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01:27<moegreen>Chutt: If you're still around, it's finished:
01:30<moegreen>I'll put the files in CVS tomorrow, it's run like GuideGrid (void RunProgramFind(MythContext *context, bool thread, TV *player) <-- although I'm not sure if I need the TV *player or not
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03:46<vidar>hello. mythtv rocks. there. i've said it. :)
03:47<vidar>btw, if i want to populate the program guide without xmltv, i just need to fill the channel and program tables in the db, right?
03:49<vidar>(i'm not at home right now, otherwise i'd just try. ;)
03:50<nevertheless>vidar: right
03:52<vidar>finding an xmltv-source that fits my needs has proven difficult. the existing one for norway (and sweden) didn't have all my channels.
03:52<nevertheless>but if you use mythfilldatabase, you need xmltv (ie. the dtd) even though you don't need their grabbers
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10:23<rkulagow>chutt: the progfind commit looks pretty sweet from the screenshots that jdanner has on his site.
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10:25<hurdel>rkulagow : are thsoe screenshots somewhere other than
10:31<rkulagow>Changes committed by jdanner on Fri Jan 24 10:19:08 2003
10:31<rkulagow>Added Files:
10:31<rkulagow> in MC/libs/libmythtv:
10:31<rkulagow> progfind.cpp progfind.h
10:31<rkulagow>Log Message:
10:31<rkulagow>These files provide a search function for MythTV (see Executed
10:31<rkulagow>from withtin the code as RunProgramFind(context);, I have a simple main.cpp to build an external
10:31<rkulagow>program but I can't add a directory in CVS. So at this point there is no way to start it! heh.
10:48<rkulagow>no problem
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11:07<Edgan>I just setup mythtv cvs. I run the backend and frontend. Everything in the frontend works, except when I try to watch live tv the frontend dies with "Connection time out". Any ideas?
11:08<Chutt2>read the docs
11:08<Edgan>Chutt2: I have tried, but none seem to mention the new backend/frontend system. Can you point me at the right set?
11:09<Chutt2>read the mailing list.
11:09<Chutt2>this was _just_ asked _again_
11:09<Chutt2>for the 50th time
11:09<Chutt2>is pretty damn obvious
11:13<Edgan>yes, that was simple. Thank you for pointing me at the manual.
11:13<Edgan>Now I have a more serious issue. The backend keeps dying with Illegal Instruction.
11:16<Chutt2>so debug it
11:20<rkulagow>edgan: did you read the HOWTO? Section 17?
11:22<Edgan>rkulagow: thanks, something is weird
11:23<Edgan>ahh, now it makes sense
11:23<Edgan>my main box is an Athlon XP, but my mythtv box is a Athlon Thunderbird 1.33ghz. pre-sse
11:24<Edgan>rkulagow: Doesn't seem like a wise idea to require sse for deinterlacing
11:25<rkulagow>i'm sure that chutt will accept a patch that does deinterlace without requiring SSE. get with vektor if you're feeling froggy.
11:25<Chutt2>you either have the cpu power to do the deinterlacing
11:25<rkulagow>(deinterlace comes from the libavcodec library)
11:25<Chutt2>which means you have sse support
11:26<Chutt2>or you don't, which means you can't do it anyway
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12:30<moegreen>Chutt: I commited those files. I couldn't add the mythprogfind directory to MC/programs though. Any ideas on how this should be started?
12:31<Chutt>what error did you get when you tried to add the directory?
12:32<moegreen>hmm, let me recall my cvs knowledge, do I have to do a 'create' instead of an add?
12:33<Chutt>you should just have to cvs add [directory]
12:33<Chutt>then it'll let you add the files in it
12:33<moegreen>cvs [add aborted]: cannot make directory CVS in mythprogfind: Permission denied
12:34<moegreen>i guess that may be a permissions error on my side ... let me check that
12:34<moegreen>indeed it is
12:36<moegreen>Ok, the main.cpp and have been added now :)
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12:56<Conaz>nice work on the program finder, looks great
12:58<Edgan>I am trying to run the frontend and backend on seperate boxes. The initial connection to the backend seems to be hardcoded to localhost. Is this correctly. Am I supposed to run the backend on both and the backend programs talk to each other?
