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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-02-14

00:14<Soopaman>i meant fs for mythtv
00:15<bigguy>well ext2/3/xfs and some like reiserfs so its all up to you
00:15<Soopaman>is there a site that explains the differences between the fs'?
00:16<bigguy>I haven't personally run xfs but I've had no problems with ext3 or reiserfs
00:16<bigguy>I dunno tried google?
00:16<Soopaman>will now, was hoping to find some educated opinions before websearching
00:17<bigguy>I dunno the differences really. I've heard that reiserfs is great for working with small files
00:17<bigguy>all I know is it works for me
00:18<bigguy>but for myth fs shouldn't really be a problem
00:18<bigguy>as long as you make sure dma is enabled on your harddrives and possibly put the myth store on a different disk than the OS
00:21<bigguy>thats a little old but its a good starting point
00:22<bigguy>looks like ext3 or ext2 from that data
00:23<bigguy>followed by reiserfs
00:50<JonnyRo>Does anyone here have an ati TV Wonder VE?
00:51<JonnyRo>I cant capture audio using mplayer
00:53<bigguy>audio from the card itself or from the line in of the sound card?
00:54<JonnyRo>i have tried doing both
00:54<JonnyRo>and i can do neither
00:54<JonnyRo>i am using alsa
00:55<JonnyRo>i tried the btaudio module to record directly from the card
00:55<bigguy>hmm weird what sound card?
00:55<JonnyRo>Sound Blaster Live
00:55<JonnyRo>it's plugged into the Line port
00:55<JonnyRo>it's wierd because I can hear the audio
00:55<bigguy>I don't think the VE has btaudio support
00:55<JonnyRo>thorugh the headphones
00:55<JonnyRo>but when i try to record, i get nothing
00:55<bigguy>the VE being the cheaper ATI tv tunert
00:56<bigguy>what version of ALSA?
00:57<JonnyRo>0.9 r6
00:57<bigguy>try rc7
00:57<bigguy>I heard r6 had some issues with sb cards but they might have been fixed
00:58<bigguy>if not try the creative drivers
00:58<JonnyRo>How are the creative drivers?
00:58<JonnyRo>are they OSS style?
00:59<bigguy>yeah they are OSS
00:59<JonnyRo>i love gentoo linux, all it took to update was : ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge alsa-driver
00:59<JonnyRo>to get alsa 0.9rc7
00:59<JonnyRo>it's compiling now
01:00<bigguy>yeah yeah gentoo is wonderful for broadband users
01:00<bigguy>I like my debian tho :P
01:00<JonnyRo>no doubt, gentoo uses insane amounts of bandwidth
01:00<JonnyRo>to install stuff
01:02<bigguy>course I have one bastardized box that began life as debian and is now some evil step brother ;)
01:02<JonnyRo>i went through that with redhat 7.2
01:03<JonnyRo>i finally had to switch
01:03<JonnyRo>when packages stopped working after kernel upgrades
01:03<bigguy>oh I haven't used redhat in eons
01:03<JonnyRo>how does debian work, is there one version that is continuously updated?
01:03<bigguy> and I really only used it on one machine
01:03<JonnyRo>or do they release seperate versions, redhat style
01:04<bigguy>they don't release as often
01:04<bigguy>they now have three branches stable testing and unstable
01:05<JonnyRo>i like gentoo because i'm a feature freek, i always have to have the latest and the greatest, and most of the gentoo e-build (packages) developers are the same way
01:05<bigguy>If I want ports I'll stick with my openbsd machine ;)
01:06<bigguy>well debian unstable is where its at if you are that way ;)
01:06<JonnyRo>When I got my ATI TV Tuner though, i expected a much simpler mythtv install
01:06<JonnyRo>it took forever to get the damn thing working
01:06<JonnyRo>now it's working, but the audio is coming through the LineIn
01:06<JonnyRo>and for some reason i cant capture it
01:07<bigguy>hmm you have to set the line in as capture in alsa mixer I think
01:07<bigguy>I dunno for a fact I just follow the lists
01:07<JonnyRo>I tried that
01:07<JonnyRo>and it did nothing
01:07<bigguy>I'm not an actual myth user
01:07<JonnyRo>What do you use to record stuff?
