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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-02-13

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00:58<mirk_dt_>If anyone out there is using a matrox G200/G400 and has a slick way of adjusting the maven-prog settings (white level & black level) upon X startup, I'd like to hear it. The problem is my mythtv user doesn't have access to /dev/mem (which maven-prog needs) and making maven-prog suid seems like a bad idea.
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17:09<Kuwanger>Good news and bad news. I did get more information this time.
17:09<Kuwanger>The VM killer ended up killing mythfrontend, so I have some nature of log of what happened.
17:11<Kuwanger>Is there any good way to log what mythtv is doing?
17:11<Kuwanger>Even with debug on, mythtv doesn't seem to say a lot.
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23:53<Soopaman>quick question, what is the idea fs for XFS?
23:58<bigguy>XFS is an fs