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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-03-14

00:01<nathanziarek>care to hear my "complaints" thus far, or should I keep quiet? :)
00:01<Chutt>speak up
00:03<nathanziarek>on all of the drop down boxes the text color was the same color as the drop down box; so if I clicked the drop down box I could see the options fine (grey on blue background) but after I selected it, and it was just the bar, I couldn't tell what I had clicked. made me think I hadn't clicked anything until I noticed just a slight difference on the bar
00:03<Chutt>what theme had you been using before?
00:04<Chutt>is it still showing the colorbars background?
00:04<nathanziarek>nope, liquid
00:04<Chutt>that's.. odd
00:05<Chutt>did you switch or something?
00:05<Chutt>it should be showing blue at the least =)
00:05<nathanziarek> is that one that you take the screenshots with? it was that one. sorry
00:05<Chutt>with the sproingy thingie as the background
00:06<Chutt>are you out of setup yet?
00:06<nathanziarek>yeah...i am running mythfilldatabase now
00:07<Chutt>in another term, can you run 'qtconfig'
00:08<Chutt>i just want to know what you have in the 'GUI style' box near the top
00:11<nathanziarek>sorry it took so long, the PC is in the other room and I didn't remeber to run that export PATH command :P for the Qt dirs
00:11<Chutt>yeah, i see
00:11<Chutt>that theme is doing something weird
00:11<Chutt>change to, ah, keramik if you have that, or light b3 or something
00:13<nathanziarek>that did it
00:13<nathanziarek>(light b3)
00:14<nathanziarek>the only other complaint i have is after you choose the prvider, XMLTV can get stuck (it was telling me that a channel was no longer available) and that is when I asked how long it should hang
00:14<Chutt>anyway, once mythfilldatabase is done
00:14<Chutt>run mythbackend
00:14<Chutt>then run mythfrontend
00:14<Chutt>then go into the TV / settings stuff
00:14<Chutt>and go through and modify things
00:15<Chutt>should hopefully be pretty easy to figure out
00:15<Chutt>oh, just use the keyboard to change things like the screen resolution
00:16<Chutt>left and right, instead of typing in values
00:16<nathanziarek>think i can handle that
00:16<Chutt>there's an issue with spinboxes
00:17<Chutt>typing it in doesn't catch properly sometimes =)
00:18<Chutt>you'll need to upgrade any other modules you use to CVS versions as well
00:21<nathanziarek>just found that out - no MythMusic :)
00:21<nathanziarek>it looks slick
00:21<nathanziarek>downloading Iulius soon :)
00:21<Chutt>that's what i've been using, btw
00:22<nathanziarek>glad someone likes it
00:22<Chutt>heh, and you'll be able to use mythweather
00:22<Chutt>and see your spiffy icons and stuff in action
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00:23<Chutt>it's time i went to bed, hope the other stuff works ok, too =)
00:29<nathanziarek>thanks for your help
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08:35<nziarek_>any ideas to why the OSD "font smoothes: but the menus and playback boxes, etc, don't?
09:01<Chutt>nziarek, might want to install the microsoft fonts from
09:02<Chutt>seems to be mandrake-specific stuff at
09:06<nziarek_>couple of other questions: mythMusic doesn't have a setup option? I just want to make sure mine isn't broken.
09:07<nziarek_>and MythGames wouldn't compile, althought I don't remember the error it threw at me and then I kicked the plug of the computer...i'll get it for you, though
09:08<Chutt>right, mythmusic still has a settings file
09:10<nziarek_>i'll check into the fonts...i just wanted to make sure about the mythMusic
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09:13<Chutt>that 2nd url looks pretty easy
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09:43<mdz_>Chutt: Alex Wilbur has been mailing me repeatedly about how he was asking all of his questions on -dev because he really wants to do development someday
09:44<Chutt>i'm sorry =)
09:44<Chutt>why's he emailing you?
