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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-02-06

00:00<mirk_dt>I get "Index of /pipermail" and a directory listing with a bunch of .mbox files, etc.
00:01<Justin_>mirk_dt: click on the "etc"
00:02<Justin_>its not a hard concept...
00:03<mirk_dt>My point is that I doubt Chutt wants it set up this way.
00:04<Justin_>its how all mailman archives look lately
00:04<Justin_>link points to the wrong place, but its just an extra click
00:06<mirk_dt>Yeah. He just needs to change the links from "" to "[commits|dev|users]/".
00:07<Justin_>dont think its that simple...its a dynamic page heh
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00:10<PeteCool>I'm currently using 1.2~1.8GB/half-hour (480x480, rtjpeg 170), what would be the best way to reduce recording size, resolution drop or bitrate drop?
00:11<Justin_>that answers my question on how big rtjpeg gets:)
00:11<Justin_>your computers to slow to do mpeg4?
00:12<PeteCool>Justin_: I never really tried - last time I tried it was choppy, but so was rtjpeg... but it was coming from hard disk issues
00:13<Justin_>well if your drive is slow
00:13<Justin_>rtjpeg will be worse
00:13<Justin_>if the box isnt doing anything else, renicing it really low might help
00:13<Kuwanger>PeteCool: What's the system?
00:14<PeteCool>But I don't think I have lots of CPU cycles to spare (Celeron 1100A)
00:14<Kuwanger>On my old 950Mhz system, I couldn't encode about 320x240 with mpeg4. I didn't bother with rtjpeg as I wanted rather small file sizes.
00:15<Kuwanger>With reasonable quality settings, you can encode at about 300MB per half our with mpeg4 at 320x240.
00:15<Kuwanger>hour, rather
00:15<PeteCool>Kuwanger: but it would be fuzzier than 480x480?
00:15<PeteCool>I'm doing livetv at 352x240 and it's not that great
00:15<Kuwanger>That depends in part on your actual tuner, the station's signal, etc.
00:16<PeteCool>but the 480x480 recordings are nearly the same as directly using the tv's tuner
00:16<Kuwanger>Then you might stick with 480x480.
00:16* Kuwangerhasn't tried 480x480, yet.
00:16<Kuwanger>Not on my new box, at least.
00:18* Kuwangerdoes wish he could figure out why mythtv is broken partial on him, though.
00:19<Kuwanger>Man, this is sad.
00:19<PeteCool>what's wrong?
00:19<Kuwanger>Oh, mythfrontend is using up a ton of cpu time.
00:19<Justin_>does cvs let you watch something thats not finished recording?
00:20<PeteCool>Justin_: I never tried, but I think it does
00:20<PeteCool>Justin_: that's nearly the same thing as livetv
00:20<Justin_>yeah but consider this:
00:20<Justin_>show starts at 9
00:20<Kuwanger>Uh, mythtv lets you do that.
00:20<Justin_>not for me
00:20<Kuwanger>Does for me.
00:20<Justin_>the thing didn't get added to the shows list until it was done
00:21<Kuwanger>Watch TV.
00:21<Kuwanger>And then don't interrupt the show.
00:21<Justin_>"watch tv" while its recording?
00:21<Justin_>and you can seek and stuff?
00:21<Kuwanger>And yea.
00:21<PeteCool>the recording will appear in red in the watch recordings list
00:21<Justin_>why didn't I try that:)
00:21<Justin_>PeteCool: in cvs? cool:)
00:21<Justin_>i thought if i hit watch tv it would have stopped it
00:22<Kuwanger>I think it might just be my pci bus at this rate.
00:22<PeteCool>Justin_: it would tell you the tuner is being used for something else
00:22<PeteCool>Kuwanger: PCI is fast enough - unless you're highly underclocking it, maybe
00:23<PeteCool>Kuwanger: do you have pci bus master enabled? it *might* help
00:23<Kuwanger>Fine, then I have no idea what the problem is. :)
00:23<Kuwanger>Wait..what is your target bitrate?
00:23<PeteCool>Kuwanger: what kind of 950mhz is that? athlon?
