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10:07<mdz_>Chutt: could you please not have mailman mangle my reply-to headers? nobody listens to mail-followup-to in the real world, so that is the only way to direct followups
10:08<Chutt>you know how to configure it to do that?
10:09<mdz_>not offhand, but I understand there is documentation
10:10<mdz_>according to the docs, the setting is labeled "Where are replies to list messages directed? Poster is strongly recommended for most mailing lists."
10:11<Chutt>i don't like that, since it encourages replys to be sent off-list
10:11<mdz_>right, it should leave the damn header alone
10:11<Chutt>leaving it alone means people will send replys off list
10:12<Chutt>or if they hit reply to all, will send both off list and to the list
10:12<Chutt>which sucks
10:12<mdz_>only if they are stupid, in which case that is a feature
10:12<Chutt>you've seen the level of intelligence on my mailing list :p
10:13<mdz_>lots of traffic on -users apparently
10:13<Chutt>less than -dev, still
10:17<mdz_>well, the last two all-in-wonder threads went to -users
10:17<mdz_>and that is a big step
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10:50<poptix>mdz_: so that guy actually sent you source code eh?
10:50<mdz_>poptix: yep...kinda shady though
10:51<poptix>how so?
10:54<mdz_>well, for one thing he will only reply to me off-list
10:54<mdz_>he doesn't seem to want people to know that he did it
10:55<poptix>any license present in the source code?
10:56<rkulagow>i was wondering the same thing. if it's not a secret, then why not give it to the V4L people to incorporate into the kernel?
10:57<Chutt>and it's not like it's _that_ big of a deal
10:57<Chutt>dscaler has a gpl'd driver for it, that could be adapted with some work to linux
10:57<Chutt>and the bttv guy's said he has all the docs he needs to write a driver
10:58<mdz_>I'm asking him for confirmation on the licensing that's in the material
10:58<rkulagow>right, but if you've got a drop-in replacement and it's ready to go, then no need to spend cycles on writing your own. (adapting the GPL'ed dscaler driver would still take time, wouldn't it?)
10:58<Chutt>rkulagow, right
10:59<Chutt>but it's not like lindows is the only people that can do the thing, so there's no reason for him to be secretive about it
11:03<mdz_>this thing has no chance of getting into the kernel as-is
11:03<mdz_>so hopefully the btttv guy can write something
11:03<Chutt>could it be cleaned up?
11:04<Chutt>those cards should look better than the old bt8x8 stuff, from what i've read =)
11:04<mdz_>anything can be cleaned up, I guess
11:04<mdz_>dunno whether it's less work
11:05<mdz_>it's huge
11:05<mdz_>12k line diff
11:05<mdz_>adds about 50 files
11:06<Chutt>does it look windows drivery-ish?
11:06<mdz_>has MODULE_LICENSE("GPL") code #including super-duper secret header files saying "all rights reserved blah blah" which define a couple of constants
11:06<mdz_>yeah, DWORD all over the place and what not
11:07<mdz_>even hungarian notation in some places
11:07<mdz_>very windowsish
11:10<Chutt>probably just did a quick and dirty port of the windows driver =)
11:12<poptix>i don't mind that
11:12<poptix>if $company is willing to give us that much, it's much better than nothing
11:13<poptix>we don't necessarily need these companies to spend money paying someone to write a bad linux driver
11:14<Chutt>as long as it's gpl'd so people can fix it and stuff
11:14<mdz_>a bad driver is better than bad documentation
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15:44<rkulagow>chutt, mdz: i've gone through mythbackend, and I see the isLocal routine and local parameter. Chutt, do you even want a check for full duplex anywhere in the code? if not, i won't. if yes, do you prefer it to be in the frontend or the backend?
15:44<Chutt>backend's fine
15:44<Chutt>as long as it's only checking when it needs to be
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15:51<rkulagow>i'm trying to think of the conditions then. it's important that the card is full duplex if: frontend and backend are on the same box _and_ if the audiodevice in capturecard ==audiooutput device in settings. sounds about right?
15:52<rkulagow>would it be ok to add the check once the frontend connects? right now, the code was just stepping through the database during the setupTV phase.
15:59<d_low>hi guys
15:59<d_low>are ati all in wonder cards supported?
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16:04<Chutt>d_low, no, they're not.
16:06<d_low>a matrox g400 would be best correct?
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16:13<TheAsp>That BT IS with debugging...
16:14<TheAsp>oh, that wasnt my message
16:14<TheAsp>(ignore above :P)
16:14<TheAsp>hey, where is my message?
16:17<TheAsp>damnit! i'm subbed with my other domain...
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16:30<TheAsp>shush, im tired
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20:51<d_low>do all g400 single head cardws have tv out capability? or just certain models?
20:55<Soopaman>american idol is cool :)
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21:02<d_low>do all g400 single head cardws have tv out capability? or just certain models?
21:12<vektor>You mean dual head cards?
21:12<vektor>Or what?
21:15<Universe>vektor... he just likes to repeat himself... He really doesn't want it answered.
21:16<vektor>ah ok.
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22:09<d_low>wtf ever
22:09<d_low>i had to leave
22:09<d_low>not my fault it took you guys 3 hours to answer
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22:18<vektor>[08:51pm] <d_low> do all g400 single head cardws have tv out capability? or just certain models?
22:18<vektor>[09:02pm] <d_low> do all g400 single head cardws have tv out capability? or just certain models?
22:18<vektor>[09:12pm] <vektor> You mean dual head cards?
22:18<vektor>so i was 20 minutes late from his first question, and 10 minutes late from his second question.
22:18<vektor>oh, and i missed him coming back by another 10 mintues.
22:21<TheAsp>wouldn't #ati be the proper place for that?
22:21<vektor>No, the G400 is a Matrox card.
22:22<TheAsp>i need to get an rf modulator
22:22<vektor>Can't modulate it by hand?
22:23<vektor>Jeez, people are so lazy these days.
22:23<TheAsp>it's just so i can watch stuff from my bed
22:23* TheAspblames chutt
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23:09<kuwanger>Well, too late now. :(
23:10<bigguy>too late for what?
23:11<kuwanger>For future reference, how can I core dump mythfrontend or whatever if/when it goes psychotic?
23:11<bigguy>heh dunno
23:11* kuwangerwas trying to use ssh to login remotely to his machine to see if he could figure out why it had more or less locked up.
23:11<bigguy>me == not runnig mythtv
23:11<kuwanger>I noticed whoami running a lot and mythfrontend.
23:12<kuwanger>Last measurement I took, mythfrontend was using 800MB RSS, 1285MB Virtual.
23:12<kuwanger>But, then my ssh connection basically froze, so I had to kill mythfrontend.
23:40<kuwanger>Well, later then.
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