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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-02-27

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00:27<moegreen>Bug report of the century: "Something broke, badly...
00:31<mdz>Joshua Bernstein is my new favorite mythtv-dev subscriber
00:31<mdz>"it didn't compile"
00:31<Chutt>he's emailed me privately a few times
00:31<mdz>let me guess
00:31<mdz>bug reports?
00:32<mdz>"is mythtv broken?"
00:32<Chutt>something about compiling it
00:32<Chutt>i didn't pay much attention
00:32<Chutt>ooh, neat, i just took down my mythtv box
00:32<Chutt>trying to figure out if it's possible to overlay stuff on top of a widgets
00:35<Chutt>ok, so let's not run _that_ code again
00:36<Chutt>ah well, bedtime
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00:38<bigguy>heh Chutt always heads to bed just before you get here
00:39<Timon>I was just going to comment on the new website. shocked the heck out of me :-)
00:39<Timon>Looks good though! Although, it looks just like all the other nuke sites out there :-)
00:40<bigguy>heh yeah
00:41<Timon>mdz, picked up a c++ book. Figured out what * and & are in english :-)
00:41<bigguy>what book did you get?
00:42<Timon>C++ from scratch. I actually borrowed it from a guy at work (I work at an IT whore shop) till my book comes in from
00:43<Timon>Picked it up off for $7 + $3.25 for s&h
00:43* Timonis a technology prostitue :-)
00:43<bigguy>I have several C books and Teach yourself C++ and a ORA C++ book
00:43<Timon>I hate the sams series of books.
00:44<bigguy>I got like 7 different C books from one of my old profs
00:44<bigguy>he gets them all the time for review
00:44<Timon>Picked up there "Linux Unleashed" book 7 or 8 years. Thats the most bug ridden book I've ever read.
00:45<Timon>You get them all the time? Buy them? you a book reviewer person? IT Whore?
00:45<bigguy>no I am an out of work loser
00:46<Timon>what did you do?
00:46<bigguy>I haven't had a tech job yet
00:46<bigguy>other than doing odd jobs for local people
00:46<Timon>How old are you if you don't mind my askin?
00:47<Timon>ok, you have a few years on me :-)
00:47<bigguy>I have worked for a few companies
00:47<bigguy>and I worked as a nursing aide
00:47<bigguy>but I am out of work now
00:47<Timon>dead people, eww :-)
00:48<Timon>I know, I'm messin with you :-)
00:48<bigguy>nursing aide for my cuz
00:48<bigguy>would love a tech job
00:49<Timon>tech jobs are great, but their is a lot of volitility
00:49<bigguy>It's just the ones I get offered are always somewhere else and don't include moving expenses
00:49<Timon>what part of country you in?
00:49<Timon><- Anchorage, Ak
00:49<Timon>hahaha, no tech jobs in hill-billy country :-)
00:49<bigguy>so as it stands now I am headed towards bankruptcy
00:49* Timonducks
00:50<bigguy>Timon: we have a higher percentage of tech jobs than alot of states
00:50<bigguy>Timon: it's just I can't get any here
00:50<Timon>whys that?
00:50<bigguy>no one's hiring
00:51<bigguy>"We have no positions available at this time, sir.
00:51<Timon>I remeber starting out in the tech industry. It sucks starting at the bottom. No one will hire you until you got skills, can't get skills till you get hired.
00:51<Timon>have you checked out
00:51<bigguy>Timon: heh
00:51<bigguy> nope
00:51<Timon>Click on option 2, don't register for their crap, you'll end up in spam central
00:51<Timon>You should check it out, its a help wanted agragator.
00:52<Timon>(option two is "find Jobs"
00:52<Timon>what part of ar you in?
00:53<bigguy>I'm looking :P
00:53<Timon>hehe, ok :-) 840 found in ar
00:54<Timon>I found 47 tech jobs in ar
00:55<bigguy>none in my area
00:55<bigguy>I need money to move, and I have none
00:55<Timon>Whats the average wage down their? (Trying to get a comparison. Up here its around $50k/yr)
00:56<Timon>Credit cards :-)
00:56<bigguy>I was fine until I lost my job at ARC. Then I got behind on bills
00:56<Timon>Or commute
00:56<bigguy>I don't evn have a working vehicle of my own
00:56<bigguy>transmission went out on my car
00:57<bigguy>and I'm in debt to creditors as it is
00:57<Timon>cars suck
00:57<Timon>what about unemployment?
