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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-02-02

00:36<mirk_dt>mdz: you responded on the list that X isn't required for the backend...
00:36<mirk_dt>and yet, setup is an X app.
00:37<mirk_dt>Is that optional somehow?
00:42<mdz>mirk_dt: setup is used for _configuring_ the backend; it isn't needed to run it
00:43<mirk_dt>right. Is it possible to configure the backend from a frontend machine? What I'm wondering is if I can setup / run the backend on a server that has no X installed.
00:43<mdz>ssh -X backendmachine setup
00:43<mdz>from an X session
00:45<mdz>yay, new qt3 debs
00:45<mirk_dt>I apologize if I'm coming across too dense, but doesn't that require the backendmachine to have all the X libs and such installed?
00:46<mdz>why is that a problem?
00:46<mirk_dt>umm..on my servers, I have no X at all.
00:47<mdz>can you not install the X libraries?
00:47<mirk_dt>certainly. but myth would be the only thing using them...and then just for the setup phase.
00:47<mdz>then you could remove them after the setup phase if they bother you
00:48<mdz>but we're talking about maybe 15 megabytes worth of libraries here, they're really quite harmless
00:48<mirk_dt>well...this leads me to a question for Chutt. I've been working on putting .rpms together...
00:49<mdz>theoretically, most of the backend configuration could be done from the frontend
00:49<mirk_dt>and the .rpms will have to depend on Xlibs rpm files.
00:49<mdz>but I see no reason to go through the trouble
00:49<mdz>the xmltv stuff would still need to be done on the backend
00:49<mdz>yes, that is correct
00:49<mirk_dt>I wonder if it would be worth making a text-based setup option for the backend.
00:49<mdz>even if you forget about the setup program, that is still true
00:50<mdz>myth uses Qt. Qt links with the X11 libraries.
00:50<mirk_dt>I didn't know Qt depended on X11 libs.
00:50<mirk_dt>mdz: perhaps you know anyone else putting together RH .rpm files?
00:51<mdz>ldd /usr/lib/
00:51<mdz>I do not know...I'm pretty sure other peolpe have mentioned it
00:51<mdz>but I know of nobody who is actually distributing RPMs
00:51<mirk_dt>I just learned how to make .rpms and have .spec files for most everything (working with cvs of approx 2 wks ago).
00:52<mdz>it would be worth searching the mailing list archive and sending mail to some of the people who have said they were going to do it, just to make sure
00:52<mirk_dt>I was thinking of distributing them when 0.8 comes out.
00:52<mdz>but I don't think anyone followed through
00:52<mirk_dt>good idea.
00:52<mdz>if anyone is working on RPMs and hasn't announced it to the mailing list, Chutt would probably know about it
00:53<mirk_dt>mdz: any idea when 0.8 will be ready? I need to get a web page together.
00:56<mdz>I believe Chutt wants to work out some more issues with remote backend/frontend operation first
00:56<mdz>0.8 will be ready when he's satisfied with how it's working
01:01<mdz>Chutt: don't bother upgrading to the new Qt in unstable until the next upload; it's pretty much hosed
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01:05<PeteCool>how and where do you guys turn off dpms/screen blanking in your mtyh boxes?
01:07<mdz>xset s off
01:07<mdz>xset -dpms
01:16<rkulagow>mirk_dt: Axel Thimm already has RPMs for mythtv 0.7:
02:02<PeteCool>mdz: the screensaver part seems to be waht gave me problems... now it seems to not shut off at all, thanks :)
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06:44<emacsen>hello. Anyone up?
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10:01<m0tion>is there support for or is anyone working on support for HDTV tuner cards like the WinTV-HD?
10:02<rkulagow>motion: are there v4l drivers yet?
10:02<m0tion>i have no idea
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10:03<emacsen>hello all
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10:47<emacsen>hi yebyen
10:53<emacsen>I have some MythTV questions...
10:53<emacsen>1) Is there a radio MythTV module?
10:53<emacsen>2) Is are there docs on using specialized mpeg encoders so you can use a smaller CPU?
