg shows it listed as to be recorded.
09:58<Markie>i give up.
09:59<Conaz>Is it possible that the timezone information is messed up I wonder
09:59<Markie>is there something real obvious that i'm missing?
09:59<Markie>lemme check..
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10:00<Markie>my machine uses EST
10:02<Markie>it's just weird
10:02<Markie>simply nothing happens.
10:11<Chutt>oh, you're using really old cvs
10:11<Chutt>so like, don't expect it to work.
10:33<Markie>well like thanks
10:33<Markie>ok..question about the current cvs, with the backend/;frontend split
10:34<Markie>if it's both on the same machine, does it still communicate through a socket?
10:34<Markie>seems like if they are both o nthe same machine, it's be a pretty big preformance hit
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11:59<nevertheless>hmmm, currently I'm thinking about how to use the develop version and a stable version of myth parallel. How could I do that. The problem is the mysqldb, which has to be renamed for one of the two.
12:00<nevertheless>the best idea probably would be to have two separeted linux installations, so I cannot kill the box by working on the development stuff
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12:51<Conaz>I should be receiving my G200TV card today and will replace my winTVGo card so I've been reading up on the mailing list. I see lots of references to configuring mythtv to support the hardware compression, but no examples of the settings file. Is 'str Codec=rjpeg' correct for configuring this? I also see references to Quality and Decimation. Obviously see Quality under mpeg-4 settings, but no reference to the Decimation setting. Just looking to be prepared to
12:54<Conaz>are these settings part of mjpeg tools perchance? I haven't looked at that package yet since I don't have the card...
13:16<Conaz>Important tidbit from November 2002:
13:16<Conaz>All you need to do to use the current
13:16<Conaz>stuff is set the codec to 'hardware-mjpeg' and resolution to 720x480 in the
13:16<Conaz>settings file, and stuff _should_ just work.
13:17<Conaz>ack, wrong window :)
13:17<Conaz>But as you can see I finally scoured the list enough :)
13:25<poptix>Conaz: look through the settings
13:25<poptix>there are 3 options
13:26<poptix>'rtjpeg' 'mpeg4' and 'hardware-mjpeg'
13:26<poptix>(in mythfrontend)
13:26<poptix>change it to hardware-mjpeg in both the 'default' and 'live-tv' profiles
13:33<rkulagow>chutt, is there somewhere that the mixer setup would belong? (if not in mythfrontend, i mean)
13:34<poptix>mixer setup?
13:35<Conaz>poptix: thanks
13:42<rkulagow>poptix: i sent chutt a patch that set the mixer from within mythfrontend using OSS calls.
13:43* Conazcheers rkulagow
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14:34<poptix>ho hum.
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14:47* poptixprods Chutt
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15:39<poptix>hrm, CVS is down
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15:43<Markie>hey chutt, i missed any response (if you made any) about my performance concern
15:43<Conaz>Thanks for the responses today poptix, hopefully my G200 install tonight will go well :)
15:43* Conazwaves
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15:48<rkulagow>chutt, you here? remote root exploit out for CVS.
15:54<poptix>rkulagow: oh?
15:54<poptix>involving what?
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15:56<Markie>dude, i think theres a zillion root exploits for mythtv right now.
15:56<Markie>i think the premise is that it's a local, behind a firewall, standalone box
16:00<rkulagow>uh, chutt is running a CVS server. that CVS server has a root exploit available. it has nothing to do with mythtv.
16:00<Markie>i thought you meant the current cvs version of mythtv :^)
16:01<Markie>not _the_ current _cvs_ version
16:01<Markie>jeeze..if thats the case, the whole internet is screwed!
16:02<nevertheless>Ill check our cvs-server in the university tomorrow, we have a total dumb adminstrator :-)
16:03<nevertheless>but this is not a problem like public cvs servers like the one
16:04<rkulagow>i'm not sure that chutt has a problem for sure; i just remember that someone on the ML was having issues with their CVS hanging during a pull, and he stated what version he was running. i think it's the vulnerable one.
16:04<poptix>rkulagow: that's probably why the cvs server is down
16:05<nevertheless>is it?
