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04:42-!-Topic for #mythtv is MythTV - - PVR for linux
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05:04-!-Topic for #mythtv is MythTV - - PVR for linux
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10:30<rkulagow_>morning. mdz, you here?
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11:21<shad_>Anyone know low level hardware stuff?
11:58<mdz>rkulagow_: here for a few
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12:18<rkulagow_>mdz: IIRC you were seeing some weird "future" dates. i'm getting them too. did you figure out what was going on? right after mythbackend starts, it gives me stuff like QTime and QDate issues
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12:45<mdz>rkulagow_: can you paste a couple of the errors exactly?
12:46<rkulagow_>sure, let me go ahead and get it. standby.
12:49<rkulagow_>QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range.
12:49<rkulagow_>QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range.
12:49<rkulagow_>QDate::fromString: Parameter out of range.
12:49<rkulagow_>QDate::fromString: Parameter out of range.
12:49<rkulagow_>QDate::fromString: Parameter out of range.
12:49<rkulagow_>QDate::fromString: Parameter out of range.
12:50<rkulagow_>pattern repeats 4 times all together, with the last one having two extra QDate errors (6 total rather than 4)
12:50<rkulagow_>let me see if that matches the number of programs i've got in /var/video
12:52<rkulagow_>appears to.
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13:28<mdz>oh, that
13:28<mdz>that happens with qt 3.0, but not 3.1
13:28<mdz>it's when there is a NULL date or time value in the db
14:04* bigguyis [back -={ Sleep sucks }=- ]
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14:09<Chutt>ooh, can't wait, andy davidoff is going to "take care" of a bug
14:09<bigguy>he's l337
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16:20* TheAspgrumbles about things touching his pcm volume...
16:21<Viddy>you need to call stay_the_heck_away_from_my_pcm_vol()
16:23<TheAsp>hehe :)
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17:20<bigguy>lo PeteCool
17:20<PeteCool>hi bigguy
17:21<bigguy>what you up too today?
17:21<PeteCool>fixing up a neighbour's computer now... win98, ran for 3 years without problems(!)... not anymore though
17:21<PeteCool>the dust crust inside was pretty thick :)
17:22<bigguy>I imagine
17:22<bigguy>I had to blow out a computer a while back that had about 1.5-2 inches of dust covering the motherboard
17:23<PeteCool>that'll give me some money, maybe enough for a real remote for mythtv =)
17:23<PeteCool>2 inches? was there any free airflow in there?
17:23<PeteCool>with the boxes being 5~6 inches wide
17:23<bigguy>PeteCool: heh not where the motherboard was concerned
17:24<bigguy>It was a dual pII 300 system in a cube case
17:24<bigguy>custom job
17:25<bigguy>they never replaced the filters so dust just found it's way through eventually
17:25<bigguy>esp since they lived on an old dirt road
17:29* yebyenruns
17:29<yebyen>computers are supposed to have filters?
17:31<Viddy>i tissue up the front of mine
17:31<Viddy>it catches a whole lot of crap
17:31<PeteCool>Or you can just run the vacuum inside it every odd year
17:32<PeteCool>I never really saw problems caused by dust
17:32<PeteCool>it just smells bad
17:32<PeteCool>not that bad... not a very good point
17:33<yebyen>i hate pants.
17:33<Viddy>i had the idea of getting a slightly oiled pod filter, and putting a 120mm fan in it to push air into the computer
17:33<PeteCool>pod filter? what is that?
17:33<Viddy>its a car filter
17:33<PeteCool>filters cars on the highway? :p
17:34<Viddy>see the filters?
17:34<Viddy>some come in cone shapes, and because they are slightly oiled, they catch all the shit
17:34<PeteCool>did you ever see the filters on the Lian-li's ? those work great, catch everything and don't cut much airflow
17:35<PeteCool>might work good too then
17:35<PeteCool>let us know how it works, if you ever do it
17:35<Viddy>i figure car filters are designed to get the most crap out of the air, at really high volumes
17:35<Viddy>will do
17:36<PeteCool>I don't think that shot comes from a car though... unless ducati started making some
17:36<bigguy>I used a flat k&n oiled filter before on a case
17:36<Viddy>how did it work?
17:37<bigguy>it works fine
17:37<bigguy>but you still have to clean it monthly
17:37<Viddy>otherwise it clogs up?
17:37<bigguy>I just used the foam filters that they make for ac units now
17:37<bigguy>the kind that you cut to fit
17:38<PeteCool>bigguy: do "iranian dates" fit in your diet?
17:38<bigguy>I have one of the Cheiftec Full towers that have 3 80mm on the front. my old 4q full tower I cut out to use 2 120mm
17:39<bigguy>PeteCool: hmm check the Carb content. I would imagine they are too sweet tho
17:39<PeteCool>3 fans on the front? what did you run inside that needed so much cooling?