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11:12<yebyen>don't believe so, on either count
11:12<yebyen>though a mythradio module is either in cvs or in the works
11:12<yebyen>or under consideration
11:13<emacsen>The problem with a fast CPU is noise
11:14<emacsen>fast -> hot -> good cooling -> noise
11:14<yebyen>i've got a 700mhz athlon in my mythtv box
11:14<yebyen>does mpeg4 at 320x240 just fine
11:14<emacsen>the web page says 1800 AMD
11:15<emacsen>ah, that's pretty low
11:15<yebyen>that's what chutt uses
11:15<yebyen>looks fine though
11:15<yebyen>on a tv
11:15<yebyen>i've never seen it in 640x480
11:15<vektor>And at anything > 240 scanlines you need to deal with deinterlacing.
11:15<vektor>And you'll end up with effectively only 240 lines of resolution anyway so...
11:16<yebyen>well, i do have deinterlacing on
11:16<vektor>yebyen: um, why if you're recording at 320x240 ?
11:16<yebyen>filter to prevent nasty lines
11:16<vektor>since you're only getting every second field
11:16<yebyen>vektor: huh?
11:16<yebyen>vektor: oh
11:16<vektor>deinterlcaing is not a filter to prevent nasty lines :)
11:16<yebyen>vektor: if you dumb it down to the lowest common denominator it is :)
11:17<vektor>deinterlacing is framerate conversion from interlaced 59.94fps to progressive (either 29.97fps or 59.94fps).
11:17<emacsen>okay... Now, I'm sorry to do this- but I need to troll to get a good answer:
11:17<emacsen>Why should I use MythTV instead of Freevo?
11:17<yebyen>vektor: anyway, if I don't have deinterlacing on, i do get the nasty lines :)
11:17<vektor>yebyen: even when capturing only 240 scanlines??
11:18<vektor>that makes little sense..
11:18<yebyen>emacsen: i've never used freevo, never had any reason to try anything besides mythtv :)
11:18<vektor>unless you're a PAL user or something :)
11:18<yebyen>vektor: nope, US-NTSC
11:18<yebyen>vektor: i'm displaying it to a tv, too... doesn't make any sense, but they're there
11:19<vektor>well just 'displaying on a tv' doesn't help anything
11:19<yebyen>vektor: I was under the impression that if I turned the resolution up, I wouldn't need the deinterlacing.
11:19<vektor>since you'd still need to be exactly insync.
11:19<vektor>yebyen: I think that impression is false.
11:19<vektor>Like, remember that each frame consists of an even and odd field which must be shown in the right order
11:20<yebyen>yeah, like, i'm the author of xaw-deinterlace :)
11:20<vektor>so you have to make sure that as you present frames to the TV encoder that it knows which to show first and second etc
11:20<vektor>and i'm the author of tvtime soo boo-ya!
11:20<yebyen>saq :)
11:20<vektor>It's basically a linux port of DScaler
11:20<vektor>it's a high quality TV app
11:21<vektor>uses lots of cpu, but approaches the quality of a TV/surpasses quality of a TV.
11:21<emacsen>so what do you guys do about noise?
11:21<vektor>who, me? :)
11:21<vektor>what noise? :)
11:22<vektor>oh you mean PC noise?
11:22<yebyen>it's across the room
11:22<vektor>I thought you meant like video noise in the picture.
11:22<yebyen>and my sound comes out of the stereo
11:22<vektor>Because that is a problem.
11:22<vektor>I dunno, my PC is pretty quiet.
11:22<emacsen>can MythTV record one thing and play another?
11:23<vektor>emacsen: That's the point of it.
11:23<vektor>As long as you're playing something pre-recorded.
11:23<emacsen>can mythTV play my por^H^H^H multimedia files?
11:24* emacsenis dreading tommorow...
11:25* emacsenworks at NASA
11:25<emacsen>they're going to use this as an excuse to tighten security
11:25<vektor>What location?
11:26<vektor>Sorry, where is that?
11:26<vektor>oh ok.
11:26<vektor>what do you do?
11:26<emacsen>I'm a sys admin
11:26<_shad>inspection :P
11:27<emacsen>but they've been tightening security more and more
11:27<emacsen>and this accident will make life worse
11:29<emacsen>they're going to close the bar, I'm sure
11:30<_shad>you have a bar? :)
11:30<emacsen>the rec center has a bar yeah
11:31<emacsen>we also have an on site farmer's market
11:31<_shad>nice :)
11:35<emacsen>so, I'm going to look at buying a computer for this...