00:23<Kuwanger>My 950Mhz was Athlon, yes.
00:24<PeteCool>that's actually the "quality" level, not bitrate
00:24<Justin_>you know what stinks then
00:24<Justin_>mythtv is working perfectly
00:25<Justin_>but my schools movie channel isnt on the guide
00:25<Justin_>damn local programming:)
00:27<Justin_>they just play dvd's over the tv :)
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00:28<Justin_>you can see whats on, but you have to sit and watch a stupid powerpoint presentation on a channel
00:28<Justin_>which takes at least 5 minutes to see whats playing and when
00:28<Kuwanger>We have a guide.
00:28<Kuwanger>Printed, that is.
00:28<Kuwanger>Well, 480x480 doesn't work worth a crap..
00:28<Kuwanger>But, 320x240 is like 3% cpu.
00:29<Kuwanger>So long as I don't try to change channels, I can press escape to exit mythtv and return to the frontend.
00:29<Kuwanger>Otherwise, I have to kill everything.
00:31<Kuwanger>Maybe my tv tuner just really, really sucks? :)
00:32<Justin_>i wonder if there is a better guide thingy for this area
00:32<Justin_>it has most of the channels, and what is has is right, but probably 25% are just "local"
00:33* Kuwangergrumbles..
00:33<Kuwanger>Oh well. :(
00:39<Justin_>you know how all this xmltv stuff works?
00:40<Justin_>I wonder if I could buy my schools tv station into giving out the station info for it
00:40<Justin_>er bug:)
00:40<Kuwanger>You planning to a lobbyist? :)
00:40<Kuwanger>cat /dev/dsp > /dev/dsp is full duplex, isn't it?
00:42<Kuwanger>All I know is that html stuff gets converted to xml, then mythfilldatabase reads that into mysql.
00:43<Kuwanger>If you can find a good mysql browser or are just proficient with mysql, you can look around the mythconverg database.
00:43<Justin_>yeah, add em manually you mean?
00:43<Kuwanger>Add what manually?
00:43<Justin_>the movies
00:43<Kuwanger>Oh, no, I wouldn't bother.
00:44<Kuwanger>If I were to bother, I'd write a script to read my schools website convering it, then convert it into mysql commands to inject the information.
00:46<Justin_>yeah..I dont even know if they are on a website anywhere
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11:18<rkulagow>chutt: did you maybe want two sliders in the config that has default settings for the master mixer and PCM volume that get saved in settings?
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11:35<rkulagow>test, test.
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11:54<rkulagow>checking if this stupid trillian client is working. anyone see this?
12:06<rkulagow>does anyone else see freenode having lots of partitions? sometime trillian connects to rather than leguin, and i find myself alone in the channel.
12:14<nevertheless>I never had that
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13:39<rkulagow>nevertheless: thanks for letting me know.
13:42<SoopaScanline>mdz, you around?
13:43<mdz_>SoopaScanline: yep
13:44<SoopaScanline>mdz, would you happen to know what is required to make an instant on linux dist/machine?
13:45<mdz_>I don't know what that is, sounds like marketing-speak
13:47<SoopaScanline>it essentially booting to gui without the lag boot time
13:47<SoopaScanline>like how some of these computers have str3 suspend
13:47<SoopaScanline>where you go from deep sleep, to gui in under 5 seconds
13:48<bigguy>I've seen stuff about super fast speeds in booting when combined with the linux bios project
13:48<mdz_>there is a kernel patch (swsuspend) for that
13:48<mdz_>which does not require any hardware support
13:49<mdz_>the hardware method is using ACPI
13:49<mdz_>searching for those two things will find you all of the info you need
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13:50<SoopaScanline>ok, thanks
13:51<SoopaScanline>bigguy, yeah i've seen that too, but most linux bios projects are limited to a specific brand line
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13:55<bigguy>man this emt class is takeing up most if not all my free time :(
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13:59<rkulagow>ambulance type of emt, or is there still yet another TLA namespace collision?