17:40<bigguy>PeteCool: hmm well I have several 7200rpm ide and a few 10k scsi
17:40<bigguy>its a athlon XP 2000+ machine
17:41<bigguy>512meg pc3000 I got it back when pc 3000 was just starting to appear
17:41<bigguy>like right when abit came out with the nf7-133r
17:41<PeteCool>I only have two 7v intake fans, and my 1700+ (palomino, not the 45% cooler thoroughbred), and it's only running at 43C
17:41<PeteCool>pc3000 isn't really around now... at what mhz is it specified to?
17:42<PeteCool>2700 is 333 mhz, 3200 is 400... pc3000 is 366 ?
17:42<bigguy>PeteCool: heck if I know. I paid for 2700 and they gave me 3000 which was more expensive cause they were out of 2700
17:43<bigguy>but my board doesn't really take advantage of it anyway
17:43<PeteCool>unless you overclock you're not taking advantage of pc2700 either
17:44<bigguy>my front fans are the blue led fans except they have a built in circuit to slow the rpm's without dimming the led's
17:44<bigguy>PeteCool: I would overclock but this boards not overclockable
17:46<bigguy>I had one cel 300a I ran at 540 for a long time but I could only get the other one up to 464
17:47<Viddy>i have a athlon 1400, pumping out 80 something watts.
17:47<Viddy>i dont overclock it
17:47<Viddy>too much heat!
17:47<bigguy>Viddy: I have an underclocked 1900+ running at 1500+ @ 1.4v
17:48<bigguy>dunno exactly how much wattage that is but ;)
17:48<Viddy>not much
17:48<Viddy>the new 2700+ uses just a little more than mine :)
17:48<bigguy>only reason it's at 1500+ is because I have no money to buy a new mobo and mem for it
17:48<PeteCool>my 1700+ (rated at 1.75) runs fine at 1.7
17:49<PeteCool>reduced temps
17:49<PeteCool>by 5C
17:49<bigguy>I had a 1.4 athlon once but I chip the core
17:49<Viddy>slower fans
17:49<Viddy>oh dear
17:49<PeteCool>sorry to hear that
17:49<Viddy>i'd probably cry if i did that
17:49<Viddy>well... almost
17:49<bigguy>my cousin burned up my 1800+
17:50<PeteCool>they don't replace them right?
17:50<bigguy>not with a chipped core
17:50<bigguy>and not if it's oem ;)
17:50<PeteCool>bigguy: seems like luck doesn't like you
17:50<PeteCool>or bad luck likes you
17:50<bigguy>PeteCool: he wanted to use my comp while I was out and I had it unplugged with the side off anf no hsf
17:51<bigguy>my luck with harddrives is worse
17:51<bigguy>one year I rma'd something like 30 times
17:51<bigguy>I never bought WD stuff again after that
17:52<bigguy>those were my own drives tho
17:52<PeteCool>mine has worked great for a year...
17:52<bigguy>I rma'd alot of wd drives for people that year
17:52<PeteCool>maybe your were in "the black years" as I call them... all the drives from that time SUCKED
17:52<bigguy>I'll stick with maxtor
17:53<bigguy>I've yet to have a problem drive
17:53<PeteCool>I skipped that time completely
17:54<PeteCool>what year was that? 1999~2000 ?
17:54<bigguy>I've liked comps and electronics for a long time
17:54<bigguy>dunno it was around the time that 2-3 gig was king
17:55<bigguy>I'm not good with remembering years and such anymore
17:55<PeteCool>I had a WD blow out... just after I backed it up :)
17:55<bigguy>they all blur together nicely
17:55<Viddy>bigguy: do you kill digital watches on a regular basis?
17:56<bigguy>Viddy: no
17:56<bigguy>Viddy: I've had the same timex indiglo for like 10 years
17:56<yebyen>i need a new watch
17:56<bigguy>replaced the band a couple of times but heh
17:56<Viddy>i have a friend who has to wear a navigator watch, because she kills digital ones... something todo with her body generating some sort of static or something
17:57<bigguy>oh I don't have a static problem ;)
17:57<bigguy>I've just gotten faulty drives
17:57<yebyen>oh man
17:57<PeteCool>Viddy: is that like the movie in which an albinos guy easily creates electric arcs? :)
17:57<bigguy>I have some old old maxtors that work fine
17:58<Viddy>not really
17:58<yebyen>anyone else remember that problem gdkxft used to have in certain circumstances
17:58<Viddy>they evidently just stop working
17:58<yebyen>where it'd write text over itself?