11:35<emacsen>I want a small, dedicated computer for PVR
11:36<PeteCool>emacsen: I'm using a celeron1100A on a microatx motherboard, in a microatx case... I 7-volted the cpu fan, it's now near-silent (the crappy old harddrive is the noise-maker), and it's fast enough
11:37<PeteCool>emacsen: don't skimp on the hard drive
11:37<_shad>PeteCool: How much ram can you stick in it?
11:37<emacsen>PeteCool: it's fine to record and play at the same time at a good resolution?
11:37<PeteCool>_shad: it's a 512megs, the chipset's maximum :)
11:37<_shad>PeteCool: If you want a truly silent box, make a ram drive :P
11:37<_shad>I did it, worked nice
11:38<PeteCool>emacsen: I do live-tv at 352x240, on a tv-out, and it's nearly as good as looking it straight through the tv
11:38<PeteCool>_shad: 512megs is pretty limited for a ringbuffer :)
11:38<PeteCool>_shad: the hd doesn't have spinning noises, it makes noise when writing anything onn it
11:39<_shad>I know
11:39<PeteCool>_shad: if I'm not recording anything, I can't hear it
11:39<_shad>I like to keep mine on all the time
11:39<_shad>it's always 'recording' though
11:40<PeteCool>emacsen: also, make your hard disk over 20G if you want more than 2~3 hours of storage
11:40<_shad>hrm.. I wonder. multiple computers, multiple ram drives, maybe I'll md them together
11:40<PeteCool>_shad: over the network? good luck ;)
11:41<emacsen>PeteCool: I was planning on a 120-160gig hard drive
11:41<_shad>I actually have my ringbuffer over the network
11:41<_shad>the only problem is the other computer is in the same room :(
11:42<PeteCool>emacsen: just make sure your ide controller can do the 48-bit addressing (or something like that) needed to access past the 137GB barrier
11:42<PeteCool>emacsen: what kind of cpu do you want to use?
11:43<emacsen>PeteCool: dunno, something fast enough but cheap... I'm looking for a nice MicroATX case now
11:44<PeteCool>emacsen: if you afford them, the lian-li "desktop" case can fit well with the A/V stuff
11:44<PeteCool>it looks cool
11:45<emacsen>PeteCool: and it can hold the PCI cards and the hard drives needed?
11:46<PeteCool>emacsen: yes, it has full-size PCI, 2 hard disk bays and 2 cd/dvd bays
11:46<emacsen>aluminum one?
11:47<PeteCool>emacsen: that's the one
11:47<emacsen>does MythTV have a "record to CD" module?
11:47<PeteCool>not yet
11:48<emacsen>and what's the video card of choice here?
11:48<PeteCool>the recordings are too big (unless you use mpeg4 recording, I wouldn't know how big they are, never tried)
11:48<PeteCool>I've got a gf2 mx400 with tv-out
11:49<PeteCool>it does what I wanted it to, and it's one the most inexpensive things available around here
11:52<PeteCool>all I need now is a non-stupid remote... the leadtek winfast 2000 deluxe one is just too slow, I need to press the buttons at least twice longer than what a remote usually requires
11:55<PeteCool>which means most of the time I do "empty presses" - they do nothing :(
11:55<emacsen>hrm, some of them have built in hardware encoders- sweet
11:55<PeteCool>the tuners?
11:55<emacsen>the video cards with tuners
11:56<PeteCool>but unless they have v4l drivers it won't work
11:56<PeteCool>most of the time they don't
11:57<emacsen>Increased hardware encoder support. MythTV can now use the MJPEG encoder/decoder found on Matrox G200 series cards. This greatly reduces the CPU utilization.
11:59<PeteCool>emacsen: I think that the matrox ones are pretty much the only ones that can do that, but I may be wrong
11:59<emacsen>the new AIW also has hardware encoder
11:59<PeteCool>emacsen: most of the time people use bt848/bt878 based tuners - they're good and inexpensive
11:59<emacsen>but no support for that AFAIK
11:59<PeteCool>emacsen: the 9700 one?
