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10:08<rkulagow>chut: does the "encoder available" take into consideration "disk space free"?
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14:25<Raphael>anybody know why I haven't got any sqldrivers in my $QTDIR/plugins under Redhat 8.0 ?
14:25<Chutt>didn't install the rpm?
14:25<Raphael>of qt?
14:26<Raphael>I have the official qt rpm installed
14:26<Raphael>but the mythtv setup program borks over missing sqldrivers
14:26<Chutt>for the qt-mysql driver, not qt.
14:27<Chutt>it's in the docs
14:27<Chutt>which you should be reading.
14:27<Raphael>was it a FAQ question? Terrible sorry if it was ...
14:27<mdz_>no, not in the FAQ...must be the howto
14:27<mdz_>in fact, I think there's a "building on red hat 8" section
14:28<mdz_>oh, no, that's about mysql
14:28<Raphael>yeah, read those alright
14:28<Raphael>but I think Chutt is right, I'm simply missing a separate rpm
14:28<Chutt>it tells you to install the qt-mysql rpm
14:28<Chutt>in the docs.
14:29<Chutt>it even gives you a command line to do so :p
14:31<Raphael>god dammit :)
14:48<rkulagow>moegreen: are you here?
14:48<Chutt>i believe he's gone for the week
14:50<rkulagow>ah; i noticed that the weather icon for "fair" is showing a crescent moon...
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14:52<nziarek>rkulagow: I am going to work on some new icons for MythWeather soon; I was told the other ones were too jagged =) I'll be sure to include a new "fair" icon
14:55<Chutt>nziarek, think that'd be ready by the weekend?
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14:55<nziarek>don't see why not
14:58<nziarek>I'll get started today sometime so they will be for sure...
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15:06<PeteCool>Chutt: what new features are you working on lately?
15:14<nziarek>I don't have the graphics handy - can someone tell me the size of the Weather graphics?
15:14<Chutt>200x150, looks like
15:15<nziarek>sounds right - thanks
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15:26<Chutt>mdz, you rebuilt those unstable debs, didn't you?
15:27<rkulagow>chutt: i've got the .pdf of the docs hosted on another site. you said you didn't want them uploaded to CVS, so were you going to make a link from the main site somewhere?
15:27<Chutt>put a link in the docs
15:27<Chutt>i think that'd be best
15:27<Chutt>"If you want this as pdf, go here"
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15:49<inman>i think the "fair" icon is a riot. evil crescent moon.
15:56<mdz_>Chutt: yes, I did
15:57<Chutt>that's what i thought
15:57<inman>oh, i forgot about the external changer stuff. i will have it done this evening.
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16:08<rkulagow>chutt: are you going to change the mc.sql grant command and change from localhost to something like %1, or try to make it more granular, security wise?
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16:27<TheAsp>in the record table, what value for type is always record?
16:27* inmannods.
16:30<TheAsp>3 is channel record?
16:32<TheAsp>showing the scheduled recordings was showing chan nums for some schedules that were 4's in mythweb
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17:11<inman>if i play a recording from the "delete recordings" page and then try to delete it, the frontend hangs after pushing the "Yes, delete it" button.
17:12<Chutt>where's it hang?
17:12<inman>at the "really delete it?" page.
17:12<Chutt>in the source.
17:13<inman>if you can't reproduce it, i'll make a more useful report.
17:13* inmanshrugs helplessly.
17:13<Chutt>there's nothing i want to delete right now
17:13<inman>i'll get back to you.
17:13* inmangiggles.
17:13<inman>i guess i can attach a trace to the process
17:15<inman>weird. it seems like a focus issue.
17:15<inman>i get it. the dialog just isn't getting destroyed.
17:16<rkulagow>chutt: did you see my question about mc.sql for 0.8?
17:16<Chutt>rkulagow, no, i'm not planning on changing it
17:16<TheAsp>inman: what wm you using?
17:16<inman>my window manager mangles myth pretty well, but i think this is an undesirable feature.
17:16<inman>asp: ion
17:17<rkulagow>ok, so i'll put manual instructions on the grant command to allow other backends to connect to the master
17:17<TheAsp>everything works if i am on the same desktop if its doing stuff
17:17<Chutt>which dialog, the qt one?
