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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-01-26

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09:03<optixpay>dum diddly dum
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11:16<Chutt>i think i fixed the prolem people were having with tv_grab_de
11:16<Chutt>now maybe people will stop bitching
11:16<vektor>Shouldn't someone in .de fix it?
11:16<vektor>I hate fixing stuff I can't really test.
11:16<Chutt>apparantly, they just like to bitch about it
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11:16<Chutt>well, the same problem was happening to someone in new zealand
11:16<Chutt>and he actually tried to fix it
11:17<Chutt>so i looked into it
11:17<vektor>Good job.
11:18<Chutt>minor tiny little bug
11:18<vektor>i'm redoing my frequency code
11:19<vektor>i think i'm going to do it like this (tell me what you think):
11:19<vektor>i'll have a bunch of different bands which you can enable or disable
11:19<vektor>since it seems that ppl in europe can sort of get this 'uhf/vhf' stuff
11:19<vektor>so you can basically say 'i want german vhf + uhf'
11:19<vektor>but i dunno
11:19<vektor>i'm still searching to see what channels are active where, etc.
11:20<Chutt>might get kinda complicated
11:20<vektor>yeah :(
11:20<vektor>yeah, this sucks.
11:20<vektor>no, but like i'd have some defaults
11:20<vektor>that make sense
11:20<vektor>like 'uk/ireland', 'western europe', 'eastern europe + russia', 'france', ...
11:21<vektor>but i just want to have something a little more extensible for ppl that don't get it
11:21<vektor>have something internal that makes sense
11:21<vektor>so it will say on the display
11:21<vektor>UHF 45
11:21<vektor>for the frequency
11:24<Chutt>should work
11:24<vektor>so internally i'll have a default list of bands
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11:51<daaku>hey... alright, i know this question could potentially be annoying... but anyone here who keeps up with new tv tuners, could suggest a tuner for ~60US$ ... i'd really appreciate it, dont wanna buy one that's got problems with linux... i've heard the connexant chipset is good...
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12:14<datadevil>guys, is the 0.8 release anywhere near?
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13:31<datadevil>is the cvs in a useable state?
13:32<Edgan>datadevil: it was yesterday
13:33<Edgan>datadevil: I do have issues with it hanging left and right, at least when running the frontend and backend on seperate machines
13:33<datadevil>i have one machine
13:33<datadevil>so that shouldnt be a problem
13:33<datadevil>is it easy to install?
13:33<Edgan>datadevil: relatively, yes
13:34<datadevil>i had the release on it, but it wasnt too useable yet for me in that form
13:34<Edgan>CVS is more user friendly, but not as polished
13:35<datadevil>polish is not too important
13:35<datadevil>does it have a divx player in it?
13:35<Edgan>At a basic usage level on a single machine CVS isn't that different than 0.8
13:35<Edgan>That would be MythVideo
13:35<Edgan>which is an addon
13:36<Edgan>I mean 0.7
13:36<datadevil>i had problems with the musicplayer
13:36<Edgan>Most of the single machine changes are in the interface configuration
13:36<datadevil>in 0.7
13:36<datadevil>i didnt see mythvideo on the site for 0.7, is it there?
13:36<Edgan>I am not famaliar with how well MythVideo or MythMusic work
13:37<Edgan>MythVideo seems to be CVS only
13:37<datadevil>mythmusic had problems with some mp3s it seemed
13:37<datadevil>think it was title problems, but didnt really have time to find out for sure
13:38<Edgan>datadevil: I just use MythTV. I am amazed how well seperate machines is working already.
13:39<Edgan>datadevil: I also got the mplayer mpeg4/nuv patch working which is useful
13:41<datadevil>i dont have it up anyway, need to get it up and get some dutch programguide coded if it all works
13:49<yebyen>i'd like to be able to export mythtv files to ordinary formats... heh
13:49<yebyen>i could use mencoder
13:49<yebyen>does it lose quality? take forever?
13:49<Edgan>I am sure it loses some quality, but how much I don't know
13:50<yebyen>well, say I wanted to export it to mpeg4, but in an .avi file instead of .nuv
13:50<yebyen>it'd be the same codec
13:50<mdz>you can do that without losing any quality
13:50<Edgan>with patched mplayer you should be able to use mencoder on mpeg4 streams
13:50<mdz>-oac copy -ovc copy
13:50<yebyen>so, theoretically, i should be able to do it quickly without losing any quality
13:50<yebyen>mdz: ooh
13:52* yebyennotes that mythtv is recording something...
13:52<yebyen>and i'm normalizing all of my mp3s
13:52<yebyen>HEH, i wonder how that will turn out
13:53<Edgan>yebyen: There is a new project to normalize at the player instead of in the file. It uses metadata to store the desired volume.
