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00:00<Chutt>ah well
00:01<Chutt>i should go to bed
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09:58<rkulagow>chutt, are you here?
10:00<rkulagow>chutt, another user ran into the GuiHeight / GuiWidth issue that i mentioned here on IRC. have you considered resetting the default to 640x480 in the setup?
10:00<Chutt>just haven't gotten to it yet
10:00<Chutt>is all
10:01<rkulagow>ok, NP. thanks.
10:30<Chutt>the network code doesn't really work well for huge video files
10:30<Chutt>like full-size mjpeg
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11:03<Chutt>some guy just emailed me complaining that the new site doesn't let him use a change detecting http bot
11:03<Chutt>woe is me
11:14<Chutt>rkulagow, just checked in stuff to make the default just plain old fullscreen
11:17<moegreen>so he has a bot that tell hims when MythTV's site has changed? heh - it's so lazy I love it!
11:19<Chutt>ah, i forgot that guy's more intelligent playlist stuff
11:20<moegreen>rkulagow: are you still around?
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12:19<rkulagow>moegreen: i'm back (had a conf call for work)
12:21<moegreen>rkulagow: i just wanted to see if you were still having problems with the MythWeather config
12:21<moegreen>it's in cvs now and seems to be working (did for chutt at least)
12:25<rkulagow>moegreen: i haven't had the cycles to really look at it. i think that the problem is that even at 15, the aggressive level may not be enough. i might replace the FQDN with the IP address I get from dig, just to make sure that it isn't something like that. (currently, is mapping to
12:25<rkulagow>(the is a celeron 450Mhz machine not doing anything else. it shouldn't be lack of CPU)
12:26<moegreen>rkulagow: someone else had a problem similar to matter what he set his aggr level to (I had him up to 300) it just wasn't resolving...I had him put in the IP of and it worked fine ... odd
12:28<rkulagow>right - i think i remember that here in IRC. i'll see if it works.
12:30<moegreen>alright ... i've got the program finder putting titles that start with The [whatever] being put into the first letter of the second word
12:33<rkulagow>moegreen: did you fix the issue with the letters of the alphabet still being displayed after choosing a location? remember: it was saying "A Darien, GA", "B Darien, IL", etc. (just synced to CVS, so the devel box is going to take a while to compile everything)
12:34<Chutt>moegreen, excellent =)
12:35<Chutt>moegreen, same thing can be done with 'A ...'?
12:35<moegreen>I think so, I've got to find a way to get it to sory the data to be mixed in (currently at the The's are at the end)
12:36<moegreen>rkulagow: do you mean that the list of letters on the left stays there?
12:36<moegreen>i guess i could have it clear those letters...didn't think about that
12:37<rkulagow>for mythweather setup? it appears to. i'm recompiling now to make sure i'm not giving you false or outdated information.
12:38<moegreen>rkulagow: the letters should stay there (in the left column), although they should not change as your go down the list
12:39<rkulagow>the other thing that i've noticed is that it's difficult to tell where the focus is sometimes. for example, on mythweather setup, if you're using the Iulius theme, the selector bar is black and a sort of bluish color. have you thought about putting in a "gumball" that moves along with the selection bar? that way, it's easy to tell...
12:40<rkulagow>again, i'll not say anything more until i get the code compiled and can look at it again...
12:44<rkulagow>ok, i'm running mythweather. minor point. Fahrenheit and Celsius are people's names, so the first letter should be Cap. MPH and KPH are acronyms, so they should be all caps.
12:45<rkulagow>(sorry, this is mythweather setup, in case context was ambiguous)
12:50<rkulagow>ok, again, using Iulius. move the bar down to Location. Location gets highlighted with a light blue/gray bar. the Black bar is now in the cities pane. however, the black bar is sitting on "A Darien Center, NY" rather than "D Darien, IL" (which is already in my settings as USIL0296). when i right arrow to get to the cities pane, i now have _two_ black bars. one is on "A Darien Center, NY" and the other is on "Darien, IL", with the exception that the "D
12:51<rkulagow>bar on it.
12:54<rkulagow>i then right arrow again, and i can choose my city. "A Darien Center, NY" still has a black bar on it. as i scroll through the cities in "D", the light blue bar stays in the center of the pane, but whichever city is located to the right of the "A" ends up in a black bar.