17:17* inmannods.
17:17<Chutt>if you select a button, the dialog gets destroyed
17:17<TheAsp>but if i changed then the screen gets hidden
17:17<inman>Chutt: maybe in qt-3.1... heh.
17:17<Chutt>that's the only way the response goes back
17:17<Chutt>the buttons are tied to accept()
17:17<inman>i can't switch button focus
17:17<Chutt>they close the dialog
17:18<inman>the original window works (i can move the selection bar)
17:18<inman>wait, the program wasn't removed from it.
17:18<Chutt>because it's sitting waiting for you to select something
17:18<inman>here's the thing. it's like it froze on the accept.
17:18<inman>i did select to remove it.
17:19<inman>but when i trace it, i see it do stuff when i change the focus of completely unrelated windows.
17:19<inman>it's blocking on a select.
17:19<inman>now i have two "Really delete?" dialogs open.
17:20<Chutt>i don't bother making those dialogs truely modal, since they're full-screen
17:20<inman>the frontend crashed when i left the "delete programs" screen.
17:21<inman>Chutt: whatever it's doing, it's not working in my wm.
17:21<Chutt>use a different wm, then.
17:21<Chutt>i don't really feel like catering to the wm of the week :p
17:21<inman>Chutt: is it too much to ask that myth let the wm do its job in positioning and scaling windows?
17:21<inman>Chutt: you're not following the standard.
17:21<Chutt>what standard?
17:22<Chutt>i'm asking for borderless windows
17:22<inman>window managers manage windows.
17:22<Chutt>the window manager is giving me borderless windows
17:22<inman>yeah. i don't think the problem is with the wm.
17:22<Chutt>i'm assuming the window manager does the right thing with keyboard focus
17:22<inman>which is what?
17:22<inman>the wm defines focus.
17:22<Chutt>most don't, unless they're set to click-to-focus
17:23<Chutt>how am i not following the standard?
17:23<inman>it sounds like you're making assumptions about what the wm will do with the windows.
17:23<inman>how was i able to create 3 "Really delete?" dialogs?
17:23<inman>is that a "feature"?
17:24<Chutt>because you didn't close the existing one
17:24<inman>how could i?
17:24<Chutt>by changing focus to another window
17:24<inman>changing focus != close-destroy
17:25<Chutt>you were able to open up multiple delete dialogs because you changed focus to another window
17:25<Chutt>i already said why i don't make those popups true modal
17:26<inman>in my opinion, yours is a lame reason.
17:26<inman>the wm defines the size/position of the window.
17:26<inman>you do not.
17:26<Chutt>no, it doesn't
17:26<Chutt>i do
17:26<Chutt>this is not a desktop app.
17:27* inmansighs.
17:27<Chutt>it is not designed to live nicely on your desktop with your web browser or whatever else you want
17:27<inman>this project is so bittersweet.
17:27<Chutt>if it were, the UI would be completely different.
17:27<inman>whatever else? what, like a fscking wm?
17:29<Chutt>if the wm interferes with things, then yes.
17:29<Chutt>use a different wm.
17:30<inman>the fact is, if i submitted a patch to make this behavior an option, you wouldn't commit it.
17:30<Chutt>what behavior?
17:30<Chutt>making the windows borderless?
17:30<inman>the behavior which you consider counter to the design.
17:31<Chutt>what behavior?
17:31<inman>"this is not a desktop app."
17:31<inman>"it is not designed to live nicely on your desktop with your web browser or whatever else you want"
17:31<Chutt>that's not behavior
17:31<Chutt>that's design
17:31<Chutt>what behavior?
17:32<inman>if i submitted a patch to make this design an option, you wouldn't commit it. correct?
17:32<Chutt>so, what would you change?
17:32<inman>whatever i needed to.
17:32<Chutt>ok, so, you don't have any idea what you'd change
17:32<TheAsp>Chutt: what would you need to link against to get an alternative frontend working?
17:33<inman>i have the ideas you've given me here, and that's about it.
17:33<TheAsp>is it abstracted enough to do that?