16:05<_shad>Just bought a new digital camera :)
16:05<nevertheless>oh, right, its not available
16:06<nevertheless>_shad: so you'll start using the picture stuff of mythtv now ? ;-)
16:06<_shad>once I get it tomorrow
16:06<poptix>rkulagow: yes.
16:06<_shad>$700cdn + tax
16:06<nevertheless>which one?
16:06<_shad>Coulda bought a puter fast enough to watch tv with mythtv. hehe
16:06<_shad>Sony DSC-P9
16:08<nevertheless>I don't know any sony Digis except the 717 ... I own a minolta Dimage 7i
16:09<_shad>I bought this because it has movie mode
16:09<nevertheless>it seems to be a point and shoot cam, right?
16:09<_shad>unlimited time
16:09<_shad>This is a high end one type thing
16:09<nevertheless>oh, why didn't you buy a camcorder?
16:09<_shad>because I wanted a camera
16:09<nevertheless>hmm :-)
16:10<nevertheless>I'd love to have a snd one which i could put into my bag ... the d7i is a real big one, bad to carry along
16:10<_shad>this is really small
16:12<nevertheless>but in the past I started doubting about the digital thing, since I don't know a got thing to save the photos on... CD-Rs are not relieable for the long term
16:12<nevertheless>damn, I cannot type
16:13<nevertheless>s/got/good/ grrr
16:14<bigguy>I know I'd rather use a camera with a optical zoom rather than digital
16:15<bigguy>I hate the look of pictures taken using the digital zoom
16:15<_shad>This has 3x optical
16:15<_shad>nevertheless: cdr's are good for 100 years
16:15<nevertheless>the d7i has a 7x optical zoom
16:15<bigguy>Theoreticly ;)
16:16<bigguy>cdr's are only good for 100 years if you never touch them again
16:16<nevertheless>_shad: thats what I thought, too, but I have some 4 year old ones, and they simply dont' work anymore
16:16<bigguy>don't plan on using them all the time
16:16<nevertheless>I have dual backups of my backups of the digital images
16:16<bigguy>don't put them in extremes in temp, humidity, etc
16:17<bigguy>you have to baby them to make them last
16:17<nevertheless>yepp :-)
16:18<_shad>nevertheless: hrm.
16:18<_shad>put it on tape
16:19<nevertheless>better print the binary stuff with a printer ;-)
16:19<poptix>mime encode it, then print it.
16:20<poptix>of course, you need to make sure the ink isn't going to fade
16:20<bigguy>paper hardly lasts ;)
16:20<nevertheless>damn :-)
16:20<_shad>Chisel the picture into stone
16:20<_shad>3 of them, the red, the green and the blue
16:21<bigguy>stone can be worn by water
16:21<bigguy>nothing lasts
16:21<nevertheless>but everything lasts more than 4 years, except my f**** CDRs
16:22<lichen_>or if its a modern hd, less than a year
16:22<poptix>you could always etch it into a diamond
16:22<poptix>that should last at least 100 years.
16:22<nevertheless>all my HDDs are running without problems, better then the CDRs ;-)
16:23<nevertheless>why do people always use redhat in the ML?
16:23<poptix>because redhat is a good distro =)
16:24<nevertheless>yes, like the M$ stuff ;)
16:24<Markie>time lasts forever.
16:25<nevertheless>why is red hat trying to do all stuff, that M$ does as well? (ie trying to make their own standards)
16:26<poptix>redhat is trying to standardize things
16:26<poptix>if there isn't a current usable standard, they'll make their own until something better comes along
16:26<Markie>cause the wonderful thing about standards are that theres so many to choose from!
16:26<nevertheless>besides this, RH is a good dirtro,too
16:26<nevertheless>but they buy other companies and capture there things as their own
16:28<nevertheless>but, better use any Linux distro than any M$ stuff :-)
16:28<Markie>oh jeeze...i have verizon DSL..
16:29* Markiedeletes all his files
16:30* poptixlooks at mythweb
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17:12<[DJ]HaCK-U10>anyone got ir receiver on bt8x8 based board to work ?
17:14<[DJ]HaCK-U10>or a pointer to some doc about this ? I found nothing in bttv or lirc's doc about this
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17:18<nevertheless>you mean a receiver connected to a tuner card like the hauppauge ones?