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14:08<bigguy>sorry was reading my emt book
14:08<bigguy>Emergency Medical Tech.
14:08<bigguy>ambulance type ;)
14:09<bigguy>the classes are free because the city needs trained emt's
14:11<bigguy>classes are monday and thursday night from 6-10pm
14:12<bigguy>plus soon we'll have to start going on ambulance runs and do hospital clinicals
14:12<bigguy>so basicly I have no time for anything else. I feel sorry for the ones in the class with full time jobs
14:13<bigguy>course I wish I had a job
14:13<bigguy>money is getting tight
14:14<SoopaScanline>no doubt
14:15<SoopaScanline>that's the worse when you can feel how tight the money becomes
14:19<bigguy>yeah. I am seriously considering bankruptcy now :(
14:20<SoopaScanline>how old are you?
14:22<SoopaScanline>going bankrupt now isn't good
14:22<bigguy>and not counting my student loans I am prolly in debt to the tune of $15k to $20k
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14:22<SoopaScanline>ouch, student loans are killer
14:23<SoopaScanline>what is your major?
14:23<poptix>bigguy: you sound like the typical american
14:23<bigguy>my student loans aren't included in that figure
14:23<bigguy>and I am not in school now
14:24<SoopaScanline>did you complete a degree?
14:24<bigguy>I got an As of S in computer science
14:24<bigguy>but that doesn't get you far
14:25<SoopaScanline>As of S?
14:25<bigguy>associate of science
14:25<SoopaScanline>what does that mean?
14:28<bigguy>2yr degree
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15:23<rkulagow>chutt, my IRC client crashed earlier, so i don't know if you posted a response to my question on maybe adding a slider for initial master mixer and PCM volumes in setup. or, rather than setting master mixer to "70" on startup, check to see if it's less than some threshold value, set it to something higher, and then reset on exit. i'd also like to throw in some other checks, like in mythbackend, if we can't open /dev/dsp, then exit out
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15:47<Cyklopz>Howdy folkz
15:47<Cyklopz>Is Moegreen around right now?
15:50<Cyklopz>Has anyone had trouble with the weather module today? I am working on a project with MythTV and all of a sudden the weather module is not downloading the stats info. I just creates a 40k connection to the source site and sits there eating up bandwidth. Very strange, as it had been working great even earlier today. We've tried getting the newest files from cvs this morning.
15:54<moegreen>i just got your email
15:55<Cyklopz>Sorry to bug you about it.
15:55<moegreen>no problem, i just redid the connection code so there may be a few things wrong with it
15:55<moegreen>what type of connection are you on?
15:55<Cyklopz>We have a 512K HDSL line here at work.
15:55<Cyklopz>I'll be on cable service when I take it home
15:56<moegreen>ok, try this: go into the weather.cpp file and change the line that says 'debug = false;' to 'debug = true;' (it's about line 42
15:57<Cyklopz>Save and compile?
15:57<moegreen>yeah, make ; make install
15:57<Cyklopz>Here is the project if anyone is interested:
15:58<Cyklopz>Where should I look?
15:59<moegreen>there should be text outputted to the console now, looks for 'MythWeather: COMMS : ' statements
16:00<Cyklopz>There does not appear to be anything in stdout
16:00<moegreen>did it recompile the weather.cpp and moc_weather.cpp file correctly?
16:02<Cyklopz>Going to regrab it and try it again. We had trouble with the system clock earlier and the file times are "in the future" right now.
16:02<moegreen>ok, do a make clean first then
16:03<Cyklopz>Got it.
16:03<Cyklopz>Just a sec..
16:04<moegreen>I've got to run out for about an hour or so, once you get the output to the console - you should see some COMMS statements, if it is stalling it may show somes COMMS : Resettings statements, try and change the 'aggressiveness = 1;' to 'aggressiveness = 2;' and it should give the program more time to resolve the dns and make the connection.
16:04<moegreen>that variable ('aggressiveness = 1;') is at the top of the weathercomms.cpp file
16:04<moegreen>otherwise you can email me the output of the program and i'll take a look at it when I get back.