17:33<Chutt>theasp, not really
17:33<Chutt>it probably could be done
17:33<TheAsp>i'm sick of waiting for gstreamer to release some goodness
17:33<inman>asp: myth wasn't /designed/ to do that. ;-P
17:33<TheAsp>shush you
17:34<Chutt>it's designed to run on a tv
17:34* inmangiggles.
17:34<inman>Chutt: look, i want it to run on a tv.
17:34<Chutt>the whole ui is built against that
17:34<inman>but i want to debug and generally fuck around on a pc.
17:34<Chutt>no, you just said you don't want it to do that
17:34<Chutt>you want managed windows, with borders
17:34<Chutt>you want menus on the top
17:34<inman>i want there to be an option. i don't care about borders.
17:34<TheAsp>(i don't :P)
17:34<Chutt>then _what would you change_
17:35<Chutt>you're talking about writing a patch that you don't have any idea what it would do
17:35<TheAsp>hey, if i was going to do a ui it would be desktop centered, you have the tv with a remote thing down :)
17:35<inman>i would let the wm focus windows. i'd make the whole frontend "modal" (if it means what i think it means).
17:35<inman>Chutt: it wouldn't be the first time.
17:35<TheAsp>but it would still be fullscreen
17:35<Chutt>the wm focus's windows
17:35<Chutt>i assume that the user isn't going through and changing focus to windows lower in the stack
17:35<TheAsp>inman: the problem arises because it creates new windows for everything
17:36<inman>let me just give you a brief description of what my experience is like.
17:36<Chutt>theasp, right, because that's the easiest way to handle things
17:36<Chutt>especially for stuff like mythweather, or mythmusic
17:36<TheAsp>making windows modal will just piss me off.
17:36<inman>my experience, using ion/myth:
17:36<inman>i launch the frontend. it appears in a xinerama window somewhere.
17:36<inman>i have to scroll through my workspaces to find it. fine.
17:36<TheAsp>C: couldnt you have like a miniwm that grabs all the myth windows?
17:37<inman>i hit "Watch TV", and a MythTV window pops up, which i wm grabs.
17:37<inman>the MythTV window is in a normal workspace, eg. a desktop, so i have to scroll around to get it.
17:37<Chutt>theasp, hell, i could write my own extremely lightweight wm
17:37<Chutt>but then people wouldn't use it, and i'd be back to people whining about things on irc
17:38<Chutt>inman, the video playback window is going to be the same as the others soon enough
17:38<Chutt>same borderless qt window
17:38<inman>most of the other windows do something similar, it's almost random as to whether they will pop up windows on the desktop or using xinerama.
17:38<inman>Chutt: i have never asked for you to implement anything.
17:38<inman>Chutt: all i've ever asked is that you make it /possible/ for me to /somehow/ make myth work the way i want.
17:38<inman>Chutt: if that means a "StupidInmanCodeSupport" option, so be it.
17:39<TheAsp>inman: you could do it in your own tree
17:39<inman>asp: i have, but it gets dangerous when merging in CVS.
17:39<Chutt>if the patch is clean and doesn't change existing behavior
17:39<TheAsp>inman: just watch for C's :)
17:39<Chutt>why wouldn't i accept it?
17:39* inmanfrowns.
17:40<Chutt>but, you don't have any idea what you'd change
17:40* TheAspgrumbles about PCM to chutt :)
17:40<Chutt>theasp, you're changing behavior in an undesired way, there
17:40<inman>i dunno. why wouldn't you accept the alpha-option patch i suggested yesterday?
17:40<inman>why don't you accept the sql updates i submit? they are clean and don't change existing behavior, except on a system like mine.
17:40<TheAsp>i just want an option over what mixer control to mess wiht :)
17:41<Chutt>inman, bah, fine, submit something
17:41<Chutt>err, theasp
17:41<mdz_>inman: what is a "xinerama window"?
17:41<inman>look, i'm not trying to push you around.
17:41<TheAsp>heh, ok :P
17:41<Chutt>theasp, that's just wrong, but i do see that xmms also has the option
17:41<inman>if you want to reject patches, that's your business. but it means i'm going to ask you before i try to submit stuff.