17:19<nevertheless>hmmm, I thought there is info in the lirc docs about the hauppauge IR
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17:21<[DJ]HaCK-U10>I have a CPH0?0 and a tview 99 but I can't get the receiver to work on both
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17:21<[DJ]HaCK-U10>I can't even identify what chipset they use for ir decoding / is it done by the bt8x8 chip ?
17:22<nevertheless>I don't think so, but I don't know
17:22<PeteCool>I'm playing with the tuner types... tvtime now works fine, but I only get a blue screen in mythtv
17:23<[DJ]HaCK-U10>PeteCool: maybe it's not set to read from the right input
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17:26<Markie>damn..the one day i decide to update my mythtv cvs version, it's down!
17:27<nevertheless>yeah, Markie, due to that exploit
17:27<Markie>it's just my luck :^)
17:27<Markie>and i was gonna do some commits too
17:27<Markie>oh well...
17:27<Markie>weird chutt doesnt have it fixed yet.
17:29<merf>can anyone help me figure out why my video is really choppy and slow?
17:29<Markie>well, give some stats
17:30<merf>well, i'm running it on a pII450 with 64mb ram, and it displays video but it's choppy to hell. the output is just a bunch of 'Delaying to next trigger: 316555'
17:31<merf>with the audio at 44100, it goes on about lost audio data due to buffer overruns
17:31<merf>but the audio seems fine at 32000
17:31<nevertheless>seems, that the P2 is to slow?
17:32<merf>also, while i'm here.. in the faq it says to follow instructions in filters/linearblend/filter_linearblend.c
17:32<merf>but the only comment at the top is that the file was yoinked from mplayer :D
17:32<Markie>a PII is barely fast enough to just record
17:33<Markie>if you're trying to record _and_ watch tv at the same time, forget it
17:33<merf>that's what i feared.. i was hoping that maybe i was doing something wrong. bah.
17:33<merf>looks like i'm gonna have to put in a PIII and more RAM
17:33<Markie>heck yea.
17:34<merf>so those 'delaying to next trigger' messages are normal?
17:34<Markie>no, your choppyness is becuase of the cpu
17:34<nevertheless>merf: you use rtjpeg?
17:34<Markie>yes, delaying to next treigger is normal
17:34<merf>nevertheless: yep
17:34<rkulagow>merf: i've got a piii/733, and it can barely keep up on a 480x480 mpeg4. make sure you've got some horsepower if you're going to use a piii.
17:34<merf>dammit, i need a job
17:34<Markie>imho, i wouldnt get lesss than a p-iv 1.8
17:35<Markie>DDR ram
17:35<merf>why is mythtv so slow when xawtv runs perfectly?
17:35<merf>is it cause it actually does stuff with the audio?
17:35<merf>makes sense
17:35* merfadds new box to his list of crap to buy
17:36<Markie>and it's storing the video o nthe hard drive.
17:36<Markie>xawtv is just displaying it on the screen
17:36<Markie>$100 for an athlon 1.8 XP with cpu/fan
17:36* merftosses tvator and tuner card onto pile-of-crap-to-be-used-once-more-stuff-is-bought :/
17:36<merf>Markie: that doesn't include the new motherboard and ram
17:36<nevertheless>the things Risko T. talks about in the ML sound very interesting :)
17:36<Markie>merf: yea it includes motherboard
17:36<Markie>no ram.
17:36<merf>not to mention the bigger hdd (this box has 8gigs, it's painful)
17:37<merf>also, that's USD, and i'm in canada :/
17:37<merf>but that's good to know
17:37<Markie>heh..where in canada?
17:37<merf>nova scotia
17:37<Markie>i'm in buffalo, ny
17:37<Markie>your friends to the south :^)
17:38<merf>i had a feeling from the outset this pvr project was gonna fail miserably due to the incredibly slow box
17:38<Markie> everyone here ready for my crazy wild mythtv development suggestion?
17:38* merfcan't even use the stable mythtv, he's not ready for development
17:38<Markie>(i just hope i can convince chutt)
17:39<Markie>#1. one of the nicest things about mythv is that all the modules are completely standalone..therefore they cna be rpogrammed quite easily, and configured easily.