13:53<yebyen>oh, probably the star trek marathon
13:53<yebyen>Edgan: xmms-normalize?
13:54<yebyen>Edgan: i had this awesome normalizer for winamp, Octimax
13:54<yebyen>the only real-time normalizer i've ever thought was half-decent
13:54<Edgan>yebyen: It is called ReplayGain. It got integrated into Flac 1.1.0. But it is it's own project as far as I know.
13:54<vektor>I want to just buy a compressor.
13:54<vektor>And use that :)
13:55<yebyen>vektor: heh
13:55<vektor>I think i'll get the RNC.
13:55<vektor>It's Really Nice.
13:57<yebyen>Really Nice Compressor?
13:57<vektor>It's awesome.
13:57<vektor>And cheap too.
13:57<vektor>Well, kinda cheap :)
13:58<vektor>Cheap compared that is :)
14:08<yebyen>yay sexy layout
14:08<yebyen>xhtml strict :)
14:24<datadevil>whats mm..mythvideo assumes lirc libs are there
14:25<Chutt>don't use mythvideo
14:25<Chutt>it's not ready, yet.
14:25<datadevil>thats the bit i want to use most :-P
14:26<Chutt>it's relatively useless
14:26<datadevil>i like to watch videos on that box
14:26<datadevil>with a nice frontend
14:26<datadevil>sorry ;-)
14:26* datadevilsteps over all the work to look at the tiny bits leftover in the corner and says ' he, thats cool'
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15:01<Chutt>that was fun
15:01<Chutt>just went through and made most of mythvideo semi-readable
15:03<moegreen>Chutt: what do you mean? Increase font sizes and what not?
15:03<Chutt>no, the code
15:04<Chutt>there wasn't an indent style =)
15:04<moegreen>heh, I imagine it was thrown togeather quickly - I know the config file was broken originally
15:08<Edgan>Chutt: any ideas on why CVS has a thing for locking up if you don't let it start previewing a video before you try to delete or play it?
15:08<Chutt>just a bug somewhere
15:15<Chutt>probably the same one
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16:33<rcaskey>hey all, I thought Id drop by and ask if anyone here has tried to record an hdtv source with myth?
16:46<moegreen>rcaskey: i don't think there are any drivers for the hdtv cards in linux
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17:18* paperclipis away: looking for my keys
17:55<optixpay>fyi, if you're watching TV and it interrupts you to record a program, then you stop watching the recording (while it's still recording) it gets stuck in recording mode
17:55<optixpay>or watchinglivetv mode, not sure, but it gives the 'all available inputs are in use' thing
17:56<Edgan>I have seen that
17:58<Chutt>you mean, like i said in the commit message?
18:25<optixpay>you fixed it already? =P
18:25* optixpayhasn't gotten to his mythtv email yet
18:26<rkulagow>chutt, are you here?
18:31<optixpay>i think i'm running out of PCI bus bandwidth
18:31<Edgan>optixpay: you can always switch to mpeg4, and if already using mpeg4 you can reduce it's bitrate
18:32<optixpay>Edgan: i'm recording with MythTV while watching a 12mbit stream off my PVR-250 card
18:32<optixpay>(12mbit mpeg-2)
18:33<Edgan>1.5mbyte a second isn't that high
18:33<optixpay>it's starting to stutter
18:34<optixpay>the mpeg-2 stream
18:34<Edgan>optixpay: A standard idea is to try increasing pci latency
18:34<Edgan>optixpay: what version of mythtv you using?
18:34<Chutt>poptix, no, just that i know that that's broken, and i said it in a commit message =)
18:34<Chutt>rkulagow, yeah
18:35<optixpay>Chutt: oh =P
18:35<optixpay>well i figured it was known
18:35<optixpay>but it's been a week since i noticed it, and thought i'd mention it.
18:35<Chutt>it'll also break if you're watching tv, then it comes up with a box and asks you if you want to let it record something
18:35<optixpay>not a big deal
18:35<Chutt>and you exit tv after saying that you want to record and watch it
18:35<Chutt>but before it starts recording
18:36<optixpay>Chutt yeah
18:36<Chutt>i haven't had much time recently, is all
18:37<optixpay>it's not really a big issue
18:40<rkulagow>chutt, going to paste something. hopefully, trillan doesn't crash...
18:40<rkulagow> In CVS, hitting ESC from the main MythTV menu. (ESC defined in setup as the exit key)
18:40<rkulagow> Hit "NO". Go back to main menu.
18:40<rkulagow> Try to open mythweather. mythweather forks, but doesn't come to the "front". MythTV main menu is still on screen, apparently frozen.
