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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-01-23

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12:40<rkulagow>test: mirc
12:41<SoopaVillan>test: recieved
12:42<rkulagow>actually, i was trying to see if mirc was working (it's connected to; trillian (this client) is connected to no go.
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13:40<Markie>good afternoon all
13:41<nevertheless>what time is 'afternoon' exactly?
13:41<Edgan>1pm to 4pm
13:42<Edgan>in general
13:42<Edgan>You might be able to stretch it from 12:01pm to 4:59pm
13:42<nevertheless>hmmm, I asked for his current time, to be honest ;-)
13:43<Edgan>I would guess 1:44
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13:54<OrangeSun>hey guys!
13:54<OrangeSun>what's up with the CVS server? is it anticipated to ever go back online? or is this the end of anonymous CVS usage?
13:57<Edgan>OrangeSun: He is waiting on a new version of cvs to be release via debian's repository
13:58<OrangeSun>is there some sort of security threat in the current version?
13:58<Edgan>OrangeSun: There is a recently found bug that allows bad things
13:58<OrangeSun>oooh. OK, makes sense.
13:58<OrangeSun>has web CVS been reenabled for the meantime, then?
13:58<Edgan>Don't know
13:58<Edgan>Let me find you the exact message from the mailing list
13:59<OrangeSun>what? it hit the mailing list? I've been waiting to read all about it, but I guess I missed it : )
13:59<OrangeSun>ok, I see it.. thanks : )
13:59<nevertheless>oh, i missed that, too :-)
14:03<Edgan>I wish CVS was open. 0.7 is quirky, and the copy of cvs someone mentioned on the mailing list doesn't work.
14:07<nevertheless>hmmm, maybe Chutt should start providing daily snapshots
14:13<Markie>i can maybe tar up the latest CVS if you want it..
14:13<Markie>i just got it last night
14:13<Edgan>Markie: does it work for you?
14:13<Markie>the latest CVS? AWESOME!!!! sooooo much better than the release version..
14:14<Markie>i mean it's just sooo nice..
14:14<Markie>can you tell that i like it? :)
14:14<Edgan>I know CVS is generally better, but it is often broken
14:14<Edgan>so I ask
14:14<Markie>theres definitely things broken...or not 100%..
14:14<Markie>but i think the things it adds/fixes far outweighs the broken stuff.
14:15<Markie>note, i dont use it termendously much...i mean, i have a dedicated box and such, but i _just yesterday_ started actually scheduling recordings..
14:15<Markie>and i dont watch TV much in general
14:16<Edgan>Markie: I just put my mythtv box back together the other day. Went from 10gb of space to 60gb of space. Should make life easier.
14:16<Markie>theres some stuff thats still "broken" (well, never really worked well to beign with)
14:17<Markie>like fast forwarding...and things that are clunky lke changing the FF/rew speeds
14:17<Edgan>One of these days i need to get a good hardware encoder. Software encoding is to sensitive to doing anything else on the box
14:17<Markie>the one thing i like about software encoding is more control of the video stream..
14:18<Markie>sometimes you stuck needing to dela with the uncompressed stream inthe end anyways
14:19<Edgan>I only have a Athlon 1.33ghz, it really isn't enough for live tv. I can't put a faster chip in the board without risking instablity. I wouldn't want to dedicated that much hardware to it anyway.
14:19<Markie>Athlon 1.3 should be just enough for live tv
14:20<Markie>i wonder if theres a bunch of tuning you cna do to get it to work quote well.
14:20<Edgan>Markie: at 480x480 it is if you don't do anything else, 640x480 it sometimes works it sometimes doesn't
14:20<Markie>well, what about your HD? do you have 32 bit on, DMA on?
14:20<Edgan>The problem with tuning is you tend to reduce quality
14:20<Markie>Edgan: do you watch the Tv on your PC, or on a TV?
14:21<Edgan>dma yes, 32bit not at the moment
14:21<Markie>you wont reduce quality if your hard drive is faster!
14:21<Edgan>PC, my 21" has a button to switch between cables
14:21<Markie>enable 32 bit
14:21<Edgan>Markie: I doubt that will help much
14:22<Markie>gotchya..i was gonna say that 640x480 is not needed if your doing it to a TV..same thing with deinterlacing.
14:22<Markie>Edgan: it actually should be quite a difference.
14:22<Edgan>I don't even have a TV, just a TV card
14:22<Markie>whats your hrparm -Tt say now?