09:44<mdz_>probably because I was the one who asked him to go to -users
09:46<mdz_>he was originally reporting a somewhat genuine bug, but I think you fixed that about 1 message into the thread, and since then it has been like 10 messages of noise
09:50<Chutt>oh, the epg stuff?
09:50<Chutt>but, his vast experience writing ui code!
09:50<mdz_>yeah, that's the guy
09:51<mdz_>I'm going to add a --quiet option to mythfilldatabase which will activate the --quiet option on tv_grab_na
09:51<mdz_>(and any other grabbers that seem to have one)
09:51<mdz_>so I can get email from the cron job only if there is an error
09:51<Chutt>sounds good
09:52<mdz_>eventually I want the grabbers to be able to write the status output to stdout, data to the --output file, and errors to stderr like a normal program
09:52<mdz_>but somehow I haven't found the gumption to open that perl mess in an editor
09:58<mdz_>I assume that change is OK to commit for 0.8; it'll be off by default
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10:12<mdz_>I thought those microsoft font installers were broken now, or illegal, or something
10:12<mdz_>oh, it is legal to redistribute them
10:12<mdz_>so the guy made a copy
10:13<Chutt>you just can't change the packaging
10:13<mdz_>the msttcorefonts installer in Debian contrib seems to still work fine
10:14<mdz_>I hope it doesn't run the self-extractors as root
10:14<mdz_>ah, it uses cabextract, so it shouldn't need to run them at all
10:14<Chutt>did you test your file_offset_bits=64 changes for new large files?
10:15<mdz_>I have recorded >2gb stuff since I put that in
10:15<Chutt>just making sure it's writing seek tables for them
10:16<mdz_>believe me, it gets noticed if there is no seek table when reading over NFS :-)
10:16<Chutt>ok, cool
10:16<Chutt>i'm pretty much ready for the release, then
10:18<mdz_>tomorrow then?
10:18<Chutt>we'll see
10:18<Chutt>i've got plans for tomorrow, though, so more likely sunday
10:37<mdz_>doesn't much matter to me
10:37<mdz_>except that I'll try to get 0.8 debs together as soon as possible after the release
10:39<nziarek>can I ask what's on slate for post .8? 'cause, to be honest, I can't think of many more features to add...
10:44<Chutt>i dunno
10:44<Chutt>more stuff
10:44<nziarek>=) good enough for me
10:45<nziarek>just curious what was up Myth's sleeve...
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10:52<Chutt>I want to add support for <X> to mythtv!
10:52<Chutt>Please tell me exactly how to do it!
10:52<Chutt>k, thx, bye!
10:54<nziarek>...and you have a problem with that? =) (I'm sure I've done stuff like it, so I can't talk)
10:54<Chutt>just seems kinda silly
10:57<mdz_>there is plenty of room for new stuff
10:58<mdz_>probably 0.8 will turn out to have quite a few bugs that will need fixing for 0.8++
10:58<mdz_>since there is so much new code
10:58<Chutt>if anything important turns up, i'll probably put out 0.9 fairly quickly
10:58<Chutt>and i'm hoping to get on a faster release schedule overall
11:01<nziarek>with all of the new "suggestions" (MythZilla, MythSports, MythShowtimes) and the limit of 6(?) menu items per page, should there be some sort of MythNet menu option that those new things get put into?
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11:29<kiwi_uk>ANyone alive
11:52<nziarek>most of us.
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12:15<Chutt>poor mdz
12:15<Chutt>he's coming to bug you here, too :p
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12:16<nziarek>heh :)
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14:06<mdz_>Chutt: any thoughts on the min/max/diff quality settings question?
14:10<Chutt>just keep it as is for now
14:11<mdz_>ok, but I'm not doing eli's google searching for him :-)
14:11<mdz_>I wonder if any of the other playback speed weirdness incidents have been a result of screwing with those settings
14:12<eli>didn't mean to come off rude, or anything...
14:12<eli>maybe it shouldn't even be an option, just leave it in the database so people who want to change it can just chagne the database
14:14<mdz_>it's fine in the UI, but I think it might be good to have a warning or something
14:15<Chutt>feel free to add a warning to the help text =)
14:27<kiwi_uk>Anyone here?