17:41<Chutt>and i asked what you'd modify
17:41<Chutt>and you can't answer that
17:42<Chutt>so how can i know if i'll reject it?
17:42<inman>yeah. when i have a patch, i will submit it.
17:42<inman>i'm not going to make vast changes to the code if it's not going to be accepted.
17:42<inman>part of what makes the code worth writing is that someone else may benefit.
17:42<Chutt>btw, try current cvs's program guide
17:42<inman>i don't bother submitting the crap i code up for myself.
17:42<Chutt>should be a tad quicker
17:42<inman>i saw the commit, and i appreciate it even if i had nothing to do with motivating it. ;-P
17:43<Chutt>well, i was in there to fix the bad scaling of the channel icons
17:43<inman>mdz_: i don't know. my wm handles xinerama windows by creating new workspaces.
17:43<Chutt>so i took a look at that
17:43<inman>what was the fix, briefly?
17:43<Chutt>it's not really fixed, i just sped things up a little
17:44<mdz_>inman: xinerama is an X server extension to merge multiple physical displays into one logical display
17:44<inman>mdz_: i don't know how normal xinerama windows work, so i can't really contrast 'em with mine...
17:44<Chutt>mainly it was slow conversion of a qpixmap to a qimage, which i minimized the amount of
17:44<mdz_>inman: if you don't have more than one physical display, you can't possibly be using xinerama
17:44<Chutt>and if you turn off the channel colors (in qtlook.txt, by commenting them out), it should be really quick, now.
17:44<inman>mdz_: all i know is that i got the behavior to change by turning off xinerama, and i have only one physical display.
17:44* inmanshrugs.
17:45<mdz_>inman: how did you turn off xinerama if you aren't using it?
17:45<inman>Chutt: is qtlook.txt migrating into the DB any time soon?
17:45<inman>mdz_: it defaults to "On", AFAICT.
17:45<inman>mdz_: i posted my patch, i think, to util.cpp.
17:45<TheAsp>where is the setup menu stuff hidden?
17:45<nziarek>inman: isn't qtlook.txt theme specific?
17:46<Chutt>no, it's not
17:46<inman>nziarek: so?
17:46<Chutt>qtlook's theme specific
17:46<inman>why does that mean it can't go into the DB?
17:46<Chutt>the rest of the theme stuff isn't in the db
17:46<nziarek>inman: as a theme designer that doesn't know anything about how to put my variables into the database, I don't think I'd like that :)
17:47<TheAsp>inman: would you store the images that theme uses in the db too?
17:47<Chutt>i don't really see a need
17:47<Chutt>it's just used for colors, it's loaded whenever there's a theme change
17:47<inman>TheAsp: yes. i'm already working on code to store the other images in the DB.
17:47<Chutt>doesn't really need to be in the db
17:47<inman>TheAsp: channel icons, recording snapshots, et cetera.
17:47<TheAsp>ok, excluding those
17:47<TheAsp>not snapshots or channel icons
17:47<Chutt>it's easy enough to just transfer those
17:47<inman>so that mythweb can load them without a fs dependency.
17:47* TheAsplooks at inman
17:47<inman>so that other frontends can use them easily.
17:48<Chutt>mythweb can ask the backend for them, too
17:48<TheAsp>it can?
17:48<thor>It could
17:48<Chutt>if code were written for it, sure
17:48<TheAsp>thats better :)
17:48<inman>it seems to be that the DB is the lowest common denominator, not the fs or mythbackend protocol.
17:49<TheAsp>you've never stored images in a db before have you
17:49<inman>i have. it's trivial.
17:49<TheAsp>it's stupid. :P
17:49<thor>Oh no ... a blobs debate
17:49<TheAsp>hehe :)
17:50<inman>i would put all such media in a separate media table and link them by key to channel, recorded, et cetera.
17:50<inman>that way you don't slow down the existing tables...
17:50<nziarek>inman: is there a speed advantage in the db?
17:50<TheAsp>speed disadvantage...
17:51<inman>it would be slower, but you'd never notice.
17:51<inman>hell, even i wouldn't notice, and my db must be the slowest of any myth user.
17:51<TheAsp>unless you were remote from it...
17:51<inman>TheAsp: not true.