00:57<bigguy>can't get it
00:57<Timon>whys that?
00:58<bigguy>I was getting cash from my uncle
00:58<bigguy>I was there for almost 2 years
00:58<bigguy>so last job on record would be ARC
00:58<Timon>I hate to say it, but mcdonalds is always hiring :(
00:59<bigguy>Timon: not around here :( I used to work there. once they get day people and closers it's hard to get rid of them
00:59<bigguy>BK just closed a while back
01:00<bigguy>Sonic will take apps but they only hire girls
01:00<bigguy>and thats pretty much it for this area
01:00<Timon>how big is the town your in?
01:00<bigguy>the one I live close to is only like 1000 people
01:00<Timon>man, thats tiny
01:00<bigguy>the one with mcdonalds and Sonic is like 25k
01:01<Timon>You guys have internet?!? (-:
01:01<bigguy>the 25k town has cable internet
01:01<Timon>cable modem rules.
01:01<bigguy>I can't get cable or dsl
01:02<Timon>Though I'm thinking about switching to DSL. Even though I hate pppoe and I hate the local telco even more.
01:02<Timon>what about starband? Satalite two way broadband
01:03<bigguy>I don't have the money for that
01:03<bigguy>my parent's pay for the dialup
01:03<bigguy>I just moved back here a few months ago
01:03<Timon>I have to jet, the wife wants my "attention" :-)
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11:56<dweezle37>Is it possible to specify more than one directory for mythtv or mythmusic?
11:56<dweezle37>seems like this would be useful for music located on another file seerver.. you may want to nfs mount it
11:56<Chutt>that's higher level than what it needs
11:57<dweezle37>what do you mean?
11:58<Chutt>if you want to nfs mount something in addition to what you have, just symlink it into the existing music directory
11:59<dweezle37>i c ... Yea.. i spose that would work...
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13:35<Chutt>just messin around with qt
13:43<moegreen>that could come in handy
13:44<Chutt>it's a little flickery
13:44<Chutt>well, the list view is
13:44<Chutt>since it's clearing then redrawing the item
13:44<Chutt>need to see if i could tie it in earlier for that, but..
13:44<moegreen>how do you do it - setup a paint area?
13:45<Chutt>i committed the code to cvs a little bit ago
13:45<Chutt>it's all commented out
13:45<moegreen>heh, still has the old school site :)
13:46<Chutt>i need to take the page down and replace it with a redirect to the real site
13:46<moegreen>is that code in the playbackbox.cpp?
13:47<moegreen>(found it)
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13:48<toddm>morning everyone
13:48<Chutt>moegreen, basically, it's just intercepting all the draw events for a widget, then drawing something on top of them when it's done
14:10<Chutt>toddm, so, that progress bar i committed last night something like you all had in mind?
14:10<toddm>i haven't had a chance to check it out yet, just saw the commit this morning.
14:16<mdz>what are the Q frames in nuv?
14:16<Chutt>seek table
14:21<toddm>chutt, one thing, does the progress bar have a 'spinner' mode?
14:21<toddm>that'd be useful when loading large mame roms
14:21<Chutt>i just based it off of the qprogressbar stuff
14:22<Chutt>oh, wait
14:22<Chutt>it could
14:23<toddm>it looks like if you set qprogressbar total to 0 it shows up as busy, but i'm not sure that would be the same as a spinner.
14:23<Chutt>i'm checking that out
14:28<Chutt>it bounces back and forth
14:28<Chutt>but you do have to tell it to update occasionally
14:29<Chutt>well, whenever you want it to move, actually =)
14:34<toddm>that sounds good. you could just set it up so each line xmame spits out until the last one which is "starting game" (or something similar) kicks the progress bar
14:36<toddm>i'll play around with it if i get some time tonight.
14:38<toddm>or maybe i can convince dan to actually do it since he's the one that's always been complaining about it.
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14:49<toddm>hi dan!
14:49<dconti>werd up t-dog
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15:22<eli>are startdata and enddate suppost to be "NULL" for programs scheduled to record in a certain time slot
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15:50<mdz>eli: yes, but it doesn't matter what they are, as they are ignored
15:51<mdz>eli: since it is recording based on the time only
15:51<eli>oh cuse its not recording anything set to record every day
15:52<eli>and i get a bunch of these from mythbackend if there is anything set to record ever day
15:52<eli>QDate::fromString: Parameter out of range.