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14:31<nziarek>so, i've installed the MST do I get them used within the menus of Myth?
14:31<Chutt>i dunno
14:31<Chutt>not working?
14:33<kiwi_uk>Could someone tell me how to tune channels in Myth please?
14:34<Chutt>read keys.txt
14:34<kiwi_uk>Okay, thanks.
14:34<nziarek>well, I'll putz around...I thought maybe there was a specific setting that I needed to enable somewhere
14:34<Chutt>there shouldn't have been
14:35<Chutt>i dunno, might need to restart x or something
14:37<nziarek>ok...i'll putz...thanks
14:38<Chutt>might want to see if you can select arial as a font elsewhere
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15:44<Chutt>rkulagow, i've got your settings patch in my special post-0.8 mail folder
15:57<Chutt>I messed up my database, and mythtv doesn't work like it should anymore!
15:57<Chutt>Why is this?!?
16:02<thor_>Chutt, you should probably take this to user
16:21<rkulagow>thanks chutt. if you do manage to use it, i'll consider it a learning experience to see how it _should_ be done.
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16:23<Chutt>i'll use it =)
16:23<Chutt>just, after this release
16:23<Chutt>what's your plan for docs, btw?
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16:25<rkulagow>well, i've got a v2.0 of the HOWTO in my private tree. i've corrected your name ( :) ), and added text on changing the mysql grant command to allow other machines to access the db. it won't be a total re-write.
16:25<rkulagow>hrmm. that
16:26<Chutt>looked to me that the major thing was that one fairly small section on the intial setup
16:26<rkulagow>'s interesting. remote frontend plays a few seconds of video, then aborts out (doesn't segfault though) and returns to the "watch recording" menu.
16:26<Chutt>make sure you're using current cvs
16:27<rkulagow>chutt: yep, that was pretty much it. i haven't had the cycles to do a whole lot of re-writing lately, and i'm expecting that 0.8 will bring out a new batch of "why doesn't this work?"
16:27<rkulagow>let me check that i'm current on CVS
16:27<Chutt>don't doubt it will =)
16:28<rkulagow>hrmm. i'm current with CVS on the remote frontend. let me check the backend.
16:28<rkulagow>backend is current as well. lets see what's happening here.
16:29<rkulagow>here's the remote frontend:
16:30<rkulagow>[mythtv@backend2 mythtv]$ mythfrontend
16:30<rkulagow>connecting to backend server:
16:30<rkulagow>Changing from None to WatchingPreRecorded
16:30<rkulagow>Over/underscanning. V: 0.000000, H: 0.000000, XOff: 0, YOff: 0
16:30<rkulagow>Using XV port 58
16:30<rkulagow>Delaying to next trigger: 27233814
16:30<rkulagow>Delaying to next trigger: 22084178
16:30<rkulagow>Delaying to next trigger: 20932305
16:30<rkulagow>Delaying to next trigger: 21195974
16:30<rkulagow>Delaying to next trigger: 20915220
16:30<rkulagow>Delaying to next trigger: 227623
16:30<rkulagow>Delaying to next trigger: 257599
16:30<rkulagow>Changing from WatchingPreRecorded to None
16:30<rkulagow>Changing from None to None
16:30<Chutt>so it thinks the file's over.
16:31<rkulagow>this is about 4 seconds into the file (friends), right after the promo for ER. it's the first big scene transition after fade up.
16:31<rkulagow>i wonder if it's the commerical scanner?
16:31<Chutt>huh, very well could be
16:31<Chutt>does it do the same for local playback, though?
16:32<rkulagow>hrmm. file recoded is only 978k. that's a clue :)
16:32<rkulagow>plenty of diskspace though. shouldn'
16:32<rkulagow>t have aborted.
16:32<Chutt>recorded by the master backend/
16:33<Chutt>and, happen to have the backend logs of when it was recorded?
16:37<rkulagow>no, fraid i don't have the backend logs. let me see what happens when i do a recording now.