18:40<rkulagow> ps aux, kill -1 pidofmythweather
18:40<rkulagow> MythTV main menu active again
18:40<rkulagow> go to image, music, tv. works. exit back to main menu. choose weather. still frozen. kill pidofmythweather.
18:40<rkulagow> ESC. "Yes"->back to bash.
18:40<rkulagow> start mythfrontend. go to weather. works.
18:40<rkulagow> ESC. "No" to exit.
18:40<rkulagow> Go to weather. mythweather forks, to background.
18:40<rkulagow>(using CVS, I mean)
18:40<optixpay>rkulagow: i experienced something like that
18:40<optixpay>it was having a very hard time resolving the msnbc website it grabs the data from
18:42<rkulagow>optixpay: it doesn't appear to be a resolving issue. i've tried to strace it, and mythweather appears to be running, just not painting to the screen for some reason. the only difference is whether I abort out of the exit routine before trying to open the module.
18:42<rkulagow>"not painting" is maybe the wrong words. not coming to the front is what I mean.
18:45<rkulagow>hrmm. Hitting ESC when mythweather is in the background makes it exit, returning control to the mythfrontend.
18:46<rkulagow>so the kill -1 pidofmythweather isn't necessary.
19:06<rkulagow>chutt, any ideas why mythweather is the only module affected by abandoning the exit routine and returning to mythfrontend?
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21:05<mdz>Chutt: do you feel strongly about the descending date/time sort in the playback selection dialog?
21:05<mdz>in a lot of cases it makes more sense for it to be configurable
21:05<mdz>er, ascending
21:05<mdz>so I was thinking about making it configurable
21:06<mdz>for example, I was just out of town for a while, and recorded some episodes of a series, which of course I want to watch in order
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21:08<PeteCool>moegreen: which font do you use/see in qtconfig?
21:08<PeteCool>moegreen: my myth fonts are bad, yours don't (from your screenshots), that might help me some
21:12<PeteCool>or, anybody else who has good looking fonts :)
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21:38<moegreen>PeteCool: You need to setup anti-aliasing on your system
22:07<PeteCool>moegreen: I know but if I choose a bad font/size combo it'll be bad anyway
22:07<PeteCool>I'm trying to get rid of the "font" part of the problem
22:08<PeteCool>AA is enabled in qtconfig, QT_XFT is set to 1, but it still doesn't look right
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22:14<OrangeSun>hey guys!
22:14<OrangeSun>quick q.. I'm trying to find out info about how to hook up my mythfrontend (client system) to a remote mythbackend..
22:14<OrangeSun>but I can't seem to get it to go.. any advice?
22:14<mirk_dt>Well, recording the superbowl took about 25GB. I need a bigger drive. ;-)
22:15<SoopaKoop>how does it look?
22:16<OrangeSun>hahahaha. nice
22:16<OrangeSun>now time to prune out the football and keep the commercials : )
22:16<OrangeSun>anybody here tried separating the client and server at all?
22:16<OrangeSun>or remember whereabouts the mailing list might have discussed it?
22:16<moegreen>PeteCool: Well, I use the 'Arial' font, with a few different sizes. I got my fonts from (I think)
22:17<moegreen>OrangeSun: You can search the mailing list
22:17<OrangeSun>moegreen: i've been searching, but no luck..
22:18<OrangeSun>and a search for "mythfrontend" isn't exactly narrowing it down, you know?
22:18<bigguy>OrangeSun: you using cvs?
22:19<OrangeSun>big: yessir
22:19* bigguylags
22:20<OrangeSun>bigguy: any ideas?
22:22<bigguy>I haven't setup myth
22:23<bigguy>you can edit the source to change the default ip I was reading
22:33<PeteCool>moegreen: I had to run mkfontdir to have the fonts appear in the list
22:33<PeteCool>moegreen: looks as great as on your comp now :)
22:37<PeteCool>now I'm getting a "Connection timed out" error when trying to watch livetv... but I can go to the epg and the list of recordings. Weird
22:38<OrangeSun>PeteCool: should be addressed int he faq..
22:39<OrangeSun>have you correctly configured your backend_settings?
22:39<moegreen>Is mythbackend running?
22:41<PeteCool>hmm... I didn't reinstall/remake or anything, but my config files were overwritten somehow... wtf?
23:33<PeteCool>whoa, I just bought a gf2mx with tv-out, my 480x480 recordings look wonderful so far, as good as having the tv straight into the tv (but then my tv sucks)
23:34<PeteCool>my monitor has 18.1" viewable and the tv has ~19.5", lol
23:36<PeteCool>thanks for your great work guys :)
23:51<PeteCool>with a glxgears rating of 400fps should the mythmusic visualisation be working fine?