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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-02-16

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09:54<Chutt>mdz, is the cx88-20030215.tar.gz from the same driver the lindows guy sent you?
10:24<mdz>Chutt: the filenames line up
10:24<mdz>yeah, looks like the same thing
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12:17<PeteCool>glxgears is reporting 514 fps in my current config... should that be enough power to run the mythmusic visualisations at a respectable rate?
12:17<PeteCool>and, even though the console tells me it's 514fps, on the tv it looks like <100fps
12:19<PeteCool>this is on a GF2 MX400 SDR (not fast, but still not the slowest near-modern thing)
12:22<PeteCool>also, the Gears visualisation give my a white screen
12:22<PeteCool>any ideas why?
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13:55<rkulagow_>hi, chutt. are you here? (no timestamp on the "hmm")
13:56<Chutt>yeah, i'm here
13:57<rkulagow_>chutt, i was thinking a little more about the full duplex stuff. there's also another situation where duplex may be an issue: mythbackend recording something, mythmusic playing something.
13:57<Chutt>hmm, true
13:57<Chutt>but shouldn't the same output device be used for the frontend and mythmusic?
13:58<Chutt>well, generally, at least
13:58<rkulagow_>yes, but you asked me to move the check to the ringbuffer area. won't that only get hit during live tv?
13:58<Chutt>but, people are going to try that first, i'd say
13:58<Chutt>and they should hopefully notice the message
13:59<rkulagow_>if mythbackend gets daemonized, then we'll have to write that to the logfile, correct?
14:00<Chutt>but, the logfile is just stdout and stderr, i believe
14:00<Chutt>nothing special
14:00<Chutt>and hopefully people won't run the thing as a daemon immediately =)
14:00<rkulagow_>i was thinking that it might be "too late" at that point - if they're not full duplex and try to do this, then they won't see the error until after mythfrontend locks up. (although it will be useful for debugging)
14:01<rkulagow_>not that i'm saying we need to do anything special, just thinking about it.
14:03<rkulagow_>i'll try to redo the full duplex check in the ringbuffer area after i get a coax connected to my tuner; i'm getting "connection timed out" when mythfrontend connects to the backend when i try to do Watch TV, and i don't know if that's because there's no input to the tuner card, or because there's something else broken.
14:03<Chutt>a connection timed out would mean that backend_settings.txt has a wrong ip in it
14:13<rkulagow_>that's what i thought, but i just double checked and the IP is correct. curious.
14:13<rkulagow_>i'm going to checkout mainserver.cpp again and make sure i didn't screw something up.
14:17<Chutt>i'm going to be committing some stuff shortly
14:17<Chutt>per-host settings
14:18<Chutt>so there's going to be a db update, etc
14:18<rkulagow_>i guess all those NULLs are going away...
14:18<Chutt>well, some of them will stay
14:18<Chutt>global settings
14:30<rkulagow_>huh. it appears that if you run mythbackend from within the mythbackend directory as ./mythbackend it reads the local copy of backend_settings.txt within that directory rather than the global at .mythtv or /usr/local/share/mythtv.
14:30<rkulagow_>that's why it kept giving me connection timed out; i never changed _that_ backend settings.txt file.
14:40<Chutt>that's how it reads settings files
14:40<Chutt>from [prefix]/share/mythtv/, then ~/.mythtv/, then ./
15:05<Chutt>mdz, you're not on the v4l list, are you?
15:06<Chutt>Gerd Knorr (aka, the bttv/xawtv guy) describes that driver as "Broken beyond repair :-/"
15:16<mdz>Chutt: nope
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15:25<Chutt>petecool, re, the vis stuff in mythmusic. honestly, don't bother trying to get the gears one to work.
15:25<Chutt>it's not worth it, at all =)
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15:38<PeteCool>Chutt: thanks for warning me :)
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16:21<Chutt>mdz, meant that daemonize = true in there?
16:21<mdz>my tree is too divergent
16:21<Chutt>cvs diff before ci =)
16:21<Chutt>debian stuff, or..
16:22<mdz>just my local stuff
16:22<mdz>I usually do cvs diff, but sometimes I don't see things, especially if they're in the same hunk
16:22<mdz>shall I change it back? or have you changed your mind? :-)
16:22<Chutt>i don't want it daemonizing all the time
16:23<Chutt>so, yeah, please change it back
16:23<Chutt>you could enable that option, though
16:23<Chutt>-f or whatever it is that sets it to false currently
16:23<mdz>at release time, don't you think it should daemonize by default?
16:24<mdz>your DSL must be congested
16:24<Chutt>not unless asked to, no
16:24<Chutt>yup, it is
16:24<Chutt>i can barely check email right now
16:24<Chutt>someone's browsing my book database
16:24<mdz>4000ms rtt from here
16:25<Chutt>and it looks like a couple cvs updates
16:25<mdz>I see...I assumed it was going to daemonize by default eventually; that's why I set it up the way I did
16:25<Chutt>i'd prefer for it to only do it when asked on the command line
16:26<mdz>whatever, I'll change it then
16:26<mdz>add an option to run in the background
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17:51<Justin_>cvs fixed all the slow-as-crap seeking too
17:51<Justin_>not just the pause is faster:)
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18:40<Chutt>hmm, whaddya know, i got sdl to work in a qwidget
18:53<mdz>Chutt: what was the trick?
18:54<Chutt>i dunno
18:54<Chutt>i had deleted everything
18:54<Chutt>i just rewrote it
18:54<Chutt>after compiling a debug version of sdl
18:55<Chutt>and it worked, so i tried it with the real version from debian, and that worked
18:55<Chutt>so i must've been doing something wrong before, but what, i dunno =)
18:56<Chutt>i also am scaling it back to 25 fps, instead of 30
18:56<Chutt>so, synaesthesia uses less cpu now
18:58<Chutt>'bout 30% cpu usage, instead of > 45% on my box
18:58<mdz>that sounds like a lot
18:59<Chutt>eh, it's worth it =)
18:59<mdz>I used to run synaesthesia, the stand-alone version, on a much slower machine than I'm running myth on now
18:59<Chutt>mdz, you probably didn't run it at 800x600, though
18:59<mdz>hmm, perhaps not
19:00<Chutt>i should make the vis stuff a little more generic
19:00<Chutt>add support for text displays
19:00<Chutt>and keyboard commands
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