16:39<rkulagow>hrmm. got these showing up on the backend doing the recording:
16:39<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625308
16:39<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625276
16:39<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625244
16:39<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625212
16:39<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625308
16:39<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625308
16:39<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101624860
16:39<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101624828
16:39<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101624796
16:39<rkulagow>this is a master backend, running 80% CPU, MPEG4 480x480@2200
16:41<rkulagow>commercialskip method and autoskip are both on.
16:41<rkulagow>(oops, commercialskip method is "1")
16:41<Chutt>you just tried to record something?
16:42<rkulagow>yes, it's recording "judge judy". still going; mythbackend is in gdb and hasn't segfaulted.
16:43<Chutt>i wonder what those came from
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16:50<Chutt>nziarek, did things work, besides the fonts?
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16:59<nziarek>yeah, everything except MythGames
16:59<nziarek>I forget the error, but it was late, and I don't have any ROMS anyway, so I gave up
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16:59<Chutt>yeah, just email me the error if you have time
17:00<nziarek>I was going to redo it in a bit...i'll let you know then
17:00<rkulagow>chutt: got the same sequence of errors on the next program that i set for recording (road rules):
17:01<rkulagow>Changing from RecordingOnly to None
17:01<rkulagow>Changing from None to RecordingOnly
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625308
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625276
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625244
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625212
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625308
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625308
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101624860
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101624828
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101624796
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 137131712
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101624860
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101624828
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101624796
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 137098312
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625308
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625308
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625276
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625244
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625308
17:01<rkulagow>SelectSetting::setValue(): invalid index 1101625308
17:01<PeteCool>nziarek: anything new lately?
17:04<Chutt>hopefully mdz can debug that, since it's his code =)
17:05<PeteCool>nziarek: like osd
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17:13<Chutt>rkulagow, unfortunately, i'm not seeing those errors at all
17:15<nziarek>PeteCool: I've been working on a new MythMusic...I am trying to take screen shots of every screen and give them an "Iulius" look
17:15<Chutt>don't mess with my music tree :p
17:16<nziarek>Chutt: just a little :) hey, I have no clout. just say No :)
17:18<nziarek>And i'll just take my photoshop and go home! =)
17:18<Chutt>i just like how the tree works
17:18<thor_>Please god don't mess with the tree
17:19<Chutt>thor, you going to send a patch sometime? =)
17:19<Chutt>don't be like that erik guy and lose stuff accidently
17:20<nziarek>i like it to. I can't think of a better way to do it. all I would really do is shrink it a little (to include the title) and possibly give it an Iulius-style border
17:20<thor_>I'm just expunging the last vestiges of db access from anything but main()
17:20<Chutt>does it add stuff on new rips?
17:21<thor_>databasebox.cpp is like 300 lines now
17:22<thor_>we'll see ... promises promises promises ... very soon
17:22<rkulagow>chutt: yeah, i'm sorry you're not seeing the errors either. it seems to happen right after the recording starts, so that's the first place i'll look.
17:22<Chutt>probably in the recording profiles
17:25<rkulagow>do you think that the remote frontend being a Celeron 450 w/o SSE (deinterlace is off) and the backend being a PIII/733 have anything to do with it?
17:25<Chutt>shouldn't be
17:25<Chutt>my remote frontend is a p3-550, and deinterlace is off and all that
17:25<Chutt>it's using a bunch of cpu just for playback
17:26<Chutt>are you going to commit some setup stuff soonish, or? =)
17:27<rkulagow>ok, just checking. neither box has a pegged-out CPU according to top, but i'm still getting audio drops on the remote frontend.
17:27<rkulagow>chutt: was the setup question towards me? you mean setup docs, other than what's in the HOWTO?
17:27<Chutt>in the howto
17:27<Chutt>your v2.0 stuff you mentioned, really
17:28<rkulagow>well, from what i saw, you said sunday was the tarball date. i was going to do more stuff this weekend.