12:54<rkulagow>whew! did that make any sense?
12:55<moegreen>hmmm...kinda, I'm going to pick Darien, IL - I'm using Illuis too - so I'll see if I can reproduce
12:56<moegreen>ok, i see what you mean
12:57<moegreen>it seems to be looking at the A instead of the middle ... I probably didn't notice it because A isn't even on my screen for State College
13:00<moegreen>ok, it's in CVS - let me know if that fixed it, did on this end
13:00<rkulagow>let me resync
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13:08<rkulagow>ok, looks good. did you intend for this to _not_ be a circular list, meaning that top and bottom don't wrap around?
13:11<Soopaman>i will pay you guys 10 dollars, and 2 pita pit wraps, for the rights to mythtv
13:14<moegreen>rkulagow: yeah, since it's not using a database and since the letter C has 3000+ cities, it was just easier this way :)
13:16<rkulagow>moegreen: NP. any thoughts on the other thing i mentioned, like a gumball or triangle to indicate "focus"? (or get rid of all the other colored bars on screen?) just some ideas.
13:16<rkulagow>your code, so whatever is best.
13:18<moegreen>rkulagow: i can see how it might be distracting on the imperial/SI units, but what about the other places? it's a pretty easy change I guess
13:18<moegreen>here's a question, should I have it The Net or Net, The etc? I'm thinking the former -- any thoughts?
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13:19<moegreen>i.e. The Net, The Nanny, The People's Court
13:35<justin>leaving it alone makes sense:)
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13:50<rkulagow>moegreen: howabout the capital letters thing i mentioned?
13:51<rkulagow>moegreen: have you considered a fallback to a hard coded IP in mythweather if DNS keeps failing on the lookup?
13:56<moegreen>yeah, I'll do the capital letters, the DNS thing is really wierd
13:56<moegreen>i can probably add something there
14:01<rkulagow>do you want me to strace mythweather or try to run it in gdb? this is 100% reproducible on my devel box
14:04<moegreen>yeah, I'm not sure what's going on there ... I thought it might have something to do w/ QT but I'm not sure
14:16<moegreen>rkulagow: does it happen on your other machine?
14:37<rkulagow>the piii/733? no, that one works, but it's not the devel box, so i don't like to mess with it.
14:40<rkulagow>but then again, all of myth is devel, so i'm cvs'ing right now. :)
14:42<moegreen>heh, just trying to find out why it works for most everybody else :)
14:42<rkulagow>because they're not as special as i am.
14:50<rkulagow>moegreen: the new code works fine on the piii/733. i'll see if i can debug on the celeron a little more later.
14:52<moegreen>ok, thanks!
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15:45<rkulagow>moegreen: replacing "" with the ip address that i get from "dig" works in mythweather. not sure why the QT hostlookup is failing at that point, since obviously DNS works ok on this box.
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15:49<moegreen>that's the same thing I saw with the other person
15:49<divine_poptix>rkulagow: i've had that same problem
15:51<rkulagow>hrmm. any similarities then? this is Mandrake 9.1B3 on a celeron 450. using an external resolver (
15:51<moegreen>alright! i've got the program finder ignoring the "A " and "The "
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16:01<divine_poptix>rkulagow: redhat 8, athlon xp 2100, local dns server
16:01<divine_poptix>(local, as in on the same machine)
16:04<divine_poptix>i need to make my own mythtv theme
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16:57* solarcepokes mdz_
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16:57<mdz_>solarce: ?
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16:58<solarce>14:37 #mythtv: < mdz_> solarce: you can't "buy out" a free software project
16:58<solarce>what is that about?
16:58<choenig>solarce: read the next line
16:59<solarce>choenig: there is no next line, that is in my msg log, I have been gone for a couple days
16:59<solarce>misnick then?
16:59<TheAsp>chutt: if you want the patch, and you didn't get the email, it's here... if not, *shrug*
17:00<choenig>Mar 03 20:39:17 <mdz_> solarce: you can't "buy out" a free software project
17:00<choenig>Mar 03 20:39:19 <Soopaman> how/who do you grab the feeds from?
17:00<choenig>Mar 03 20:39:20 <mdz_> er, Soopaman
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17:06<mdz_>solarce: mistell, I meant to talk to soopaman
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17:59<toddm>chutt: i'm adding the progress bar on loading for mame right now and i don't see the function to kick a busy bar. do you remember what it was?