12:00<emacsen>PeteCool: hold on
12:01<emacsen>damnit they got rid of the comparison chat
12:01<emacsen>but yeah I think the 9700
12:03<PeteCool>I hope ati someday makes some real drivers
12:03<PeteCool>when the 9700 will be 3+ years old it would make a great capture card - hmm... by then the cpu will be very able to do high-quality encoding and have spare cycles :(
12:04<PeteCool>thats not such a bad thing in fact
12:04<emacsen>by then we won't need to encode, only record ;)
12:05<emacsen>ignore_broadcast_flag = 1
12:06<PeteCool>I don't get that one
12:07<emacsen>well we're supposed to be using HDTV soon/now
12:07<emacsen>oh you're in Canadia
12:07<emacsen>you don't need TV, you'll have legal pot soon
12:07<PeteCool>I'm not onto that stuff (yet?)
12:08<emacsen>I listen to "As It Happens"
12:08<PeteCool>but I doubt it, surely a "mothers against drugged driving" will emerge
12:08<emacsen>But my favorite CBC broadcast was an international news broadcast
12:09<emacsen>Canadian news of the day... And thier feature was a man in manitoba who fixed the wheels on shopping carts
12:09<PeteCool>and the french news channels are most of the times worse than the english ones
12:09<PeteCool>the crap they can find, incredible
12:10<emacsen>Basically, Canadian news seems to be 90% trashing the US and 10% anything else they find think of, usually about a Canadian winning an award or "the arm" doing something
12:14<PeteCool>does the order of the columns matter in the database tables?
12:14<emacsen>if you do any operations on it- yes
12:14<emacsen>ie if you insert into table this that other thing values ....
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12:40<yebyen>would it? don't you name the fields as you tell what you're inserting into them?
12:41<yebyen>like, something like INSERT INTO table column1,column2 VALUES value1, value2;
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12:42<PeteCool>yebyen: mysql has a mode where you don't specify in which column name to write the data, if myth uses it i'd be screwed
12:43<yebyen>it's probably a safe bet that it doesn't ^_~
12:43<PeteCool>I rebuilt the table from scratch anyways
12:43<yebyen>Chutt changes the database every once in a while
12:44<yebyen>so i'm sure he wrote all of the code to deal with it in such a way that he wouldn't have to rewrite it every time the db changed
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12:46* yebyenwaits impatiently for xfree86 to build
12:47<PeteCool>yebyen: yeah, Chutt is pretty clever :)
12:47<PeteCool>yebyen: can you tell me your experiences with the new X when ti's done?
12:48<yebyen>i wouldn't suggest upgrading until 4.3.0 though :)
12:49<PeteCool>yebyen: most of the stuff on my gentoo install is experimental anyways
12:49<yebyen>well 4.3.0 is going to be out like... any minute
12:50<PeteCool>they're probably the same thing anyways
12:50<yebyen>it's a release candidate type thing
12:51<yebyen>(though they may actually be planning a 4.3.0 release candidate)
12:51<yebyen>ok, bbl
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13:49<PeteCool>are there other nvidia tv-out tweaking progs, than nvtv?
13:50<yebyen>*arrives back from scraping ice outside*
13:51<yebyen>XF86 is compiled
13:51<yebyen>now to get something actually running on it
13:51<PeteCool>are the cursors still translucent red?
13:52<PeteCool>I've got two builds of (from gentoo), and one has red cursors and the other white ones (weird)
13:56<yebyen>i don't have anything running on it, heh
13:56<yebyen>still installing hotplug so I can have my usb mouse even
13:57<PeteCool>you don't need that for a usb mouse
13:58<yebyen>no, you don't, but I might as well install it
13:58<yebyen>seeing how i'm in need of vim as well :)
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14:00<yebyen>well that didn't go well
14:01<yebyen>just tried to do a config test, and I had to sysrq out of it :)
14:01<PeteCool>config test?
14:02<yebyen>XFree86 -xf86config /root/
14:03<PeteCool>I never ever had to do that
14:07<yebyen>you don't have to
14:07<yebyen>it suggests it to you, but you could just copy it to /etc/X11
14:11<yebyen>lala, *plays around*
14:13<yebyen>there we go, 1600x1200
14:13<yebyen>using nv.o
14:29<mcnamara>Hi, With wythtv, how does one compensate for having two cable lines? (ie A and B) Would I install a second tuner and somehow let mythtv know that "tnt" is 30 on tv card #2? (ie 30b)
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14:34<mcnamara>Can anyone help me with this issue? I just want to know if is going to be possible for me to hook up both cable lines to one machine and map one set of channels to one card, and the other to the second.