14:24<Edgan>Markie: 114/31 103/35
14:26<Edgan>32bit had little effect
14:28<Edgan>hehe, tried changing the acoustic setting on one, and it got really noisy, but no better performance
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18:30<vidarino>good evening
18:31<vidarino>quickie: how exactly does mythtv fill its database? i have hacked together an xmltv grabber, but i can't get myth to fill its channel or program tables.
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18:37<rcaskey>vid: it takes a while
18:38<rcaskey>havent done it recently though
18:38<rcaskey>my guess is "sub optimally" ;)
18:38<vidarino>i think my script is xmltv-compatible, but nothing shows up in the database. ;/
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18:44<vidarino>crap. ok well, it seems i better Use The Source, Luke. ;|
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19:16<vidarino>crap again. it seems my xml is unparseable, although i'm pretty sure it's clean.
19:37<vidarino>gah! silly me. "foo & bar" isn't legal xml, is it. stupid "space"-entity. :P
19:51<vidarino>holy cow. it works. :D
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21:02<jasongrichmond>hey all
21:02<jasongrichmond>who's the slacker holding up .8??? ;-)
21:08<Chutt>jason, hey
21:08<Chutt>i'm pretty sure the stats through urchin are wrong
21:08<Chutt>stuff doesn't match up with the analog stats
21:10<jasongrichmond>i know
21:10<jasongrichmond>have a call in again
21:10<Chutt>ah, heh
21:10<jasongrichmond>pissing me off
21:10<jasongrichmond>and the paying customers too ;-)
21:10<Chutt>it's probably the internal cache
21:10<Chutt>that's not working for it
21:10<jasongrichmond>i have plugged at it
21:10<jasongrichmond>no luck
21:10<jasongrichmond>it is supposed to not duplicate records
21:11<jasongrichmond>that is not the case currently.
21:11<Chutt>ok, long as you know =)
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21:26<Chutt>moegreen, that search stuff looks good, btw
21:26<moegreen>Chutt: yeah, I'm about finished with it
21:26<moegreen>it looks better now too :)
21:27<moegreen>I might need some help getting it integrated into the frontend
21:27<Chutt>no problem
21:27<moegreen>I've got it in libmythtv right now and I have it in the programs directory too
21:27<Chutt>probably should just go in libmythtv
21:28<moegreen>yeah, it is, I have a directory with a main.cpp that calls it (much like mythepg)
21:28<Chutt>ah, ok
21:28<Chutt>that works
21:30<moegreen>What I wasn't sure about was where it should be called from. There isn't anymore room for buttons on the 'Watch TV' page
21:31<Chutt>called from the epg somehow, perhaps?
21:31<moegreen>Yeah, that or I thought maybe one more menu after you select 'Program Guide' have two more options like 'What's on now' and 'Future Recordings'
21:32<Chutt>an additional step would be kinda cumbersome
21:32<moegreen>I agree
21:33<moegreen>I just think people are going to start running out of buttons to run the epg :)
21:35<Chutt>there, anon cvs is back up.
21:35<moegreen>Well, they are details that can be thought out. I have just a few more things to finish up and it should be ready!
21:35<Chutt>take new pics =)
21:35<moegreen>I will shortly
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21:50<moegreen>Chutt: does a 'timeslot' recording go by just that time or by time and channel? I assume the later?
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22:42<_shad>you rock chutt :)
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22:42<_shad>I've settled at watching tv at 352x240, and am actually recording stuff :P
22:45<moegreen_>_shad: are you using the cvs version?
22:46<_shad>as of like 3 weeks ago
22:46<_shad>Time has been short here :(
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22:47<moegreen_>_shad: are you recording at a high resolution? I could only watch tv at 352x480, but can easily just record at 480x480 (maybe more)
22:48<_shad>recording at 320x240 actually
22:49<_shad>just because I like to start watching stuff previously recorded
22:49<_shad>and don't want to screw up the recording in progress
22:49<_shad>but this is on a p3-450 o/ced to like 558 :)
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22:54* _shadis tired
22:54<_shad>I gotta get this new camera working in linux
22:54<_shad>will be fun. heh
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23:25<_shad>IMPORTANT: You _must_ edit the settings.txt file in /usr/local/share/mythtv/
23:25<_shad> before running the application.
23:25<_shad>can be removed from the README chutt :P