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10:39<rkulagow>morning. chutt, are you here?
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12:37<rkulagow>anyone think that we're going to be seeing CX23881 drivers released in a week?
12:38<Conaz>Which products are using that chipset?
12:39<rkulagow>newer capture cards (like from Hauppauge) are using that rather than the bt878. no cx23881 driver, no v4l capture possible. (and the box doesn't tell you, so you've got to buy and open to see what you got)
12:39<Conaz>ack, that figures
12:40<Conaz>I purchased a couple of G200TV cards although haven't gotten them working yet. My WinTVgo 190 worked great with MythTV
12:40<Conaz>Of course everyone wants that on-board compression :)
12:41<Conaz>So rumors about a driver for that chipset then?
12:43<Chutt>using the g200's is silly
12:43<Chutt>decompression takes sooo much more cpu than even mpeg4
12:43<Chutt>you're not going to save any cpu power
12:44<Conaz>ack, at least I picked them up cheap :)
12:44<rkulagow>chutt: any thoughts to the mythweather module issue i had in IRC yesterday? (mythweather not working if you say "no" to exiting mythfrontend)
12:45<Chutt>nope, sorry
12:45<Chutt>i have no idea why that would happen
12:46<rkulagow>i was just wondering if it was just me...
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12:46<Conaz>So even compression and decompression of mpeg4 would be less CPU than just one decompress stream from the G200?
12:47<mdz_>somebody add "remind me in a week" to that guy's list of ways that vendors can say "no" without saying "no"
12:47<Chutt>drivers for that chipset _are_ in dscaler
12:48<vektor>The cx one?
12:48<vektor>Ah the cx23881 ?
12:48<vektor>The chip seems really cool based on the dscaler list.
12:48<vektor>rkulagow: Are you interesetd in helping port the dscaler driver?
12:49<vektor>There are a few features it seems to have that I'd be interested in using.
12:49<Chutt>the guy that works for lindows claims they have a working driver
12:49<rkulagow>vektor: ask chutt and mdz about my mad skillz. (way beyond my ability...)
12:49<vektor>You have mad skillz?
12:49<vektor>Chutt: A V4L driver? Nifty.
12:49<vektor>I don't trust the lindows guy who's been posting to video4linux-list.
12:50<vektor>Seemed to misunderstand a few things. But I didn't really pay alot of attention.
12:50<rkulagow>vektor: i think i'll stick with contributing the best way i can, which is the HOWTO. maybe the lindows guy can help. :)
12:51<vektor>Oh, ok.
12:53<vektor>The DScaler bttv driver also has some things I'd love to see put into the V4L driver.
12:53<vektor>Ah well.
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13:50<mdz_>is this dscaler driver open source?
13:51<mdz_>I was looking for a driver for this softmodem the other day, which was a conexant device
13:51<mdz_>and there were only some click-through license drivers
13:51<Chutt>dscaler's gpl
13:52<mdz_>lindows is not known for being forthcoming about source code
13:52<mdz_>I will be genuinely surprised if he sends it to me
13:53<optixpay>Chutt get my email?
13:54<vektor>mdz: The DScaler driver is GPL.
13:54<vektor>oh, chutt already replied.
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13:58<m0tion>dscaler is supposed to be pretty badass, even better than the mplayer deinterlace code...
13:58<optixpay>dscaler is badass
13:59<m0tion>from what I've read it likes cpu time though
14:01<vektor>m0tion: You should try tvtime.
14:01<vektor>It's my port to linux of DScaler.
14:01<m0tion>vektor: we've talked before, that looks like a really good project too =)
14:01<vektor>We'll also soon support dscaler filter dlls directly, which will get the ones I haven't hand ported.
14:01<vektor>Since some are a pain to port. :)
14:02<vektor>gcc sucks :)
14:02<m0tion>does it?
14:02<vektor>Well, no it's just it's alot alot easier to do inline assembly with the ms and intel compilers.
14:02<vektor>So, I might also try using icc.
14:03<m0tion>oohhh, ok
14:03<vektor>Oh, also the intel compiler is a better optimizer.
14:03<m0tion>don't suppose any of you guys have any experiance coding with gtkperl do ya?