17:40<Markie>#2. one of teh worst things about mythtv is that all the modules are completely standalone. theres no "master" control, no communication or passing data between modules, and no easy api mechanism.
17:41<Markie>so i want to make a true module mechanism for mythtv so that mythfrontend truley integrates with all the modules.
17:42<merf>well, i'm gonna go find a job so i can buy a new box
17:42<merf>cheers for the help :D
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17:55<moegreen>Markie: what do you wish to accomplish by making a module be able to talk to the frontend and vice-versa?
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18:06<Markie>boy, chutt must be having a rough day today!
18:09<Markie>moegreen: umm a number of things:
18:10<Markie>1. have the front end be able to intelligently have "state" and control the modules.
18:10<Markie>i.e. if the phone rings, pause live TV
18:11<Markie>2. have a more consistant control.
18:11<Markie>i.e. some modules use a certian key for somethings, and others for other things.
18:11<Markie>3. and what i think is most important, have the frontend be able to be remotely controlled
18:11<Markie>look at the problems with remotely controlling the fornt end right now:
18:12<Markie>lirc: right now it fully relies on xevents, and more specifically, the top window.
18:12<Markie>(it send an x event to the top window...whatever it is....)
18:13<Markie>theres lots of dependencies, i.e. oyu need a window manager in order to push the window to the front (one of the faqs currently)
18:14<Markie>if mythfrontend was a _true_ lirc client, mythfrontend would internally receive the lirc command and dish it out to the "current running moudule"
18:14<Markie>along the same line, is then mythfrontend can now have a network/fifo..etc.. interface to control it.
18:14<Markie>right now it's just keyboard and pseudo remote control (by emulating keystrokes)
18:15<Markie>if mythfrontend listened in on a network socket, you can crank out graphical controls, remote network controls..etc..very easily.
18:16<Markie>4. lastly, right now, becuase every module is a stnad alone program, upon startup, they all have to read the config file..parse out the settings, load up a new themed widget..etc..a lot of overhead (nothing too critical) for no real reason.
18:17<Markie>i'd love to do things for example for a "mythwebcam" module tom upon sensing motion in the webcam, to play it onscreen..
18:18<Markie>BUT if i'm watching Tv, do it as a PIP. if i'm not, pull it up fullscreen.
18:18<Markie>it just gives a lot more control over everything as a whole.
18:18<Markie>one more example is on screendisplays.
18:18<Markie>one more example is onscreendisplays.
18:19<Markie>i'd love for when i get email to display stuff onscreen...well it depends if i'm watching TV, a movie, or just in the frontend.
18:19<Markie>ok..i'm done babbling.
18:19<Markie>if anyone's still listening :^)
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18:30<orangey>hey guys!
18:30<orangey>what's up with the cvs server? just temporarily down or such?
18:30<orangey>how temporarily?
18:31<orangey>could somebody send me the mythgame directory, then? I just finally figured out the source of my problem, and wiped it so I could start from scratch, though that means I lost it..
18:33<Markie>i dont have a copy myself..i need to get the cvs too
18:33<Markie>umm..dont know..chutt's been away for a while...
18:33<Markie>i thin he's having a rough day..
18:34<orangey>hehehe. Oh well, c'est la vie.
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19:13<PeteCool>ntsc leadtek winfast tv 2000 users: what tuner type are you using?
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20:32<_shad>Anything wrong with cvs and recording right now?
20:42<moegreen>_shad: there is a root exploit on the version of cvs server that is running, so it is shut off right now
20:58-!-Soopizzle is now known as SoopaVillan
20:59-!-Markie [] has joined #mythtv
21:05<PeteCool>woohoo, 480x480 live tv works now !! great!
21:09<Markie>any word on the cvs issue?
21:10<PeteCool>does reducing rtjpeg recording quality have a really worthy cpu usage reduction?
21:12<Markie>umm..a bit ...i havent played with mpeg4 much myself, cause i got plenty of disk space
21:12<Markie>but id' guess a good 20-40%
21:13<Markie>depending of course on all the settings
21:13<PeteCool>I just tried mpeg4, dropped much more frames than rtjpeg
21:13<Markie>yep. it will..