01:07<bigguy>but I've known Chutt aka Isaac for a while
01:08<bigguy>JonnyRo: heh I only get like 3 channels here
01:08<bigguy>when I was living with my cousin I was gonna build a machine for myth since he has dish
01:09<bigguy>but until I can afford dish or directv I'll stay mythless
01:12<JonnyRo>do many people use myth with dvb recievers?
01:15<bigguy>dvb is dish/direct right?
01:15<bigguy>if so then yes
01:18<JonnyRo>yea it is
01:19<bigguy>there are even some scripts for changing the channels on recievers equiped with "low speed data" ports eg serial
01:20* Soopamanloves his solid state computers
01:20<Soopaman>makes this laptop sound incredibly loud
01:21<bigguy>you know I guess I'm just a freak but fan sounds don't really bother me
01:21<bigguy>I like sleeping with a fan on
01:22<Soopaman>you should keep a case-less xp1800+ with a retail hsf a few feet from your bed
01:22<Soopaman>and see if you still feel the same
01:22<bigguy>I've done that
01:22<bigguy>wiht a nice 36cfm 60mm screamer
01:22<Soopaman>and you like it?
01:22<bigguy>I slept like a baby
01:22<Soopaman>i can only take a few days of it
01:23<Soopaman>before i start bannering it
01:23<Soopaman>aka hulk if you didn't get the analogy
01:23<bigguy>well actually better than a baby cause baby's have very intermentent sleep patterns
01:25<bigguy>there is a rail road track extremely close to our land and they always wait till they get near to blow the horns
01:25<bigguy>I sleep through them also
01:25<Soopaman>do you sleep through massacres and oil mining too?
01:25<bigguy>I had to buy the loudest alarm clock they make just to wake me up on days I have to get up early
01:26<bigguy>I have great hearing its just selective hearing I guess ;)
01:26<bigguy>atleast where sleep is concerned
01:28<bigguy>course my main rig here is alot quieter than most even tho it is an Athlon XP 2000+ based machine
01:28<Soopaman>how many boxes you go up and going?
01:28<bigguy>well I have a ton of boxen but I've only got 3 running right now not including the gateway
01:29<bigguy>I recently moved back home and so I was only using my main machine until the other day
01:29<Soopaman>you do much compiling on any of your boxes?
01:30<bigguy>not much if I can help it anymore
01:30<bigguy>It can get hairy
01:30<bigguy>I did LFS before LFS existed ;)
01:34<bigguy>my custom dist was BigLinux (very original) ;) got up to release 3.14 before I switched to debian
01:34<bigguy>course I used slackmare for a while on some machines and played with one release of redcrap also
01:35<bigguy>along with many other distros along the way
01:38<bigguy>course oct 92 is a long time to play with linux
01:39<bigguy>anyway I'm getting tired guess I'll go crank some fans up and lay down
01:54<Soopaman>p.s. i just started my own dist
01:55<Soopaman>well have been playin with it for about a year now... i hope to bring it live this summer
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14:18<mdz>whoa, that guy on the list has a 1000GHz CPU
14:18<Chutt>yes, it's very impressive
14:19<mdz>I bet video encoding hardly takes any CPU at all
14:19<mdz>I bet it gets hot though
14:20<Chutt>it's water cooled
14:20<Chutt>i bet
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15:24<rkulagow>chutt, are you here?
15:25<rkulagow>chutt, i'm going to mail you that patch for checking duplex. i think it does what you want.
15:28<Chutt>i'm forwarding you a doc note i got this morning
15:31<rkulagow>sounds good.
15:31<rkulagow>OK, sent it to your cwru account.
15:32<Chutt>that looks fine
15:32<Chutt>i'll add it in, but i'll probably stick it all in a separate function
15:32<Chutt>just to make it a little more readable
15:34<rkulagow>did i miss something?
15:34<Chutt>the "SELECT audiodevice FROM capturecard;"
15:34<Chutt>doesn't handle multiple tuner cards
15:34<rkulagow>(i was thinking about symlinks and devfs, actually)
15:35<rkulagow>ah. that's the problem with developing when you have only one capture card.
15:35<Chutt>it just uses the first audio device in the list
15:35<Chutt>add it to the ringbuffer startup
15:35<Chutt>that way, you know which encoder card it's using
15:35<Chutt>instead of the playback socket
15:37<Chutt>see what i mean/
15:37<rkulagow>let me take a look at the code
15:38<Chutt>right now, you're doing the check when it sets up a playback sock
15:38<Chutt>if you move that down 5 lines or so to where it sets up a remote ringbuffer sock
15:38<Chutt>you'll know which recorder it's using
15:38<rkulagow>right, that's where i'm looking now
15:38<Chutt>might have to write something like isLocal, but...