15:55<mdz>those messages come from Qt 3.0, and are harmless
15:55<eli>oh, so why isn't it recording...
15:55<mdz>and there is some other reason why things are not being recorded as you expect
15:55<mdz>works fine here
15:58<eli>even if you set up the recording in mythweb?
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16:16<mdz>eli: dunno about that; you need a pretty recent mythweb for it to work at all
16:17<eli>yeah its from cvs...
16:17<eli>trying to debug now..
16:20<mdz>it may not be setting the type column correctly
16:20<mdz>what is it set to?
16:21<mdz>that's a timeslot record, so that seems correct
16:22<eli>hmm it seems to be recording it now
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16:23<[>DB Error: recorded program insertion failed, SQL query was:
16:23<[>INSERT INTO recorded (chanid,starttime,endtime,title,subtitle,description) VALUES(1005,"20030227150000","20030227160000","Dr. Phil","","The doctor advises children and parents on how to deal with schoolyard bullies.");
16:23<[>Driver error was:
16:23<[>QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
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16:25<eli>its in there now..
16:26<mdz>it was probably there already, and that's why it failed
16:26<eli>yeah i think it was
16:27<eli>all this cuse i got in trouble cuse it didn't record "American Idiot" last night...
16:28<eli>i did actully mean to type Idol, it just came out that way
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16:53<Viddy>eli: mythtv now has artificial intelligence, and knows not to record programs that are bad for you - thats why it wouldn't insert in the db :)
16:54<eli>i was looking for the line something like if ( Description = "reality tv" ) delete
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17:00<Viddy>this might be a problem:
17:00<Viddy>(1005,"20030227150000", <---- does the first one need "s around it?
17:00<Viddy>because the second one is a number as well, and has "" around it
17:01<Chutt>no, it doesn't
17:05<Timon>sup all
17:06<Timon>Chutt, the new website looks good!
17:06<Timon>I would like to see the font size a few points higher. Can't read that dang squintesimal font
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18:10<Timon>lively group tonight :-)
18:11<toddm>looks like everybody here has a bad case of the thursdays
18:11<dconti>oh todd. go polish your bling
18:11<Timon>haha, reminds me of a line from "Office Space" "Looks like someones got a case of the 'Mondays'"
18:11<toddm>bling! bling!
18:13<Timon>I have found the worse book every proof read.
18:13<toddm>has everyone heard that mr. rogers died today?
18:13<toddm>very sad news
18:13<Timon>C++ from scratch by Jesse Liberty. Horible proof reading
18:13<Timon>I know :(
18:14<Timon>I was saddened today when I read that.
18:14<Timon>I love mr rogers.
18:14<Timon>I just hope pbs keeps showing re-runs for a long time. I want my kids to be able to enjoy it!
18:17<toddm>i'm sure they will
18:20<Timon>I hope so
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18:29<Soopaman>ping pong
18:32<Timon>ding dong
18:46<Viddy>mr. rodgers?
18:59<Timon>Mr Rogers, from Mr Rogers Neighborhood
19:08<Soopaman>very very nice job on the website
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19:15<Timon>font needs to be a point size or two larger.
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19:27<TheAsp>hey chutt/mdz, how do you define what key does what in the frontend?
19:27<TheAsp>i want to add the i key to the view conflicts list
19:28<TheAsp>to pop up the recording info page
19:31<mdz>TheAsp: look around for 'Key_'
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19:33<TheAsp>does deleting a schudled recording also delete it's conflict entry?
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19:44<TheAsp>about the keys
19:45* TheAspgrumbles about c++
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19:50* Timongrumbles about pointers
19:52<TheAsp>mdz: do signal names have to be defiend anywhere?
19:52<TheAsp>or just where you connect it and emit it?
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20:01<TheAsp>obviously i need to declare it somewhere :P
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20:15<TheAsp>it works!
20:15<TheAsp>ok, it's all tied into the else at the end of selected(), so it's triggered on enter and space
20:16<TheAsp>so if there isn't a conflict, and the show isn't set to be not recorded by a conflict, it will give you the info menu
20:25<Timon>haha, 3 of us posted the exact same answer to a question on the dev list
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21:53<thor>Chutt, you there
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22:50<Soopaman>hey chutt, mdz, you guys ever look at this linuxtv api?
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23:51<Timon>This channel is very lively!
23:56<Timon>when do the pic's (People in charge) become active?