17:51<inman>anyway, the point is that it makes the images available where they otherwise are not.
17:51<TheAsp>i was thinking vs nfs...
17:52<TheAsp>but i spose myth would use tcp
17:53<inman>Chutt: regarding qtlook, this is a perfect example of something that i'd submit a patch for but that you would reject for "overcomplexity" or "code pollution". which is fine -- i just won't bother to submit the patch.
17:56<Chutt>how could it go into the db, though?
17:56<Chutt>it's a bunch of per-theme settings
17:56<Chutt>you'd have to re-read all of it whenever you changed themes, anyway
17:56<inman>i don't understand the problem.
17:58<inman>as long as we have a database dependency, i don't see any reason not to use it for our data.
17:58<Chutt>how would you distribute this data in the theme?
17:59<inman>i don't understand.
17:59<inman>i'm looking at qtlook and it looks pretty trivial.
17:59<Chutt>do you know what's in qtlook?
17:59<Chutt>it changes per theme
17:59<Chutt>it's made by the theme author
17:59<inman>so what?
17:59<Chutt>so how would you distribute this data, if it's meant to be in the db?
17:59<Chutt>a sql insert script?
18:00<inman>as a sql script.
18:00<inman>what's so funny about that?
18:00<Chutt>it doesn't seem very practical
18:01<inman>uh, you're already distributing a text file.
18:01<Chutt>you're expecting theme authors to know sql
18:01<inman>i just don't think we see eye-to-eye on these database issues.
18:01<inman>Chutt: no, the authors can use a gui to update the database.
18:03<TheAsp>inman: let me guess, you want everything to do with the theme in the db?
18:03<inman>why not?
18:03<TheAsp>it's a pain in the ass to edit?
18:03<inman>what do you think you'll be editing?
18:03<inman>what do you think the setup tool does now?
18:04<Chutt>if _everything_ could be configurable in a gui, it doesn't really matter
18:04<TheAsp>uh, the theme?
18:04<inman>what difference does it make to you where the data lives?
18:04<inman>i'm sorry, but noone is going to convince me that a flat file is more portable or structured or accessible than a rdbms.
18:05<Chutt>the theme file isn't exactly a flat file
18:05<Chutt>but, that's not really the point
18:05<TheAsp>it's needlesly complex to store it in the db...
18:05<inman>look at it this way.
18:06* inmanthinks.
18:06<inman>let me try to argue to your concerns.
18:06<inman>you want the data to be easily manipulated by the developers.
18:06<inman>the theme designers, right?
18:06<inman>you want the data to be clean -- so that color strings don't have 7 digit hex values.
18:07<inman>you want the keys to match those we already know about and support through code.
18:07<inman>uh, i said "don't".
18:07<inman>you want defaults for values that are undefined.
18:07<inman>you want all clients to be able to access the data natively.
18:08<inman>what else do you need?
18:08<inman>linear byte-by-byte evaluation of the contents of the data? no.
18:08<inman>random access to an individual byte in the data? no.
18:09<inman>what am i missing here, i'm at a loss...
18:10<TheAsp>C: can i put /dev/adsp in this list too?
18:10<TheAsp>(it is a valid dsp name)
18:11<TheAsp>the audio output list
18:11<Chutt>put whatever you want in the list
18:11<inman>oh, speaking of that, i have a problem with the audio device stuff.
18:11<TheAsp>not my mixer control list
18:11<Chutt>in the list for valid devices, yes
18:11<Chutt>unless you meant something else?
18:12<inman>shouldn't different capchannels be able to have their own audio devices? currently it's bound to the entire capcard.
18:12<TheAsp>nope, thats what i ment
18:12<Chutt>inman, the card should take care of it
18:12<mdz_>TheAsp: wtf is /dev/adsp?
18:13<TheAsp>mdz: second dac
18:13<TheAsp>same card
18:13<Chutt>inman, through the line-in on the card
18:13<inman>my WinTV card has a composite input and a line in. when i set to composite input, i lose sound.
18:13<inman>but i know for a fact that the card has 2-3 audio dsps.
18:13<mdz_>TheAsp: same as /dev/sound/adsp?