18:19<Chutt>just call setProgress(1)
18:19<Chutt>on it
18:20<toddm>ok, thanks
18:31-!-chuckf_ [~chuckf@] has joined #mythtv
18:32<toddm>that doesn't seem to be the magic i need. from the docs, i thought i could set total count to 0 and i'll get a busy bar, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. do you know if there's any example code that uses the progress bar that way? i couldn't find any.
18:33<chuckf_>what up toddm?
18:33<toddm>what's up chuck?
18:33<moegreen>the new commercial skip stuff worked really good for my test recording
18:34<chuckf_>just working really hard of course.
18:34<toddm>i expect no less
18:34<toddm>you've got to cover for me now.
18:34<chuckf_>I know someone has to spend the day playing mame.
18:35<toddm>that reminds me, i need to add c# and mame to my resume
18:35<chuckf_>heh, did you write any c#?
18:35<toddm>yeah, even some sql
18:35<chuckf_>you're a machine.
18:36<toddm>just two nuts and a cock, nothing more
18:36<chuckf_>I've always said your nothing but a cock.
18:37<chuckf_>toddm, go check out "the pizza hut saga" in the news section of
18:38<toddm>oh yeah, that was in rolling stone a while ago. did you check out the tracks?
18:38<chuckf_>yeah, "bitch, where's the motherfuckin cheese at?"
18:38<toddm>i don't know why they didn't sign on
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20:05<divine_poptix>hanging from None to WatchingLiveTV
20:05<divine_poptix>ERROR opening file '/media/mythtv/1043_20030304190000_20030304200000.nuv' in ThreadedFileWriter.
20:05<divine_poptix>Segmentation fault
20:05<divine_poptix>nice error handling =p
20:06<moegreen>just graceful enough to let you know there was a problem :)
20:08<TheAsp>hmm, going into view conflicts seems to take out mythbackend
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20:26<TheAsp>ok, have a backtrace
20:26<TheAsp>looks like some utf8 oddness...
20:29<moegreen>it dies here too
20:31<TheAsp>cleaned out everything that would have had a utf8 issue from the db
20:31<TheAsp>different segfault
20:33<moegreen>i'm getting programinfo.cpp:316 if (record == NULL) {
20:34<mdz>divine_poptix: patch
20:36<TheAsp>mine is in qmap somewhere :P
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20:38-!-SoopaMech is now known as Soopaman
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21:14* TheAspsegfaults chutt
21:14<Chutt>fix it yourself
21:15<TheAsp>cant find anything you've changed since the 2nd that would affect it
21:15<Chutt>lots of stuff in the backend has changed since then
21:16<TheAsp>i've noticed...
21:16<TheAsp>doing a diff -D
21:18<TheAsp>did the select that gets a recorded programs info change? I had a show with a \xC1 in it, qt was flipping out over that
21:19<TheAsp>but this is something else
21:22<Chutt>i'll get it fixed soon enough
21:22<moegreen>I was thinking of making this an option for the alt. epg:
21:23<divine_poptix>mdz: hmm?
21:23<Chutt>should be possible to blend the color onto the background as well
21:23<Chutt>if you wanted to use the existing blending functions in there =)
21:23<moegreen>isn't it already doing that? It just hard to tell on the illuis background I think
21:24<Chutt>looks like it's solid in that picture
21:24<TheAsp>heh, sgt. bilko :p
21:24<TheAsp>i think he's doing it
21:24<TheAsp>look under Courage the Cow
21:25<TheAsp>well, bottom left of it anyway
21:25<Chutt>ah, i guess
21:25<Chutt>it's just not very transparent =)
21:25<Chutt>moegreen, aren't using the same stuff the other epg uses?
21:25<moegreen>it's using what was there
21:26<moegreen>i just tried it on the 'blue' theme and I can see the background coming through
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21:26<Chutt>ah, ok
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21:27<TheAsp>anything in qt that would make building a widget based epg easy?
21:27<Chutt>theasp, that segfault's fixed
21:28<TheAsp>err, which?