21:13<Markie>what CPU?
21:13<PeteCool>I'm on 464x464 at 110, with mp3 at 8
21:13<PeteCool>celeron 1100mhz
21:13<Markie>yea..that kinda sounds right..
21:14<Markie>imho, 1.8 is the slowest i'd go on a myth cpu
21:14<PeteCool>but, it *might* be the hard disk not able to keep up
21:14<Markie>plus you only have a celeron
21:14<Markie>well, not for mpeg4
21:14<Markie>mpeg4 uses cpu to lower the disk size
21:14<PeteCool>it has 256k L2 cache, it's not AS handicapped as the <1000mhz ones
21:14<Markie>therefore need _less_ disk i/o
21:15<-- [DJ]HaCK-U10has quit (
21:15-!-nomeata [] has quit []
21:16<Markie>but i think the celeron has less mmx type stuff which is very important for mythtv
21:16<PeteCool>mine's a tualatin, it has sse
21:16<PeteCool>it really is a mislabeled p3
21:16-!-nomeata [] has joined #mythtv
21:16<Markie>i'd probably increase your disk i/o and use rtjpeg
21:16<Markie>what disk settings do you have?
21:17<PeteCool>what exactly do you mean by disk settings? hdparm?
21:17<PeteCool>32-bit, dma, unmasqirq are on
21:17<Markie> got all that..good.
21:17<PeteCool>the disk is a wd200bb (a one platter version of the very fast UDMA-100 40/60/80GB models)
21:18<Markie>what speed?
21:18<PeteCool>hdparm -t says 30mbytes/s
21:18<Markie>so then it's most likely cpu you're running into for the bottleneck
21:19<PeteCool>I really don't see why it can't cope, while p3-800 systems can
21:19-!-poptix [] has quit []
21:19<PeteCool>it was worse with the integrated video eating lots of memory bandwidth, I replaced it with a matrox g200
21:20<Markie>who said p3-800's can?
21:20<PeteCool>the docs on the website
21:21<PeteCool>I'm 2 minutes behind in my current show, and, the disk is grinding hard, playback speed is 25fps instead of 29.97
21:21<Markie>in realit,y i havent seen anyone yet that has been able to make that claim.
21:21<Markie>some of those numbers seem a bit unrealistic..
21:22<Markie>or better yet..they are optimistic.
21:22<PeteCool>Markie: what are your live-tv recording settings?
21:22<Markie>umm..rtjpeg..lemme grab it.
21:23<Markie>quality= 170
21:23<PeteCool>and it's looking fine?
21:24<PeteCool>I'll lower it then
21:24<Markie>i havent played with it..
21:24<PeteCool>what kind of cpu/mobo do you have?
21:24<Markie>so i dont know how much worse it looks like this versus other things..
21:24<Markie>umm.. p-4 1.8
21:24<PeteCool>you can easily go higher :)
21:25<Markie>yea, but i have it doing some other minor stuff too..
21:25<Markie>i'm definitely going to play with it and see how high i can get it.
21:25<Markie>but i _really_ dont like dropping frames.
21:25<Markie>it's an issue i have :)
21:25<Markie>i'de rather have lower quality than drop a single frame :^)
21:25<PeteCool>yea it sucks, it's really ruining the simpsons
21:25<PeteCool>or anything else :)
21:25<Markie>i only have 256M ram
21:25<Markie>and it's SDRAM
21:26<Markie>so i think thats my biggest problem currently.
21:26<PeteCool>you have the old 845 chipset?
21:26<Markie>umm.. it's an old old asus motherboard
21:26<PeteCool>it's *kind-of* crappy when you look at what's available right now ;)
21:26<Markie>is there a way in linux to find out the mobo ?
21:27<PeteCool>not that I know of
21:27<Markie> bad..
21:27<Markie>no, it's not asus
21:27<Markie>it's ecs
21:27<PeteCool>you could just open the case
21:27<Markie>it'sin a attic..
21:27<Markie>i'm in buffalo....attic's cold..
21:27<Markie>mark's warm..