18:13<inman>s/dsps/dsp devices in /dev/
18:14<TheAsp>stupid convention
18:14<Chutt>inman, the wintv has 2-3 audio dsps?
18:14<Chutt>err, how?
18:14<Chutt>if you're using btaudio, it's got 2, and they should have the same thing on each
18:14<Chutt>different rates, of course, but...
18:15<inman>really? so composite "knows" to use line-in and it should "just work"?
18:15<inman>cause it "just doesn't". :-(
18:15<Chutt>that's the way it should work, yeah
18:15<Chutt>ask mdz =)
18:16<mdz_>works fine
18:16<mdz_>on the Television input, it takes audio from the tuner, and on the S-video input, it uses line in
18:17<inman>weird, reloading the drivers got it working.
18:17<inman>i was banging my head against this for like an hour last night.
18:17<inman>i need composite working to test my multi-input patch...
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18:30<Chutt>post-commit net slowness
18:31<TheAsp>can you do a case on string in c++?
18:31<mdz_>I had some weird bttv issues yesterday which were solved by reloading the module
18:31<mdz_>it's not exactly perfect
18:31<TheAsp>ugly if statement it is.
18:34<TheAsp>was there a reason to not read the mixer's volume for GetCurrentVolume?
18:34<Chutt>not really
18:35<TheAsp>ok, because it complicates things
18:35<Chutt>what, having it not read it?
18:35<TheAsp>yeah, because then i have to watch the order it calls the intial sets
18:36<Chutt>going to add it, then?
18:36<Chutt>just make sure that the adjust volume one calls that, then
18:36<Chutt>so it's not adjusting it to something it's no longer at
18:39<inman>cool, looking forward to that feature asp :-)
18:45<TheAsp>ohyeah, operator overloading
18:47<TheAsp>Chutt: want it to actually use mute too? :)
18:51<-- nziarekhas quit ()
19:11<TheAsp>OSS sucks.
19:12<Chutt>unfortunately, alsa sucks more
19:12<TheAsp>looks like "mute" is depreciated in oss :)
19:12<Chutt>that's why i'm not using it in there now
19:13<rkulagow>i saw the same thing when i was looking through soundcard.h when i was writing the original sound manip stuff.
19:15<inman>mdz: you get pops and hisses with line-in on your card?
19:26<TheAsp>seems to work
19:26<TheAsp>PCM should be default, no?
19:30<TheAsp>ahhh, doesn't reload mixer settings until you restart
19:33<inman>are there any reasons to keep database connectivity outside of Channel?
19:33<Chutt>not really
19:33<Chutt>like i said, it's mainly historical
19:33<inman>you mean the separation?
19:34<Chutt>the db stuff in tv, with channel not having any
19:34<inman>do you want me to merge the two?
19:34<Chutt>no, i'd rather still keep channel a separate object
19:35<inman>should i use TVRec's database connection, maybe?
19:35<inman>i'm trying to find a way to do this elegantly...
19:35<Chutt>easiest would be to just have the channel call a function in tvrec
19:35<inman>channel needs to get 3 columns from the db, though.
19:36<Chutt>theasp, mind writing better help text than just 'Mixer Control'? =)
19:36<Chutt>otherwise, looks fine
19:36<inman>i guess i'll just expose the variables to TVRec instead.
19:36<TheAsp>uh, i have help text?
19:36<Chutt>well, not help text, but the description
19:36<Chutt>inman, pass by reference?
19:37<inman>the variables i want populated?
19:37<TheAsp>I could throw some help text in, but can't think of a better label
19:37<Chutt>some help text, then, please?
19:38<Chutt>inman, sure, why not?
19:38<TheAsp>Mixer Volume Control?
19:38<TheAsp>how much horizontal space do I have to play with?
19:38<inman>no reason, just trying to figure out if this is a hack or not, and if it's a hack, whether there isn't a better architecture for after 0.8.
19:38<Chutt>theasp, quite a bit
19:39<Chutt>'Mixer controls' is fine as a description
19:39<Chutt>just add some help text, and i'll be happy with that
19:44<TheAsp>do you want a new patch or just the line?