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13:00<moegreen>Edgan: I think there are still some issues with having the two seperated, which is why some things are hardcoded to localhost
13:16<Edgan>ok, back to my backend Illegal Instruction problem. I disabled deinterlace and yet it still crashes on livetv
13:18<Chutt2>looks like you're going to have to use gdb
13:19<vektor>oh say it's not so!!
13:19* vektorj/k
13:22<Edgan>Chutt2: I already tried that. It didn't say anything useful. Let me show you the output.
13:22* Conazbraces for spam
13:23<vektor>oh nooo, he's gonna blow!
13:24<Edgan>Chutt2: would you prefer it in channel or private message?
13:24<Chutt2>just paste it here
13:24<vektor>just tell him the name of the function in mythtv that it crashes in
13:24<Conaz>Spam it here, then we all can learn :)
13:25<vektor>or just paste it here i guess
13:25<Edgan>0x08181590 in std::_Rb_tree<QString, std::pair<QString const, Configurable*>, std::_Select1st<std::pair<QString const, Configurable*> >, std::less<QString>, std::allocator<std::pair<QString const, Configurable*> > >::_M_create_node(std::pair<QString const, Configurable*> const&) ()
13:28<Edgan>Was as useful to you as it was to me?
13:28<Chutt2>use the 'bt' command.
13:29<Chutt2>i need to know where in mythtv it dies, not elsewhere.
13:29<Edgan>I did, and that was the informative part, but let me give you the full output of bt
13:30<Edgan>#0 0x08181590 in std::_Rb_tree<QString, std::pair<QString const, Configurable*>, std::_Select1st<std::pair<QString const, Configurable*> >, std::less<QString>, std::allocator<std::pair<QString const, Configurable*> > >::_M_create_node(std::pair<QString const, Configurable*> const&) ()
13:30<Edgan>#1 0x00000000 in ?? ()
13:32<Chutt2>you didn't compile in debug mode.
13:34<Edgan>uncomment the line in and rerun configure?
13:36<rkulagow>uncomment the line, do a make clean distclean and recompile. then run it in gdb
13:37<rkulagow>(otherwise it won't take effect)
13:37<Edgan>already in the process of recompiling
13:37<Edgan>Found the answer at
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13:55<Edgan>Chutt2: the output is much longer this time, paste it?
13:59<Edgan>#0 0x0817d448 in std::pair<QString const, Configurable*>::pair(std::pair<QString const, Configurable*> const&) ()
13:59<Edgan>#1 0x0817e0ab in std::pair<QString const, Configurable*>::pair(std::pair<QString const, Configurable*> const&) ()
13:59<Edgan>#2 0x080e6e43 in std::pair<QString const, Configurable*>::pair(std::pair<QString const, Configurable*> const&) ()
13:59<Edgan>#3 0x080e40b8 in std::pair<QString const, Configurable*>::pair(std::pair<QString const, Configurable*> const&) ()
13:59<Edgan>#4 0x080dfcb9 in std::pair<QString const, Configurable*>::pair(std::pair<QString const, Configurable*> const&) ()
13:59<Edgan>#5 0x080aaa70 in QRect::QRect() ()
13:59<Edgan>#6 0x080aa32b in QRect::QRect() ()
13:59<Edgan>#7 0x080a99ad in QRect::QRect() ()
13:59<Edgan>#8 0x407c2941 in pthread_start_thread () from /lib/i686/
13:59<Edgan>#9 0x407c2a45 in pthread_start_thread_event () from /lib/i686/
14:00<Chutt2>sorry, that's pretty worthless
14:00<Edgan>Not surprised
14:00<Edgan>Any other gdb commands that might be more informative?
14:00<Edgan>I am recompiling now with mmx=0 in config.h
14:02<Dor>what is the deinterlace setting in the DB set as?
14:03<Edgan>Deinterlace | 0 | NULL |
14:09<Edgan>mmx=0 in config.h and MMX disabled in the deinterface c file, still Illegal Instruction
14:19<Edgan>Tried downgrading from glibc i686 to i386. Didn't help. Trying reducing the optimization and changing the march in now
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14:31<Edgan>tried with march=athlon, didn't work. Trying march=i386 now. I suspect I can fix this by putting my Athlon XP 1700 in place of the Athlon Thunderbird 1.3ghz, but I shouldn't have to :\
14:32* paperclipis away: hey kid.. outa my yard!