14:35<moegreen>mcnamara: I don't think there is any way to map channels, however you can have two tuner cards and switch between the two input lines easily.
14:36<mcnamara>Hmm... so is then NOT feasible to get the cable listings for "a" and "b" channels and have it know which tuner card is assigned to each?
14:37<moegreen>Correct, you can get the guide information and what not, but there is nothing in place to map a channel to a particular input.
14:37<PeteCool>mcnamara: the providers are different for each line?
14:38<mcnamara>Pete-- no, just that my provider (at&t) in it's analog system has two coax feeds-- a and b.
14:38<mcnamara>would be so simple if they just offered digital, sigh!
14:39<moegreen>If you had some kind of converter box to combine the signals you could hoook up the output of that to the tuner card and use an ir transmitter to change the channel on the converter box.
14:40<mcnamara>well darn... :( Maybe I shall just have it handle network tv (which is all on "a") until they upgade to digital.
14:40<mcnamara>well darn... :( Maybe I shall just have it handle network tv (which is all on "a") until they upgade to digital.
14:40<mcnamara>whoops, sorry about the double.
14:41<moegreen>mcnamara: yeah, that's a pretty old system for cable distribution - are they planning an upgrade so they can charge their customers more? :)
14:42<mcnamara>They actually charge more for analog, damn them.. well, it's dependant on the package, but I pay more than the same digital package, with my premium channels... You wouldn't think downtown boston would be so tough, sheesh.
14:42<mcnamara>When people in the burbs all have digital.
14:42<PeteCool>more money to be made in the suburbs, maybe
14:43<mcnamara>but I guess they need all sorts of permits to upgrade and are doing so slowwwwwly.
14:43<PeteCool>here the suburbs are ircher than downtown, overall
14:43<mcnamara>they are working on the downtown stuff, last I checked they were 70 buildings away.. so a month or two on the outside, they tell me.
14:44<mcnamara>Will just have it save all my alias episodes till then ;)
14:45<mcnamara>Here's a really stupid question... I assume MythTV runs from the command prompt, rather than Xfree86?
14:46<mcnamara>trying to figure out whether to turn on x by default.. am installing my box as I type.
14:46<PeteCool>mcnamara: it needs X
14:46<PeteCool>it even needs drivers who can do Xv
14:47<mcnamara>K, gotcha. I appreciate it... am going to have a hard time figuring out how to get it to run Mythtv at startup.. Linux is not my natural environment... but Will follow the howto carefully.
14:49<PeteCool>mcnamara: what is your video card
14:49<mcnamara>I assumer an Athlon 1.33 Ghz with 512MB of RAM will be sufficient?
14:49<PeteCool>mcnamara: more than enough
14:50<mcnamara>Radeon VE, but I had to turn on the VESA driver to allow it to run X on the TV without a monitor plugged in... :(
14:50<vektor>athlon 1.33 is a bit slow
14:51<mcnamara>kept throwing errors everry time I tried with the Radeon driver...
14:51<PeteCool>vektor: are you kiding?
14:51<PeteCool>vektor: a p3 1 Ghz is enough if you don't want a more than perfect picture
14:52<PeteCool>vektor: at least here it does
14:53<PeteCool>vektor: did you look at ffdshow?
14:56<PeteCool>vektor: it would be cool to be able to do some of its post-processing in mythtv - then the spare cpu power could be used
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14:59<yebyen>XFree86 4.3.0 is going to rock
14:59<yebyen>transparent cursor :D
14:59<yebyen>i've got one in
15:02<PeteCool>yebyen: it's been there for months ;)
15:06<bigguy>PeteCool: yeah it has
15:06<yebyen>PeteCool: heh damn
15:06<bigguy>following X cvs commit lists can be a good thing ;)
15:07<yebyen>any programs use transparency yet?
15:07<yebyen>i want a transparent xterm
15:08<yebyen>well, a transluscent xterm :)
15:10<PeteCool>and real transparent, not a pasted X root as term backgroun
15:11<yebyen>that's what i'm talking about
15:11<yebyen>are they around? :)
15:12<bigguy>keeping up with the Jones(win2k/xp and macos X)
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15:34<mcnamara>I am having a problem with the "building XMLTV portion of the process... Am following the directions from the documentation exactly, but when I try "cpan> install XML::Twig" in perl (which I know NOTHING about) it seems to fetch things, then lists a series of .tar.gz files with the error "No such file or directory" and finally reports "/bin/tar: Error is unrecoverable: exiting now." Any input?