17:58<PeteCool>I've got a 80meg wd from 1988, still works fine
17:58<yebyen>and antialiasing looked all nasty and blocky
17:58<yebyen>konqueror is doing it for some reason, in the file view mode
17:59<bigguy>PeteCool: I've got a 10meg and a 40meg that still work so whats your point :P
17:59<PeteCool>bigguy: it's a WD
17:59<bigguy>I just don't like WD :P
17:59<yebyen>i've had little to no trouble with WD
17:59<PeteCool>bigguy: I was only 3yo at that time :)
17:59<bigguy>They tried to screw me over time and time again
18:00<yebyen>actually that's not true i RMA'ed one drive, i don't remember what was wrong with it
18:00<bigguy>heh my sister was born in 85 as well
18:00<yebyen>bigguy: me too, :P
18:00<bigguy>I was born in 76 :P
18:01<Viddy>i feel old :(
18:02<Viddy>ever since i was a kid i have wished that i was born 50years into the future
18:02<Viddy>because thats when the really cool stuff is going to happen
18:02<bigguy>hmm I don't feel old at all
18:03<bigguy>I just feel dumb
18:03<Viddy>and as far as i can tell, my prediction will be correct
18:03<Viddy>...assuming that we will still be around then
18:03<PeteCool>bigguy: I don't see why you'd feel dumb... you don't look so, really
18:03<PeteCool>Viddy: sir Bush will try as hard as he can to start a WW3, it seems
18:04<PeteCool>Viddy: which would send us to the front lines
18:04<Viddy>i know
18:04* bigguyseems to be the only Bush backer online ;)
18:04<Viddy>what scares me is that mr hussain when put in an endgame situation will unleash anything he has
18:05<bigguy>but let us not delve(sp) into politics
18:05<Viddy>i havent prayed for a long time, but i will be, because i think mr hussain will have a virus or two up his sleeve, perhaps a combination ebola/flu virus. thats what scares me
18:06<Viddy>6week incubation period, aresol infection, and a 90% kill rate
18:06<bigguy>Sadam didn't comply to the UN's terms the first time they tried so I don't understand why people want to give him more time to not comply
18:07<PeteCool>I didn't say saddam was right either
18:07<PeteCool>but what did he suddely do to scare bush suddenly?
18:07<bigguy>but this is #MythTV let's atleast keep it on computers ;)
18:07<PeteCool>I think there's a hidden plan here
18:07<Viddy>neither, i just think we are very likely playing for bigger stakes than we realise. but anyway
18:08<bigguy>or yebyen
18:08<PeteCool>He could attack saddam's computers, they surely don't run linux/bsd yet ;)
18:08<Viddy>i hae a question
18:08<Viddy>when watching livetv, i go to change channel, it hangs
18:09<Viddy>i can pause and resume ok, i can skip backwards and forwards fiine
18:09<Viddy>any ideas?
18:09<Viddy>mythbackend still keeps on recording
18:09<bigguy>"Oh Allah, They BSOD'd my internet machine"
18:09<Viddy>hes secular
18:10<bigguy>but that doesn't mean his admins are ;)
18:10<bigguy>"I kill you"
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18:11<KingSoopa>man, i hate nforces
18:12<KingSoopa>upgraded to latest 2.4.20pre4 kernel
18:12<KingSoopa>and my ethernet still won't work
18:12<KingSoopa>nor will usb
18:12<KingSoopa>i am at the point i may smash the motherboard
18:12<PeteCool>get a pci net card, the good ones are 20$CDN here used
18:13<PeteCool>KingSoopa: send it to me instead :0
18:13<KingSoopa>i have other nic's
18:13<KingSoopa>but the nforce ruins it for them
18:13<KingSoopa>even though i am trying to set up things with mandrake 9.1
18:13<bigguy>KingSoopa: did you install the nvidia nforce drivers?
18:14<KingSoopa>bigguy, it comes with 9.1
18:14<KingSoopa>and i downloaded and installed the rpm just in case
18:14<bigguy>USB worked fine for me with the 2.4.18 that came with the latest debian iso
18:15<KingSoopa>what manufacturer/
18:15<bigguy>Abit Nf7-133r
18:15<KingSoopa>abit nv7m
18:15<KingSoopa>mine spazzes out
18:16<KingSoopa>claiming that it can't mount/init the third usb header
18:16<poptix>that commercial detection code is working pretty well
18:17<KingSoopa>you can skip commercials in myth now?
18:18<poptix>with the latest CVS there's some beta commercial detection
18:19<KingSoopa>i want to go crazy...
18:19<poptix>i already did
18:21<KingSoopa>the worst part is chut makes it sound so easy when setting up his nforce board
18:25<rkulagow_>chutt, you here?
18:26<rkulagow_>mailing you a patch to allow the user to select whether mythtv will control the mixer. (viddy complained here in IRC) sound ok?
