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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-01-25

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06:13<Edgan>Are mythtv cvs and mythweb cvs currently incompatible?
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12:28<Edgan>Chutt: I figured out a workaround to get recording playback working when the frontend and backend are on seperate machines. The frontend is trying to look for the video files at myth:// So you create a directory called myth: in your home directory, a directory in that called, a symlink to /usr called usr, and then either copy the file over to /usr/local/share/mythtv/vide
12:28<Edgan>ld nfs/samba mount it from the other machine
13:07<_shad>myth:// means the machine name is myth
13:07<_shad>I'm dumb
13:07<_shad>looked at that too fast :)
13:08<_shad>maybe the myth is supposed to be http :)
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13:36<Edgan>_shad: I think it is meant to be a vfs style thing and they haven't implemented the vfs code
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18:00<mdz>afternoon, folks
18:00<mdz>is there any word on xmltv and/or zap2it fixing the problem with missing listings?
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18:13<_shad>I tried to tape terminator
18:13<_shad>and I lost the last 15 mins because it was 'unknown'
18:13<_shad>looks like a zap2it problem I think
18:13<_shad>It has wrong listings too
18:44<Edgan>mdz: I have seem problems with parts of listings coming up as unkown. Like a 3 hours moving and the last hour will be it's own box marked Unkown
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18:57<mdz>I understand the problem, I am just wondering if they were able to work around it
19:32<Chutt>mdz, hey, welcome back
19:37<mdz>Chutt: thanks, what did I miss in mythtv-land?
19:37<Chutt>nothing much
19:37<mdz>I haven't gotten to that mailbox yet
19:37<Chutt>i was out of town for most of last week
19:37<mdz>hmm, 890 messages
19:37<Chutt>moegreen just checked in a pretty spiffy thing
19:38<mdz>more messages from January 2002
19:38<mdz>that guy needs to fix his clock
19:38<mdz>what's that?
19:38<Chutt>a program search thingie
19:38<mdz>for mythfrontend?
19:39<Chutt>it's not triggerable yet
19:39<Chutt>need to figure out how to
19:39<mdz>does it come with a remote-friendly input method?
19:40<mdz>looks like it does, cool
19:40<Chutt>if you can think of a way to integrate it into the ui, lemme know =)
19:41<mdz>I have a little "magnifying glass" button that I would bind to start that in the EPG
19:41<Chutt>yeah, that's what i was thinking
19:41<Chutt>but it'd be kinda nice to get to it in a more obvious way
19:41<mdz>I noticed that lindows guy posting, I wanted to wait until I got back to respond to him
19:42<Chutt>he never responded to my suggestion to use a real distribution :(
19:43<mdz>I was going to thank him for his contributions to the Debian packaging and tell him where to send the patches
19:44<mdz>no lindows people showed up at LWCE in new york
19:44<mdz>at least, they didn't come within a mile of the Debian booth
19:47<mdz>wtf is that guy's modified 0-7-to-0-8.sql about?
19:47<mdz>oh, right, profile wasn't in 0.7
19:47<mdz>I thought I explained to that guy about using diff
19:49<mdz>hah, I didn't notice that the lindows guy's first post was asking how to use CVS
19:50<mdz>his other message I read because it mentioned debian
19:50<Chutt>note his message 'what's gdb?'
19:52<mdz>haven't gotten there yet, I can't wait
19:54<mdz>I refuse to believe that removing some shared memory segments fixed his problem with mysql crashing
19:54<Chutt>i doubt it did
19:55<mdz>goodness, he's sent a lot of useless noise to the list
19:55<mdz>I can't wait to see the CLICK-N-RUN(TM) he comes up with
19:55<Chutt>you'll have to buy it
19:55<mdz>that guy I told not to run unstable if he couldn't debug problems sent me a whining private mail
19:55<Chutt>he sent a bitchy email to the list
19:56<Chutt>if i'm thinking of the same person
19:56<Chutt>"it's a pity there's no nice people on this list"
19:56<Chutt>or something like that
19:59<Edgan>Chutt: Is the myth:// reference used by the front end to get recordings from the backend just not implemented or broken?