15:36<mcnamara>and then "Couldn't untar y/sources/authors/<bunch of stuff>/XML-Twig-3.09.tar.gz"
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15:44<Universe>sounds like your having a problem with perl and Twig... might want to do some googles and see what you can find.
15:46<mcnamara>Will it rok to simply install these by hand? ie perl, make, make install?
15:46<mcnamara>er work
15:47-!-PeteCool [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
15:48<mcnamara>Erm, answered my own question.. yes it does.. shall just do that.
15:48<Universe>thats what I did...
15:48<Universe>heh.. ok
15:53-!-bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
15:54-!-bigguy [] has quit [Client Quit]
15:57<mcnamara>Uh... ruh-roh... any reason while making mythtv it will report /bin/sh: line 1: qmake: command not found?
15:58<mcnamara>sounds like a qt problem, yah?
15:58<mcnamara>Perhaps I screwed up something with the paths at the beginning.
16:02<Universe>yeah... your QTDIR isn't configured correctly
16:02<mcnamara>hmm.. created the file, and chmod'ed it.. is there anything else to do after that?
16:05<rcaskey>have there been any new features recently
16:18<mcnamara>Where i the setup directory for running ./setup?
16:18<mcnamara>er is
16:18<mcnamara>ah, found, sorry.
16:23<mcnamara>XMLTV does come up with a and b as two seperate listings in my area, so looks like two cards should work nicely.
16:38<mcnamara>Is there a video card that works "best" right out of the box with MythTV?
16:47<mcnamara>also, how many das by default does XMLtv get a database for after the present date?
16:47<mcnamara>er days
17:12<moegreen>mcnamara: you need a video card that has a device driver capable of XV (see xfree's website). The mythfilldatabase will run XMLTV for 7 days I think (it's that or 10)
17:21<mcnamara>Is there a way to change the font size in the program guide? I can't read anything!
17:30<moegreen>are you using version 0.7?
17:34<moegreen>try looking in the settings.txt or theme.txt file
18:02-!-Toothpick [] has joined #mythtv
18:02<Toothpick>Is there a shared mysql server for mythtv?
18:02<Toothpick>So I don't have to run mythtv locally?
18:02<Toothpick>rather mysql locally.
18:04<mdz>just have it connect to a remote mysql server, it's as simple as that
18:05<mdz>in the mysql.txt configuration file where it asks for the address of the mysql server, give the name of the host running mysql rather than 'localhost'
18:08<Toothpick>mdz what I meant is like an open mysql server that would let anyone connect for mythtv purposes.
18:15<moegreen>Toothpick: no, you need to have mysql running because it downloads the show listings for your cable provider
18:16<moegreen>well it doesn't download it, but that is where the data needs to be held
18:22-!-Toothpick [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
18:27<_shad>mdz: get your ram yet?
18:38-!-Toothpick [] has joined #mythtv
18:38<Toothpick>I think the mythtv site assumes more knowledge about mysql than I have.
18:39<Toothpick>I've never set it up before.
18:39<_shad>are you using debian?
18:39<moegreen>what linux distribution are you using?
18:40<Toothpick>debian based.
18:40<Toothpick>It is easy enough to add mysql...just don't know what do do with it after I have it.
18:43<moegreen>you have to add the mythtv user to the database, see
18:44<Toothpick>thanks bookmarking that site now.
18:45<Toothpick>so username is mythtv and not the uname I use to log onto my box.
18:46<moegreen>once you have it setup you can verify that you did it correctly by executing: 'mysql -u mythtv -h localhost -p' it will then ask for a password and if it works you'll be connected to the sql server
18:46<Toothpick>ok thanks
18:47<Toothpick>ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)
18:47<moegreen>there are debian packages for mythtv which may do this step for you
18:47<Toothpick>They are the ones I am going to install as soon as this apt-get upgrade is was huge.
18:49<Toothpick>The debian sources look like they are for woody...will they work with unstable?
19:03<Toothpick>When I do a dist-upgrade with the default source list with knoppix things break.
19:04<Toothpick>I am trying to know all my sources...just trying to learn how it works better.