14:04<vektor>But gcc is so much more convenient in the linux community :(
14:25<mdz_>of course it is; you can't even redistribute the intel compiler
14:25<mdz_>and it isn't exactly a feature-for-feature replacement for gcc, it's a one-trick pony
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14:39<vektor>So, it's annoying, especially given how alot of people don't like binary packages :)
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14:52<mdz_>intel would do better to improve gcc
14:52<mdz_>I doubt they're making money off of their compiler
14:53<Chutt>my company buys it
14:53<Chutt>their windows compiler, that is
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14:56<SoopaTecmoBowl>Chutt, what's your company?
14:58<mdz_>the windows compiler is different?
15:01<Chutt>soopa, relatable
15:01<Chutt>mdz, probably the same, but..
15:28<SoopaTecmoBowl>relatable is your company name?
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16:52<mdz_>bah, theme.txt, settings.txt, whatever
16:52<mdz_>it's like apache all over again
16:52<mdz_>there is One True Config File
16:53<Chutt>and it doesn't matter =)
16:53<mdz_>right, except that theme.txt has the comment
16:58<rkulagow>moegreen, i downloaded from CVS, compiled and make installed. still get the "disappearing mythweather module.
17:06<vektor>mdz: their windows compiler rocks.
17:06<vektor>mdz: i know a few companies that buy it
17:06<vektor>mdz: the last company i worked for used it on lots and lots of stuff, we had many many copies purchased :)
17:07<vektor>mdz: for their linux version, i'm sure they'll have a few people buying it. hell i'll probably buy it :)
17:07<vektor>unless it's like free for my use
17:07<vektor>dunno, been a year since i tried it last
17:08<vektor>It really helped my raytracer though.
17:08<vektor>saved like an hour and a half or so on the big images.
17:10<moegreen>rkulagow: Are you able to 'bring it to the front' via your window manager? Or is it entirely not there?
17:11<rkulagow>moegreen:i'll check.
17:11<moegreen>I know i've had some problems with window focus after returning from watching a previous recording, although I haven't had time to track it down
17:12<Chutt>click-to-focus fixes all window focus issues here
17:12<Chutt>but, i don't think this is the same thing
17:42<moegreen>hmm...I can't reproduce it
17:44<rkulagow>i'll see and let you know.
17:45<Chutt>moegreen, notice that the middle blue box is slightly too wide?
17:45<rkulagow>i've got kde set for click to focus...
17:54<Chutt>mdz, around?
18:04<mdz_>Chutt: yep
18:05<Chutt>the configWidget() function needs to know what the screen size multiplier is
18:06<Chutt>any reason why i can't just add a couple floats to it?
18:06<mdz_>yeah, I mean to rearrange that
18:06<mdz_>do the widgets themselves need to know the multiplier, or just the dialog?
18:06<Chutt>the widgets do
18:06<Chutt>well, some of them
18:06<Chutt>the configgroups, mainly
18:07<Chutt>since they're adding layouts
18:07<Chutt>HorizontalConfigurationGroup and VerticalConfigurationGroup
18:08<mdz_>it seems like it should be able to get that kind of information from its parent somehow, or something
18:08<Chutt>are the only two that need it
18:08<mdz_>so that it doesn't need that info passed around so many places
18:08<mdz_>I'm not sure that HorizontalConfigurationGroup is actually used anymore
18:08<Chutt>it's used for the image size selector
18:09<mdz_>it seems ugly to pass in floats everywhere
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18:09<mdz_>but I'm probably going to rip that stuff apart and redo it one day anyhow
18:10<Chutt>could pass in the context instead
18:10<mdz_>well there's a pointer to the group now
18:10<mdz_>does that have a context?
18:11<mdz_>no, only the dialogs. hmm.
18:11<mdz_>well, whatever you want to do with it
18:12<mdz_>why are those floats btw?
18:12<Chutt>why not?
18:12<mdz_>screen size is an integerish kind of thing
18:13<Chutt>this is what % the size is compared to 800x600
18:13<mdz_>yeah, why that instead of passing in the size itself?