14:45<Chutt2>or it could be something else entirely
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15:02<Edgan>Chutt2: Just found mention of that it may be a buffer overflow or stack corruption. Going to try compiling with gcc 2.96 to see if I have any luck
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16:21<bigguy>so cvs still down or has debian stable still not released an updated cvs version?
16:25<Chutt2>it's up
16:25<Chutt2>i just reverted to the version of cvs from stable
16:28<Edgan>Chutt2: I compiled mythtv cvs from 4 days ago and it works fine. Disabled MMX in the deinterlace code. Turned on deinterlace and it works.
16:29<Chutt2>try to figure out exactly which commit broke it, then
16:29<Chutt2>that should help, at least
16:29<Chutt2>more exact than '4 days' =)
16:30<Edgan>ok, I will look into it a little later. I am just happy to have it working at all at the moment.
16:31<Chutt2>should be pretty simple, just do checkouts of 3 days ago, etc
16:33<Edgan>Chutt2: Whats left in getting the backend and frontend seperated. That would be really nice for me. Then I wouldn't have to deal with the backend computer as much.
16:33<Chutt2>some minor stuff
16:33<Chutt2>nothing major
16:33<Chutt2>i just haven't had time to finish it off
16:34<Chutt2>you can always test things by changing the hardcodec '
16:34<Chutt2>err, hardcoded 'localhost' in mythfrontend's main.cpp
16:35<Edgan>ok, I will give it a try
16:36<Chutt2>you need to setup the frontend to use the backend's mysql instance, as well
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17:40<Chutt>edgan, could you try updating to current cvs?
17:40<Chutt>i believe i've fixed that..
17:40<Edgan>Chutt: ok, and I got split working
17:40<Chutt>have to do a make clean, of course
17:41<Edgan>Chutt: It has a problem when going into live tv it doesn't open the video till you do something else like go to watch recordings
17:41<Edgan>What was it?
17:43<Chutt>bug in libavcodec
17:43<Edgan>The sync and all is good. I was surprised how well it worked.
17:43<Chutt>i think, at least
17:43<Chutt>i'll know for sure once you've tested it
17:44<Chutt>it might just be taking a little bit to open up the video =)
17:44<Edgan>Right, downloading now. Then I will get it compiled and installed
17:44<Edgan>Chutt: I had the same thought, but it at least seems to open the instant I went to watch a recording
17:45<Edgan>I just tried it again.
17:46<Edgan>First time, I hit watch live tv and then went right to watch a recording. A second later video was up
17:46<Edgan>Second time, I hit watch live tv and count to 30. Then go to watch a recording and a second later video is up
17:48<Edgan>Compiling now
17:49<Edgan>Is the resize code still in development? I tried changing the size from 800x600 to 1600x1200 in the interface. It didn't resize and still said 800x600 when I went back in.
17:51<Chutt>that should all work
17:52<Chutt>did you go all through that appearance wizard?
17:52<Chutt>you need to go through all the pages of it for the settings to take
17:53<Chutt>stuff works here
17:53<Edgan>ok, just tried it again and got it working
17:53<Edgan>Used the mouse this time, must have done something wrong last time
17:54<Edgan>I did have to restart the frontend to get the main window to change size. It did resize new windows.
17:54<Chutt>it's a only on restart thing =)
17:54<moegreen>Chutt: did you get a chance to test out the program finder?
17:54<Chutt>not yet
17:55<Chutt>i just built it
17:55<Chutt>can you make space to the same thing as enter?
17:56<moegreen>Yeah, I already have the right arrow and enter doing the same thing. Why not add the space? :)
17:58<Chutt>yea yea
17:58<Chutt>it's just that space == enter everywhere else
17:58<moegreen>oh, ok
17:59<moegreen>ok, it's in CVS
17:59<Chutt>it'd be easier to test if i had program data
18:00<moegreen>No data could cause a problem
18:04<Chutt>it's not displaying non-ascii characters right
18:06<moegreen> uses QLabel and QString for the data.