21:27<PeteCool>eh, it's cold here too... like -35C
21:28<Markie>somethign like that
21:28<Markie>i got screwed on ebay
21:28<Markie>VIA\xAE VT8753 (NB) & VT8233 (SB)
21:28<Markie>VT8753 V-Link Host system controller and VT8233 V-Link Client to PCI/LPC bridge
21:29<Markie>the guy said it had DDR slots.....he was wrong..
21:29<Markie>socket 423
21:29<Markie>i'm dumb.
21:30<PeteCool>eh... you can't predict anything
21:30<PeteCool>I prefer athlons anyway
21:30<Markie>yea...buyer beware..
21:31<Markie>oh, for me, for video stuff i totally go for p4's
21:31<Markie>afaik, they're much better
21:31<PeteCool>both are as good, I think... the athlons are cheaper
21:31<PeteCool>if you app is sse2 optimised, yea
21:31<PeteCool>does that happen at all in linux?
21:31<Markie>yea..i'm gonna be buying a new modo/cpu
21:32<Markie>i think i'm gonna go athlon xp 1.8 or 2.0G
21:32<PeteCool>1.8 like 1800+, or the real 1.8G?
21:32<Markie>i believe the libavcodec..etc..the stuff that does the mpeg encoding uses ssse2..etc..
21:32<Markie>umm.. 1800+
21:32<Markie>unless you think i should do somtething else.
21:33<Markie>i dontknow a thing about athlons
21:33<PeteCool>it depends on which mobo you buy
21:33<PeteCool>you should get an nforce2 board if you can afford it, but I'm not sure the kernel has drivers for them yet
21:33<PeteCool>they're the fastest ones
21:34<Markie>oh, i was gonna go fairly cheep..this is really just a dedicated pvr..
21:34<PeteCool>but if you take something with a kt333 or better, 1800+ is a safe buy
21:34<Markie>actually, i was torn between two mobo's..hold a sec..
21:35<Markie>i _was_ look at either ecsk7s5a or pcchips830lr
21:35<Markie>leaning twords the ECS mobo
21:35<Markie>i want at least 5 pci slots
21:36<Markie>kt333 ?????
21:36<Markie>oh..the chipset..
21:36<PeteCool>why do you need so much pci slots?
21:37<Markie>umm: 1. sound card 2. network card (ok, onboard ethernet good) 3. tv card 4. tv card 5. modem
21:37<Markie>i'd love 2 sound cards
21:38<PeteCool>I'd go with a kt7ta3 v3.x (or higher version), or an l7vta
21:38<Markie>who makes them?
21:38<PeteCool>they're a bit more expensive, but faster
21:38<Markie>huh...accubyte doesnt have either
21:39<PeteCool>damn ads that include frame dropping (to show how high-speed internet is faster) - really pisses me off
21:39<PeteCool>makes me think myth added them
21:39<PeteCool>do you have any other local stores?
21:40<PeteCool>the stores around here list them
21:40<Markie>accubyte is online..
21:40<Markie>stores are spensive
21:40<Markie>i like pricewatch
21:41<PeteCool>it depends, I got some better deals locally than online... but then I'm in canada, prices are f'd up
21:41<Markie>i get great deals every now and then at compusa
21:41<Markie>hard drives, memory..sometimes a steal
21:43<PeteCool>the a7n8xdx should be as fast as the a7n8x (like major fast), but you need to feed it two identical memory modules to get that speed
21:43<PeteCool>and it's much more expensive
21:44<Markie>how about k7vta
21:44<PeteCool>like 10~15% faster than the k7s5a with same cpu and ram
21:44<Markie>how about k7vta3
21:44-!-SoopaMech [] has joined #mythtv
21:44<PeteCool>depends on the revision, it's a fine board too, as is the gigabyte ga7-vax
21:44-!-poptix [] has joined #mythtv
21:45<Markie>i'm looking for cheap :^)
21:45<Markie>but good :^)
21:45* Markiewonders if chutt is still alive
21:45-!-SoopaVillan [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:45-!-SoopaMech is now known as SoopaVillan
21:45<PeteCool>then try the gigabyte ga7-va (I don't know what dropping the x in the name does, though)
21:46<PeteCool>20$ more than the k7s5a
21:46<Markie>is athlon XP better than T-bird ?