18:13<Chutt>i dunno
18:13<Chutt>it works that way
18:14<mdz_>a global context is looking more and more enticing
18:16<mdz_>seems harmless enough
18:23<Chutt>well, for now, i'm just going to add a single parameter to the config
18:23<Chutt>err, configWidget functions
18:23<Chutt>i only need one scale direction
18:25<mdz_>feel free
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18:48<Chutt>this beast takes too long to recompile
18:50<_shad>Try on my machine :)
18:51<Chutt>back when i was working on freeamp, it'd take an hour or so to compile
18:51<Chutt>which was great, since it meant i took lots of breaks during the day
18:51<Chutt>"oops, gotta recompile it, let's see, time to play some games"
19:00<Chutt>there, the recording dialog scales to 640x480 now
19:05<_shad>I don't have time to play games :( SimCity 4 looks nice though
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19:25<m0tion>how do you play games if you're developing in linux?
19:26<vektor>play ports of games from 8 years ago
19:28<m0tion>i was thinking 2 pcs
19:36<[M-M]>I must be doing something wrong... when I choose "settings" in mythfrontend (cvs version) I don't get anything... any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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21:00<optixpay>the guy who wrote that essay is interested in working on mythtv =)
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21:13<optixpay>the commercial detection stuff in particular
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21:21<mdz>myth takes extra long to compile now with g++-3.2
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22:24<mdz>Chutt: setting the channels to 9 for the alternate EPG gives a nice reproducible segfault for me
22:24<mdz>I'm not running a debug build right now, though
22:41<moegreen>mdz: GuideGrid::fillChannelInfos (this=0xbfffe764, maxchannel=@0xbfffe720) at guidegrid.cpp:549
22:44<moegreen>mdz: it's due to #define MAX_DISPLAY_CHANS 8 in guidegrid.h, I must have entered the wrong max in the setup
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22:44<mdz>moegreen: fair enough
22:45<moegreen>I'll fix that now
23:07<Chutt>mdz, doesn't setup set the default theme?
23:08<Chutt>and does whatever email reader you use display the message from 'michael cook' properly?
23:09<mdz>yes, it does set the default theme
23:09<mdz>at least, the code is supposed to, and it seems to have done so for everyone except that guy
23:09<Chutt>well, i haven't run from a clean database in awhile
23:09<_shad> [ Part 2, Application/MS-TNEF 2.5KB. ]
23:10<_shad>is from michael cook's mail
23:10<_shad>IPM.Microsoft Mail.Note
23:10<_shad>C:\Documents and Settings\Michael Cook\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst
23:10<Chutt>no, there's a plain text part as well
23:10<_shad>I see that fine
23:11<Chutt>which kmail doesn't display for some reason
23:11<_shad>you have html crap disabled?
23:11<Chutt>well, it does if i use the mime browser and select just that part
23:11<Chutt>oh well
23:11<Chutt>it _is_ a cvs version of kmail =)
23:12<_shad> :)
23:12<_shad> 1 Shown 9 lines Text
23:12<_shad> 2 1.9 KB Application
23:12<_shad> 3 Shown 4 lines Text
23:12<_shad>which is very weird.
23:13<mdz>Chutt: if you delete that row from the settings table and start the frontend, it should recreate it
23:13<mdz>my frontend is in use right now so I can't try it at the moment
23:14<mdz>I use mutt, and I don't remember seeing anything wrong, but I don't remember 'michael cook's message either
23:14<Chutt>it was recent, asking about the frontend/backend split
23:14<mdz>the one where the guy obviously hadn't read a single message on the mailing list or glanced at the CVS tree?
23:14<mdz>yeah, saw that fine
23:14<Chutt>must be just a strange kmail bug
23:20<Chutt>if there's no themes in the themes directory
23:20<Chutt>it exits with that error
23:21<Chutt>i need to rewrite that theme selector =)
23:22<Chutt>and remove that dead pair of source files
23:22<moegreen>Chutt: I changed some of the colors for the alt. epg (and therefore the program finder) for the liquid theme, since they were as ugly as I could make them before
23:26<Chutt>yeah, it looks nice
23:26<Chutt>the As in the program finder aren't just the As =)
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23:27<Chutt>it has the programs that start with an inverted ! from the spanish channel here in there as well
23:27<mdz>I happened to see a program guide for a Time Warner cable system recently
23:27<moegreen>hmmm...that would present a problem
23:27<mdz>and it looked awfully familiar :-)
23:28<moegreen>heh, I'm not surprised
23:28<Chutt>i kinda think that the 'the' sort shouldn't exist
23:28<moegreen>mdz: are you talking about the finding function or just the guide?