21:28<TheAsp>i had 2 aparently
21:28<Chutt>both of yours
21:28<Chutt>it was the same thing
21:28<Chutt>threading issue
21:28<TheAsp>o, ok
21:29<Chutt>moegreen, that looks cleaner than the other kind of boxes in the alt-epg, imo
21:29<TheAsp>yeah, it does
21:29<Chutt>the round boxes look a little busy sometimes
21:30<moegreen>well i've got it as an option, I'll set this as the default then
21:30<Chutt>need to ask nathan to make some arrows
21:30<Chutt>instead of drawing em by hand, too =)
21:30<Chutt>be a bit easier
21:31<moegreen>heh, yeah
21:31<Chutt>are you going to add some sort of box so those uncategorized shows don't just float in empty space?
21:32<moegreen>i guess I could, what color should it be?
21:32<Chutt>i dunno
21:32<Chutt>just looks a little weird there, like the cosby show -> cheers
21:33<TheAsp>there's no premade screen that asks if you want to delete a scheduled recording is there?
21:33<TheAsp>other then the program info screen?
21:35<Chutt>theasp, that's why i'm not going to put the info screen from the conflicts menu in
21:35<Chutt>since it needs some way to disallow moving an allrecord into a single record or whatnot
21:35<TheAsp>*ahem* want a way to do that?
21:36<Chutt>mdz's going to be messing with all that soonish
21:36<TheAsp>i was thinking of adding a list that would show what times it's set to record, and be able to toggle each one on and off
21:37<TheAsp>inside the view program list
21:38-!-r1ckt3r [] has quit ["Trillian ("]
21:40<TheAsp>i have changed from all record to single record on purpose using it though :)
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21:49<TheAsp>oh, i upped that write buffer from 2mb to 6mb
21:50<TheAsp>seems to help comercial skipping while recording
21:54<mdz>Chutt: I've made it so that findallprogramstorecord marks each programinfo as a duplicate if it is
21:54<mdz>Chutt: the scheduler skips over them
21:54<mdz>Chutt: and the conflict screen could display them in a different color
21:55<mdz>it also just occurred to me that the conflict screen could, if the user selects one marked as a duplicate, delete the oldrecorded entry and allow it to be recorded again
21:55<mdz>that would make a pretty simple way to get at oldrecorded
21:56<mdz>that would kill both problems I mentioned yesterday at once
21:56<mdz>showing the user why it is being skipped, and letting them change it
21:57<mdz>I haven't done anything with the conflicts screen yet, but I've done some simple testing of the scheduler bits and it seems to be equivalent
21:59<Chutt>btw, where the hell am i forcing alsa on people?
22:00<TheAsp>you are strongly suggesting it in the howto aparently :P
22:00<mdz>the howto and faq and stuff just happen to have some troubleshooting info for alsa
22:01<Chutt>alsa supports full-duplex in more cards than the oss drivers
22:01<mdz>the alsa kernel api sucks less
22:01<Chutt>and that's pretty much the only reason i suggest using it
22:01<Chutt>eh, the alsa lib sucks
22:01<Chutt>it's way overcomplicated
22:01<mdz>kernel api
22:01<Chutt>ah, nm =)
22:02<divine_poptix>yaddi yaddi
22:02<divine_poptix>my emu10k1 has no problem with full duplex, and multiple opens on /dev/dsp
22:02<divine_poptix>everyone should be using an emu10k1
22:03<Chutt>if you want crappy sound, sure
22:03<divine_poptix>alsa, oss, who cares =p
22:03<mdz>I could speed up the scheduler and conflict screen quite a bit more I think
22:03<divine_poptix>Chutt: crappy sound where?
22:03<Chutt>mdz, do whatever you want to the scheduler, just don't break it =)
22:03<Chutt>poptix, the sblive is widely accepted as having crappy sound :p
22:03<Chutt>it internally resamples _everything_ to 48khz
22:03<divine_poptix>Chutt: sounds great to me =p
22:04<mdz>Chutt: when I did the scheduledrecording stuff, I meant to go back and have it populate the programinfo with the recording info when it does the big query, since it has enough information. but I didn't finish, and so it does a query on each program to get the record status again
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22:08<Chutt>aside from bugfixes
22:08<Chutt>i'm ready for 0.8
22:08<Chutt>and docs updating =)
22:09<mdz>hmm, my little scheduler testing program broke sometime since I worked on this stuff last
22:09<mdz>is it ok to pass an empty tvList into it if I only want to do fillrecordlists and printlist?