19:05<mdz>Toothpick: read the web page; they should work fine with unstable
19:05<Toothpick>thanks...and will do.
19:05<mdz>without recompiling even
19:06<mdz>_shad: Scheduled Delivery: Feb 3, 2003
19:55<Toothpick>The user that runs mythtv must be named mythtv?
19:56<Toothpick>I just am finishing up the install of mythtv...
19:56<Toothpick>myth-setup is next if I am not mistaken
19:56<_shad>mdz: Hmm. you used memtest86, right?
19:57<mdz>_shad: yep
19:57<_shad>do you remember which numbers it gave for errors? like which part of the ram?
19:58<mdz>very low numbers and very high numbers
19:58<mdz>like near the bottom and the top of RAM
19:58<mdz>all of the errors were on the same bit in the byte, too
19:58<mdz>in the word, I should say
19:58<mdz>ffffffef vs ffffffff or such
19:58<_shad>coulda used mem= on boot :)
19:59<mdz>yeah, thought about it, but not with errors near the bottom of memory
19:59<_shad>or recompile with badram patch :)
19:59<_shad>I use it on a bad 128 stick
20:01<mdz>no sense worrying about it too much, I bought the ram from a good place so replacement ram is on the way
20:01<mdz>I just hope it really is the ram, and not the board or something else worse
20:02<mdz>that box runs a little warm because it has no case fan (for less noise), but the CPU is well within spec and the case temperature seems OK
20:02<mdz>though I can't monitor them while the system is under load, I only know the idle temp
20:02<mdz>I can't imagine it varies more than 10 degC or so
20:16-!-lichen_ [] has quit ["thats what life is, one big series of down notes"]
20:35<_shad>If memtest86 shows bad ram, it is bad ram. have you tried reseating it though?
20:36<mdz>yeah, I did
20:36<mdz>I even tried the nintendo trick
20:36<_shad>blow out the socket?
20:37<_shad>I've had hell with ram lately
20:37<_shad>at work mostly, thank god
20:38<mdz>I just got 3 ksymoopses on my desktop machine
20:38-!-lichen_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:39<mdz>er, 3 oopses
20:39<mdz>but this is normal when using this crap usbdnet driver I have to use to talk to the Zaurus
20:40<_shad>heh. What kernel are you using?
20:40<_shad>not bad
20:40<mdz>with 84 days uptime on it
20:40<_shad>ooh :)
20:41<mdz>this driver is shit is all
20:41<_shad> 20:41:02 up 74 days, 20:05, 10 users, load average: 0.34, 0.47, 0.67
20:41<mdz>bah, don't start
20:41<_shad>I like my uptime :)
20:41<mdz> 8:33pm up 420 days, 5:20, 0 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
20:41<_shad>fuck off :P
20:41<_shad>that's probably a 486 sitting under your bed
20:41<mdz>I want to see if that one survives the jiffy overflow
20:42<_shad>I hate 8088's...
20:42<mdz>it's running 2.4.2
20:43<_shad>hmm. I remember the early 2.4.x series being unstable?
20:43<_shad>that's when they went and changed the vm?
20:44<mdz>yeah, those early 2.4 kernels were crap
20:44<mdz>I don't know how this machine survived
20:44<_shad>do you use it much?
20:45<mdz>it was a mail and web server for the first year or so of its life
20:45<mdz>for work
20:45<mdz>I've migrated everything off of it, but I don't want to shut itd own
20:45<mdz>oh man, my desktop is fucked
20:46<mdz>I'm going to have to reboot
20:46<mdz>I wonder if 2.4.20 is reasonable yet
20:46<_shad>I'm using 2.4.17 still
20:47<_shad>you should use that other machine for irc
20:47<_shad>run screen. heh
20:49<mdz>uh oh...sync() hangs
20:50<mdz>definitely time for a reboot
20:50<_shad>geez :)
20:53-!-mdz [] has quit ["DIE USBDNET DIE"]
21:08-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv
21:19<Toothpick>What do I type to create a mythtv account on mysql?
21:21<Toothpick>I installed mysql but have done nothing with it ever.
21:21<Toothpick>apt-get install...
21:26<moegreen>it's on the webpage I sent you earlier
21:28-!-Universe [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:31<Toothpick>it says cd database
21:31<Toothpick>I have no path database
21:32<Toothpick>it says cd database
21:50<moegreen>the database directory should be off of your mythtv source tree
21:52<moegreen>If you installed mythtv by using the debian packages, they may have created the user for you.