23:28<mdz>just the guide
23:28<Chutt>or it should reorder the 'The' to the end of the program
23:28<mdz>I haven't really done anything with the finder jet
23:29<Chutt>but i imagine that that would be.. difficult to do easily
23:29<moegreen>Chutt: yeah, someone emailed me about sorting by the second word when it starts with A, An, The, etc
23:29<Chutt>like, 'The X-Files'
23:29<Chutt>wouldn'tve thought to look for that there
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23:30<Chutt>but, i really like the interface
23:30<Chutt>nice work on it =)
23:30<moegreen>thanks, any idea where it should fit into the front end?
23:30<Chutt>no idea still
23:31<Chutt>best i can think of is a keybinding in the epg
23:31<Chutt>but, it'd be nice to have a more obvious gui way to get to it
23:32<moegreen>I thought about that - hitting '2' would bring you to that, and then hitting '1' when bring you back (or some variation of that).
23:35<moegreen>Chutt: when you get the chance could you update the MythWeather screenshots --> there is a typo in one of them and it makes me look like a jackass :)
23:35<moegreen>I've got updated versions on my website
23:35<Chutt>yeah, i'm sorry about that
23:35<Chutt>i meant to last week
23:36<mdz>just gave the program finder a spin, very cool stuff
23:36<mdz>Chutt: how about separate "browse program" and "find program" menu items at the top level of the frontend?
23:37<Chutt>6 items is the max in the menu
23:37<mdz>well if delete and playback were merged...:-)
23:37<mdz>7 is too many I agree
23:38<optixpay>mdz: you handle the alternate EPG?
23:38<mdz>optixpay: I believe that's moegreen
23:39* optixpayprods moegreen
23:39<optixpay>moegreen what are your thoughts on having the channel number/name left aligned in the alternate EPG?
23:39<mdz>could create a submenu for the EPG
23:40<Chutt>slows down normal operation
23:40<mdz>er better, a submenu for recording
23:40<mdz>if the EPG is the default, it's just one extra button press
23:40<optixpay>moegreen: having them centered looks really bad, for me at least (a lot of long and short names/numbers mixed)
23:40<Chutt>slows down normal operation
23:40<Chutt>ui bloat
23:40<Chutt>== bad
23:40<mdz>then make a key binding in the epg and be done with it
23:41<Chutt>ah well
23:41<Chutt>i need to get to bed
23:41<mdz>good night
23:42<Chutt>my sleep schedule's all messed up
23:42<moegreen>Well...hmmm...I'll have to take a look at it and see.
23:42<Chutt>going to bed by midnight, waking up around 8
23:42<Chutt>it's crazy
23:43<optixpay>Chutt: that guy i emailed you about, he's going to get ahold of you regarding commercial detection/skipping
23:44<optixpay>i sent him the list information just now, so i expect he'll be joining
23:45<mdz>I really can't think of anything else; it logically belongs with the EPG, but the EPG needs all of the keys currently
23:45<mdz>changing any of the existing bindings would cripple it I think
23:46<moegreen>mdz: Using any of the number keys will work. It would probably need a small note at the bottom or somewhere to inform the user though
23:48<mdz>moegreen: 4 of the number keys are used for pagewise and daywise davigation currently
23:48<mdz>I guess you could use '5' or something, not exactly intuitive though
23:48<mdz>though neither are the 1/7/9/3 bindings
23:49<moegreen>Yeah, I actually had set those up on a different set of buttons because I didn't see that in keys.txt
23:52<moegreen>Does 3 and 9 seem backwards to you? seems 3 should page up, not go down the list
23:53<mdz>the way they are set up now is for a numeric keypad
23:53<mdz>and makes no sense for a remote
23:53<mdz>which uses the opposite layout
23:53<moegreen>oh right ... heh
23:53<mdz>I would like to change it actually
23:53<mdz>I had been meaning to bring it up on the list
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