17:28<Chutt>yeah, probably sunday
17:28<Chutt>i'm just getting antsy =)
17:28<PeteCool>my file sizes have nearly doubled lately
17:28<PeteCool>I actually reduced the bitrate
17:28<Chutt>things are the same as always, here
17:28<rkulagow>i'll commit my existing v2.0 .sgml file without creating the HTML for it
17:29<PeteCool>300~350 megs per simpsons/king of the hill, now 600~680 megs
17:29<rkulagow>v1.105 and v2.0 are just about the same, other than the version and getting rid of the internal revision stuff.
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17:34<Chutt>petecool, mpeg4 still?
17:35<mdz_>PeteCool: did you mess with the minquality setting?
17:36<PeteCool>mdz_: I think yes
17:36<PeteCool>reduced it by one step (1 -> 2)
17:36<PeteCool>or is that maxquality
17:36<mdz_>revert all of those quality settings to what they were before
17:36<mdz_>and don't change them
17:37<PeteCool>2400bitrate, 1max, 6min, 3delta gave 300 meg files for quite a while
17:38<PeteCool>I don't even remember what the defaults were
17:38<poptix>Chutt: i think quite a few more people would be willing to hack away at mythtv if you made a nice flow chart of 'how things work' in mythtv
17:38<PeteCool>quite a while = 2 months
17:38<Chutt>yeah, and i could go through and document each line of code, too
17:38<mdz_>- setHelpText("Lower is better.");
17:38<mdz_>+ setHelpText("Leave this alone unless you know exactly what you are doing.");
17:38<poptix>Chutt: heh
17:38<PeteCool>I'll revert to that first
17:38<mdz_>Chutt: look ok?
17:38<poptix>Chutt: that's overkill =)
17:38<Chutt>mdz, sure
17:39<Chutt>poptix, guy i went to school with had a 5:1 comment:code ratio.
17:39<Chutt>_that's_ overkill
17:39<PeteCool>1:6 would be enough
17:39<mdz_>good code needs very few comments
17:40<PeteCool>yeah the code is clean, I just miss some knowledge bits
17:40<Chutt>poptix, basically, i'd rather spend time writing code, rather than doing stuff like that
17:40<Chutt>i don't have _that_ much time to spend on this as it is
17:40<rkulagow>chutt: i'm going to do a re-read of the HOWTO and make sure that it makes sense in a 0.8 environment, updated with stuff like the internal mixer controls, etc.
17:41<Chutt>all i really want is a short description of some of the more important settings screens, really =)
17:41<Chutt>like, the ip stuff
17:41<Chutt>how to use the settings screens (use the arrow keys, not typing in values), etc
17:42<Chutt>i need to thread off incoming connections to the backend
17:42<Chutt>at least stuff that's going to take a little time to answer
17:43<poptix>Chutt: shrug, it's fairly complex, and a very simple ascii flowchart would help, imo.
17:43<poptix>perhaps someone else can work it out at some point
17:44<Chutt>but i like my little barriers to entry
17:45<mdz_>PeteCool: maybe if you draw up a flow chart, someone familiar with the code will fill in a few words of text
17:45<poptix>i'm just interested in mpeg1/2 input support =)
17:45<mdz_>interested in adding it?