22:00<Toothpick>there is a mythtv in /home now
22:20<mdz>Toothpick: just install the debs, they take care of the database setup
22:26-!-bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
22:34-!-Justin_ [~justin@H233-225.STATE.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] has joined #mythtv
22:38<-- mcnamara( has left #mythtv
22:48<Toothpick>mdz ok thanks.
22:49<Toothpick>knoppix@clembots:/home/mythtv$ mythtv-setup
22:49<Toothpick>couldn't open db
22:52-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
22:52<Toothpick>Setting up mythtv (0.7-12) ...
22:52<Toothpick>DBI connect('host=localhost;database=','root',...) failed: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 5
22:55<Justin_> DBI connect('host=localhost;database=','root',...)
22:55<Toothpick>I have mysqld running...but no database setup for myth...
22:56<mdz>did it prompt you for the name of the database to use?
22:57<Toothpick>I'll purge and reinstall and see what it says.
22:58<Toothpick>I have done nothing with mysql...just the apt-get install mysql-server and start at boot setting.
22:58<Justin_>it asks for the db username and db password....
22:59<Justin_>which if you did nothing with mysql should be blank :)
22:59<Toothpick>DBI connect('host=localhost;database=','root',...) failed: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 5
22:59<Toothpick>Can't call method "do" on an undefined value at -e line 6, <> line 1.
22:59<Toothpick>dpkg: error processing mythtv (--configure):
22:59<Toothpick> subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 255
22:59<Toothpick>Errors were encountered while processing:
22:59<Toothpick> mythtv
22:59<Toothpick>That is the error I get.
22:59<Toothpick>when I tried to apt-get install mythtv
23:01<Toothpick>I have no directory called database
23:01<Toothpick> mysql < mc.sql
23:01<Toothpick> (So nowhere to type that command.)
23:04<Justin_>its in /usr/share/mythtv/sql
23:04<Justin_> DBI connect('host=localhost;database=','root',...) failed: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost
23:04<Justin_>is the problem
23:04<Justin_>not mythtv
23:04<Justin_>i just installed the debs a few hours ago, they are fine
23:05<Toothpick>Justin, I have that directory.
23:05<Justin_>of course you do
23:05<Justin_>you need to fix mysql
23:05<Justin_> /usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password 'new-password-goes-here'
23:08<Toothpick>ok Justin_ I ran that and gave a password.
23:09<mdz>Toothpick: dpkg-reconfigure --force mythtv
23:10<Toothpick>ok asking what database to hold mythtv data
23:10<Toothpick>mythconverg (keeping default I guess)
23:11<mdz>take the defaults for everything
23:11<mdz>are you running Debian or Knoppix?
23:11<Toothpick>chown: failed to get attributes of `/etc/mythtv/theme.txt': No such file or directory
23:12<Toothpick>I am running knoppix on the hard drive.
23:12<Toothpick>the OSEF remaster
23:12<Toothpick>The one from linux 2003 expo in NY
23:12<mdz>well, the packages have only ever been tested on Debian, and that is really the only place they are expected to work
23:12<mdz>there's nothing wrong with knoppix, but there are things different about it, and I don't expect that all Debian packages will work correctly on Knoppix
23:13<mdz>did your mysql come from knoppix or debian?
23:13<Toothpick>I didn't have it..
23:13<Toothpick>had to apt-get install
23:13<Toothpick>apt-get install mysql-server
23:14<mdz>did you set a mysql root password after you installed it?
23:14<mdz>and did you enter the same password when mythtv asked for the mysql root password?
23:17<bigguy>its been a slow weekend on the list
23:19<Toothpick>maybe I should reinstall mysql-server and change its password
23:19<Toothpick>as root that shouldn't be too ahrd.
23:23<mdz>mysql -u root -p mysql
23:24<mdz>and then enter the password that you think is correct
23:27-!-mdz [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
23:27-!-bigguy [] has quit ["off to slay the wizard"]
23:36<Toothpick>ok that brought me to something
23:36<Toothpick>Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
23:36<Toothpick>Your MySQL connection id is 7 to server version: 3.23.55-log
23:36<Toothpick>Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer.
23:53-!-mdz [] has joined #mythtv