19:59<Chutt>then he went on to whine about not having mysql setup properly, like it was something mythtv could fix or break
19:59<Chutt>edgan, it works here
19:59<Chutt>well, i think it does
19:59<Chutt>oh wait
19:59<Edgan>Chutt: It tries to access it and fails with no such file or directory like it is trying to access a real file. I was able to workaround it by setting up a samba mount and faking the path
19:59<mdz>I am completely baffled about all these people having problems with the postinst connecting to mysql
20:00<mdz>it displays that question at exactly the same priority at which mysql displays its note telling you to change the root password
20:00<mdz>so anyone who saw that should have seen the password prompt as well
20:00<Chutt>edgan, i think moegreen's recent checking to the playbackbox.cpp might have broken it
20:00<Edgan>Chutt: ok
20:01<Chutt>does it change the title to add 'File Missing!' to the end of it?
20:01<Edgan>Error: File Missing! or something close to that
20:01<Chutt>yeah, he broke it
20:01<Chutt>it does work, really =)
20:02<Edgan>Chutt: At first I suspected it was trying to read the file in the exact same path locally as it was remotely. So I set it up, but that didn't work. So I straced it and figured out the myth:// situtation and worked around it
20:03<Chutt>how to fix this properly
20:05<mdz>ok, I have had it with merle reine
20:05<mdz>he sent like 6 copies of that message with his broken qmake error
20:05<mdz>one of them with HTML
20:06<mdz>mythtv doesn't seem like a very lindows-compatible application
20:06<Chutt>he recompiled qt for some reason
20:06<mdz>I mean, someone has to know how to install a video capture card in their PC
20:06<Chutt>and messed it up
20:06<mdz>I don't think those $99 wal-mart lindows PCs come with one
20:06<Chutt>apparently they're going to be selling machines
20:07<Edgan>Chutt: Sorry about the messages to the list about mythweb eariler. I did try searching the archives first and didn't find anything. I obviously screwed up somewhere. After you mentioned it I checked again and found the two different threads about fixes to mythweb for mythtv cvs. Have you be able to checkin one of them to cvs yet?
20:08<Chutt>see, thing about that
20:08<Chutt>i don't know php all that well
20:08<Chutt>and neither patch _seems_ to be doing the entirely correct thing
20:08<Chutt>they're both close, but..
20:10<Edgan>I am willing to work on them, especially if you can give me some idea of what you think they are doing not quite right
20:10<Chutt>the database stuff
20:10<Chutt>the way they remove scheduled recordings
20:10<Edgan>Too broad?
20:10<Chutt>i just checked in a fix for that remote playback stuff
20:11<Chutt>i think it fixed it
20:11<Chutt>didn't test it
20:11<Edgan>I will give you an answer shortly
20:11<Chutt>my "remote" frontend is in windows right now
20:12<_shad>want win4lin chutt? :)
20:12<Chutt>err, no
20:12<_shad>works nicely
20:12<_shad>windows starts faster under win4lin than natively
20:16<mdz>just read that message about writing a script to try to install mythtv automatically on an rpm system
20:16<Chutt>all silliness
20:20<mdz>hmm, the progfind stuff doesn't build for me
20:20<mdz>it wants <mythtv/...>
20:20<mdz>for several libmyth headers
20:21<Chutt>wonder why it worked here
20:22<mdz>oh, do those actually get installed in /usr/include/mythtv? I think they do
20:22<mdz>that's probably why
20:22<mdz>it should use the ones in the build tree, though, I'll fix it
20:25<mdz>hmm, I'm surprised if that guy's mythweb actually works when he just did a search and replace on the table names
20:25<mdz>I expect it gets very weird
20:26<mdz>is the fseek/fseek64 fix post-0.7?
20:26<mdz>that's likely the problem for that guy asking about why edit mode only works sometimes
20:29<mdz>yep, it was
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20:42<Edgan>Chutt: I have found a way to lockup the frontend. If you try to delete a remote recording before it has finished loading the file for preview it hangs.
20:43<Edgan>Chutt: You did fix the remote recording viewing problem
20:49<mdz>Chutt: "Right, I re-install my nice workign computer, for the sake of one package! I don't think so." -- that was his response to my suggestion to use stable rather than trying to fix his completely broken unstable system
20:50<mdz>oh, that did get CC'd to the list. how sweet of him
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