15:40<Chutt>oh, no, encoderlink has an isLocal() as well
16:09<Chutt>the mailing list should break 700 people on it soon
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17:35<mdz>nice, current CVS progfind.cpp causes g++-2.95 to get an ICE
17:36<mdz>line 1249
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18:01<bigguy>wtf is Henk Poley? I've never seen patchs or anything from him yet he takes it upon himself to contact the MeshAP guy as if he has been sent out by myth developers in search of something
18:01<bigguy>I mean it sounded to me like he's trying to make this a somewhat commercial endevour
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18:35<Chutt>mdz, noticed that as well
18:35<Chutt>mdz, no idea what's causing it, haven't had time to look into it more
18:35<mdz>Chutt: still using 2.95 somewhere?
18:35<Chutt>yeah, my p3-550
18:36<Chutt>so it takes an age to compile things
18:36<mdz>probably an optimizer thing
18:36<mdz>it seems to like 1244 fine, which is almost the same thing
18:36<Chutt>i really should just drop the optimizations on files that don't need them
18:38<mdz>does qmake let you do that easily on a per-file basis?
18:38<Chutt>i don't know
18:39<Chutt>probably not
18:39<mdz>yep, with -O0 it doesn't happen
18:39<mdz>nor -O1
18:40<mdz>only -O2 or above
18:40<Chutt>it's still broken at O2?
18:40<mdz>yeah, you pretty much want -O2 on everything
18:40<mdz>so it'd still break if you disabled the excessive optimizations
18:41<mdz>oh, I lied
18:41<mdz>plain -O2 it doesn't break, only -O2 combined with some or all of the -f options
18:42<Chutt>i didn't change anything
18:42<Chutt>and now it's compiling fine
18:42<Chutt>with all the opts
18:42<Chutt>and it wasn't yesterday
18:42<mdz>-finline-functions breaks it here
18:42<Chutt>ya know
18:42<Chutt>just remove that from
18:42<Chutt>i won't mind =)
18:44<Chutt>there's really no reason for it, the compiler should be inlining things as its sees fit anyway
18:44<Chutt>and a bunch of stuff is already specifically marked as inline
18:45<mdz>-O3+ is supposed to turn on -finline-functions anyway
18:45<mdz>at least in 3.2
18:46<Chutt>"You could use a file in /tmp to set the current channel and poll that 10 times/sec."
18:47<Chutt>"Right. That is why the right way to do "pause live tv" is that the buffering does not happen until the user actually presses pause."
18:47<mdz>is this from -users?
18:47<Chutt>the first is the main freevo guy
18:48<Chutt>the second is the main developer from the dead openpvr project, who now works on freevo
18:48<poptix>the freevo people have no idea what they're doing
18:48<Chutt>i like reading the freevo list
18:48<Chutt>it's fun
18:48<poptix>what happens when you want to rewind?
18:49<Chutt>poptix, you don't, apparently =)
18:49<Chutt>they're discussing using mp1e now
18:49<poptix>i gave up on those people
18:49<poptix>they all seem to be obsessed with proving that python can actually do something useful
18:49<Chutt>python's perfectly fine for what they're using it for
18:50<poptix>yes, it is
18:50<poptix>Tcl would be fine for what they're doing =p
18:51<poptix>i could also whip up a bash script to shell out of all the different programs as well.
18:51<Chutt>mdz, so, shall i add some anti debian code to mythtv?
18:51<vektor>Chutt: you're following the micq thread?
18:52<vektor>gabu's response was bang on
18:52<Chutt>yeah, it's hilarious
18:52<vektor>fucking awesome
18:52<Chutt>gabu's a moron, though
18:52<vektor>total moron
18:52<vektor>he totally raises exactly the point that should be brought forward
18:52<vektor>everyone is neglecting the fact that the upstream was being completely ignored
18:52<vektor>in his pleas to solve the problem
18:52<vektor>and he felt he could do nothing but try and show this is a problem to all of the users of those packages
18:52<Chutt>yea yea
18:53<mdz>he felt this, he felt that
18:53<vektor>like basically debian is showing how much they don't give a fuck about upstream's wishes
18:53<Chutt>i don't like the response on d-d
18:53<poptix>feel the love.
