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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-02-07

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00:42<Justin_>did something with sound change from 0.70 to cvs?
00:43* Justin_tries relloading bttv
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01:14<Justin_>ah, that explains why mythtv cvs was sucking, i was still renicing 'mythfrontend'
01:17<Justin_>ahh theres a fix for xmltv
01:18<Justin_>zap2it changed again, they removed the "(ends at HH:MM)" endings on the descriptions, in the text listings.
01:23* bigguyis [away -={Sleep. It does a body good}=- ]
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08:02<TheAsp>Hey, chutt, are you going to fix mythfilldb to do what that endtime fixing script did?
08:02<TheAsp>since xmltv doesn't do the endtimes any more
08:02<TheAsp>or something
08:34<TheAsp>tv_grab_na stopped working properly in the last few days
08:35<TheAsp>someone posted a script to the list a few weeks ago that fixes the endtimes of shows that cross the 12:00am border
08:35<TheAsp>anyway, now xmltv puts out 0000 for the endtime of every show
08:37<TheAsp>which mythepg doesn't like, unless you run the script
08:37<TheAsp>i modified it to make it less scarry
08:37<TheAsp>but it would be easy enough to put in mythfilldb
08:37<TheAsp> <programme start="20030207130000 AST" stop="20030207000000 AST" channel="31 WCVB">
08:46<TheAsp>not just for me, a friend was setting up 0.7 for listings in DC
09:25<mdz_>I haven't had any problems with endtimes
09:25<mdz_>but then, I'm using the alternate site
10:09<TheAsp>alternate site?
10:16<Justin_>yeah, how do you tell it to use that?
10:20<TheAsp>anyway, bbl
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10:37<mdz_>use the patch that I pointed out on the mailing list
10:38<mdz_>that "fix" for the end times is a bad hack
10:58<Justin_>thats only a problem if you actually record something from 11pm->1am or something though right?
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11:17<mdz_>yes, anything which is still recording from before midnight to after midnight
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11:35<Justin_>wasn't there a post about using ESC to close mythfrontend or something?
11:40<Justin_>cause I can't get it to close:)
11:40<nevertheless>using cvs?
11:40<mdz_>it is an option that you need to enable
11:41<nevertheless>so you need...
11:41<Justin_>yeah, where was that post?
11:41<nevertheless>just enable that option
11:41<Justin_>i can't remember where i read abou tit
11:41<Justin_>I don't remember where the option is:)
11:41<nevertheless>setup->general->2nd page
11:42<nevertheless>oh, 3rd
11:42<mdz_>there aren't that many places to look
11:43<Justin_>hehe i saw that
11:43<Justin_>thought it was the key to run the exit command, which was halt
11:43<mdz_>and it obviously doesn't fit into appearance, playback, recording, or program guide
11:43<nevertheless>damn, who stole my fuckin' labels *grrrr*
11:43<Justin_>"system shutdown" doesn't sound like "close mythtv" :)
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11:56<nevertheless>juhuu, I found my description labels...this was a matrox xinerama issue
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12:42<rkulagow>moegreen: are you here?
12:51<moegreen>i am
12:53<rkulagow>just a suggestion: since the aggressiveness level is a fairly small range, have you considered using a slider? in the patch that i submitted for volume, take a look at the routine I added to globalsettings.cpp
12:53<rkulagow>visually, it makes more sense maybe?
12:53<moegreen>it should be a range of 1 to 15 right?
12:54<moegreen>hmm...alright, I'll take a look at it. I didn't think about the slider because the only other place it is implemented is for the live tv buffer I think.
12:55<rkulagow>like i said, just a suggestion.
12:56<rkulagow>it should be a pretty simple change:
12:56<rkulagow>class PCMVolume: public SliderSetting, public GlobalSetting {
12:56<rkulagow> PCMVolume():
12:56<rkulagow> SliderSetting(0, 100, 10),
12:56<rkulagow> GlobalSetting("PCMMixerVolume") {
12:56<rkulagow> setLabel("PCM Mixer Volume");
12:56<rkulagow> setValue(70);
12:56<rkulagow> setHelpText("Initial volume for PCM output. Use of the volume "
12:56<rkulagow> "keys in MythTV will adjust this parameter.");
12:56<rkulagow> };
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