18:07<Chutt>i'm fixing it
18:07<moegreen>What needs to be changed? (for my future reference)
18:09<Chutt>gotta use QString::fromUtf8() on the data returned from mysql
18:13<Edgan>Chutt: you fixed it :)
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18:51* _shadIn article <>, Tom Massey wrote: Hi, an old 486 of mine recently went dead, and so I've got a
18:51<_shad>spare VGA monitor hanging around and nothing much to do with it. I've noticed that the kernel config has an option something like 'Console on serial port', which mentions that it's possible to plug a monitor into a serial port and see console messages there. Which sounds kind of fun. :-)
18:52<x__i__t__p__o__p>only if that monitor is a WYSE terminal
18:53<_shad>I wonder how bad you'd fry something
18:56<x__i__t__p__o__p>you'd have to have some sort of 15 pin to 9 pin adapter
18:56<x__i__t__p__o__p>which you're unlikely to find =p
18:56<_shad>you need a cga or ega monitor
18:56<_shad>the guy was wrong
18:57<x__i__t__p__o__p>i doubt the guy is going to find an ega or cga monitor to fry his serial port with
18:58<x__i__t__p__o__p>the console on serial port is for *duh* serial ports =p
18:58<x__i__t__p__o__p>as in, a portmaster, or another PC, or a WYSE terminal
18:58<x__i__t__p__o__p>such as the one in my garage
19:18<_shad>this sucks
19:19<_shad>poo:/usr/src/mythtv/MC# make
19:19<_shad>cd libs && qmake -o Makefile
19:19<_shad>QMAKESPEC has not been set, so configuration cannot be deduced.
19:19<_shad>Error processing project file: /usr/src/mythtv/MC/libs/
19:19<_shad>declare -x QTDIR="/usr/share/qt"
19:19<_shad>heh. bad day today
19:21<Chutt>edgan, for that livetv delayed start, could you put a pair of printfs around line 107 in libs/libmythtv/tv_play.cpp (the RemoteEncoder *testrec = RemoteRequest... line)?
19:21<Chutt>i want to see if that's where it's getting stuck
19:23<Chutt>so if that's the problem area, the first one should print when you hit the 'watch tv' button, but the second would wait until you go to another window
19:31<Edgan>Chutt: I am willing, but can you give me some more detail of where to add the printfs?
19:35<Chutt>do you see that line in tv_play.cpp?
19:35<Chutt>just immediately before and after that
19:35<Chutt>something like: printf("1\n");
19:35<Chutt>and printf("2\n");
19:40<_shad>Chutt: any ideas for my prob? still using debian unstable, this is after a couple updates, mainly after gcc 3.2
19:41<Chutt>what problem?
19:41<Chutt>you just need to set QMAKESPEC
19:42<_shad>to /usr/share/qt/mkspecs?
19:43<Chutt>to linux-g++
19:43<Chutt>most likely
19:44<Edgan>Chutt: will backend or frontend be running the printfs?
19:44<_shad>wee. that worked
19:45<Edgan>Chutt: ok, thought so. will have an answer in a minute
19:50<Edgan>Chutt: I get the before and after before I go to another window
19:51<Chutt>so, i don't know what it is, then
19:52<Chutt>i'll think 'bout it some more
19:53<Edgan>Chutt: Other than that bug everything seems to work. The only thing left to try is playback of a recording.
19:54<_shad>hrm. think I need to underclock a bit.. internal compiler errors aren't good. hehe
19:56<Edgan>_shad: what are you cpu temps at?
19:57<_shad>good question
19:57<_shad>it's a p3-450 o/ced to cpu MHz : 558.421
19:57<_shad>that is weird
19:58<_shad> 19:58:36 up 65 days, 19:21, 10 users, load average: 1.02, 0.43, 0.28
19:58<_shad>I guess once I get off my ass and reboot this box I'll stick the tuner in here
19:58<_shad>it's only a celeron 300 -> 450
19:59<_shad> hrm. too many decisions
20:04<vektor>Anyone here from Germany who owns a TV?
20:09<_shad>you can buy tv's in germany?
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21:22<OrangeSun>hey guys!
21:22<OrangeSun>what's up? : )
21:30<OrangeSun>yo indeed.
21:35<_shad>how do you properly cancel a recording in progess?
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