18:26<poptix>mythtv is starting to sound like eggdrop =p
18:27* Viddyblinks, wonders when he did, but thinks its a nice thing that he catalysed something
18:27<poptix>10,001 different yes/no config options
18:28<Viddy>rkulagow_: does it control pcm, and master + mute?
18:29<Chutt>master and pcm
18:29<Chutt>muting's internal, just sets the volume to 0
18:29<Chutt>it sets master to whatever you tell it to, then adjusts pcm
18:30<poptix>grabbing raw hdtv data streams ..
18:30<Chutt>with a $1500 a/d card/
18:30<Chutt>?, rather
18:31<Chutt>$1500 a/d card
18:31<rkulagow_>viddy: this is what got me thinking: <Viddy> you need to call stay_the_heck_away_from_my_pcm_vol()
18:31* Viddywants one
18:31<poptix>i just like that it's on the horizon
18:31<Viddy>not a problem :)
18:32<poptix>i suppose the whole HDTV copy protection schemes that involve not having the right outputs will be moot
18:32<bigguy>poptix: where do you see them grabbing hdtv data streams?
18:33<Chutt>they're basically just making a tuner in software, is all
18:34<poptix>but it sure does open a world of possibilities
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20:54<PeteCool>bigguy: there's no such thing as an Abit nf7-133r... the nforce one boards use nv7-something. nf* is nforce2, but the only versions are nf7 and nf7-s (serial ata)
20:55<PeteCool>in practice your board and KingSoopa's one are the same, but for some added chips
20:55<PeteCool>unless you have an nforce2, but didn't really remember its name :)
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20:56<rcaskey>aww yeah..
20:58<PeteCool>those are the wrong aspect ratio
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21:00<PeteCool>What kind of CPU power would I need to be able to playback an mp4 recording at the same time that I record a new one? My Celeron 1100A can't cope with that
21:01<PeteCool>and with rtjpeg it's my hd that becomes the big bottleneck, it drops even more frames
21:01<rcaskey>not sure
21:02<PeteCool>what about a duron 1.2ghz? They're very inexpensive
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21:04<rcaskey>Pete: iv come pretty close on my 1 ghz duron
21:04<rcaskey>so 1.2 might do it
21:04<rcaskey>personally im waiting for multihead
21:04<rcaskey>err not multihead
21:04<rcaskey>but the ability to split recorder and playback
21:05<rcaskey>I really hope that Myth adds on SLP to go along with KDE :)
21:05<PeteCool>super long play?
21:05<rcaskey>Service Location Protocol
21:06<rcaskey>imagine all the resources on your net automagically shared
21:06<PeteCool>even my pr0n dir?
21:06<PeteCool>wouldn't want that
21:07<PeteCool>but I don't how it would help myth
21:09<rcaskey>quite simple. Myth would be split into three portions. Myth Broadcast, which took care of going from card to V4L stream, Myth Recorder which could be used to record things from any V4l stream including (*shocker* Myth Broadcast) and Myth V4lClient
21:10<PeteCool>hmm... what about bandwidth issues? uncompressed video is HUGE
21:10<rcaskey>Pete: V4L works fine over 100mbps compressed and of course gigabit is getting affordable these days
21:11<rcaskey>802.11 is still a no go from what I understand
21:11<rcaskey>at least the b flavor
21:37<PeteCool>both V4L versions support this?
21:39<rcaskey>Pete: both versions?
21:44<PeteCool>V4L, or V4L2, or both?
21:49<rcaskey>didnt know there were 2 versions
21:49<rcaskey>you need the videolan client too
21:49<rcaskey>and the videolan server
21:49<rcaskey>which im trying fiercely to resolve the deps on right now :)
21:51<PeteCool>rcaskey: don't they list them on their site, ala mythtv, where everything is clear?
21:51<rcaskey>not really
21:51<rcaskey>having to build stuff rom cvs
22:00<rcaskey>btw, Chutt, you here?
22:01<PeteCool>is there even a time Chutt isn't around? whatever time of the day I was here (8am~4am), he was here too :)
22:02<bigguy>just depends on what he is doing
22:02<bigguy>he is married you know
22:18<yebyen>SAQ HED!
22:20<PeteCool>hmm, maybe not 4am
22:20<PeteCool>but it wasn't far from that
22:21<PeteCool>I often do that on weekends
22:21<PeteCool>coding only happens at night for me
22:21<PeteCool>the 4am nights didn't start at 8am, anyways
22:43<yebyen>i'm watching Sister Act
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23:02<rcaskey>few,got it working
23:07<rcaskey>whats the name of the cable where all the signals are offset like 7500 Hz
23:07<rcaskey>is it called CVS cable or something?
23:11* Viddywonders wether it has stood up to the partner test in Chutt's household
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23:48<rcaskey>hmm, maby
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02:07* bigguyis [away -={ SLEEP }=- ]
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02:41<rkulagow_>mdz, you here?
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