22:10<mdz>ah, it can be NULL
22:10<Chutt>it can't be null anymore
22:10<mdz>there is an if (tvList) in there
22:10<Chutt>well, the multicard conflict res stuff requires a tvlist
22:10<mdz>seems to work ok
22:10<mdz>does that get called from fillrecordlist?
22:10<Chutt>that just went away =)
22:11<Chutt>in my last commit
22:11<Chutt>like 20 minutes ago
22:11<mdz>well thanks a lot :-)
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22:12<moegreen>Chutt: is the program finder acting better now? No The category and all
22:12<Chutt>moegreen, i haven't tried it yet
22:12<Chutt>need to update my program db
22:13-!-justin [] has joined #mythtv
22:14<mdz>phew, it still works ok with NULL
22:14<Chutt>i'll do that now
22:14<mdz>for my purposes anyway
22:14<Chutt>mdz, as long as you don't call the multicard conflict resolution stuff
22:14<Chutt>it'll be fine
22:15-!-PeteCool [] has joined #mythtv
22:15<mdz>it's very handy to be able to build the test program with the old scheduler and the new, to make sure the output is the same
22:15<PeteCool>my "Fix conflicts" section is broken, myth freezes when I try to go there... any ideas why that might happen?
22:15<Chutt>update cvs
22:16<PeteCool>I just did minutes ago
22:16<Chutt>then look to see what's wrong and fix it.
22:16<mdz>fix your db
22:17-!-PeteCool_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:17-!-PeteCool [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:18<justin>what is it with people insisting that you have to use alsa to get things to work?
22:18<moegreen>Chutt: what's the new survey going to be?
22:18<Chutt>moegreen, i dunno
22:18<Chutt>any ideas?
22:19<moegreen>not sure ... I'll have to think about that. You're running out of things on your TODO list, btw =)
22:20<Chutt>i'll update the todo list once i get 0.8 out the door
22:20<bigguy>justin: in some cases you do, but not every
22:21<bigguy>my isp sold out my email
22:22<bigguy>every single email in this spam is
22:23<Chutt>i accidently upgraded xmltv
22:23<bigguy>silly Chutt
22:27<PeteCool_>looks like one query is wrong/failing...
22:30-!-Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
22:31<PeteCool_>My db definitions match the current ones
22:44-!-TheAsp [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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23:31-!-FredFunk [] has joined #mythtv
23:33<Soopaman>mdz, you were talking to me?
23:38<Captain_Murdoch>anyone in here ever worked with Xshm in X?
23:38<moegreen>Captain_Murdoch: that new commercial code works great...nice work
23:40<Captain_Murdoch>thanks. I've been working some on the offline processing stuff trying to get the basic function working then can get it called from somewhere and start adding in detection methods
23:40<Captain_Murdoch>I'm trying to add Xshm support to XJ.cpp for non-Xv mode and it's hosing up on the XShmPutImage call and google's not helping any on the error message. :(
23:42-!-PeteCool_ [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
23:46<moegreen>is it a runtime error or compiler error?
23:47<Captain_Murdoch>runtime. "integer parameter out of range for operation" major opcode 148
23:47<Captain_Murdoch>can't find anyone with opcode 148 and that message.
23:48<Captain_Murdoch>148 means mit-shm I think but that doesn't help much since I know it's using shm since it's XShmPutImage().
23:48<moegreen>what parameters are you passing it?
23:48<-- FredFunkhas quit ()
23:49<Captain_Murdoch>XShmPutImage(data->XJ_disp, data->XJ_curwin, data->XJ_gc, image,
23:49<Captain_Murdoch>0, 0, 0, 0, curw, curh, False );
23:50<Captain_Murdoch>image is an XImage that had it's data allocated and setup as shared memory. The shared memory setup seems to be working. I'm checking the resulds of shmget and shmattach and they're ok.
23:53<Captain_Murdoch>might have found it..
23:55<moegreen>Major opcode of failed request: 148 (GLX)
23:59<Captain_Murdoch>found out what it was. something obvious... :) I was using XJ_height and XJ_width to create the image but they aren't the scaled resolution of the final image. so I was creating too small of an image.
23:59<Captain_Murdoch>still maxing out my Athlon 700 cpu displaying a 352x480 video scaled to 800x600. trying w/o scaling now.