18:53<mdz>he didn't send a note to debian-devel asking what to do about it
18:53<vektor>Chutt: me neither.
18:53<vektor>mdz: uh, yes he did
18:53<Chutt>mdz, a bug report should've been enough, imo
18:53<vektor>mdz: you didn't read that?
18:53<mdz>Chutt: a bug report only goes to the maintainer, which is who he needed to go around
18:53<Chutt>vektor, that code's been in there since before he sent anything to d-d
18:53<Chutt>mdz, right, but he shouldn't have to go around it
18:53<mdz>vektor: if it was in the stupid, long, pointless thread about _Qt_, then no, I did not
18:54<Chutt>someone unfamiliar with debian wouldn't know what to do
18:54<mdz>Chutt: it's sure to happen from time to time; if it isn't brought to anyone else's attention, then nothing can be done about it
18:54<vektor>mdz: it was :)
18:54<vektor>but it had the proper subject
18:54<vektor>Subject: mICQ packaging (was: Re: On the matter of Qt packaging)
18:54<Chutt>and, honestly, he probably would've been laughed at if he posted anything to d-d
18:54<vektor>Message-ID: <>
18:54<Chutt>"hi, this guy's fucking up my software"
18:54<vektor>Chutt: yep.
18:54<vektor>i mean d-d showed exactly the same attitude to gabu+arpi re:mplayer
18:54<mdz>the maintainer in question isn't even a registered developer; it would be nothing at all to stop sponsoring his package
18:55<Chutt>vektor, the code in question's been in there for over a month
18:55<vektor>we don't give a fuck what you want, we'll package a mangled version if we feel that's the right thing to do.
18:55<Chutt>vektor, that thread is only recently
18:55<mdz>vektor: Debian has never had mplayer, that is completely different
18:55<Chutt>what he did was wrong
18:55<vektor>Chutt: ok i hadn't thought of that.
18:55<vektor>mdz: no but it's sorta the same.
18:55<Chutt>but the entire situation shouldn'tve come up
18:55<mdz>vektor: they were mad at marillat, who packaged his own stuff unofficially, and had nothing to do with Debian the organization
18:55<Chutt>and that's all there is to it, really
18:55<mdz>vektor: and they transferred that to Debian, which was wrong
18:56<vektor>mdz: they were also pissed that ppl keep saying xine is in debian, why isn't mplayer.
18:56<mdz>it shouldn't have come up, I agree
18:56<Chutt>i'm glad i've only dealt with decent maintainers =)
18:56<mdz>vektor: that is a pretty clear inconsistency, I agree
18:56<vektor>mdz: which is completely ignored as most d-d subscribers just bash the mplayer developers
18:56<Chutt>snowman, bma, and now mdz
18:56<vektor>and their app
18:56<mdz>vektor: but they don't _want_ mplayer in debian, so I don't see why they're complaining
18:57<mdz>madkiss is not a developer, and maybe won't be after all this scandal
18:57<vektor>mdz: because their users are complaining, they want the issue clarified.
18:57<mdz>both Qt and mICQ in the same month
18:57<vektor>but anyway
18:57<Chutt>i just think it's all funny
18:57<vektor>it's soo funny
18:57<Chutt>mdz, naw, he'll be a developer
18:57<vektor>we've had a great laugh at school about it
18:57<Chutt>mdz, but the micq guy's tarnished his reputation forever!
18:58<vektor>debian should package less officially
18:58<mdz>both the micq guy and the maintainer are in the n-m queue
18:58<mdz>they will be there forever now
18:58<mdz>vektor: what do you mean?
18:58<Chutt>the micq guy just wants to package his own stuff properly
18:58<mdz>have fewer packages you mean?
18:58<vektor>mdz: actually i'd like to get your opinoin on this but i don't really want to spam this channel more :)
18:59<vektor>mdz: priv msg or #debian-bitching ?
18:59<mdz>vektor: wherever then
18:59<vektor>#debian-bitching :)
18:59<bigguy> ooo can I come?
18:59<Chutt>the postprocess lib's moving into libavcodec
19:00<bigguy>guess I must be lagged
19:03<Chutt>i suppose i should spend time with my wife
19:05<bigguy>might be a good idea
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