16:05<Cyklopz>It is continuously spitting out this line "mythweather : comms : timeout : attempting connetion... --> resetting"
16:06<Cyklopz>Will do.
16:10<Cyklopz>For anyone reading this. 2 was not enough but 5 worked. Going to back down to lowest working value.
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20:49<rkulagow>chutt, are you here?
20:50<rkulagow>you can come out - it's not anything to do with the sound thing. :)
20:54<rkulagow>[mythtv@pvr libmythtv]$ diff -u osd.cpp~ osd.cpp
20:54<rkulagow>--- osd.cpp~ 2003-02-06 19:29:42.000000000 -0600
20:54<rkulagow>+++ osd.cpp 2003-02-06 19:29:42.000000000 -0600
20:54<rkulagow>@@ -392,7 +392,7 @@
20:54<rkulagow> container->AddType(text);
20:54<rkulagow> }
20:54<rkulagow>- timeFormat = settings->GetSetting("InfoTimeFormat");
20:54<rkulagow>+ timeFormat = settings->GetSetting("TimeFormat");
20:54<rkulagow> if (timeFormat == "")
20:54<rkulagow> timeFormat = "h:mm ap";
20:55<rkulagow>I noticed that even though I had set h:mm AP in Setup, I was still getting military time on the OSD. It seems like osd.cpp wasn't reading the setting from the database.
20:56<rkulagow>Next issue seems to be that the box bounding the time on the OSD doesn't dy namically adjust; I'm showing 7:32 P with the "PM" portion cut off.
20:56<rkulagow>Most of the "P" is cut as well; just showing the vertical of the letter.
21:03<Chutt>the osd reads the setting from the osd theme
21:05<rkulagow>Oh, then maybe I misunderstood; I thought that this was a "missed" item after settings.txt and other data began being pulled into the database.
21:05<Chutt>and the time area's really only big enough for hh:mm, isn't it?
21:08<rkulagow>blueosd is using InfoTimeFormat=h:mm AP, defaultosd is using str InfoTimeFormat=hh:mm let me switch to blue osd
21:08<rkulagow>and see if it's still cut off
21:11<moegreen>rkulagow: I'm using the blueosd and it doesn't seem to cut off the time. When I was designing it I thought I had planned for it to fit.
21:14<moegreen>The onscreen display isn't the easiest design and configuration joy in the world
21:16<cgray>does the cvs version use settings.txt?
21:17<Justin_>mdz: what do you use for QTDIR etc to get mythtv to build right?
21:17<mdz>with the latest unstable qt packages
21:18<Justin_>i dont think i have the latest...*looks*
21:18<mdz>and ln -s linux-g++ /usr/share/qt3/mkspecs/default
21:18<Justin_>ahh, that was my next question:)
21:19<Justin_>ahh, you mean the c102 package?
21:19<mdz>yes, latest unstable
21:19<Justin_>yeah wasn't being updated, had to tell it to install:)
21:20<Justin_>and all the xmltv stuff in sid is good for cvs right?
21:20<mdz>apt-get dist-upgrade
21:20<mdz>I'm using 0.5.6-1 + the patch for the missing program data
21:20* Justin_never runs apt-get {dist-,}upgrade eve
21:21<Justin_>i had tried to install cvs with my friend on his computer before, it went well up until mythfilldatabase, when it spit out 100000000 errors
21:21<Justin_>is that what the patch is for?
21:22<mdz>it's for Debian bug #176453
21:23<cgray>why isn't /dev/dsp3 available as a sound output device?
21:23<mdz>cgray: it's a static list right now
21:23<mdz>cgray: you have 3 sound devices?
21:24<cgray>mdz: 'fraid so :)
21:24<rkulagow>ok, just again. yes, blueosd is fine. it's defaultosd that doesn't work with a h:mm AP setting. (wife looked at the time and said, why isit doing _that_? so i started poking around and started wondering why the time was military time rather than the setting i configured during setup)
21:24<mdz>cgray: libs/libmythtv/videosource.h
21:24<mdz>just add it to the list
21:24<cgray>mdz: actually, only two sound cards, but 3 devices get mapped
21:24<cgray>mdz: k
21:25<moegreen>cgray: or you can change it manually in the sql database (if you're sql savy)
21:25<mdz>cgray: I went ahead and added a third device to the list in CVS just now, so if you're on current CVS you can just update
21:26<cgray>mdz: thanks. that seems easiest
21:30<Justin_>mdz: do you have libqt3c102-mt installed?