19:45<Chutt>just do a new patch, so i can just merge it all in later
19:46-!-paperclip [] has quit []
19:46-!-paperclip [] has joined #mythtv
19:47<TheAsp>how do you see the help text anyway?
19:47<Chutt>it's what shows up in the box under the settings
19:47<TheAsp>does it not work for combobox's?
19:47<Chutt>works fine for comboboxes
19:48<Chutt>oh wait, it doesn't in qt 3.0
19:49<TheAsp>oh, wrong build
19:51<TheAsp> setHelpText("Mixer control to change when Volume is adjusted or muted.");
19:51<TheAsp>hows that?
19:52<Chutt>eh, i'll just change it :p
19:52<TheAsp>hahah :)
19:53<TheAsp>"which thingy to control when stuff happens" :P
19:53<Chutt>pretty much
19:54<TheAsp>ok, thats whats in that url now
19:55<Chutt>ok, thanks
19:55<Chutt>i'll get it in in a little bit
19:57-!-sc00p [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:19-!-nziarek [] has joined #MythTV
20:27-!-sc00p [~oldendic@] has joined #mythtv
20:34<-- thor(~thor@ has left #mythtv
20:51-!-nyquiljer [] has joined #mythtv
21:00-!-nziarek [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:08-!-mirk_dt [] has joined #mythtv
21:11<mdz>inman: no, it sounds fine
21:11<mdz>inman: but a lot of things can cause noise
21:11* inmanfrowns.
21:14-!-TheByter [] has joined #mythtv
21:30-!-danc_ [~danc``] has joined #mythtv
21:30-!-nyquiljer [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:31<-- danc_(~danc`` has left #mythtv
22:13<TheAsp>Delaying to next trigger: 217007
22:13<TheAsp>Error at MB: 524
22:13<TheAsp>concealing errors
22:13<TheAsp>/opt/mythtv/bin/ line 5: 14422 Segmentation fault nice -n -10 /opt/mythtv/bin/mythfrontend
22:31-!-thor_ [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
22:35<mdz>TheAsp: it doesn't recover from corrupted streams very gracefully
22:38<TheAsp>that was a corrupted stream?
22:38-!-TheByter [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:38<TheAsp>it was just recorded :P
22:39<TheAsp>or was the segfault unrelated
22:39<TheAsp>it was an hour long
22:39<TheAsp>so it should have been > 524
22:39<TheAsp>and i was at the end
22:40<inman>there are definitely gremlins in the seek code.
22:43<mdz>"Error at MB: ..." means there was a problem with the decoder
22:43<mdz>"concealing errors" usually doesn't :-)
22:44<inman>bjm wrote the flicker reduction code?
22:44<inman>yeah, it works well.
22:44<TheAsp>whats that supposed to do?
22:45<Chutt>it doesn't recover from a channel change as gracefully as the original code, but, yeah, it does
22:45<Chutt>theasp, trade a little cpu for smoother playback
22:45<TheAsp>couldnt tell the difference
22:45<Chutt>you have to turn it on
22:45<Chutt>since it breaks on some people's machines =)
22:45<TheAsp>i did, when i was trying to figure out why i get pauses sometimes
22:47<inman>awe, dumb bug
22:47<inman>i'm such a bad coder.
22:53<mdz>Jerry Normandin is lost
22:53<mdz>he is looking for the freevo mailing list
22:56-!-nziarek [] has joined #MythTV
22:59<inman>i'm going to change bjm's == "" to isEmpty(). sound right?
23:01<Chutt>i really think i should just require qt 3.1 =)
23:01<Chutt>it's over 4 months old now
23:03<nziarek>Chutt: so long as someone can tell us newbies how to install it, what is one more "dependency"?
23:03<Chutt>i won't be doing that
23:08<Chutt>there's no need for the test at all, really
23:08<Chutt>toInt() only converts if it's possible, and returns 0 otherwise =)
23:08<inman>yeah i just looked at that.
23:08<inman>i was reading the commit and not the original email
23:08* inmangrins.
23:09<Chutt>mdz, but he's reading up on the code so he can add modules! and post contributions!
23:17<mdz>Chutt: yeah let's put in some stuff to run mplayer
23:17<mdz>oh wait that's already there
23:17<mdz>we need some named pipes or something