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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-02-01

00:13<mdz>_shad: for a bit
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00:42<poptix>holy cow
00:43<poptix>mythfrontend is only using .7% cpu
00:43<poptix>mythbackend is using 18%
00:43* poptixwonders if it was his compile optimizations or the nuppelvideo sync
01:00* Viddyis using rtjpeg with the quality wound down, and mp3 compression with low quality, on my duron 800, and it looks pretty good, considering that it sits at 24% or so cpu usage
01:03<Viddy>tv pausing works fiiine :), but if i go to change channels, the mythtv screen hangs
01:04<Viddy>mythbackend keeps on adding to the ringbuffer, and mythfrontend is still active
01:04<Viddy>anyone had this problem?
01:06<poptix>i'm at 44khz audio, rtjpeg, high quality
01:07<Viddy>what processor?
01:07<Viddy>and ram?
01:07<poptix>XP 2100+ 512M DDR
01:08<Viddy>mine is a duron 800, with 320M ram, 64 didnt seem to work very well
01:08<Viddy>sd ram
01:08<Viddy>why dont you use divx
01:08<poptix>why bother.
01:09<Viddy>because recorded programs can be viewed in other programs apart from mythtv?
01:09<Viddy>like xine/mplayer
01:16<poptix>i don't do any long-term recording with mythtv
01:16<poptix>i use my WinTV PVR-250 for that
01:16<poptix>better quality, nearly 0 cpu usage due to the hardware encoding
01:17<poptix>tv shows like 'enterprise' and 'smallville' actually look *better* when recorded and put on DVD than when i just tune into the channel
01:17<poptix>most likely due to filters in the DVD player
01:18<Viddy>if you have a mpeg stream as a source....
01:19<poptix>nope, analog cable
01:19<poptix>digital cable sucks ass.
01:19<poptix>they never dedicate enough bandwidth
01:24<poptix>it's february already
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02:22<rkulagow_>morning; anyone here? testing mirc...
02:56<rkulagow_>moegreen, you here?
02:58<poptix>i just got spam to an address i used like, once, for a bot on irc
03:09<moegreen>rkulagow_: what's up?
03:13<moegreen>Well, it's 3:07 am so you're probably not around...I guess I shouldn't be either though. Good night all (on eastern standard time at least)
03:25<Viddy>moegreen: your clock is 5 minutes slow
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11:19<rkulagow>moegreen, are you here?
11:22<moegreen>I am
11:25<rkulagow>i've got mythweather running with debugging. at startup, i got the initial mythweather screen, and then it started flipping the displays, but there's no data in them. in the debug, it talked about "bad area data", and at the bottom it says, "reading data, 129 bytes read". the zip code field doesn't have my city name, zip code says (60561 is invalid). it seems like the initial connect didn't go well, but mythweather went on anyway.
11:26<moegreen>hmmm ... I think I've seen that. I was planning on reworking the connection code. If you see it again you can just 'refresh' you data and it should go out and get good data. (m key)
11:26<rkulagow>of course, msnbc may be overloaded due to shuttle disaster...
11:27<rkulagow>forcing a refresh worked after two connection attempts.
11:27<moegreen>rkulagow: not sure if you saw it but you might want to update the docs to mention how to get into the program finder (6 key in the program guide), see
11:28<moegreen>at this point they are probably a bit overloaded
11:28<moegreen>as well
11:29<rkulagow>i played with it yesterday, a little. ran into a problem though; when mythprogfind was run standalone, the various windows would be filled. now, for example, the left window has "A" centered, but above and below is all black - don't see the other letters and the numbers from the wraparound. if i select "A", i get only the first "A" program in the center window. scrolling only updates that one line.
11:30<moegreen>hmm...what resolution are you running at?
11:31<rkulagow>i've changed my font sizes from default in setup. does that have impact?
11:32<moegreen>it may be that I missed mulitplying a height or width by the resolution factor ... I'll have to set mine to run at 640x480 and test it out.
11:32<moegreen>No, I set the font sizes for the the program finder
11:33<moegreen>rkulagow: can you get a screenshot of that and email it to me though
11:33<rkulagow>the fonts in thw guidegrid are also too small; they're unreadable. (i'm assuming that you wrote the guidegrid with the preview window in the upper right?)
11:34<moegreen>yeah, those are read from the font sizes in the setup
11:34<moegreen>you can make those bigger (I've got the program fonts set to 19 I think with 5 or 6 channels showing and 1.5 hours)
11:38<rkulagow>i'll see what they are now; i've already made them bigger once...
11:39<rkulagow>any idea how to screen grab in kde?
11:40<moegreen>i use ksnapshot
11:41<rkulagow>ok; send it to untzuntz?
11:46<rkulagow>moegreen, it'll be a while. baby duty.
11:46<moegreen>TiVo upped their prices on the lifetime membership to $299
11:46<moegreen>that's fine
11:50<rkulagow>saw that too.
12:14<rkulagow>moegreen: email addy?
12:16<rkulagow>nevermind; found it. on the way...
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12:22<moegreen>rkulagow: it looks more like your colors are messed up. Are you using the liquid theme?
12:29<moegreen>Does it do the same thing with a different theme?
12:30<rkulagow>i'll check.
12:31<rkulagow>same problem with blue theme.
12:35<moegreen>rkulagow: how is it being run? from the program guide or as the standalone program?
13:03<rkulagow>from "schedule a recording".
13:04<rkulagow>same problem when run from CLI
13:06<rkulagow>i just saw your commit; i'm recompiling now...
13:11<poptix>who is jdanner =p
13:18<rkulagow>moegreen, recompiled - same issue with mythprogfind from "schedule a recording" and from CLI. also, it appears that the alt EPG fonts aren't changing, no matter what i put in the "appearance" section. i've got small=20, medium=25 and large=30. if i change those fonts, they appear to change in the dialogs, but the guide grid is still pretty tiny - looks like 12 or so. ah - found the "program guide" setup; i assumed that the appearance
13:20<poptix>well, kudos to jdanner
14:17<rkulagow>moegree, mythprogfind worked ok when it was still standalone from your initial comitt a few days ago.
14:40<mdz>anybody use PlaybackExitPrompt?
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14:42<SoopaKDE-2>morning all
15:38<rkulagow>chutt, did you get a chance to look at the sound / mute patch i sent?
15:47<moegreen>rkulagow: I did change some stuff in the startup since then, I'll get to take a look at it soon
15:55<rkulagow>moegreen: thanks.
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19:56<rkulagow>sometimes i wonder why i bother keeping the HOWTO up to date...
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21:33<mdz>great...I can't wait until somebody tries to upgrade to the 0.8 packages from that guy's CVS snapshot
21:38<Chutt>well, if he doesn't stop distributing it, i stop offering anon cvs access =)
21:38<mdz>he actually added a couple of useful new things, which is a shame because he never bothered to send me any patches
21:39<mdz>and he broke a bunch of things
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23:54* rcaskeythought he would check in and see if anything was new, the webpage has looked a bit bleak lately