21:32<mdz>Justin_: of course
21:33<Justin_>The following extra packages will be installed:
21:33<Justin_> libsdl1.2debian-oss
21:33<Justin_>The following packages will be REMOVED:
21:33<Justin_>then about 200 packages :)
21:34<Justin_>well, 153 to be exact, and not just kde, doesn't make sense
21:34<mdz>like I said, apt-get dist-upgrade
21:36<Justin_>i upgraded sdl manually, and now all it wants to remove is kde, which is ok:)
21:37<Justin_>went from 150 wanting to be removed, to 120
21:37<Justin_>ahhh derr, one of those is mythtv, which is bad since i'm recording right now
21:44<cgray>ack, what's a good setting for height and width for ntsc? all i keep getting is green snow
21:47<cgray>never mind, i see it in the docs
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22:16<Chutt>mdz, that per-device patch on the list is yours to deal with =)
22:16<mdz>that patch makes the profiles exclusively tied to a device
22:16<Chutt>my feeling on it is that it's an additional complication
22:16<mdz>which I think doesn't make sense
22:17<mdz>the hardware mjpeg thing is a good point though, I'm not sure how that should be handled
22:17<Chutt>don't i have a column in the database for card type?
22:17<Chutt>could set that to hmjpg or something
22:17<mdz>do hardware mjpeg cards support raw capture as well, or only mjpeg?
22:18<Chutt>and if there's a profile named 'hmjpg', use that
22:18<Chutt>yes, they support raw capture
22:18<Chutt>not well, but they do, iirc
22:18<Chutt>at least the g200 does
22:18<Chutt>i was thinking of doing per-host profiles by using the hostname
22:18<mdz>I thought about having a profile column for the video device, which would usually be null, but would set a default for that device
22:18<Chutt>ie, profile with the same name as the hostname of the box, use that for the default
22:19<Chutt>or that could work
22:19<Chutt>but it'd require the profile to be setup
22:19<Chutt>then setup to be run
22:20<mdz>I have no context to work from; I have only one usable capture device and one backend :-)
22:20<mdz>barely that now
22:20<mdz>I would want per-host if I had backends with different amounts of horsepower
22:20<mdz>and I guess I would want per-device if I had an mjpeg card
22:21<mdz>and then per-recording of course
22:21<mdz>but that's too many layers of defaults I think
22:21<mdz>seems like it would be confusing to predict what would actually be used
22:22<mdz>per-channel would be nice too now that I think of it
22:22<mdz>then things like brightness and contrast could be part of the profile
22:23<mdz>I don't even want to think about a UI for dealing with all those defaults though
22:23<mdz>I'll just ignore it and hope it goes away
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23:16<TheAsp>anyone know why 0.7 would look reversed?
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23:31<Justin_>colors you mean?
23:31<Justin_>o well
23:40<Justin_>mdz: i have that xmltv error too now:-/
23:40<Justin_>Use of uninitialized value in multiplication (*) at /usr/bin/tv_grab_na line 1938.
23:43<Justin_>those are all the
23:43<Justin_>FAILED to find endtime...source: 2003-2-7 on station 5 LOOR005 (id 23313)...
23:43<Justin_>which were all blank in the first place in 0.7 i think
23:43<Chutt>ask on the xmltv list
23:44* Justin_lets it run this time
23:44<Justin_>it may just be that it doesn't like those blank channels
23:45<Justin_> if ( $prog->{end_hour} >= 24 ) {
23:45<Justin_>i think they need if exists(...) first
23:48<Justin_>Chutt: works anyway, looks like its just that little problem
23:49<Justin_>"Connection timed out." isn't good is it?