21:46<PeteCool>but you can be sure it's much faster
21:48<-- Universehas quit ()
21:55<PeteCool>to reduce rtjpeg cpu usage I need to lower it's quality number right?
22:03<PeteCool>Markie: keeping a low resolution while using a high quality setting is better than lower quality with higher resolution
22:34<PeteCool>what would be great is to run a denoise filter before video compression
22:35<Markie>petecool, lower the quality or lowere the resolution.
22:36<Markie>i havent played around with the i'm not sure if it's better to have lowere resolution or lowere quality.
22:37<Markie>*sigh* i wish the cvs was back up
22:41<Chutt>you've got direct access
22:41<Chutt>the only thing that's disabled is anonymous access
22:42<PeteCool>Chutt: is it possible in the mythtv architecture to put a denoise filter on the frames before they are encoded?
22:42<Chutt>of course it is.
22:42<PeteCool>is it written currently?
22:43<Chutt>is what written?
22:43<Chutt>a denoise filter for it? no
22:44<PeteCool>I might take a look into it in the next months... I haven't coded anything really useful yet, but then I rarely give up :)
22:46<Markie>hrm..i'm getting connetion refused
22:47<_shad>Chutt: gah, no anon cvs? :(
22:47<Markie>hrm...lemme pull up that email you sent me
22:47<Markie>teaches me to not read my email :^)
22:48<Markie>chutt, rough day today?
22:49<Chutt>uh, no?
22:49<Chutt>i've been busy.
22:50<Markie>ahh..i was worried about you! :^)
22:50<_shad>Chutt: no chance of me getting cvs access?
22:50<PeteCool>the btaudio docs tell that the driver exposes two very different dsp's, but doesn't tell which is analog and which is digital
22:51<Chutt>shad, not especially, no
22:52<_shad>Chutt: guess that means I have to learn to code then, eh? :)
22:54<Markie>petecool: to enable the analog, use the insmod option "analog=1"
22:57<sc00p18>should anti-aliasing automatically work in mythtv if it is working in kde?
22:58<Markie>petecool: ohhh..if you do a dmesg after you loadf the driver, it'll tell you:
22:58<Markie>btaudio: registered device dsp1 [digital]
22:58<Markie>btaudio: registered device dsp2 [analog]
22:59-!-OrangeSun [] has joined #mythtv
23:00<OrangeSun>hey guys!
23:05<OrangeSun>anyone know what exactly is up with cvs and what the anticipated fix time is?
23:06<Chutt>i'll get around to fixing it eventually
23:06<Markie>i'd give it a day
23:06<SoopaVillan>dragon ball z is hella cool
23:06<Markie>chutt, do you want me to host it for you temporarially?
23:13<Markie>hrm..i just tried using the btaudio and the performance is horrible compared with looping it in my soundcard.
23:14<Markie>i wonder if thats normal
23:14<Markie>oh wait..
23:14<Markie>dsp device - output only
23:46-!-DJHaCK [] has joined #mythtv
23:48<Markie>anyone here?
23:51<DJHaCK>I am , why ?
23:52<DJHaCK>anyone know where I can get a 0.9 tarball ?
23:52<PeteCool>Markie: so, what do you think you'll be buying?
23:53<PeteCool>DJHaCK: there is no such thing
23:53<PeteCool>0.8 maybe, but not 0.9
23:53<Markie>Petecool: dont know..
23:53<Markie>now i'm onto my next project...btaudio!
23:53<Markie>i dont know where to tell mythtv to use /dev/dsp1 for the input audio
23:54<PeteCool>Markie: in MC/setup/setup
23:54<Markie>the commant in the settings.txt file says AudioDevice is for output only
23:54<Markie> post-install may not be too easy
23:54<PeteCool>in #2
23:54<PeteCool>Markie: just tell it not to dump your current configs
23:54<Markie>i assume i need to read from /dev/dsp1 and play out through /dev/dsp
23:55<PeteCool>or mauybe /dev/sound/dsp1
23:56<Markie>the setup program will setup the audio device??????
23:57<Markie>it all semes to be video settings