17:45<poptix>mdz_: don't start
17:45<mdz_>or interested in waiting for it to happen on its own? :-)
17:46<Chutt>some random guy emailed me about that the other day
17:46<Chutt>asking where to start in adding it
17:46<poptix>this guy with a DVB card is willing to do/try it, but needs information on 'how things work'
17:46<Chutt>poptix, that guy came across like he wanted to be told exactly where to start
17:46<Chutt>and exactly what to do
17:46<PeteCool>mdz_ what are you talking about
17:47<poptix>mdz_: if I 1) knew anything about C++ and 2) knew anything about video codecs, i'd give it a try
17:47<mdz_>PeteCool: oh, that was poptix's idea
17:48<mdz_>poptix: I didn't know much about video codecs when I found mythtv; I've learned quite a bit in the process of fiddling with it
17:48<poptix>PeteCool: mdz likes to be an ass, and has problems with people who are incapable of doing everything he can
17:48<mdz_>that's not a fair characterization
17:48<poptix>mdz_: you've just repeatedly been an ass to me =)
17:48<Chutt>that'd more accurately describe me :p
17:48<mdz_>I wouldn't say so
17:48<poptix>I'm not begging anyone to do anything with mythtv, when/if the mpeg input support appears i'll be grateful, and do what I can
17:49<poptix>but I simply don't have the know-how to do it myself, nor would I know where to start with mythtv
17:49<PeteCool>poptix: just start from the main() in mythbackend or mythfrontend, and follow the links
17:50<PeteCool>I haven't done that yet though
17:50<poptix>i contribute where I can, and give thanks to the people who are capable of doing things I can't
17:50<poptix>PeteCool: C++ simply confuses me
17:50<poptix>it seems (to me) to be intentionally obscure
17:51<poptix>i'm sure it's all great whizz-bang for people that have spent a lot of time learning it though
17:52<thor_>I would second the point that Chutt regularily acts like an ass
17:53<PeteCool>thor_: he's not so bad
17:53<PeteCool>thor_: it's is CVS tree after all
17:54<Chutt>sure i am
17:54<poptix>i'm fine with the 'i wrote this for me be glad i'm sharing it with you' attitude =)
17:56<thor_>See, even Chutt knows he's an ass
17:56<thor_>(tongue <- cheek)
17:57<Chutt>if i actually sent a lot of emails that i write but then delete to the mailing list... :p
17:57<mdz_>change :q! to act like :wq in your vim and see what happens
17:57<mdz_>Chutt uncensored
18:01<Chutt>yeah, too bad i use kmail
18:20<PeteCool>mdz, Chutt, what are the default settings for mpeg4 recording?
18:22<nziarek>hey - something else I thought of from last night - when nameing the video source the default was "Video Source" making me think I could name mine "TimeWarner Cable" - but you can't hit the space bar, since it taes you to the next page. Just a tidbit for the docs maybe
18:47<poptix>how about right arrow?
18:53-!-nziarek [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:07<mdz>PeteCool: 2200kbps, min=15, max=2, diff=3
19:17<PeteCool>mdz: what size do your cartton recordings get with those settings? (if you record any)
19:19<Chutt>they should be 1 gig/hour at 640x480
19:35<PeteCool>to me 352x480 looks 99% as good as 640x480
19:35<PeteCool>but I do have a 20" TV only
19:35<PeteCool>what about yours?
19:37<Chutt>quite easily tell the difference on my tv
19:38<Chutt>480x480 vs 640x480 is harder to distinguish, but still possible
19:39<Chutt>mainly on text
19:57-!-poptix [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:57-!-PeteCool [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:46<Justin_>i use 480x480 but at 3300, they come out to 1.2G
20:56-!-Soopaman [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:00-!-bigguy [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:12-!-Chang [] has joined #mythtv
21:12<-- rickter( has left #mythtv
21:14<mdz>just how many mythtv installations has merle reine done?
21:14<mdz>no matter how many, he always has a problem the next time around
21:14<Chutt>approximately one for every email sent to the list
21:17<mdz>I'm not answering this time around
21:17<mdz>the functionality he's having problems with works just fine
21:18<mdz>he probably broke his database or his libraries or something
21:43<Justin_>you would think after a few times he would just write a script to install it
21:54<mdz>no, you'd think he'd use the debs since he's on Lindows which is Debian-based
21:55<Justin_>does anyone still use 0.70?
21:56<Justin_>or did 0.80 come out and I didnt notice:)
22:08-!-mdz [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
22:10<-- Chang( has left #mythtv
22:25-!-bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
22:37-!-Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
22:54-!-Timon [] has joined #mythtv
23:36<schwin97>I use cvs from a few weeks ago... it has the 0.8 tag but it isn't the official 0.8
23:36<Chutt>i haven't tagged 0.8.
23:44-!-Soopaman [] has joined #mythtv